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With SingStar ABBA hitting the shelves today for PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation 2, we wanted to share with you some new SingStar updates.

SingStar ABBA

We’ve been listening to your feedback over the last few months and wanted to let you know that we will be adding 60+ songs to the North American SingStore over the next few months. We’ll be sure to keep you all posted as we begin rolling out new songs to the SingStore. In the meantime, here’s a highlight of songs to appear in the coming weeks:

  • UB40 – ‘Red Red Wine’
  • Billy Joel – ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’
  • Chumbawamba- ‘Tubthumping’
  • David Bowie- ‘Let’s Dance’
  • Pink – ‘Get the Party Started’
  • Queen- ‘The Show Must Go On’
  • New Order- ‘Blue Monday 88’
  • Men at Work – ‘Down Under’
  • Starship – ‘We Built This City’

Just in time for the holidays we will also be releasing a Christmas song pack to the SingStore in mid-December featuring popular Christmas carols from top artists such as Toni Braxton, Celine Dion and Paul McCartney. The pack will be available for $6.99 and will include the following tracks:

  • Toni Braxton – ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas’
  • Babyface – ‘Sleigh Ride’
  • Shakin’ Stevens – ‘Merry Christmas’
  • Paul McCartney – “Wonderful Christmastime’
  • Celine Dion – ‘Christmas Eve’

For all you SingStar fans with an extensive PS2 SingStar Library, a free game update will be made available by Christmas which will let you play your existing PS2 SingStar titles on your PS3. The new feature will work with all current PS3 systems and will not require a system software update. Just note, this feature is only compatible with SingStar discs.

Thank you all very much for your support and feedback. We’re committed to improving the North American SingStore and will keep you posted with new releases and updates.

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  • OMG, thank you SO much for finally bringing over Get The Party stared and Queen.

    Also, are the Queen packs coming stateside also, because I remember hearing news about that in a press release back in June, but do not see them listed.

    Thanks a lot Aaron, and I’m looking forward to the songs in the SingStar Store (I really love SingStar, a lot).

  • Oh yeah, I’m also looking forward to Volume 3 when it comes stateside. I really hope to see Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” make it’s way over. That would make all SingStar NA dreams come true. :D

    Thanks again Aaron for listening to our feedback.

  • Finally!

    Please tell us if the Queen packs are coming here and when.

  • we need more model single what with the outdated stuff?three day grace,more sum 41 and some breaking Benjamin,likin park new pink single so on and so forth.just new song and add their back catalog too.

  • will we get newer songs?

  • I’m not sure if this is happening to anyone else but for me, new posts are being placed under old posts.

    Right now, on the main page I’m seeing “Your Questions anwsered: Prince of Persia”, then “SingStar Updates” is below it

  • @ erico316, the problem with some music is if they are under a label owned by Universal Music Group (such as Eminem, Mariah Carey, etc.), they have NOT licensed music yet for the SingStar Store (probably because they have not reached some agreement) and that’s why you would only see that music on disc.

    That’s why I say recommend music that’s under the Sonic Music label, or anyone else who has music on the SingStar Store (meaning it’s quite possible for their music to appear as a download).

  • I second that question about Queen… I would LOVE to see this come to the U.S./ Canada!!!

  • This is a sweet update.

    When can we expect to see the Sing Star Trophy patch?

    Can you guys make the Sing Star disc 2 available as a download pack? I don’t want to buy another disc.

  • This sounds awesome!
    The update for PS2 games is amazing! Thanks!
    Any news for trophies?

  • Don’t we already have “Let’s Dance?” Furthermore, after seeing how lame the US store is when compared to the EU store, I wouldn’t be surprised if that isn’t a highlight and is instead the only songs we’ll see. lol

    Also, to clarify, when you say that PS2 games are playable, you’re just talking about the feature to start up the PS3 disc in and then switch discs in-game, right? Not something like downloading PS2 songs to hard drive?

    What about trophies? Same patch, or will we wait longer?

  • Not a great sign when the producer doesn’t realize what’s already on the Sing Store.

    “Let’s Dance” has been available since Vol.1 launched in the US.

    So with the “Mid-December” comment for the Christmas pack, is it safe to assume we won’t be getting last week’s scheduled update till December 12th?

