The PSB & SOCOM Recap

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Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

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  • Cool stuff, I’m loving HOME!

  • Although I know Home is still in BETA phase, it is embarrassingly low on key features, and basic functionality. After years under development, it is just surprisingly empty. I do see the potential, but given how long it’s taken for trophy implementation/in-game music etc. I can see it taking a long time for you guys just to add game launching from Home. That’s messed up, and please prove me wrong. Also, the lack of ability to share media with friends via TV/radio in private space is also surprising and hella disappointing.

    Don’t get me wrong, Home is a beautiful environment, and as a social tool it’s working wonderfully. However, some things are missing which render the service practically pointless. So, get back to work because it ain’t revolutionary yet. It’ll take a lot of consistent work to get it that way. Content, content, content, and the addition of basic functionality.


  • Great week, you guys never fail to entertain.

  • @ dig – basic functionality to you is streaming videos off your HDD in your personal space for your friends viewing pleasure? idk about that one jack. while it would be a cool feature i think they are going to make it more like youtube with a time cutoff. you can’t just expect them to drop something like that. in every way home is what they said it would be: a place to meet new people and connect with other gamers around the world.


  • Wow socom 1.3 patch come out already :)

  • Jeff still on vacation? ;)

  • The Socom patch needs to come out already i’m tired of waiting. I can’t wait to play freeze free, hopefully the patch wont be a let down.

    Overall splendid week.

  • home is pretty good. cant wait for the next show like e3. hopefully you recreate it in home. im goin back to finish mirrors edge trophies though for now.

  • number 3 is dead on on his assesment of home.not only it needs more functionality but also needs more chess boards and bowling lanes for those ppl that want to play those free mini-games(i’m one of them mind you ;) )

    i have no doubt that home is going to improve as time goes by i just hope that the improvement doesnt delay…

    but, even with its “faults” i find myself loving the service not just because of its aesthetic presentation but also for the aforementioned free mini games..

    keep em on coming sony! ;)

  • anyway, any words on white knight chronicles for north america..chris?

  • Step back, jack. Lh, at least you can agree that launching a game from within Home is a basic functionality.

  • Home has one thing going for it. It runs better than Socom.

  • socom is an awesome game. i going to have fun getting all the trophies.
    party system and stuff sounds good too.

    any word on when we will be able to launch socom from home?
    any word of a socom room in home like the warhawk one?

  • @digplans

    Idiot, game launching has worked since closed beta and it works perfectly in open beta.

    More older games getting patches would be nice. All new games will support it from now on regardless.

  • Awesome news on SOCOM, think I’m gonna pick it up next week. I’ve been waiting for the fix. If you publicize the patch enough I think you can expect the sales to shoot up for it, as I’ve heard a lot of people say they won’t buy till its fixed. How did it get released in its original form? Were you guys more afraid of the backlash from another delay? Doesn’t matter now, I guess, just happy its getting fixed, thx!

    Home is great. I can’t wait for you guys to start slowly adding features.

  • Hey Chris thanks for the info, keep up the good work.

  • Home has turned out to be amazing beyond gamers wildest dreams. It’s been like one giant party for the past couple of days. People making new friends to game with, hanging out with existing friends, dancing together, playing games with each other, and just running around checking out the amazing world.

    Other than the overloaded login servers I haven’t had a single disconnect or single bit of lag. With 18 million PS3s worldwide that is an amazing accomplishment.

    And it is going to just keep getting better and better every week. Red Bull plane racing island should be coming next week. And hopefull the Warhawk, Resistance, Siren game spaces show up soon.

    And I can’t wait to see the giant EA sports Space they have said they are working on.

    Greatest console in history and the greatest online service in history. My god do you kick ass Sony.

    Free online for everyone
    Dedicated servers for all the major games – no lag, ever
    Epic player counts for games like Resistance 2 with 60
    And now Home with its game lauching party system, clan spaces, minigames to play while you hang out between games with friends

  • Home was great, then it crashed my PS3(Twice in a little over a week). It is dead I tell you, Dead! No home, no games, no fun and no money. Lost my Namco Beta, Lost all my save data. Lost my videos made with Eye Create, Lost my photo that I only had on there.
    Lost my FRIENDS and daily interaction.
    My Christmas is ruined.

    Not Everyone is Happy with Home. I thought I was but I’m not too sure anymore.

  • @19 So it doesnt work or are you a fanboy cause i dont see how home crashes PS3’s?

  • @19 something is wrong with your ps3. call sony. mine hasn’t crased in home, no lag, no disconects nothing. only issue is sometimes it takes a few goes to get in.

    i <3 sony

  • wow NathanJ… just wow…

    #19,20,21: My PS3 has crashed twice while trying to get through the initializing stage. Also disconnected a few times, still having problems signing in.

    I’m gonna go on and dance in the designated dance area. I definitely dig the music they put in there. DJ Shadow, Del The Funkee Homosapien, throw in some Tribe Called Quest in there and the party is just getting started. I congratulate the choice of music.

  • Someone tells me NathanJ is a xbox fan in disguise. Home is not for everyone.

  • “It takes 8 full working days under controlled conditions for SCEA QA to collect all of the trophies in the game. SOCOM: Confrontation is not going to be one of those “easy trophies” games.”

    That’s from the Socom Trophies post. This may be a dumb question but what exactly are “controlled conditions”. Is this playing normally or is it a situation where other players are throwing themselves in the way of a player unlocking the trophies?

    I’d be pretty happy if it took around 60-70 hours (8 full working days) to get all the trophies. I am kind of discouraged from earning Warhawk trophies since reaching General rank requires an insane amount of dedication. I like games where it’s challenging to get the platinum (like LBP) but not the ones like Warhawk which seem nearly impossible to ever reach.

  • Shame there has been so much hate on the internet towards the PS3 this week :(
    (More than ever)
    People should stop going on sites like, i have. It’s run by xBots like most of the internet. I hope that site dies.

    Thanks for ‘HOME’ SONY :)
    Bring on 2009 :P

  • @ gold5225 I’m a SONY FANMAN! And yes it crashed it twice and seems that it has corrupted my HDD. They pushed home out before it was ready just like in game xmb update now I’m F********** out 600 and more for the games that are gone. THANKS ALOT

  • i have an off topic comment.why can’t i receive messages on the network but can send them.can someone help me out :)

  • Is Jeff on holiday or something? :? Must have missed something, as I don’t see his name since… I don’t know, a week or 2.

  • Jeff needs a break; he’s always here. I’m actually glad to see Chris posting this rather than Jeff.

  • Thanks Chris.

    Another good week.

    You’re doing a great job btw while Jeff is away.

  • @19 – THATPSPGUY.

    You should buy and external HDD and backup up your PS3..

    If you had of done that, you may not have lost so much.

    I back up mine at least once a mth.

    Actually, you’re the first person that I’ve heard that it’s done that to, so I’m wondering if it may not have been something else that crashed your system.

  • Thanks for the info

  • what is up with SOCOM are they ever going to fix it and plus ever going to put the new patch out. They have be working on it for a month now come on.

  • my my my

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