Qore Episode 07 is Coming… and it’s FREE!

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We have good news for you this month. As our way of saying “Happy Holidays,” the PlayStation Network is offering the Single Episode version of Qore Episode 07 (December ’08) for FREE* in the PlayStation Store. So, this month is your chance to check out an entire episode of Qore starting this Thursday, December 4th.

Episode 07 begins with an inside look at EA’s “Skate 2,” the sequel to the game that redefined what it means to ride a virtual board. Then, Audrey Cleo rolls over to Skatefest ’08 in San Diego for a spin around the boarding scene.

Next, Veronica Belmont makes her way to Capcom to check out two of their latest projects – “Bionic Commando,” the re-imagining of the classic 8-bit franchise, and “Flock,” a really cool PlayStation Network game that definitely does not follow the herd.

We also introduce you to the “Steam Punk” sub-culture as we take a look at Codemasters‘ “Damnation” – a post-modern third person-shooter served with a Jules Verne twist.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Qore if we didn’t have a few downloadable and playable goodies for you in the form of an exclusive Killzone 2 theme and the latest addition to the ArQade – “Blast Qore.”

Annual Subscribers to Qore will find their Download Centers filled with a Qore-exclusive “Flock” demo.

We hope you enjoy the holidays and get a chance to experience this very special episode of Qore!

* PlayStation Network registration required. User responsible for internet fees.

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  • “Flock” – never heard of it.

  • Hope this KZ2 theme is not the same that has been around in the European PSN.

  • Cool – anything free gets my 2 thumbs up!

  • Thanks, sounds better than the issue I paid for! :)

  • Sounds cool…oh yea, and we need more ps eye games

  • Darn! When I saw KZ2 I thought it’d be a demo :(

  • excellent…will be sure to check it out…any chance of re-imagining the pricing of Qore and maybe making an stripped down free-entry level version and a paid one w/more goodies and exclusive content? Like you guys didn’t think of or consider that already…that’s why you all work for Sony and I’m here tabbing between the job listings and the blog… lol

  • Good times, thanks Kevin! But is the Flock demo available to all? Also, will there be any merging of our PSN ID on the BLOG here like there was with PLAYSTATION UNDERGROUND?

  • “didn’t have a few downloadable and playable goodies ”

    I don’t understand. Is that a surprise

  • awsome……. now all we need is home opened up to everyone……. next week right *wink wink…. or Dec 15th….. sooner the better :p

  • Is there a special Surprise Coming?

  • really would have been smart to attached an open Home beta to this… since it’s the only Qore episode that’s free and all

  • One question: For those of us who paid for an annual subscription, does this month’s issue count against that subscription or is our membership term going to be extended by a month? I certainly hope I’m not paying for this issue while people who don’t have annual subscriptions get it for free.

  • Since this is for free, does that mean that annual subscribers will get an extra month? I paid for a 13-month annual subscription, and I’m curious if this month will count toward the 13 since there is no charge for the individual episode.

    Just curious. Thanks!

  • wow!! free stuff FTW!

  • Does this mean that Annual subscribers will get 1 more episode added to our subscription? I think it is unfair that everyone gets a free episode and people who subscribed are essentially paying for it.

  • This sucks. Will annual subscriber get a free episode when their subscription is up next year? Because it seem that this episode count as one of our subscription episode.

  • Good idea to give everyone a chance to view Qore.

  • YEAAAAAA!!!!! FREE STUFF!!!!!!!

  • You know we PS fans love free :)

  • Well at least I get the flock demo and a killzone theme this episode has nice downloadable stuff but who cares about the games there talking about>

  • i dont even use the free code on the back of the playstation mag. well, maybe for killzone theme, maybe.

  • At 22 have you ever seen a qore theme? they all suck

  • Ok it’s FREE, but feel like as an Annual Qore Subscriber I’m not getting much in the way of value, wheras *everything else* Sony offers is usually packed with value!. I Had previously purchased Calling all Cars [Offered free in several Qore episodes] Most of the Demos offered in Qore were made available on the PSN anyway though perhaps a little later. All the Beta’s I’ve gotten in LBP, Home, R2 & Kz2 I got in from other ‘sources’ before I got it thru Qore [When offered] The ‘articles’, concept art etc. seems like every G4, 1up, IGN source I find! Qore needs to have more to it before I re-up next year, Just Saying .. My 2 cents.

  • When I saw KillZone 2 I thought OH HELL YEAH a demo or open beta and it’s a theme lol. Thanks for the free Qore, I get them through PTOM every month though.

