“SACK IT TO ME”…Weekly Answers to the LBP Community’s Questions (12/9)

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Another crazy week in the world of LBP filled with tons of new questions for us to answer. But before we get to the questions, we wanted to introduce “efong”, one of our US producers for LittleBigPlanet. You may have noticed him jumping in to answer a few of your questions in the comments section last week, and we’re glad he’s able to help you guys out. Now, onto the latest!


We haven’t forgotten about those of you who have been affected by level moderation either. Changes are coming very soon, and we believe the way we check levels for inappropriate content will soon start to be received more favorably. We know it’s a big deal, and we’re very much working on it.

We hope you noticed but within the data for each user created level, there appears the “Star rankings” associated with fellow players ranking levels.

Failed to load level
Several of you have gotten this message when playing online. This is one of the things on our list, wanted to provide some insight on the message.

The “Failed to Load Level” message happens in two basic situations – firstly, if latency or server conditions result in a time out before the level completes loading, and secondly, if you’re trying to access a level that has been moderated. Assuming that you haven’t received a moderation notice, it might well be worth trying again as it could have been a temporary issue causing the inability to load.

Wanted to explain a bit about our servers to address the issue of Lag. Online multiplayer gameplay on LBP works on a P2P principle, so the connection is as stable as the weakest link in your party. And if someone is trying to play through WLAN or has a lower connection, lag occurs. This is not to be confused with lag you may experience when accessing the servers. The servers for LittleBigPlanet act only as a gateway or matchmaking service for multiplayer games; once you’re in a level, the server is no longer part of it — it’s purely down to your connection speed and that of the people you’re playing with. We’re aware that quite a few players experience excessive amounts of laggy play and Media Molecule is working on optimizing the multiplayer netcode further in order to minimize this, however when talking about the servers, they are now for the most part stable, which should considerably reduce those occasions where the online side of the game is not available at all. We’re still working to improve things further, but we’ve already come a long way since the game launched.

Full Profiles
Some have started seeing a Full Profiles message. Essentially, there are too many items stored in your Popit menu — especially in “Community Objects” category. To make your profile “less full”, go into your Popit and delete some of the unwanted objects (pictures, objects, etc). On our end, we’re aware that there is interest in seeing profile space increasing and we’re looking into it further.

An impressive community fansite popped up last week and we were all impressed, but we’ve been in discussions with the site owner and requested the site be suspended. Chris, the site owner, was happy to work with us on this. Our intent is to be able to offer everyone the choice of whether their shared data is visible or not in order to protect everyone’s privacy, and while Sackbook was doing nothing wrong in the way it presented information and had no access to any personal data, we believe this additional option is important.

Lots of inquiries on this one. And yes, there are major plans for Sackboy merchandise. Expect to see a handful of announcements in the New Year. Why is it taking so long you ask? Few reasons. It’s a new IP (intellectual property) and many companies are unwilling to take a risk manufacturing a whole new line on something new and untested, which is why you always see tons of merchandise around major ‘sequel’ releases. Also, once we get companies on board, the production lead times are insanely long. Another reason is quality — we absolutely love Sackboy and want to make sure that our merchandise is the highest quality. You should see some of the samples we’ve received (not so good). Don’t worry, you’ll start seeing things soon enough.

…That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to jump in the comments below and ask some more questions. We’ll try to get to all of them, and if we don’t , no need to get frustrated. We need questions to answer for next week’s installment.

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19 Author Replies

  • I have a question that is often left unanswered or ignored and was hoping I could get some solid info on it. Is there plans for a LBP Home Space?

    • Hi El_Scorcho,

      Sorry, I don\’t think any of us are at liberty to discuss Home or Home related topics :(

      Btw, love the name :)


  • Not exactly a question, but I love the DLC coming out for this game! Some really cool costumes being brouhgt out! I plan on picking this game up after the holidays.

  • I keep getting this fail to save notice beacause it tells me my profile is to big and i should delete stuff….but i still have a lot of memory on my PS3 why is that?

  • Scorcho, they probably can’t announce anything for it yet. That’s why they aren’t replying to it. Though, they could give you a no comment. =/

  • Thanks for answering more questions :)

  • Thanks for the info.

  • Oops disregard my last question #3
    should have read more closely

    are their plans to make new levels as DLC?

  • Is the MGS Snake costume available yet? And if not, when?

  • Yes! I agree with El_Scorcho! It’d be cool to hear about a LBP Home Space!!!!

    Also, are you guys going to release new materials, objects, or other creation tools as downloadable content as well? It’d be really awesome to be able to download new things to use while creating levels… Like more music! That would be AWESOME!

    • Yup, these are all things we\’re working on… man, I remember the day when a project was over when you shipped it! ;)


  • hi Mm! any news on improving the search engine? it’s hard to find the levels that community sites recommend by searching it using the name of the level. for some reason, the results almost always do not have the level i’m looking for.

