New Video Releases on the PlayStation Store

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Hi everyone. The holidays are upon us and that means it’s a great time for blockbuster movies. Available on PlayStation Network today are the following:

  • Hancock
  • Fred Claus
  • Meet Dave
  • Space Chimps
  • 24: Redemption
  • Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I’ll be back with more updates of some great new movies and television shows coming in December. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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  • Yes Hancock!

  • great update guys! saw hancock in theaters despite the bad reviews i enjoyed smith as a superhero. ill go ahead and give that one a rent that may turn into an eventual purchase on blu ray.


  • Veryyy nice! Keep the content coming!! Anddddd please look into a renters subscription!!! I would def dish out a monthly fee to watch unlimited rentals! Keep up the good work! Play B3yond

  • Oh wow – great selection for the holidays and family. Thanks guys!


  • Can you guys please update the video content section to show which titles contain 5.1 audio? For me at least this is critical and I’m not going to pay for a digital movie without surround sound. This info is listed on the 360 video store movies and should be on PSN as well. Thanks!

  • short list this week, understandable though, looking forward to december ^^.

  • Movie In Canada :) When PLz ??

  • I hope we get a UK release for the video store soon.

  • Good stuff, now bring it to Canada please. :-p

  • 24, badass…

  • yesss keep it comig

  • Could you at least tell us Canadians if you’re planning on releasing the video store here?
    On a moderately related note, could you try and get the new trailer for Watchmen on the Store? I really want to watch it on my TV in hi-def.

  • Why are we Canadians being singled out of the video store?You’re making money off of us too.

  • yeah come on Sony I’m from Canada and i would like to rent and purchase movies too, does anyone have an idea when we Canadians will be able to do so?

    Thank You!


  • I haven’t used the video service yet, but i’m sure if you guys added the television show House under Fox myself, and most of my friends, would definately buy it.

  • I dont think it would be possible to make a trailer that spoiled an entire movie as bad as that Hancock trailer just did.
    I mean, ive seen the movie… but Jesus. xD

    And yeah, Jeff – Are you guys still working on getting the video store to Canada? A yes or know would be fine… I just want to know if i should continue to look forward to it or not.
    Please reply man. :)

  • When are you coming to Canada video store!?!?!?

  • Bring more episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles out please!!!!!

  • I want the video store in Germany, PLEASE!

  • I know you guys are trying to bring the service in Canada, due to laws that differ from the US. Do you know if we write to the CRTC or anyone else it could help!

  • 24: Redemption & Hancock for me. Maybe I’ll even check out Meet Dave.

    Is Transformers coming to PSN?

  • @13 s-e-g

    Why are you still here?

    Remember last week:


    S-E-G | November 17th, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    well this website is useless, i have a problem and not one Sony representative has bothered to respond, they monitor this website like they monitor content on the playstation store, nul. well don’t bother i sold the ps3 and psp, uncle bill here i come.

    So…I thought you SOLD your stuff and went to another console…at least that is what you CLAIMED. Why would SONY now listen to you if you don’t own their hardware?

  • Dear SONY.

    Can you let us know…even if vague terms…if you are ‘considering’ at some ‘future date’ making the video store more user friendly in terms of re-downloading content due to HDD upgrades and repairs?

    The current situation, that you are not obligated to allow redownloads even if the PS3 fails during warranty or due to firmware update issues (according to your TOS) is not acceptable at all.

    Just let us know if it is even being considered. Thanks.

    1/5 until this issue is addressed.

  • Plz Someone at Sony let us know if or when this service is coming to Canada. Thx

  • Hey, Please could Europe get the video store please, i don’t like moaning but it’s a bit unfair that America gets everything before us.

  • netflix style subscriptions please!!!!!!!!

  • I missed the latest Indiana Jones in theaters, so it will be nice to be able to watch it this holiday season. Thanks PS Store.

  • kspraydad

    i’ve been with uncle bill before, do you really think i would leave Sony and have to fork out more money for xbox live? i had to get 3 xbox’s repaired and that’s when i decided to give sony a try, and so far i’m loving everything about it, i was just pissed off about the many broken promises and delays.
    so happy thanksgiving to you all and keep up the good work sony and thanks for my home key.

  • 23 & 24 Totally agreed.

    I would add that if Sony is dead set against allowing movies to be re-downloaded, at least allow them to be backed up. I’m not a computer tech, but if the license that allows playback is tied to your PS3, how should backing it up to another hard drive matter to the publishers?

    Of course the point is moot for me until this service is offered in Canada (and I get my PS3 online finally….oh well, “diapers before downloads!” ;)

  • I’ll be getting Hancock for our Thanksgiving movie

  • how do you get onto this part of the playstation network to download these?

  • @32

    You HAVE to be IN the US using the US PSN.

    If you are…here is a video overview:

    (couldn’t find a SONY hosted version so I’m using my site)

  • Saw Hancock on Blu. It’s pretty good. Possible purchase at some point.

  • @badflounder- stop being a spoiled brat PS3 it self put out Dolby digital sound it self and if your tv do the same the movie will sound just right. another thing its like every other article people wont something just like xbox. buy a 360 if you wont those feathers oveouse you bought a PS3 so you wont have those feathers.

    all i have to say is the video store needs a name. Sony keep doing ya thing with the video store.

  • just wondering will we ever gain the ability to purchase content in hd? (not just a rental but a full purchase) i understand the price point would have to be higher, however i would gladly pay more for this content.

  • @jessehaysfl- i highly doutb that they will sale anything new in HD. i think they wont sale nothing new in HD because they dont wont to lose money from BlueRay sales

  • How do you change your email address on the blog?

  • Hi,I like most everything that has been done to the site, but I am curious as to why the trailers for movies and blu rays are not on the video part of the web site instead of the gaming part?

  • NOw that your game engine has been created I want to be blown away, and good job helping insomniac..get their water improoved i suspect????

  • Does anyone know how I can get a hold of Mike from Team RamRod? I have a unique High Velocity Bowling program that I need help with, but can’t find any way of contacting him. Thank you!

  • when will we get this feature in canada?
    when the ps4 come out or when the ps5 comes out?

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