Killzone 2 on G4TV’s X-Play Tomorrow

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We’ve been getting some really great coverage of the Killzone 2 Online Beta, and that just makes us want to share even more about Killzone 2 with the rest of you as we get closer and closer to the release of the game. So what can we do next to top that?

How about an early Happy Holidays from the team at Guerrilla, Sony and G4. Killzone 2 will be the featured game on G4TV’s X-Play this coming Thursday at 8pm (PST). We’ll have some new stuff to show you from the game, including new single player footage, some multiplayer mayhem, and interviews with our own semi-famous Kyle Shubel throughout the course of the show. And yes, before you ask, Kyle does seem to work on everything.

And if you pay careful attention, you might even catch a glimpse of a certain blog poster driving the controls while Kyle talks. So don’t blame him if the driving is terrible.

So set your DVRs and TVs to G4 and X-play on Thursday, December 4th at 8pm to catch a sneak peak of some new Killzone 2 goodness. We’ll think you’ll like what you see. Oh, and rumor has it we’ll tell you exactly when Killzone 2 will be hitting the shelves in February. Tune in to find out.

Happy Holidays!

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  • wish i had a dvr to keep this moment forever. guess I’ll just have to watch it on the tellie or hope its uploaded. cannot miss this.


  • One of my most wanted PS3 games.
    KZ2 is gonna be so sweet.

  • OMG Can’t wait for this game! Please include In-Game XMB music and SPLIT SCREEN ONLINE MULTIPLAYER.

  • Man, I don’t have G4TV. :(

  • Graham, if the art direction on KZ2 is anything like KZ, then I am prepared to be blown away.

    Maybe no cherry trees, but some Helghan deserts maybe?

    Argh, and I heard a rumour, that there’s a purple level… like it’s purple hued.

    And it would take me a while to explain why that’s so cool, and then to deny it as a fetish of mine, but I SO hope it’s true.

  • Looks like I am going to have to force myself to watch X-Play then!

    Just like I’ll have to force myself to watch the Spike VGA’s! Uncharted 2 and God of War 3! w00t.

  • KZ2 is going to be something really special…

    I hope you’ll announce a Collector’s Edition soon, so I can pre-order it!

  • This is only 80% awesome… Only because it’s on G4 and I detest giving that channel viewership. If you discount that fact, this is 100% awesome! :D

    Of course, I’m a bit worried that you may be overexposing the game before it’s even out. Don’t want it to be old news by the time it hits… Anyway, you guys at Guerilla are making us all look SO good. Be proud of what you have created. :D

  • Yay!!! now if I only had satalite/cable tv……

  • I like to hear this, and am suprised being G4 is biased towards M$ and usually doesn’t do a thing for Playstation. Even if they do something for Playstation it’s usually a bad thing. The only good thing about that channel is AOTS.

    How about use ask them why there still not HD. Off the record of course, but it’s nice to see a “TECH” channel that is completely outdated.

    But back to it I am glad to see use are getting good publicity for the game.

  • Too bad I don’t get G4TV in HD, to really show off the game. Nice to see coverage of all these games (this and GOWIII, Uncharted 2 on Spike).

    Please post some clips online after the showing.

  • That sounds Cool, but what’s the dude on post #11 talking about?

    What about GOW3 and Uncharted2?…
    Someone plzzz!!!

  • @12 Spikes VGA’s will premiere trailers for gow3 and uncharted 2, its dec 14th on spike.. at like 9 pm

  • OOOO man, OOOO man, cant wait.
    Love me some Killzone2!

  • I can’t wait for the day when the major networks can get on the video game bandwagons and get video game coverage off of cable. I refuse to spend upwards of $100 so that I can watch shows in HD when they come in free over the air. All I need is an antenna. SIGH. I am, however, happy to see that at least there is coverage on TV and I’m hoping that I can get this episode of X-Play through Hulu, cause that works on my PS3 with PlayOn. Can’t WAIT for this game. And, I echo what FFObsessed said, announce the collector’s edition!!! I’m saving for it right now and can’t wait to pre-order.

  • Just make the game and servers live up to the hype!

  • For those who dont have g4 dont worry you’re not missing anything good. Morgan has a giant jaw and takes constant jabs at anything PS3 and attack of the show is a big 360 worship hour. LOL.

    Besides there’s plenty of killzone 2 footage online already you can check.

  • I LOVE YOU MIKE. Lol jk, great news though! :P LMAO @CYWULF # 17 LOL.

  • I thought we’re getting a demo…meh

  • I cannot wait for Killzone 2! I don’t get G4TV so hopefully this video will be up on their website.

  • How about sharing some of that beta love this way. I’m sure you could always use another tester!

  • i think alot of sites will also post stories on killzone 2’s single player tomorrow. i remember andrew yoon from sayin there was an embargo until dec 4.

  • I’m going to have to watch just to see what Kyle says & does. Popcorn and laughter is a guarantee.

