Blast Factor – Now With Trophies!

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Hey All! We’ve had a lot of email over the last few months asking about Trophies for Blast Factor, so I’m very pleased to announce that a new updated version of Blast Factor with that sweet Trophy goodness will be winging its way to your PS3 this Thursday! We’ve had a lot of fun putting the Trophy challenges together, and we reckon that we’ve got a good selection for Blast Factor fans of all abilities. Watch out though, there are a couple that are going to be a challenge to even the most hardcore of Blast Factor players!

Blast Factor

We’ve added 25 Trophies in total across the original game and the 2 expansion packs, with around 15 Trophies in Blast Factor: Basic Research and its 90+ levels, and 10 Trophies split between the Multiplayer expansion and Advanced Research with its addition of 80+ levels and Hybrid mode. We’ve also added rumble support for the DualShock 3 Controller for that extra tactile goodness. All existing versions of Blast Factor will get automatically patched when you start the game, so you won’t even need to download the new version from the store.

Blast Factor Blast Factor

And yes, this update is FREE! So if you own Blast Factor, and any of its expansions, all you need to do is fire it up! If you don’t have the game yet, you can get the base game for $9.99, or for $12.99 you can get a bundle including both add-ons!

We’re real pleased with this update. Hope y’all enjoy it!

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  • lol you will not get the ansver, its SONY!

  • That’s excellent news, although I’m not prompted to download the update when starting Blast Factor.

    Is this update for the owners of the US version only?

    If so, any idea on how long Europe, Australia & New Zealand owners will have to wait?

  • Well do I feel ripped off, bought the game ages ago and just because of the promised trophies I bought the researchpack yesterday, only to find as usual the patch wasn’t live in Europe, starting to loose my confidence with Sony and their partners, which is kind of sad, have been loyal to them since 1997, own no more than 3 PS3s and even the entire sound/vision system is from them, sad sad sad.


  • @Marcindpol you never know dude,you never know!
    (hopes,very hard!)

  • Hey guys!
    i’m from hamburg, germany. there is no trophy-patch live right now. how long do we europeans have to wait? or won’t we get the patch any more just like high velocity bowling?? thanks

  • i want patch in fcuking europe up right now!

    what the fcuk sony?!

    you are all PROFESSIONALS, lol

  • Come on where is the Patch for us in the EU. I want answers, don’t ignore us!!

  • Thanks for adding in Trophies, this was the first game I bought when I picked up my PS3 at launch. I grabbed the BF update last night and forgot how fun this game is.

  • could somebody PLEASE tell us why you haven’t released the trophy patch in europe???
    i’ve purchased this game because you said the patch will come… and now it doesn’t!?

    that’s whack!!!

  • This is not for Bluepoint (as I love its game), but for Sony:

    I wonder why we europeans are always the lowest at the low when “we are the biggest supporters to Sony and PS3” (not my words, Reeves dixit). It happened to me with HVB. Now it’s the same with Blast Factor. And I was thinking to buy Bionic Commando ONLY when it got Trophies (as I don’t want to 100% complete a game and have to do it again because of Trophies, as I had to do with Uncharted)… But I think I am finally not. Region-exclusive content in a region-free console is suicide for you.

  • I really like this game, It was my first Playstation Store buy here in Sweeden. But how come that we didnt get the Trophy update? :(

  • Should have stated europe was getting the shaft in the original post.

    Can someone from Bluepoint comment on the EU patch please.

  • Mr. Admin or somethin,

    you replied on some of the first comments in this blog.

    So I don’t see why you aren’t able to comment our questions about an EU patch.
    We are mad because we were treated not the same way than the americans and we just want to know why.

    You can’t ignore us. We are the ones that pay your products.

    All we wanna know is:
    Why haven’t you released a trophy patch in our area??

    Will there be a trophy patch soon??

    I hope you reply to one of our comments soon! Thank you!

  • right at this moment,Bluepoint are sorting this out for us,because they are really good chaps and make great games,and sony always come good in the end.yeah go Bluepoint!

  • “a new updated version of Blast Factor with that sweet Trophy goodness will be winging its way to your PS3 this Thursday!”

    Liars. I started up Blast Factor and got no such update.

    Oh wait – I forgot you guys seem to think that only the US reads this blog, and that the internet hasn’t quite made it to PAL territories yet.

  • Found this piece of info on ps3
    “I just received an Email from a nice Bluepoint employee. I asked about the patch for Europe:

    “…There is a European trophy patch, we had been told by Sony that it would be released last week (clearly it was not), and we do not know why it has not been released in Europe yet. I know that Sony will release the patch in Europe, I just don’t have any information as to when. I assume that it will be soon!…”

    So it seems like we just have to wait a bit…” copyright totilla chips

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