The PSB & SOCOM Recap

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Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

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  • The Killzone 2 footage made this week awesome all on its own. Thanks and have a good weekend, ‘kay? :D

    Also, any chance we could hear more about Uncharted 2 after its trailer debuts on the 14th?

  • No Killzone recap?

    Either way, lots of good stuff this week!

  • Cant wait till uncharted 2 and GoW3 gameplay videos!

  • uncharted 2 looks good.

  • Uncharted 2 will be GOTY for 2009

    Thanks for the info

  • What happened to the Killzone recap?

  • Is there anyway to please add the copy & paste feature to the PS3 browser? It is a real pain to have to write everything out twice.

  • confiermd:ps3 will eat xbox360 Alive in 2009.

    2009 IS THE YEAR OF PlayStation 3:

    1-Killzone 2

    2-Heavy Rain

    3-Demon’s Soul

    4-White Knight Chronicles

    5-Final Fantasy Versus XIII


    7-Quantum theory

    8-God of War 3




    12-Eye Pet


    14-DC Universe Online

    15-The Agency

    16-Free Realms

    17-Aion Tower Of Eternity

    18-Eye Identify

    19-Uncharted 2

    20-Yakuza 3



    23-L.A. Noire


    note:ALL THESE GAMES ARE PS3 Exclusives.

    25-HOME SRVICE official LAUNCH

  • @ 8

    Funny, people said that about 2007, that didn’t happen so they said 2008. Now its 2009 huh?

  • “Funny, people said that about 2007, that didn’t happen so they said 2008. Now its 2009 huh?”

    Outsold the 360 in 2007. Is doing it again in 2008. Will do it yet again in 2009.

  • @ stoff – way to bring a brother down?

    @ gham – quite a list you compiled there my friend but i beg to ask what is aquatopia?

    @ Chris – i know socom is great and all but the game has been out for awhile now… i know you guys have been doing KZ2 updates on here and i love it! do u think its time to replace confrontation? say maybe with GoW? Uncharted? HOME maybe even? something.


  • “Funny, people said that about 2007, that didn’t happen so they said 2008. Now its 2009 huh?”

    Let’s all laugh at the retard.

    PS3 has been dominating the RRoD box in sales since mid-2007 and will be leaving that turd of a console in worldwide last place in early 2009.

    And all of this is with a +200 dollar price difference and massive numbers of Xbox fanboys buying 3,4,5,6 consoles in hopes of finding one that doesn’t fail.

    20+ first party development studios putting out real 25/50 GB graphical insane games for the PS3.

    Microsoft has been dumping first party studios like mad over the past two years to now where they only have three: Rare, Lionhead, and Turn 10.

    The 360 has nothing but downgraded PC ports as ‘exclusives’ for the rest of its sad life on the market.

  • Wow motherflocker. Chris Morell, pretty racy debut to your postings here.

  • Me a retard? No, I just spoke the truth. People said 2007 was the year of the PS3. That with Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank and more that Sony would take it. When that didn’t happen, just about everybody said 2008 would be its year, even most of the media.

    And regardless of what the 360 has, its still in the lead and still gets more exclusives, although that is shrinking compared to a year ago. Now stop with the hate because I ain’t praising the PS3 as the ultimate machine. Its not there yet, like it or not, PS3 is still beat by the 360 and mostly the god awful Wii.

    So insult me all you want guys if that help heal your wounds. But its true what I said. Now if you see that has hate towards the PS3, that tells you how blind you are.

  • Here are the games I am looking forward to in 2009(not in any particular order):

    1. Killzone 2
    2. Heavy Rain
    3. White Knight Chronicles
    4. Infamous
    5. Resident Evil 5 (multi-platform)
    6. God of War 3
    7. Final Fantasy XIII (multi-platform)
    8. Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    9. Borderlands (multi-platform)
    10. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    11. BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams (multi-platform)
    12. Ratchet & Clank Future sequel
    13. Quantum Theory
    14. Bayonetta (multi-platform)
    15. Team ICO game
    16. DC Universe Online
    17. Yakuza 3
    18. Bionic Commando (multi-platform)
    19. Fat Princess
    20. Beyond Good & Evil 2 (multi-platform)

  • the 360 software was ok this year the ps3 blow it out of th e water

  • I agree the PS3 had a better software line up this year, alot better actually. But what matters the most is the sales. And 360 and Wii are always in the top 10. And yes I know, its because the 360 and Wii have a bigger install base. But thats kind of my point. ;-]

  • PS3 – most underrated console ever. There. You know its true.