  • It seems the new update has removed the new songs section from the SingStore. Is there any chance it might get put back?

  • @ terribledeli, it’s just one of the songs that will be updated into the SingStar Store when the update comes. I pretty much guarantee we are getting everything (or almost), the U.K. has.

  • I know that I ask for this on every SingStar post, but here it goes again.

    Can we please get a SingStar HipHop edition along with more HipHop in the SingStore.


  • Thanks for the update Aaron! I hope that we continue to hear from you or other SingStar staff regularly here on the PS Blog.

  • I wish I could play this game, my daughter (and the whole family) love it!

    Unfortunately the two copies (new, return, and try again) didn’t work for us. I live moderately close to a radio tower, and the mics kept picking up the signal and playing it through the tv/stereo. Perhaps (if ever) there a wireless mics I can try picking it up again.

    PS – If you (or any others) have a soloution for my mic issue, please post a reply.

  • U guys really should put new videos when they are just released. Not just some old songs :/ Come on guys, you are working in SONY. Who else could do that? SONY BMG is just huge. There should be a worldwide premiere of a new video in MTV and in the Singstore simultaneously :/ Singstore really sucks now. Sorry, I was just hoping for something better :)

  • when do we get to buy the mics only for ps3?

    Do ps2 mics work on ps3? so i can just buy the bunlde game b nic for ps2?

  • Since the PSP now has a MIC built-in, could we ever see a small singstar like title for it? I think it would be amusing as a portable title, but since the PSP can output to most TV’s it would make it a solid portable system in this sort of off-beat regard.

  • @ SILV3R_ the mics that come with the ps3 bundles are the exact same as those that come with the ps2 bundles. So yes, you can buy either bundle and use the mics on either system. I believe GameStop also sells the mics brand new by themselves, but I’m not sure if any other retailers do.

  • I’ve been waiting for the PS2 news…been buying up PS2 discs cheap (but still NEW so that SONY gets paid) in anticipation.

    Will Abba ever be released as DLC? Even a 5 song sampler would be nice (if they won’t allow individual DLC). Can’t stomach 30 songs of theirs!


    Trophies by Spring?

  • I wish we’d get more updates and good news. I love SingStar and the SingStore, but it just isn’t taken care of like it should be.

    If you are still listening to requests:

    1. Please bring over SingStar Disney, and any Disney DLC you can. (minus Disney Channel music)

    2. Update with more genres like Country, New Age, Classical and Japanese Pop!!

    3. I want more Delta Goodrem, Cold Play, and eighties music is nice too, but I also want some stuff the kids can sing to, up to date stuff I mean.

    4.I’d like to see some stuff by Within Temptation, Nightwish, Collective Soul, Creed and the like.

    Thanks again for the update….and sorry if we always complain, we just want more!

  • You guys really need to mix it up a bit…Throw in some oldies from the 50s-60s, some hit rock songs in the past 30 years, and some hip hop in the past 10 years. I’m still torn about spending more money on Singstar. The PS3 disc releases only have 2-3 songs I like and Singstore online has only so-so songs. Prove me wrong! I can only sing ABBA with my friends only so many times.

  • Aaron,

    Why is it that I can find a “million” Sony artist Music videos on Xbox Live, yet hardly any to sing with on Singstar? I understand you have to program pitch, and tune it to the game, but still? Its patchetic, yet you guys release sing star volumes 3 times a year, but can’t update the store besides a few unknown songs?

    I hate swapping discs, like many others because it ruins the flow of karaoke. I like having a HUGE SONG LIST with songs that are on my HDD! Get rid of Disc Swapping and let the PS3 download the data.

    “Oh i want to sing that eminem song”-person A

    “Ok hold on let me try and remember what disc its on” -Person B

    ***5 minutes later***

    “Oh its on disc 3 my bad.”

    **After Song is sung**

    “O I want to sing Crash by Dave Mathews”-A

    **After Song is sung**

    “Hey what game has Pink singing?”-A
    “Hold on let me try and find the actual game cases”

    **2 minutes later***

    Rinse and repeat.

