Killzone 2 Street Date Announced, Two New Guns Revealed, and Preview Coverage!

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In case you missed X-Play on G4 yesterday, we announced that Killzone 2 will officially be in stores on February 27th, 2009 in the United States. G4 also unveiled a new video revealing two brand new weapons, the Bolt Gun and the Flamethrower, which can be seen below.

Another video from developer Guerrilla Games sheds light on the multiplayer mode called “Warzone,” a mode that rotates through different gametypes until the match ends.

Head on back early next week for a special inside look at Guerrilla Games.

Also, preview coverage of the game has started to hit the internet. Check out some of the following links to get some impressions of the game so far.

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  • I can’t wait for this game.

    Thanks for the info.

  • This is great news, hopefully we can get some exclusive res pictures over at so we can make up some killer tags for all the Killzone fans out there.

    Can’t wait to play this game for sure.

    -James Community Manager

  • Looks great! 1st day buy!

  • Awesome, I will mark my calendar and definitely buy it then. :D

  • wow the flame effect are sick

  • I really like the flame effect but I think it would do a lot for cool factor if they just made the stream thicker. That’s all it really needs. It just looks too thin.

  • Wow! That flamethrower looks great!

  • You know, i’m very hyped about KZ2, but with all the leaked videos from the beta and the media blowout, i believe we have seen enough videos. How about you release a online/offline demo on the Playstation Store ? SCE, you’re seriously screwing up this gen, your marketing is just terrible.

  • This game looks fantastic and it seems even staunch PS3 haters are at a loss for words right now. Needless to say, I’m crazy hype for this and keep the media coming!

  • After the horrible disappointment that is known as R2, I’m begging, drooling, and ready to roll over for this game. I’ve been waiting for a game that captured a scene of shear destruction in an hellishly apocalyptic way, and no joke, this is almost picture for picture of what I had pictured in my head. Its beautiful in a certain way. I love it all (especially the bolt gun, I hope you guys have more new weapons up your sleeve because so far I’m definitely impressed :D ) So in short, I love it, Thank you guys so much for working so hard on this game :)

  • Calendar marked

  • And Europe? Come on – you know you want to confirm it as a global launch. Please don’t leave it up to SCEE. I cannot deal with another Resistance (3 weeks late) or SOCOM (3 months late).

  • The calendar is marked I’m getting it as a bday present!

    Please bring IN-GAME XMB MUSIC PLEASE!!!

  • Midnight launch madness. Now please tell us what’s in the inevitable Collector’s Edition. ;)

  • @ Mexwarrior. The game will support custom soundtracks for multiplayer. ;)

  • Man! The graphics were INCREDIBLE! I think Killzone 2 will be the most visual console game ever made!
    1 day buy for me.

  • I need a special edition with an helghast head :D

  • OMG! SWEET!!!!

  • February just seems to far away.

  • You forgot PS3 fanboy. They had a great “hands on” for this game. Maybe you didn’t appreciate them knocking the first Killzone though…

  • Wow, visually this game is absolutely stunning. So, how’s the gameplay going to be like? Let’s hope it’ll turn out to be a mad perfected FPS. Also, is there Home integration with KZ2?

  • Thank God, a REAL shooter; not this R2 garbage.

  • The Beta rocked; can’t wait for the real deal!

  • it sucks that they were running out of time b/c he just had to throw the realease date real quick making it awkward rather than awesome

  • Only 57 days until the greatest shooter of all time hits retail. I cant wait. But I will.

  • Oh, and that flame thrower rocks BTW.

  • i played the beta and its the greatest game i ever played in mine life some of mine friends who have other systems are saying they are now buying a ps3 . if we have 15 million psn subscribers i really cant see how kz2 cant sell 5 million in 1 week. sony you have 2 get da word out about this game to the causal gamer fed 27 is when everone have tax rebate checks and there ready 2 spend it on something . p s please dont reply about the bad economic , i know this but there are some people out there that can buy a system dont lump us all together .