    • Just curious, but what keyword(s) are you using? Can\’t say I\’ve heard many complaints about the search engine.


  • LBP is great but you guys are charging too much for costumes, u dont have to make them free but maybe a dollar less would make a diffirence

  • I also agree with El_Scorcho.. we need a LBP Home Space! That would amazing.. espiecally if we can see our own customized character there.

    I had a problem with online, and that is when I try to join my friend’s game.. i can voice chat with him while it loads but it wont let me enter as it says “failed to load level”.. its really weird.

    • Hmm… I don\’t normally see that (unless I\’m using a devkit with inapproprate data). Can you join other people without problems?

  • Any word on any new levels by you guys? (I know you said after the first of the year).

    When are we going to get a patch that will let us create levels with others or take full use of all the things you have for the game?

    Any word on more tools or any other goodies you can hint at?

    • Yup, new levels soon, so hang tight.

      Not exactly sure I understand what you\’re asking… you can create any of the developer levels with the in-game tools if you have the skillz ;)

      Sorry, can\’t discuss new tools :(

  • wow, sackbook seems like it would be really cool. I hope to see it back up and running soon.




  • Yes, a Home space would be so amazing! Also, some issues-

    1. Obviously the item amount needs to increase. Its just annoying…

    2. The extreme keyboard lag (whether it be typing with the controller, or an actual bluetooth keyboard) is unbearable and needs to be fixed.

    3. The user account thing for multiplayer… I don’t like it. That’s all. Its a stupid way of doing things. Reminds me of a 360… except, it only glitches up and practically freezes when you push start on a controller, wheras the 360 will just glitch up and freeze without even pushing anything. What im trying to say is, for a sequel, dont use this user system. …or the forced tutorials.

    That’s about it! This game is perfect. Ive played nothing else since the release! definitely at least a 9.5/10. Cant wait to see its sales in a few years… Every PS3 they sell you guys’ll get more sales.

  • I’ve given up on the Week 1 T-Shirt. It’s lost any value now that pretty much everyone can get it. It really takes the “special” out of the special offer, nevermind that we’d have to BUY it, which I was NOT aware of when I pre-ordered. Anyway, that’s history now.

    Any word on the My Profile Play Create Share meters getting fixed? They haven’t worked since Day 1.

    • That\’s a top priority and we hope to have something that addresses it in the near future. Keep checking this blog for updates.


  • I remember Alex mentioning a patch not too long ago (around a month ago). If I recall correctly, he mentioned it’s slated for December.

    Any update you can share with us? At least confirm that there’s something big in the works in that regard?

    • Yup, we\’re working on a fairly significant patch. Hope to have an update for everyone soon. Keep checking back.


  • @ #3

    go back and re-read the paragraph about full profiles. pay attention this time.

  • I always get an error “Unable to load all players”.
    After all LBP isn’t multilayer after all :(

  • It is nice to hear you guys are working on Moderation….


    We still haven’t heard how Moderation answers relate to the LBC1 contest–atleast 3 levels (mine included) have been offline for well over a week and have been hobbled in the contest because of this–will you guys restart LBC1 after moderation is fixed or do you have some other fix in mind? I don’t mind losing if I lose legitimately–but if I lose just because people weren’t even allowed to play my level that will kill me participating in any other contests.

  • Good news to hear you guys aren’t ignoring the issues with online.
    One question though: When can w expect to see the “Play, Create, Share” tickers on our Infomoon working?


    • We\’ve heard some good news on progress, but before going live, there needs to be some more testing / tweaking.

  • @16
    yeah agreed, they can stop ripping us off with the costumes. No more purchases from me.

  • How about the over priced costumes? Can we get a reason why they are costing $2?

  • Can you give us a ballpark estimate (other than soon) for when the next gameplay/bug fix update will be? Also are you able to say anything about when you might release any more Dev created levels and/or additional creation items like materials and decorations? Are you looking into any changes or improvements to the creation process, such as the way glue works? Thanks in advance for your answers and for making a great game. I hope you win at the VGAs, good luck!

    • The team is always looking at way to improve LBP (including the creation process) and the online updates sometimes include bug fixes.

      As for more \’stuff\’…we have some surprises on the way.

  • I have a question. Many people to what I seem on such forums, such as gamefaqs, certain forums when typed in google like game save copy error can’t get trophies, well I was just wondering but when you press the PS button on the wireless control and your in the Level editor mode, save it, then quit the game through via PS button, is the game suppose to go blue screen? Not that it happens all the time, but it happened to me twice and I wanted to know if this is part of the game or if it’s something Sony should look into to.

    P.S I can’t get trophies anymore for LBP cause of this. Having to delete my file because of copy error when I never copied at all isn’t fun and just feels like I wasted 7 hours collecting and having fun just going down the drain. Hope it gets fixed. Peace out.

