Street Fighter HD – It’s Finally Here

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First off, I want to say that my PlayStation pals are the best around. Nothing’s gonna ever bring you down. I mean that, I really do. Lol.

Joe Esposito once eloquently proclaimed that “History repeats itself” and it’s an honor for me to announce that Street Fighter returns today on the PlayStation Network. On a personal note, it’s been a dream of mine to work on this franchise. I remember going to the local 7-11 and spending hours trying to pull off an invisible throw or handcuff glitch. I remember sharing theories with my friends that it was possible to throw that rock in the Chun-Li stage, pull out Guile’s gun, control Ryu’s red fireballs or defeat the mysterious Sheng Long. Street Fighter was a cultural phenomenon not seen since the days of Pac Man. Here we are, almost 20 years later, and this franchise is as relevant as ever.

Here’s the final HD Remix video for your viewing pleasure.

Enough of my reminiscing. I’m here to talk about the next installment of the SF2 series; Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Special Champion Hyper Alpha EX Versus Zero Plus Collection Edition (am I missing anything?). Ah Capcom, we love long game titles. I can go on and on about the many features of this game, but instead, I’ll provide you this link that contains all you need to know about HD Remix.

I’m also really excited to give you an exclusive soundtrack inspired by the Street Fighter series. The Street Fighter Underground Remix soundtrack contains tracks from artists that I admire with that underground, hip hop flavor. Did I mention that you can download these tracks for free on the PlayStation Network? I have fond memories battling my frat bros on the SNES and listening to Souls of Mischief’s “93 til Infinity”. You know Hieroglyphics had to be on the album. You’ll also hear the musical stylings of Redman, Oh No, Mistah F.A.B, Zion I, DJ Toure and the turntable legend himself, DJ Qbert. Oh, did I mention these tracks were FREE? Go to our MySpace Music page to hear previews of the songs. Make sure you add us!

Anyway, I just want to say that it’s been a pleasure talking to all of you and answering your questions, and replying to your comments. It’s been fun responding to the trophy issue for like the umpteenth time! ;) We hear you, though.

Have a great turkey day and see you next time when I talk about Flock (coming in January). See you online!

Peace in the Middle East,
John D

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  • Hey Jeff, now would be the perfect time to start updating the store EVERY Tuesday, so as to remain competetive with another unnamed console…pass it on please!

    John, thanks for the update. Will be downloading tonight. Nice to see a lot of people saying the PS3 version is better simply for the controller. Dualshock 3 wins again….

    Oh yeah, and to those who haven’t heard yet, SOLDNER-X is (finally) coming to PSN Dec. 4th for $9.99.

    Anyways, Home rules, KZ2 ftw, and dying to see that GOW3 footage. Peace!

  • $15 is too much without Trophies & custom sound tracks

  • jeff i want the pshome code all my friends online are having fun with it but i dont have the code plz send it to

  • silly question to whomever can answer..why doesnt the store always get updated on tuesday? there something against tuesdays xD

  • Great to see it’s released in the US, and pity it’s not out in EU yet, but we’re used to it thanks to the bozos as SCEE.

    Oh, and on Trophies, it’s a shame that “priorities have shifted” on the BCR trophy patch only after everyone bought it. I guess we’ll expect the same for SFII.

    It won’t stop me buying it but still disingenuous to give people expectation of trophies before the game is released then change tune after the game has sold. I hope my cynicism is proven unfounded.

  • I would purchase this…

    …if PSN actually accepted my debit card.

  • I am so ready to bring back those old arcade memories!! Im sure alot tears will be shed today when this game goes live!! I havent played Fei Long in a very very long time!!! Cant wait.

  • thx gr8 addition the my collection!

  • OK, give me a specific time when the store going to update..I have had my PS3 on for the whole day waiting TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY and play the bloody game

  • I cant wait, havent played as Fei Long in a very very long time!!

  • Arggggg i can’t wait until tonight

  • Cant wait, havent played as Fei Long in some time!

  • Please answear me:

    Can i share this game with 4 more friends??

    PS: SF ROX!

  • i changed my mind, depending on the file zie and if guy is in it i’ll get it..i gota save harddrive spce until i get my new down to like under a gig..maybe barely over

  • Can’t wait to download this tonight. A big thanks for everyone at Capcom (and others who were involved) for making this happen. Trophies or not, this is awesome. I also love the fact you can use the older sprites and music (I’ll definitely be using the older tunes though just for the memories). Thanks again!

  • Hi, John Diamonon. I don’t know if somebody has asked you this question ever before, but I would like to know if:

    “Does this game have trophies?”

  • jeff code plz for home


  • Finally! It has come!

    Also, thanks for the add. Hopefully you can kick my ass online someday, haha.

