PlayStation Home Open Beta Launches Tomorrow

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The day we’ve been waiting for is here! And this is just the beginning…

Today we announced that PlayStation Home will enter into open beta, and will be available to everyone tomorrow. This milestone represents the very beginning of a long journey together, as PlayStation Home is an ever evolving, always changing, organic experience — full of new friends to meet, new events to enjoy, and new content to explore.


If this will be your first time in PlayStation Home, be sure to talk to folks that have been around for a while, as they can show you the ropes. We also have a tutorial built in that will get you started with the controls, as well as help menus for you to reference in the Menu Pad. If you don’t have a USB keyboard or Bluetooth headset paired with your PlayStation 3, now is the time to do so – either option will allow you to easily talk and meet everyone.

One of the first things that you’ll notice that there are always things going on – parties, tournaments, events – some of which will be announced, and some of which that will just happen. You’ve got to be there to be a part of the party, so make sure to log in often to see what is going on.

If you want to know what’s coming up, check out the PlayStation Home forums, as we will be announcing events, tournaments, content updates, and feature revisions there, and by actively participating, you will be the first to know. You’ll also find that the PlayStation Home forums are alive with conversation from the PlayStation Home community discussing everything from feature requests to new clubs to join.



Home Uncharted

Many of you will have already seen the news regarding participation in PlayStation Home from your favorite game publishers and brands, including Activision, Disney, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Lucas Arts, THQ and UBISOFT as well as Sony Pictures, Paramount, Red Bull, Ligne Roset, and Diesel. As you can imagine, with this many partners already on board, PlayStation Home will grow rapidly, so you’ll need to check back often to see what is new. We’ll do our best to keep you informed on what is going on, but with so much happening in PlayStation Home, there will always be new surprises and secrets to discover. If we simply told you about everything, then it just wouldn’t be as fun for you to discover…

For those of you that have been in PlayStation Home for a while, I wanted to take a moment to discuss something very cool that you will notice right away. Once you get in, you’ll see that a redesigned Central Plaza is there to greet you – we’ve made major upgrades as a result of your community feedback. Thank you!

First of all, the Central Plaza now features a new 4 player mini-game called “Saucer Pop,” where each player launches a flying saucer from a take-off pad and flies around popping bubbles. These bubbles contain stars that have points attached, but watch out for the bubbles with bombs which will take you out if you’re not careful. You also must keep an eye on your saucer’s fuel gauge and collect bubbles with fuel cells or else you will quickly meet a watery fate. Success is all about the high scores, so good luck out there! I’ve been playing for a while now while we’ve been developing the game, so I’m getting pretty good…for those of you that know me, prepare to pop!

Secondly, you will also see some changes to Listen@Home. Now, you’ll be able to select from a number of songs and vote on your favorites. Which ever song gets the most votes plays for everyone, so be sure to get your voice heard and get down on the dance floor.

I could go on and on about all the cool new things you are going see and find in PlayStation Home, both on day one of open beta and beyond. The important thing to remember is that PlayStation Home will continue to evolve and change overtime, so be sure to get in often so you don’t miss out…

See you in PlayStation Home.

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  • Nice, i just read the press release on the scee presscenter website. About time.

  • Wow. Just Wow. I read this on TheSixthAxis just five minutes ago.

  • I can’t wait, I havn’t tryed it at all but been looking forward to it.

  • cool. hope the release adds more then what the beta had.

  • YES!!! FINALLY!!! I have GREAT expectations for HOME..and I’m SO excited its finally here! Now lets start rolling out the content SONY!! This is gonna be really big for the PS3, lets hope its gets rolling fast and on to a good start!

    • Glad to hear it. You\’ll notice tons of new stuff on day one of open beta. And with so many partners on board already, you are going to see PlayStation Home grow very quickly. Be sure to log in frequently so you don\’t miss anything – see you in there!

  • Wow the news spreads really fast doesn’t it.

  • Pleasant surprise. Let’s see how some of those biased game sites try to shrug this off.

    See you all in HOME.

  • Cant wait to check it out later on

  • now the rest of the PS family, will see what some of us have been lucky enough play around with!

  • wow….sony launches an “open beta” in december to keep there promise that Home will be out at the end of the year….when in fact the full version of home will not be out in 2008. Good job trying to pull the sheets over our eyes Sony..

  • So Thursday eh? Sweet.

  • Cool; good to hear it. I was in the closed beta, and the biggest problem with Home right now is just that there’s not enough fun stuff to do in it. Maybe if I’m socializing with people it’ll be better, but honestly, there just needs to be… more.

    But it’s good that it’s coming out finally. Keep up the good work.

  • CAN Home handle that many people?
    I mean are u guys prepared?

    btw, I feel that there is going to drought of hate and love coming your love.

    I say good luck to u Jeff.

  • It’ll be nice to see more people in Home now. Hopefully more game rooms to come!

    • PlayStation Home will be packed, so those of you that have been around for a while, be sure to show the new folks around. You\’ll see a bunch of new multiplayer minigames on day one of open beta, and we have tons more coming…

  • I just got the beta two days ago after waiting forever. Now it is open. Never mind its all good. PS3 rocks, Home rocks, Sony rocks, keep up the good work.

  • yourhero24, have you ever heard of gmail? Even gmail is in beta mode but gets fixed up overtime. The beta will continue to get better and better. It’s always been known that Sony was planning on releasing the beta version of Home.

    Seriously, be happy that at LEAST something is coming. -__-

    Anyway, excellent job Sony and I cannot wait for this tomorrow.