  • Chris, I love you!

    Not for the round-up (although, thats cool) but rather for your avatar.

    THE KID A BEAR IS AWESOME, YOU MUST LOVE RADIOHEAD! And that deserves loooooooooooooong time loooooooooooooove from me.

    Go listen to Kid A by Radiohead, best album ever just for Kid A, The National Anthem and In Limbo.

    Okay I ‘ll stop being OffTopic.

    Thanks for the round up.

  • Awww, the poor liddle Xbox Stoffinator is so retarded he hangs around PS3 sites trolling.

    What a total loser.

    Your piece of garbage RRoD box is only still alive in the US with retards like you Stoffinator buying their 4th,5th,6th RRoD box.

    Crawl back to teamxbox and vgchartz and the other Xbot fanboy sites where losers like you belong and cry over:

    50 dollar a year online charges for laggy P2P garbage like Gears of War
    Pathetic Mii ripoffs
    Disc scratching drives
    Downgraded PC ports as your ‘big exclusives’

  • Hey, where’s Jeff? :(

  • lol Nathan you are what? 12? Please. If you even knew me you’d know how much I hate M$. But I ain’t blind. And if the only way it makes you feel better is to insult someone then have a conversation then I feel sorry for you.

    And for you info, I am not in America and yes, the 360 is a piece of crap. Bad design and rushed to beat the PS to the market. But guess what? Does that stop it from being ahead of the PS3? No. M$ did what they had to do sell their garbage and its working.

    Don’t be blind to one product my friend.

  • I got a QUESTION for anyone at Sony who can answer it. WHEN ARE WE GETTING “DEAD RISING”!!! Mean the Wii gets it coming here shortly but Capcom isn’t gonna give it to us? This is the only thing i’ve ever asked you for Sony, PLEASE!

    I didn’t give a crap bout when we were getting XMB or being “1st” or if Home’s ever coming out or any that other stuff people wouldn’t shut up about.

    I just want my Dead Rising. =(

  • Dead Rising coming to PS3 isn’t up to Sony. You will have to ask Capcom that. Try asking John Diamonon next time he makes a post. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on it coming to the PS3.

  • Angry_Qore_Subscriber

    You forgot one:

    “Sony Ignores annual Qore subscribers it failed to give Home Beta codes to as promised over 4 weeks ago”

  • Are they actually gonna fix Socom and make it a real playable game? Still upset you guys released a half-assed broken piece of software. Patch or no patch your taking advantage of that fact.

    At least PC games will most times come out and and still be playable.

  • guys check out Playstation 3 Video Review –

    Playstation 3 Video Review –

  • @spiritthief

    Socom does seem like it got dropped by the doctor upon delivery, but that dosn’t keep it from being a great game. Hopefully 1.30 will fix most of the problems people have been complaining about.


    Love the name…..I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….home is a lot less thrilling then you think. So far it’s only a distraction for all the great games that we could and should be playing. If you’re still interested, I wouldn’t hold my breath for the beta invite…. Im a qore subscriber from day 1 and I never got a KZ2, SOCOM, or any other beta invite through qore (even though we were all promised)

  • Okay this is totally off topic but go check out Vgchartz guys. There’s a thread that Level 5 is offering itself to Sony when sales of WKC are going to be well. I nearly freaked out when I read that. This better be for real and then I buy all three region versions of this game if I have to!

  • Angry_Qore_Subscriber


    I dont care how good or bad Home is, I paid for a code and I should get a code.

    The lack of accountability on this issue from Sony is disgracefull.

  • Can’t wait for uncharted.

  • Is this a recap or a 360 bash fest?
    What the hell.
    Competition is good people, seriously!

    07, 08 have been the year of the PS3 for me and so will 09 and every year until PS4.

    Wrong forum buddy go bother Capcom, they are the publisher, not Sony.

    Wrong forum go bother Qore. Sony doesn’t create Qore it is a digital magazine.
    It’s like bothering Sony because Game Informer didn’t give you a Home code.

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