Blast Factor – Now With Trophies!

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Hey All! We’ve had a lot of email over the last few months asking about Trophies for Blast Factor, so I’m very pleased to announce that a new updated version of Blast Factor with that sweet Trophy goodness will be winging its way to your PS3 this Thursday! We’ve had a lot of fun putting the Trophy challenges together, and we reckon that we’ve got a good selection for Blast Factor fans of all abilities. Watch out though, there are a couple that are going to be a challenge to even the most hardcore of Blast Factor players!

Blast Factor

We’ve added 25 Trophies in total across the original game and the 2 expansion packs, with around 15 Trophies in Blast Factor: Basic Research and its 90+ levels, and 10 Trophies split between the Multiplayer expansion and Advanced Research with its addition of 80+ levels and Hybrid mode. We’ve also added rumble support for the DualShock 3 Controller for that extra tactile goodness. All existing versions of Blast Factor will get automatically patched when you start the game, so you won’t even need to download the new version from the store.

Blast Factor Blast Factor

And yes, this update is FREE! So if you own Blast Factor, and any of its expansions, all you need to do is fire it up! If you don’t have the game yet, you can get the base game for $9.99, or for $12.99 you can get a bundle including both add-ons!

We’re real pleased with this update. Hope y’all enjoy it!

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  • nice, im gonna consider this game for christmas

  • ps3fanboy reports that echochrome is getting the trophy patch treatment… any kinda confirmation here would be much appreciated.


  • Uhh are these trophies going to be anything like the Late Boomer trophy in SSHD? If so then no thanks lol.

  • Sweet. This was the first DL game I ever bought quite some time ago.

  • love blast factor. the way it uses sixaxis is cool. wonder why it didnt get as much love as some other downloadable games.

  • Echocrome has 10 trophies i believe

  • and late boomer was easy…….
    PSN ID: SneezeGuard

  • cool! i havent played it in a while, but it’s a very fun game. and this can only make it better.

  • Blast Factor was my only and my favorite PS3 game back in the day. I love you BluePoint guys and hope you guys have more sales from this!

  • Kudos! THIS is the way to support a game through DLC. Free feature updates to reignite interest in a game to promote logevity of a title. As a Blast Factor player from day 1 when the title was released, I feel this is the best way to promote this game and to support the consumers.

  • When is the physical copy coming?

  • I want this game like old school shooters like this they are really fun luckily i got 10 bucks on my account ima wait till i get more and then get this game lol

    Keep up the good newws but wait i need to also get BP

    Double the wait

    Anybody get the Late Boomer Trophy that trophy is hard!!!!

  • Its really is nice to see older games getting trophies, though it makes it ever weirder some newer game don’t support them.

    Mandatory by 09 though right? Thats good.

  • Thanks for the trophy patch guys. Appreciated.

  • Very nice of Bluepoint to include trophies and rumble. Thanks very much!

  • @eddy

    i have 100% trophies for Super Stardust HD

  • I take my comment back if the best you guys can give is a silver trophy? wtf is that all about, not even one gold, that has to be the most ignorant thing i have ever seen.

  • Wow. I had to look on my PS3 and make sure the game was still there. That was the very first PSN game I purchased a very long time ago.

    Now what about Cash, Guns, Chaos?

  • Well this sucks. I already planned on letting this title slide by. But now that you guys took the time to update it, I have to support it. Plus I love these type of shooters.

    Great surprise I love it, Happy Holidays guys.

  • Great news! Blast Factor was one of my first PSN purchases when the PS3 launched (it may have even been the first come to think of it). I really enjoyed the game and think it was under-rated in reviews.

    Not played it in a long time though, so this is the perfect excuse to revisit it again!

    Do you know if this update will also be out in SCEE territories on Thursday? I only ask because it took AGES for Advanced Research to finally make it’s way across the pond…

  • @52

    Yes, its confirmed.