  • I really want trophies!
    Then again I really love Street Fighter …

    As for all of you asking why it’s not on the store yet, is it not obvious? Has anyone seen a post regarding a store update yet? NO the answer is NO. This is a friendly post from the dev to let us all know a little more about the game and that it is coming today with the normal PSN update.

    Anyway thanks for the post look forward to this on the PSN store update this evening. (EST)

  • Awesome, can’t wait! Bring on all the Capcom content you can, I’ll be waiting with my wallet open… :)

  • BTW JOHN i added you online as well :)

    Great to see another hieroglyphics fan and sumone who appreciates real hip hop. cant believe they got hiero and qbert on the soundtrack. redman too!

  • Sweet John!!! Can’t wait for the store update! BTW, I sent you a friend request… Hopefully we can get some SSF2THDR action in! Hope you’re ready for a steady dose of Ryu and Blanka.

    PSN ID: Moosehole

  • Finally!

    guess flock will be the first game with trophies from Capcom :)

    spectator mode you say…

    I want to see a match between Madman and John with the final countdown playing on the background.

  • Sent you a friend request too John =D


  • Awesome, I’ll buy it as soon as I get home, I LOVE SF, it’s one of my favorite gaming franchises.

    Please add trophies to the game and (in case is not already done) let us log each controller with a different account so the trophies are assigned correctly

  • Thanks for releasing this. I’m now reminiscing:

    I have memories of playing my brother on the SNES and arcades. I remember our rivalries and getting so mad at him! Ken vs Ryu or Sagat vs Ryu.

    I also remember the first Street Fighter arcade with the rubber punch buttons. Anyone remember that? So impossible to pull off special moves and everyone would break the buttons by hitting them too hard lol!

    Now we are grown and separated by 300 miles and its over a decade later. I can now dragon punch him in the butt without sitting next to him and him throwing the controller!

    Feel free to add me!
    PSN: dime5150

  • hey john, what happened to the capcom store? It wasn’t there yesterday :(

  • I’m trading in my college textbooks today so I can get some extra cash to get this game on PSN. I’m so hyped!

  • Only a few hours left! Woohoo! Any word on the PlayStation Home avatars yet John? I think a lot of us have seen that sweet Chun-Li Youtube video by now. I would seriously change to a girl for a day in Home just to be able to show my SF2 pride :D

  • So good memories, ive played tonz of SF II on the arcades.
    Im surely getting this amazing game.
    Thanks Capcom ,Backbone and Udon :D

  • Just as long as Capcom doesn’t forget how to count past the number 2 again, I’m excited for this title lol.

  • Oh any plans on porting this to PSP for download? Would be nice to take this on the go as well.

  • 6pm can’t come fast enough. It’l be more of a learning experience for me, since I’m not that great at ST, but I’m excited all the same.

  • Hey John, great news! Is there any word when trophy support will be released, though?

  • Can’t wait to buy this, the store update can’t come soon enough ! Hadouken!!!!

  • Now we only ‘need’ Final Fight HD with online co-op . :D

  • Will that Capcom sign stop hiding as of today and just be somewhere on the store for all to see. You guys seem to be teasing us. Also trophies would have or should be a nice addition to SSFHD II. I don’t think M$ has achievement points for theirs so it would look good if Sony added trophies. Be one up on M$. But i could be wrong i will check.

  • Putting games on the PSN does not constitute “supporting the Playstation 3”. Without trophy support or any other support of the Ps3’s features, this is nothing more than a cash grab for Capcom…much like Bionic Commando. We all know where you put the money in development of this beast, and we’re only getting this so that we don’t come at you with pitchforks and mace screaming “Fanboy”.

    Capcom has relase A LOT of games for Ps3…yet NONE of them have trophies. Your developers are either talentless and incompetent, or you just don’t care about the Ps3 fanbase and what they actually want to see (as standard) in games.

    Nice try.

  • Soundtrack hear I come.

  • Hear-pun intended

  • great!!! I’m so over street fighter.. Quick question how much space I need in my hard drive to download this game???

  • “Here’s the final HD Remix video for your viewing pleasure.”

    But it says to be continued at the end of the video? I say, shenanigans!

  • Yep, 360 does have them:

    Weak. I’m not buying until I get equal treatment.

  • @88

    Go to Games > Publishers if you can’t find the Capcom store, been there for a while now

  • John must have a 500 friend limit list in PSN. Developers have privilegies :(

  • Awesome!

    Downloading the second it hits.

    Thanks for all the hard work, and rekindling some loved nostalgia in all it’s High Def glory!

  • @JBruno (#95),
    If that’s the case, I can’t imagine him trying to play wipEout HD!

  • hey man im lovin the tracks they hot lol

    have a happy thanksgiving

    u gave me ur givin im givin my thanks with u know! im buyin this today!

  • John,
    I DARE you to friend me first. DARE you. (I am away from my PS3).

    Again, D.A.R.E.

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