  • The game looks great. Certainly can’t wait to play.

    Off-topic: Mike, what exactly does Santa Monica Studio do? Not only being the studio to develop God of War and Kinetica…you guys have been named, or listed on many other games such as Warhawk and Everyday Shooter. If you can answer, that would be great.

  • What else can be said about Killzone 2 that hasn’t already. This will be the shooter to beat in ’09.

  • Congrats on the good showing! Can’t wait til Feb–SF4 and KZ2—


  • I’m getting the impression that, from the articles, this is going to COD4 on steroids. That’s a good thing. The only thing I didn’t like about COD4 was the modern setting. Sounds like this is gonna be FPS nirvana. I can’t wait to see how the Sony-hating media try to dock points on their final review.

  • Jeff, I’ve got a good idea. Seeing as just released Pulse wich is now featured under the PlayStation Network tab on the website. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to intoduce us too the reason behind Pulse, Information about our Host, and whats to come?

  • I think i pre-ordered this game like a year ago.

  • @35
    I hadn’t heard about this Pulse thing, so I just looked it up.
    What’s the deal Sony (and every Playstation site I visit)?! Why didn’t you tell me about this?

  • One of my psn friends was on the beta and had lots and lots of praise for this game. I’ve seen some vids and must say that this game looks very very impressive. I do wonder however if ther will be some sort of pre-order special offers or maybe a collector’s edition of K2?

  • I’m on the fence about this.

    If there is DLC revealed before the game is released, consider it a sale lost.

    I will not buy games that have content deliberately held back.

    If MGS4 can fill up the Blu-Ray, so can Killzone.

    Don’t disappoint me!

  • Greatest. FPS. Ever.

    Graphics that are an entire generation ahead of that crappy looking Unreal Engine garbage on the 360.

    The dedicated servers, badge/job system, clan betting of valor points on matches.

    I hope Sony is doing everything possible to assure the Xbots at sites like Eurogamer, 1Up, GameSpot, etc. don’t get their chance to trash the game in ‘reviews’.

  • learn to utilize the full capability of a machine before you program for it…

    too bad

    I can’t wait for this game!
    It is a shame you can’t use the additional 40% of the SPU’s to get the game up to 1080p but no matter I am impressed, can’t wait for this! NICE WORK!

  • 13 days after my birthday it comes out. thanks for the present. even though it isnt free lol

  • Nice guys, way to put your money where your mouth is. I love it. Can’t wait to see this sucker in February.

  • It is hilarious to look back at the terror this game has generated in the Xbots in the gaming media.

    Side by side comparison with the first E3 trailer:

    After the first E3 trailer the Xbots edited an interview with Jack Tretton where he was talking about Resistance running in real time and placed his quotes over the KZ2 trailer so they could fabricate a story about ‘teh Sony lies about KZ2’

    Later on after the first real time demo of KZ2 was shown the Xbots at 1Up rushed out their ‘impressions’ quickly before other sites did hoping to set the tone by claiming the game ‘didn’t look as good as Gears of War’. Which they had to quickly backtrack on when they were laughed at.

    Then the main Xbot at 1Up invented a totally made up ‘award’ that he gave, surprise!, to Halo 3 for ‘best AI’ and used it to trash KZ2 for what was nothing more than a graphics engine demo with the AI turned all the way down in difficulty.

    The Xbots don’t know what to do with so many non-Xbots making it clear KZ2 has turned out to be the greatest console fps in history. They are acting like caged wild animals thrashing about in terror.

  • The bolt gun freakin rocks.

  • Okay, I’ll bite, what was wrong with Resistance 2 exactly in your critical opinions?

  • Any ETA on the Collector’s Edition and the EU date?

  • So wait, the guy(Kyle?) says SHIPPING Feb 27th and then sessler just yells STRET DATE!

    Considering the 27th is a friday I’d say thats the street date…but iunno about that.

  • If this game is a system seller, which to me seems like it is, I hope you guys at SCEA or the guys above you package this game with a ps3 and the official bluetooth headset.

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