Qore Episode 07 is Coming… and it’s FREE!

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We have good news for you this month. As our way of saying “Happy Holidays,” the PlayStation Network is offering the Single Episode version of Qore Episode 07 (December ’08) for FREE* in the PlayStation Store. So, this month is your chance to check out an entire episode of Qore starting this Thursday, December 4th.

Episode 07 begins with an inside look at EA’s “Skate 2,” the sequel to the game that redefined what it means to ride a virtual board. Then, Audrey Cleo rolls over to Skatefest ’08 in San Diego for a spin around the boarding scene.

Next, Veronica Belmont makes her way to Capcom to check out two of their latest projects – “Bionic Commando,” the re-imagining of the classic 8-bit franchise, and “Flock,” a really cool PlayStation Network game that definitely does not follow the herd.

We also introduce you to the “Steam Punk” sub-culture as we take a look at Codemasters‘ “Damnation” – a post-modern third person-shooter served with a Jules Verne twist.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Qore if we didn’t have a few downloadable and playable goodies for you in the form of an exclusive Killzone 2 theme and the latest addition to the ArQade – “Blast Qore.”

Annual Subscribers to Qore will find their Download Centers filled with a Qore-exclusive “Flock” demo.

We hope you enjoy the holidays and get a chance to experience this very special episode of Qore!

* PlayStation Network registration required. User responsible for internet fees.

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  • @48
    You just lost 16 pennies how does it feel?

    Don’t encourage patching games!

  • I agree it’s not a huge amount of money…just the principle.

  • Cool And Today Is My B-day!

  • @51 – It’s still money lost on nothing.

  • @50
    You can have a 16 cent refund from me if you want it.

    Please forward me your SS Number, for tax purposes, your name and mailing address.

    No I am kidding don’t ever give your SS # out to anyone!

    I think it’s safe to say you lost out on 16 pennies buddy.

  • @55 – Duh, lol… and I’ll save my complaints until I hear from Sony.

  • You guys should put this Qore Episode on the Home Theature or somewhere else in Home since it’s free anyways.

  • Yay! HD Veronica Belmont.. for Free! Yay!

  • @52 and @54
    money lost yes.
    principle … please explain?

    I would bet that if you both saw 16 cents on the ground neither one of you would reach down and pick it up.

    They lowered the price on a bunch of PSN titles, I bought them all at full price does that mean I should demand a refund?
    The correct answer is NO!

    If you really want to talk about money wasted on nothing why not take your complaints to the US government that takes your tax money and burns it up on BS!

    I want my economic bailout package too!

  • I am glad you guys are good spirited.
    I am not trolling or posting to be confrontational.
    I find humor in it I hope you all do as well.

  • @57
    Now that is a sweet idea!

  • @59

    If you paid for 12 issues and only mailed you 11, and told the world that whomever walked into GameStop (paying customer or no) would get issue 12 with no strings attached, wouldn’t you be a little ticked?

    I am not saying it is the end of the world, and I think it is awesome Sony gives free stuff to their fans–just we want confirmation that we will get the 12 issues we paid for—not 11 plus a freebie. If Sony can give non-subscribers a free issue, it shouldn’t be a big deal to give us the 12 we paid for plus the free issue instead of trying to count the free as one of the 12.

    The US gov’ is a whole different ball of wax–I do agree with you on their BS–

    But, I paid nearly 2 bucks per issue for my sub, and it would suck if I had to pay for this issue but those smart enough not to subscribe got it for free.

  • edit to my own post (62)–I meant to say ‘If you paid for 12 issues of Game Informer and they only mailed you 11’—-don’t know why my brain checked out for a sec LOL

  • also added @59

    with you paying extra for PSN titles–you paid full price to play them early–people buying them now didn’t get to play them as long as you have had to.

    That is totally different—what we are talking about here is paying for 12 issues and only reciving goods in return for 11.

    That would be like giving everyone echochrome for free but expecting YOU to pay for your copy–and everyone else got it free with no strings attached and you didn’t even get it earlier or anything like that.