  • Good. Been in the beta since about August and been thinking it would never properly release.

    But that’s great, well done the HOME development team, i hope for your sakes it is a resounding success.

    Will it be a download in the PlaystationStroe then? Or will it be via a firmware update?

  • @yourhero24

    i’m sure i read something about the full version coming out in 2008 as well… i read a lot of crappy sites so could be wrong!

    i’ll try find the article again

  • Nice! Just got the Sony headset today (bye bye wired headset!) and I’ll pick up the keypad tomorrow.

  • @youhero

    Oh please. You obviously haven’t been following the news about HOME. It was their intention to follow the “gmail beta” model. Research before making wild claims.

  • Oh, i have 3 questions:

    1) Midnight launch?
    2) To those in the closed beta, will we lose all items (unlockables, clothes..etc) ?
    3) To those in the closed beta, will have to redownload it all or when booting it tomorrow we will be greated by a patch update?

    `thank you

  • I feel sorry for all those people who bought $10 Home Beta codes off Ebay last week lol. It’s took a long time, but it’s finally going to be here. Thanks Sony, now let’s make sure that everything works on day one. The worst thing that could happen is you release it and it starts crashing on everyone, or it’s really really lagging. Do this thing right.

  • halleluiahhhhhhhhh! it’s coming for all! …and it’s not a rumour! *crazylaughing*

  • First Suggestion: I would suggest putting lots of Mini games.

    I think we can’t enough. Eventhough I am not in beta, I think it’s a good place to start.

    I know it’s suppose to be social thing, but mini-games, that multiplayer can add a new level of interaction.

  • So is the stuff in the pictures all going to be there day 1 in the open beta?

    Oh and HURRAY for open beta at long last! HURRAY!

  • Finally!!
    Now everyone is in Home :D

    Great job Sony!

  • @yourhero24

    ok never mind. can’t find the article. i’m happy with the beta model though. i think it works really well. it allows them to add features which might need testing. it helps us decided what we want in the ‘final’ version…

  • Jack,I cant express enough how long people have been waiting for the HOME BETA! although I am already in the closed BETA I just want to welcome everyone else into our new HOME! you all have been waiting long enough! Thank you so much!

  • Its been a long time coming.

    Congrats SONY! First with many more to go.

  • Mr. Buser,

    I’ve heard about this feature in HOME called game launching. How many games will support it at launch? Remember when you guys introduced trophies? Remember how you guys had to force developers to put trophies in their games if they were released past January 2009. When are you going to force developers to support game launching if they’re going to make a ps3 game that has an online multiplayer component? Please read before someone who is overly sensitive tries to remove this comment.

  • One word comes to mind and that is “FINALLY” I wish I would have been choosen to be part of the Closed Beta but I just glad it is FINALLY here!!

    P.S. For some reason I can’t comment on the Blog when using AOL Desktop. I write the comment in the comment box & then submit it and all it does is dissappear and never gets posted so I always have to use Internet Explorer. I hope you guys can do something about that.

    Thanks Again

  • Bravo Sony! I was already in the closed beta but now it will be nice to play with other friends. Can’t wait to see game spaces!

  • Thanks, Jack!

    I suggest getting some sleep now!

    I heard trophy rooms were no longer available, though. Is this true? I would really hate for that to have been scrapped since it was one of my most anticipated features.

  • Mr. Buser,

    You talked about users getting a headset for HOME. Don’t you think its about time to bundle the official bluetooth headset with every SKU of the ps3? I have one and it works great. It seems that the official headset would only add a cost of $20 to every ps3 SKU when looking at its release with the SOCOM game. This is less than the price of the Uncharted Game that is packed with the 160GB ps3 SKU.

  • Many people said it wouldn’t be done this year but you guys proved them wrong, good job. Any word on the video/picture/audio capabilities that were announced when Home was? I still see the “Appliances” listed in the stores and I’d seriously pony up the cash for them when/if you guys implement them.

  • I am so happy even though I’m already in the Beta… I can’t believe it’s really here :)

  • My birthday is today (the 10th) so this is a great present even if it’s a day late!

  • Is it launching tomorrow as in Thursday with the store update?

  • Welcome Home

  • WOW, you guys really did come through this time. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Congrats on the release Sony. Hope Home turns out well.

  • Two of the most wanted features:
    •The ability to stream content within Home (ex. .Music, Videos, and Pics)
    • The Trophy Room! Possibly one of the coolest ways of connecting our gamer trophies with Home!
    Please Sony, don’t let Home fail!
    But in the mean time Congrats!
    Live in your world, Pl3y in ours!

  • hope it comes in a firmware update…try to put it in ppls faces SONY since this is the only answer to most XLive features, u got to make it part of the PS3 box…..and not so PSN store optional download kinda thing because of this

  • Finally, Home-launch is just a day away!

    Good job everyone and see you Home!

  • Great news, i have a question if someone don’t mind answering, right now I’m in the closed beta, how can i access the Uncharted & Farcry 2 spaces? I’ve been looking around a lot & haven’t found it.

  • I’m glad to hear the day has finally come!

    and of course i just got into the closed beta 2 days ago..seems a bit late, but oh well, better late than never, and now more is added to it! sounds great!

    so does everything from the closed beta transfer to the open beta?

    see you all in home! :]

  • @ari_solid86

    yeah i am too, i heard they took them down until open beta, so i hope they’ll be there tomorrow! i really want to check out those spaces!

  • Alright! Looking forward to it, thanks!

  • OMG OMG.
    YAY the day has come :)
    Will there be more places we can browse around from Closed Home Beta?

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