  • Hey Aaron,

    I too love SingStar and welcome any positive news updates! Yet, my personal wish list for SingStar improvements have not yet been met. I know you guys are good at listening, so here it goes:

    – Being able to finally sing my heart out to all the PS2 SingStar releases is great, BUT not if I have to swap-out one disc for another, then re-swap after singing one song and so-on-so-forth. Let us import or download the PS2 song packs! I am sure most of us would even be willing to pay for the option to import our PS2 discs to our precious HDDs! Having all our songs available (PS2 and future PS3 volumes) without swapping would be absolutely heavenly.

    -Change the download policy for previously-purchased SingStore tracks to what every other PSN store offers – downloads on up to 5 machines!!! Heck, I’d even take 2 machines! This Thanksgiving was “ruined” because I didn’t realize I would NOT be able to download songs I’ve purchased onto the PS3 I keep at my family’s house! Listening to my siblings and cousins sing Ne-Yo a million times over made me regret popping in SingStar! I fear that this issue will not change in time for Christmas – which would be a shame!

    -end of part one-

  • -begin part two-

    – More updates! I know, I know! That was the focus of this post, but like many have pointed out… our fellow SingStar maniacs overseas have been killing us with GREAT releases. I too wish to sport a pompadour and get my Morrissey karaoke on! Oh yeah, can we get some new SingStar menu themes too? That’d be nice!

    – Wireless mics. Where are they? That opening video teases me each and every time. One day wireless mics will be a reality (for all music games) and the world will be at peace.

    Again, I know you guys are out there reading, listening and tinkering away to give us the perfect karaoke experience. You know we’ll be patient – at least we have been thus far!


  • By Christmas I can play my PS2 games on there? I’ll hold you to that.

  • oh my, the us singstar team emerges for about the third time ever on the blog. we will have to really see if you have been listening to out feedback. does this mean we will actually get regular updates and won’t have to go a month or month and half without an update? are we actually going to get some song worth purchasing? i know that i have a good amount of money that i am willing to shell out on some songs if there were actually some offered that i want to buy and im sure that im not the only one who would more then gladly burn some money on the store.

  • Bring us the wireless mics, and advertise this game (and Buzz) for a change. Great games, poor advertising.

  • Great news. I can’t wait for all the updates and new songs to get here.

  • Sorry to say that although you are trying to make this game better, this update will not entice me to play it again. Until I can play it without changing discs (especially PS2 ones) and have current songs/videos available from the SingStore, the game continues to disappoint. I have expanded my HDD to 320GB, and now a 500GB 2.5″ drive is now available. I’d rather play American Idol on my friends Xbox360…

  • One Queen song? ONE!? Not even one of the bigger ones at that?

    I’ve been so dissapointed with this game. First I couldn’t turn the mic all the way down (I was having some bad feedback related problems on the old TV,haven’t even tried it on the new TV yet) and then 99% of the good stuff is only in the UK! Also I thought we’d be getting future volumes songs for download (along with a lot of the past) and wouldn’t have to buy another disc. Though based on the first 2 problems I didn’t buy vol. 2 anyway and there’s not much I like on it.

    I only keep it around hoping at least the song thing will be straightend up.

  • Jesus Christ you have got to find better songs. More All-American Rejects please.

  • Any chance you guys are going to be working on a PSN version of Singstar? I’d rather not buy a PS3 disc retail version. I’d rather just have Singstar there when ever and just toss in the PS2 disks. If not… then honestly I’ll stick to Rock Band 2, and my PS2 games. If I’m getting Singstar for the PS3 it’s going to be a Diskless PSN title otherwise I won’t be sold on it.

  • ThankYou!!

    This is so awesome. The lack of timely updates has been so frustrating. The Uk gets updates every 2 weeks but the US is always not getting updated on time.

    Being able to buy PS2 Singstar discs is great because I’ll have so many more songs to play now.

    Thanks so much guys.

  • It’s about effing time we got songs that have been on the European Singstore since launch. I’m not going to congratulate you for something which should have been ready on day 1 of the US release.

    Now, how about ACTUALLY using the Singstore to distribute songs? Like, all the songs from the PS2 discs? Like, all the songs that SONY MUSIC owns the rights to, but for some reason still doesn’t distrubite? Like all the songs on the EU Singstore? How about the “100 songs per month” that was promised Oh so long ago? How about matching the number of updates that competing games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero have seen?