    10 Trophies total, 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 7 Bronze.

  • Is this update worldwide? Or just for the US, since I bought the new playstations I haven’t installed this game again, but will do if they are being patched, living in Denmark.


  • This is great. I bought the whole package not to long ago and like the game.

  • thanks guys for the confirm on here. preciate it!


  • Man, could someone talk to Konami and make them put trophies into MGS4…i wanna play the game again but it would be better if i had another reason to do so.

  • Great update, thanx :)

  • I support trophy enhanced games. I will buy this game now that it has trophies.

  • Hmm, just booted up the game and didn’t get the prompt. I noticed this isn’t in the store now for some reason either.
    Will this update go live later tonight?

  • Wow, I had this game on day one. Its funny how people will get this game now. Thanks for the Trophie up date anyhow.

  • What does Hot Shots Golf or MGS4 have to do with bluepoint games?

    Anwaysss, I never played this game, so now seems as good a time as any to start.

  • Well this should of been done along time ago IMHO. Now how about give the PSP a bit more spot light and news this year around huh? I know the PS3 is your little pet project but come on!

    The only news to come out about the GPS, and Camera is that they both are going to hit next year (as was stated for 3 years now) Last but not least what about the whole deal with the WipEout: Pulse content not being even available on the PSP store for both US, and EU customers? Oh and how about some word on if there will be a new PSP update and what it will contain in it huh? Not everybody on this site has both machines, and simply pout the PSP customers here are starting to get mad that Sony has given us so little news and given the PS3 all it’s attention!

  • any1 have have an eta for when this will drop? that and echochrome?


  • Awesome! I bought this game on the European launch day when i got my PS3. First game i ever bought from the Store. Haven’t played it in a while though, so it will be great to “Blast” (bu dum tush) it open again.

    I even bought the add-on pack to thank you for the update. Aren’t i nice? :)

    Thanks a lot for this guys, great to see such an old game get trophy patch. Thanks!

  • cool never playd it but cool

  • Thank you Mana Knight. Sadly I don’t live in the US, and the only way I can get my hands on a PSN card is ordering it through some random internet sites, and they are always over-prized ($20 sell for $35’ish, the $50 sell for $65’ish).

    Believe me I’ve tried entering the information in everyway possible, caps locks on or off, first letter with caps, the rest none cap, etc etc etc and nothing works.

    I even called Sony once for it, and all I got was the generic answer: “Sir, are you sure you’re entering the information, correctly?”…sight

  • Has this come out yet?? Because it shows in the playstation store and but when I loaded it, it didn’t download anything.

  • Please bring us trophies for The Last Guy and Everyday Shooter! Those games really need it.

    Oh, and make sure Lumines launches with them too.

  • I dont believe the update is Live yet because PSN update is live but when launching the game, it dosent prompt you for anything yet…

  • Does anyone know when today it will be live?? According to my calender, its been Thursday for a while now ^_^ Just wondering.

  • BTW I bought a PSN Card at Best Buys

  • >_> I want my update.

  • >_> oh..wait.. it’s up, lulz.

  • Randall Lowe

    Yup, it’s now up – enjoy everyone and thanks for you great feedback! :) Glad to see there are so many BF Fans out there!

  • Thanks for the patch! ^_^

  • Tnanks Randall..

    Don’t know why I never noticed this game before…downloaded it yesterday and getting the update today.

    Actually really like this game !

    Keep up the great work and support…we love it.

  • Hey Randall will european people get that update too? if so any estimated time?, (seems that today update was only for us people)

    thanks ;)

  • Thank you for this! Blast factor is my favorite PSN shooter. I was so bummed when trophies came to the lesser shooters; so I was forced to play them (trophy whore here). I’m so happy that I can now gain trophies playing a game that I actually enjoy now :-) Awesome Christmas present.

  • Hi
    saw this post yesterday purchased the game but as yet no update?
    Could you tell me if this is coming to the uk region as well?And when please?
    Thanks Randall

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