  • LOL I hate to be the one with the lemons on this….but us annual subscribers: will our subscription be increased one episode because of this? We paid for 12 episodes, it’d kinda suck if one of them we didn’t need to pay for as it was free to anyone–and, unless flock is an AMAZING game I don’t know if its’ demo alone would make up for that.

    Either way though (and I know this makes me sound schizo) it is cool you guys give free stuff hehe.

  • Meh, I was hoping a public KZ2 Beta. Oh well. I guess this is a good way of advertising. A KZ2 public Beta is better way because if your friends see how awesome KZ2 is. They’ll think, “WOW, I KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!” I’m not joking Sony. Not only will you spread the word, more people will buy PS3’s, but we will help you improve KZ2. And do you know what that means? AAA TITLE = SYSTEM SELLER. You guys know you need the money. :D Thanks for reading. :)

  • I agree with 27

  • Veronica Belmont for free O_O

  • Thanks AlexD164. :)

  • Does this mean those of us that paid for the subscription get an extra episode for free ?

  • You annual subscribers get the flock demo, so you’re still getting more than us freeloaders.
    @7 I don’t see how they could hand out a stripped-down version of qore for free. Have you tried it yet? There isn’t a whole lot there to begin with. Would they just release a text version where you read the dialog? It’s nice, but I can’t justify spending money on it. I’d prefer they do like the 360 and just integrate weekly podcasts and blog posts directly into the XMB.

  • You guys seriously need to release HOME Open Beta!

  • Wow. So I guess those of us that paid for an annual subscription get screwed out of an issue now, huh?

    Qore never ceases to amaze me. In bad ways.

  • @27 Only one little problem, KZ2 doesn’t come out until February. Honestly instead of hyping up KZ2, sony needs to be advertising the heck out of Resistance2. That and LittleBigPlanet are the major games people would buy for Christmas presents. It would be wasteful to shift people’s attention to a game that doesn’t come out until after the holidays.

  • Damm the girl in that video is hot! LOL

  • Don’t worry BabeBro Sony promised before 09 starts. (It’s closer than you think.)

  • The Flock game is a PSN game from Capcom. You are a UFO and start to catch sheep and stuff.

  • It’s good opportunity for the users to see what Qore has to offer.

    I am a annual subscriber and I really like it. But it can be way better!!!!

    Veronica, kisses for you!

  • Practically repeating verbatim what half of the above posters have said, I’m curious as well. I purchased an annual subscription, how is this free episode going to play into my subscription?

    Thank you.

  • yeaa my first qore ep

  • Not even interesting enough for free.
    We do appreciate the gesture though Sony don’t misunderstand me.

    You guys really take care of your fans!

    I would want to pay for a super ultra limited edition Killzone 2 package complete with a Helghast action figure and replica Helghast helmet/mask

    Digging the Helghan Sniper!

  • Hey thanks.

    Sorry, I didn’t get you anything for Christmas though.

  • Happy Holidays everyone!!

  • @ 40/Mattimeoo

    You will download Qore the same ways you did before. Go to your download list and select download. For people not subscribed to Qore, they will have an option to download it just as if they were downloading a demo.

  • I see a lot of subscribers getting pissy …
    What’s the deal guys and gals?

    You get the flock demo.

    How it plays out is you pay $2.0825 per episode this year instead of the standard $1.922308.

    So for all of you that are worried about that massive lose of money, even though YOU GET THE FLOCK DEMO, go ahead and send me a message and I will promptly mail you your rightfuly deserved $0.160192 refund!

    More generally I think there is a bunch of whiners on this blog.

    Maybe you would prefer Sony just completely shut down the PS division?

    I can understand posting a REAL issue with Sony and PS but I mean COME ON! is 16 pennies really worth it?

    Just my 2 pennies worth! =)

  • It’ll be nice to see some more footage of the new Bionic Commando game and to check out Damnation, but this whole thing where annual subscribers (i.e. people who pay indulgences to SCE) get exclusive content is the same sort of underhanded scam that Xbox Live Gold is and shame on you for falling into that trap, if I may say so.

  • Thanks Kevin.

    I agree with a few others here that bought the annual subscription though….do we get an extra copy because this one is a freebee ?

  • @35/crystalx3d

    Sure the game comes in February. And Sony has already begun advertising LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2. But from what I’ve recently read, it doesn’t look like it is making a huge difference. Why not start early and build the hype? AND they really SHOULDN’T cancel this one if there is something wrong with it. PATCH IT! :P

  • So do we annual subscribers get a $2.99 refund, extra episode or exclusive freebie?

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