    Like I keep saying: it isn’t the end of the world, but I think it would be a nice gesture on Sony’s part to ensure that we get 12 episodes for the 12 episodes worth of money we sent their way—not 11 plus a network wide freebie–why should we have to pay for stuff that is free to everyone else when we don’t get ahead-of-time access to it or anything like that? And, sorry, I doubt FLock will be worth it–no dig intended at capcom but it’d have to be one heck of a demo to be worth paying almost 2 bucks for–when is the last time you dropped 2 bucks on a demo in the PS Store?

  • @62
    You actually get 13 per annual subscription.
    Neither here nor there.

    Personally I would not be even a little ticked I have come to expect these kind of things.

    To be completly honest once a company has your money they really don’t care they just want to grab $ from the remainder of the folks that have not shelled out.

    While they try to pass this off as a special holiday gift the real reason is to try to grab the remaining wallets that have not shelled out.

    You paid the subscription you wanted it at the time and you got your perks of being a subscriber and also get perks for this episode.

    Really I should be asking if I can pay the extra pennies and get my hands on the Flock demo lol

  • @64
    Good point I would never pay $2 for a demo and NEVER for a Capcom demo.

  • So SONY is continuing to fall behind the 360 in sales and they decide to combat this by launching a television ad campaign that focuses on people and shows little to no footage of actual games. The images of the games are either reflections or in the background and are indiscernible to the casual consumer. What’s step two giving your loyal fanbase 1 of your pay-service commercials for free? Wow thanks SONY! That would be great if the information wasn’t available for free elsewhere on the internet. Sorry for the cynicism, but as a long time supporter I am disappointed in SONY’s marketing dept; because I don’t see this strategy leading to the PS3 defeating the XBOX in console sales which means PS users will continue to miss out on exclusives and receive lesser quality ports. Thanks for the free episode of QORE SONY you’re now on the clear path to victory!

  • @Enforcer_X – I’d pick up 16 cents on the ground if I saw it, money’s money and it adds up. Looks like I already got beat to everything else by zookey.

  • hey thats tight i did want to check out some of the content on Qore before i jumped in, oh does a yearly subscription start and end in the same month i receive my first episode?

  • Angry_Qore_Subscriber

    Could you please explain why Annual Qore subscribers HAVE NOT recieved their home beta invites they were promised 4 weeks ago yet?

    While at the same time tens or by now hundreds of thousands of random invites have gone out to PSN users who didn’t even ask for them?

    Your treatment of Annual Qore subscribers is disgracefull.

  • @70 – Yea… Sony’s not exactly the best at handling this type of stuff. I never did receive my SOCOM beta code and their customer support proved to be more than useless.

  • Veronica Belmont is CUTE;)

  • Freebies!

    Good too.

  • @50/urasizin

    Qore annual subscribers get an exclusive demo for the PSN game “Flock.”

  • Ah, a Flock demo for annual subscribers… *goes to look up Flock*

  • Since I’m an annual Qore subscriber do I… just kidding, I think the first 57 times this was asked were probably sufficient.

    Yay for the Flock demo.

  • @68
    Good deal and good thinking!
    YAY for change jars!

    Not @68
    Seriously if I could give away my Home beta I would! I have been in it since May 07 and it has gotten worse with each version, no matter how much feedback I provide.

    Qore people have not gotten the invite because Home is not open beta yet.
    Trust me your not missing to much.
    My last Home login was probably May 07 too. lol

    (You can thank me later for answering questions Sony. (A job and a paycheck would be nicer though) =)

  • Free? wtf I payed for the annual subscription but everyone else gets it for free? I get a Flock demo to compinsate? Iam starting to not give a flock :(

  • wow, Sony

    you guys really rock!
    always giving us FREE stuff now and then.

    i might subscribe to Qore after checking out this next release. if the service is any good i’ll subscribe.

    Thanks and have a great holidays Sony & Staff


  • Woo! Long Live Sony!

  • Enforcer-X

    It is the principle of the matter.

    Did you see how many people complained about the cost of the LBP costumes and stated how they should be free ?

    As well, I’ve had this happen with actual magazines that I’ve had sent to me.

    The agreement from the company was that I would then receive an extra issue because of one being given for free.

    I know it’s a small amount of money….but it was paid for up front.