    No congratulations or thanks until you truly deliver on your promises. Lips is going to eat your lunch if you don’t get your act together.

    You have a winning product, and you’re treating it like red-headed step-child. Typical Sony – Create a great product and leave it to die on the vine. (See Betamax, SXRD, Sony Reader, etc. etc.)


  • While I’m at it:

    -How about expanding the leaderboards for each song? Five slots per difficulty is not enough to track user progress. Even better would be a user summary page with scores and dates for each attempt.

    -How about online leaderboards per song with scores?

    -How about being able to type in a username to search for it instead of paging through 400 tabs?

    -How about those Queen packs?

    -Why has the latest patch made Singstar even laggier than it was previously?

    -Why does it take 30 minutes to download a 10MB song when it only takes 5 to download 100MB files from the PSN?

    -For that matter, why aren’t Singstar tracks on the PSN?

  • You have GOT to make SingStar Disney content available in the US. SingStar is great, but there needs to be more content for the young ones….

    When the new SingStar PS3 patch is released that allows playing songs from SingStar PS2 titles, will the SingStar Disney PS2 disc available in Europe (UK) work on a US PS3 with SingStar PS3 ?????? Please?????

  • Crazy that the PS3s that don’t have PS2 backwards compatibility will be able to read data off the PS2 SingStar discs later this month (do I smell a PS3 firmware update?).

    Also, please make some changes to remote play to allow viewing of the full music videos!

    Lastly, I’d love to see a SingStar or SingStar ABBA theme on the PS Store one of these days. Get on it!

  • Also, consider the Christmas pack bought. I’m such a sucker for that stuff.

  • HD vids, more packs, and songs from discs going onto stores would be nice (if you have 1 singstar you should just be able to buy disc packs of the other ones instead of having to goto a store for a new disc. Embrace the singstore more guys! You spent long enough making it!)

  • cant you guys make the update for ps2 discs happen BEFORE Xmas???
    been promising this since long time now

  • You honestly can not be proud of yourself. When the game launched it was promised that 100 songs a month would be added to the store. Now your saying 60 over the next couple of months. Your highlights for this next DLC are those songs? Sony has a perfect opportunity to own the market with singstar and now you are letting microsoft come in and be a player in the game. It can not be that hard to get better more popular songs on this game and into the store if it is easy for rockband and guitar hero can do it. I find it hard to believe that artists would not want their music back in circulation. I negotiate contracts with big companies all the time and have no problems making better business decisions. If there is someone where to apply for your job or a position to make this game better and capture more market share let me know because you are failing at yours.

  • It’s a nice start BUT we NEED more current CONTENT. Don’t get me wrong I like the oldies but I want to enjoy some new songs like the ones L I P S has!

    Secondly, the PS2 disc functionality is that disc swapping still? =[

    Third I just want to say that it’s dissapointing that we do not have WIRELESS MICS…


  • I just wanted to mention that while I’m not a legal expert, I’m pretty sure that when you negotiate the rights to use a song from an artist or publisher they include the WAYS in which you can use it. Some of them will not let you make a COPY of the song. You can have a disc with the song on it, but you can’t burn the song to another media (hard drive, card, etc). This is also true of TV shows, which is why some network offerings ARE available online and others are not. So, I’m guessing THAT’S why we can’t just burn some of the songs on the disc volumes onto our hard drive. SingStar is trying to make the best use of what they’ve got.

  • Thank you!!! thank you!!!

    I was hoping the PS2 disc swap feature would hit before new years eve because I’m having a party.

    I almost gave up on Singstar, i had people over with the first PS3 Singstar and only 3 people wanted to sing, the songs aren’t good at all. Before they came i went online to try and buy some new ones and they are all OLD. I mean we need some top 40 hits from recent history!!!!

    With the PS2 disc swap it will help my collection now but PLEASE release songs like Karaoke series does(songs from the past year that where top 40’s etc)

    I hope with the disc swap and your new songs that it will make me want to play singstar again because i think you guys did a GREAT job on the game design itself.

  • Forgot to mention:

    THANKS for the XMAS music..woohooo

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