  • @#21

    I did, now YOU go back and read post #7 pay attention this time

  • I guess we’re never going to be able to import images from our hard drive? That’s a real shame. And I even own a PSEye, but I know most don’t and won’t just for one or two games, not to mention I can’t get the thing to even take decent quality pics.

    Other then that, any possibility of costumes from any media besides video games? Think how cool a horror pack would be for next Halloween, featuring Jason from Friday the 13th, Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street and Ash from Evil Dead.

    • From what learned, never say never (Even I have been able to dunk a basketball…with the help of a trampoline)

  • I’m glad to hear that there are plans for merchandise because the official plushies [http://kotaku.com/5044845/taito-readies-littlebigplanet-sackboy-plushies] really do look like dodgy knock-offs…

  • After reading some of these comments, I felt I had to say this;

    One of my favorite things about your game is the ability to log-in as two different users from the same console while playing local multiplayer. It’s absolutely fantastic for when I play with my girlfriend and I really wish more games did so. Please don’t change this.

  • I asked last time but wasn’t answered. When are you guys going to fix the “Failed to load all player profiles” but. I still can’t get on anyones game because of this consistent error. There are many out there that I’ve met on your forums who have this issue yet no one has bothered to comment on this still. Its been over a month now. So will you fix it or not?

  • @30
    LOL my PSEye keeps falling off the television cause its thin so I scrapped it for the time being, even with BluTack it keeps falling.

  • I would like to know why the search function seems totally broken. I’m not talking about searching typed-in words; I mean why do I always see the EXACT same levels over and over, despite searching different provided words?

  • Any new news with the PLAY, SHARE, CREATE scores?

    It seemed to work fine in the beta.

    (and less important)

    Will we ever be able to find out who has hearted our levels and us as creators?

    (i only ask because id like to thank the people that hearted me and my levels)

    Yet i have no clue who they are.

    (keep up the great work)

  • how are you mark? i think you may know about PULSE under the playstation network, i think it would be a good idea if they can post the top ten user levels played in lbp biweekly , it would be very nice to see something like that in the show, love the game btw

  • Thank you for the updates. I hope to have a little SackBoy by my birthday (Feb 4).

  • Sounds good. I look forward to the return of Sackbook- I had JUST signed up when the site went down. We need a way to get the word out about the hard work we’ve been up to! :)

    Speaking of which…

    Play my levels!
    “Sackgirl in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole”
    “Teenage Mutant Ninja Sackboy COSTUME PIECES!”

    Enjoy! :D

  • Hey MM. First of all, I love LBP. I’ve had it since the day it was released in my country.

    Despite this, my Play, Create and Share stats are still at zero. Is this a common problem and are you working on a fix for it?

    Ty and I hope you guys can answer my Q next week. Keep up the good work.

  • Awesome! LBP merchandise. I can’t wait to drop $49.50 for a SackBoy plush. And maybe $34.99 for a white T-shirt with a LBP logo on it. You guys should totally make a keychain. I’d pay at least $79.85 for it! Whose the sucker now?

    And please release more $6 digital costumes. I just can’t get enough. Eating them all up. Thank GOD gas has dropped below $2/gallon. I was getting irritated when I had to decide between driving 25 miles, or buying a pair of pants for my $60 game character!

    I’ll beat you all in in-reality sackboy marathons.. I dare you you all!

    over n’ out…

    good night.. :)


  • I want to know when the solid snake and seperoth costume will be available for purchase as far as i know i hear there is going to be street fighter costumes on the DLC but what about the snake and seperoth costumes

  • THIS IS GREAT AND ALL BUT, right now the main reason on why the LBP community is dropping fast is not because of some of these prolems that you are doing a great job on fixing it’s because of a game breaking glitch! Most know of it as the wheel of death! Even though most of us just stay away from a wheel spining at max recently at the LBP Workshop two weeks ago this glitch happened to someone just because thier car spun in a circle reallly fast using a rocket and now we are all scared to have this happen to us!
    So two things we the LBP community want to know is that
    1. Is MM releasing a patch for this?!
    2. The only way to fix it right now is by deleteing our saved data if we do this will our DLC get deleted with our saved data as well?

    And if you don’t know what I’m talking about look here!

    PLZ do something!

  • Media Molecule.

    Please fix the glitch with the constantly dying sackboy. I did it on accident and would hate to have to replay the whole game, not that I don’t like it.

    Here’s a link to the LBP forum topic. (4th one down)


    And if for some reason you can’t fix it, PLEASE respond or PM me so I can know.

  • I still don’t know how to play with people online that are not on my friends list. :(

  • What ever happened to the Ice Element?
    Lots of people want it!

    Also, can we look forward to creating Online with friends?

  • Oh, better text for stickers, new tools, fully customized RGB Popit color

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