    As well…say you’re going to purchase a game for a few dollars and all of a sudden they say it’s free to everyone else…I’m pretty sure you’d be trying to get a deal from the company to compensate you back.

  • point being?

    anything ill se on ‘qore’ i can see on the internet, for less money, with more content.

    you people need to stop wasting resources on this pointless crap and give us some good, quality games… sellin this piece of crap ps3 and buying a blu ray player…sixty dollars for beta games(lbp) is a little ridiculous

  • Hello, I’m a full subscriber and I have two request for future Qore episodes.

    1. the blu-ray remote doesn’t work with Qore.
    2. Qore through remote play! I would definitely be able to enjoy my Qore experience if I could watch the episodes on my PSP.

    Thank you.

  • Skate 2 FTW!!

  • Hey!! Maybe THIS month I will get an invite to the Home BETA with my annual Qore subscription I bought the day Qore came out. Am I being silly in thinking this??

  • I think they need to do more with LBP than anything, right now this is the only system seller Sony has. It appeals to a wide crowd. Two of my friends who happen to be women are buying a ps3 just for LBP! (of course they played with me first)

    On another note, this holiday gift is a great idea and it advertises for Qore. They had to throw something in there for the Qore faithful although they could have given us more, like a free/discounted LBP costume that normally has a rices attached to it. Or an exclusive premier theme download.

  • I guess now is my chance to check it out. Thanks!

  • Ooh Ooh!

    As a very special treat you could let those of us that did subscribe early into the Home closed beta!


  • @77

    So you are saying you were able to check out each version of home without logging in? I would think logging in would be a requirement to get into home.

  • a PSP friendly version of the blog, playstation.com and qore would be nice. i would like to be able to have these things on the go or at work on my breakes.
    thank you!

  • @Enforcer_X

    You said:
    “Seriously if I could give away my Home beta I would! I have been in it since May 07 and it has gotten worse with each version, no matter how much feedback I provide.”

    So,in a sense, you are saying Sony ignored you? I would say that ignoring you is proof that Sony CAN get some things right.



  • Thanks Kevin!… this issue of qore seems to be pretty good

  • I get them free anyway because I have subscription to PS magazine and I still do not understand why I would wanna pay money for an ad-loaded-non-skippable video?

  • @81
    You have no point with the LBP costumes.
    I don’t mind paying for them and the fact is someone is being paid to make the content.
    as 64 pointed out the situation regarding games is invalid as well.
    I own almost every game on the PSN and paid full price, a lot of them had their prices dropped however I am not complaining as comment 64 stated very well.
    So I don’t see the Qore issue as an issue at all.
    It’s not like your NOT getting what your paid for you still have your subscription and your bonus content and your still getting 13 issues. (I hope, otherwise you have something to complain about)

    Sorry I guess I should have mentioned that comment was sarcastic let me rephrase. I have downloaded and evaluated each version of Home released and my last login was around the time 1.0 was released.
    Sorry to confuse you.

    Very funny lol
    However when Home comes out and it’s missing a few features you thought would be in it I bet you’re the first one back on this blog complaining.
    Yeah Cheers! Here’s to Home! =|

  • thank you! this is what ive been waiting for (as if we don’t already have enough free content). Happy Holidays to every1.

    thanks again,

  • I was hoping for the Killzone 2 Beta.

  • Yeah, what number 70 said. I never got my closed beta invite either. People have told me I’m not missing much, but I’d still like to see for myself.

  • @ 67 what the hell you talking about? did u hit your head? forgot to take your meds? first stay on topic two this isn’t xbox fanboy . the subject was about giveing the dec episode of qore . its not about how many 360 core soild or how many ps3 soild .please be a little grown up and understand that there a time and place for everything plus your points make no sense anywayould it be the core is cheaper then a fully loaded ps3? that make more sense .please take your pot shot some where else .

  • @ 67 people like him kill me they never on topic or point and blame a problem to a subject that have nothing to do with the problem . as for core being free to everone not a problem to me that there will be more people willing to buy qore next year its a great service for ps3 and i dont mind buying it agin am tried of watching xplay and there love for xbox .

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