  • Agreed, G4TV is Pro MS and always finds a way to put a negative spin on Sony news.

    I for one have stopped all together watching G4TV but will PVR this show as I’m interested in KZ2.

  • Oh yea…on XPLAY huh? Those guys will be all nice when they talk about it, but I’m sure they’ll give it a mediocre review when it comes out. They are very clearly XBOTS. I had to stop watching the show because of the clear biased towards the 360. I don’t care if Adam and Morgan prefer the 360, but it shouldn’t show in the reviews. They’ve lost their credibility in my mind.

  • Well i’m most definitely glad that they might giving a date for release. Because I’m getting sick and tired of all this secret stuff.

    It’s like they don’t want to keep the people that will be supporting them informed. So I’m glad they are ready to release information.

    And I can’t wait to get my hands on the game it is one of the games that I am waiting for. :D

  • KILLZONE Beta for USA PLEASE!!!!

    I ask nothing more :D

  • SWEET! Cant wait! :)

  • Too bad it’s being aired on G4. Those guys and gals love to kiss Microsoft’s ….. if you get my drift.

    I’m sure there will also be plenty of new footage on the web since the embargo will be lifted tomorrow.

    But thanks for the update.

  • Well it would be a happier holiday if we all had access to the Beta, but I can understand if it’s limited. Can’t wait to see the video though ^_^ I’m itching for more KZ2 stuff!

  • Coverage of the beta… yeah it’d be nice if we could play it!

  • This is awesome, although I hope the videos will be on the web so I can download it and transfer to the PS3.

  • I hope they podcast this.
    KZ2 is definitely one of the games I’m most looking forward to on the ps3. I mean, if the graphics are any indication, I’d say this will be one if not THE best console shooters ever. However, I realize that great graphics don’t make a great game, so with all the hype and high expectations, I’m praying that this game isn’t a huge letdown.

  • Looking forward to the snarky comments that Sessler and Morgan are going to drop after showing the video like “finally a good game for the PS3”, or “my good it seems that all that PS3 needed to have a good looking game was a huge budget.
    X-Play is full of X-bots, nothing to see there…

  • Too bad this is on G4TV, the Microsoft channel, otherwise I may watch it.

    If Sony was really clever they’d find a way to get this clip onto the PSN so we could all download it minus the nonsense from Bigjaw and Little Angry Guy.

  • @35
    Dont say that, they’re probably taking notes. Afer those Morgana the viking will crack her face in what’s supposed to be a sarcastic smile.

  • @37 lol, indeed, indeed :D

  • Can’t get enough Killzone 2 :)

  • I hate to get off topic but im glad that many share the views i have against g4Tv.. :)

  • @ Mike Graham

    “Oh, and rumor has it we’ll tell you exactly when Killzone 2 will be hitting the shelves in February.”

    Damn bro, that was so wrong, so wrong. :) LOL

  • I was wondering, for those of us who have annual subscriptions, can our subscriptions be increased by 1 episode since we technically are getting this one free like everyone else? We paid for 12, it would kinda be uncool if we only got 11 because the whole world got one of them free except us!!

    LOL–on the flip side tho keep up the good work though, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE–I am going to start posting this in every PSBlog comment I have—-

    PLEASE SCEA! Please start a program like in Europe or Japan’s PlayStation C.A.M.P. where you find new game designers or untested game design teams and give them a shot at making a PlayStation Exclusive Game!!!!

    I am Lead Game Designer // Co-Founder of such a team (Team KAIZEN –we even tried entering in PlayStation C.A.M.P. but got shot down because none of us are living in Japan–

    Either way lol back on topic keep up the good work—how do you access the ArQade games? Is there on in the episode on Japan-Mania? THat is the current one I have….

  • @41

    I thought it was basically already confirmed as Feb 17th? Or is that just a placeholder date for online retailers and the like…LOL I had no clue the release date wasn’t tied down yet.

    @Sony: I think I already know the answer (no), but just curious: will KZ2 get the collector’s edition treatment? Seems like such a flagship game could be a good use for collector’s toys……

  • *smacks self on forehead—

    @42 (my own comment) —I thought I was in a different post. Sorry guys–I thought I was posting on the Qore story–I already posted a similar comment and I thought my browser glitched or something and it didn’t post–guess it always pays to check *blushes and sneaks away in shame

  • I tell you I have loved every bit of the KZ2 MP beta. I had huge doubts about the game living up to the hype but my friends and I have enjoyed playing the few maps given to us to shed blood on.

    Game went from a rent to a buy in one night.

  • I am still waiting to play the beta. Hopefully they invite a lot more people in after they close it up this week for the new beta.

  • The beta is so much fun. I just loving playing it. They should record some of the recent game play, it’s been really crazy. (maybe some with me in it :P)

  • Damn I got to watch it, gonna be sweet.

  • awsome cant waite

  • sweet!! can’t wait

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