New Video Releases on the PlayStation Store

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Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the blockbuster hits we have on PlayStation Network. Some of the highlights from today’s new releases on the video store include:

  • Step Brothers
  • X-Files: I Want to Believe
  • Bam Margera: Where the #$&% is Santa

Here’s a look at Step Brothers:

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  • Wow, I’m surprised to see the video store update today. X-Files friends of mine will be very happy.

  • im going to have to say, Step Brothers was beyond funny. Watched 3 times in the theaters. I never got a chance to see X-Files so Step Brothers on Blu-ray for me and X-Files, ill give a rent and then maybe a Blu-ray buy

  • Surprised to get a post this early. Tempted to try out X-Files……I Want To Believe….I will like it.

  • Wait, so what is it? A highlight? Or the full list? Because usually you guys post the full list of all the titles.

    Reminds me of the earlier post about SingStar when they gave a “highlight” of the new songs coming out in a few weeks, and there were just a few songs in the list, and I’m sure that WILL be the full list…

  • I saw X-Files in theaters. Never seen the show, but I laughed harder than any movie I saw all year.

  • Any plans for a subscription plan, or a partnership with someone that can?

  • Jeff, once again, you have posted something new and for some reason it’s appearing underneath an older post. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem or if it’s just me. I’m using Firefox if that matters.

  • More Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles episodes please!!

  • @6

    Agree. I have rented one movie on the video store since release just to test it out. However, I’m not comfortable at all paying $5+ for a HD rental of a digital copy when I could go to my local video store rent a blu-ray for $5.99 and be able to view it anytime I want for a full 5 days plus it will have the bonus features.

    If there was a monthly subscription service I’d most likely be on board for that if it was an unlimited amount of movies/shows per month.

  • @ jayyy91 look close @ the home page the top is featured the most recent is second. Sony please take my money away from netflix.

  • How come there’s not a storefront for all the studios out there?

  • @ owenlnix So you’re saying that they don’t put the posts in the order that they are released like they used to?

    I think I like the old way better where they put the newest post at the top. That’s just my opinion though…

    And while I am commenting, I just have one last thing to say:

    Video Store in Canada Please!!

  • Last week the email sender formally known as Underground, sent me a email saying that Hancock was available in HD as a rent. I went to rent but was not there. :( I did rent Fred Claus and it was a good rent.

  • What happened to the 20+ movie updates? Is this just a preview showing off the newer movies?

  • Subscription style service, please. It’s the only model that really makes any sense. Otherwise, give us a download list so we can get the content back if we lose it. Thanks!

  • Wow, why the move from Friday to Tuesday? Is it going to be bi-weekly now? Maybe we can look forward to that with the Store proper as well. :D

  • Ordered X-Files: I Want to Believe on Blu. Can’t wait for it to arrive :). Of course here in Europe the Video Store is still nowhere to be found.

  • Two Things:
    1. Already?
    2. That it?

  • When are we getting the Video Store in Europe?

  • Wow – smart to update on release day. I’ll be renting Step Brothers from Netflix on Blu-ray though. I already pay for that service and I love the 1080p rental pricing (and not per movie based pricing).

    Cool to see the update though and I haven’t seen Step Brothers yet. Looks decently funny though compared to Will Ferrell’s other recent movies with his same tired routine.

    Since this is a Sony Pictures film, you all should consider exclusive scenes or bonus content on the PS3, to differentiate your offerings from the rest of the market.

  • Obligatory ‘Video store in Canada’ post:
    When is the video store coming to Canada?

  • “Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the BLOCKBUSTER hits we have on PlayStation Network. Some of the highlights from today‚Äôs new releases on the video store include”

    blcokbuster, is tht a hint. anyway subscription service please!

  • @9 Unstable

    If you dont like it dont rent the movies thats it..

    Personally, i would love to have this video store in canada. I could rent movies without going to blockbuster lol and 5 $ is less than a rent and i could care less of bonus features i never watch them anyway

  • nice video

    similar –

    Advantages of the PS3 Console blog post –

  • @21,
    Maybe would have been a hint if she had capitalized it like you did. In its current form, it’s just a word that describes a hit movie.

  • I’m with many of the others a subscription set-up is needed. I have rented and bought a couple of things from the store, but I will not make great use of it without a subscription service.

    And the literal 24 hour mark is annoying. I rented Stargate: Ark of Truth(or whatever it was called). Watched it, liked it! Later I wanted my buddy to see it only half way through it cut out because my 24 hours ran out. Wow that sucks and that alone has prevented me from renting several movies. Seriously the time has to be changed.

  • Subscription service please! It the best thing that Sony could do and it would make them alot more than they are getting now! People may rent one or two movies a month but would be more willing to pay a monthly fee that’s more than the cost of those two movies, if they can watch a specific amount (or unlimited amount) of movies each month. Please consider it!

  • what will make my day is when the movie store is available to users outside the US….. the movie store is a great idea.

  • If there was a movie subscription service, you would have my money. In a second.

  • Change the thursaday gameing update to wednsday or tuesday it’s better and faster.

  • Hey Grace will you still update us on Fridays as well or is Tuesdays the official post days?
    Thanks for the update by the way!

  • Hi Grace,
    Could you please comment on the status of Canada getting the video store. I don’t think I’ve seen any information about a possible time frame.

  • I would like to see more update at all the store, this is why ps3 still struggle ><

  • @ 24
    That post is old! It references 20 and 60 Gb systems…

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