Killzone 2 on G4TV’s X-Play Tomorrow

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We’ve been getting some really great coverage of the Killzone 2 Online Beta, and that just makes us want to share even more about Killzone 2 with the rest of you as we get closer and closer to the release of the game. So what can we do next to top that?

How about an early Happy Holidays from the team at Guerrilla, Sony and G4. Killzone 2 will be the featured game on G4TV’s X-Play this coming Thursday at 8pm (PST). We’ll have some new stuff to show you from the game, including new single player footage, some multiplayer mayhem, and interviews with our own semi-famous Kyle Shubel throughout the course of the show. And yes, before you ask, Kyle does seem to work on everything.

And if you pay careful attention, you might even catch a glimpse of a certain blog poster driving the controls while Kyle talks. So don’t blame him if the driving is terrible.

So set your DVRs and TVs to G4 and X-play on Thursday, December 4th at 8pm to catch a sneak peak of some new Killzone 2 goodness. We’ll think you’ll like what you see. Oh, and rumor has it we’ll tell you exactly when Killzone 2 will be hitting the shelves in February. Tune in to find out.

Happy Holidays!

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