Street Fighter HD – It’s Finally Here

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First off, I want to say that my PlayStation pals are the best around. Nothing’s gonna ever bring you down. I mean that, I really do. Lol.

Joe Esposito once eloquently proclaimed that “History repeats itself” and it’s an honor for me to announce that Street Fighter returns today on the PlayStation Network. On a personal note, it’s been a dream of mine to work on this franchise. I remember going to the local 7-11 and spending hours trying to pull off an invisible throw or handcuff glitch. I remember sharing theories with my friends that it was possible to throw that rock in the Chun-Li stage, pull out Guile’s gun, control Ryu’s red fireballs or defeat the mysterious Sheng Long. Street Fighter was a cultural phenomenon not seen since the days of Pac Man. Here we are, almost 20 years later, and this franchise is as relevant as ever.

Here’s the final HD Remix video for your viewing pleasure.

Enough of my reminiscing. I’m here to talk about the next installment of the SF2 series; Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Special Champion Hyper Alpha EX Versus Zero Plus Collection Edition (am I missing anything?). Ah Capcom, we love long game titles. I can go on and on about the many features of this game, but instead, I’ll provide you this link that contains all you need to know about HD Remix.

I’m also really excited to give you an exclusive soundtrack inspired by the Street Fighter series. The Street Fighter Underground Remix soundtrack contains tracks from artists that I admire with that underground, hip hop flavor. Did I mention that you can download these tracks for free on the PlayStation Network? I have fond memories battling my frat bros on the SNES and listening to Souls of Mischief’s “93 til Infinity”. You know Hieroglyphics had to be on the album. You’ll also hear the musical stylings of Redman, Oh No, Mistah F.A.B, Zion I, DJ Toure and the turntable legend himself, DJ Qbert. Oh, did I mention these tracks were FREE? Go to our MySpace Music page to hear previews of the songs. Make sure you add us!

Anyway, I just want to say that it’s been a pleasure talking to all of you and answering your questions, and replying to your comments. It’s been fun responding to the trophy issue for like the umpteenth time! ;) We hear you, though.

Have a great turkey day and see you next time when I talk about Flock (coming in January). See you online!

Peace in the Middle East,
John D

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  • Nice, I’ve been waiting for this game for a while!

  • It got delayed in Europe, figures

  • Today is a good day. EGM’s Sheng Long confirmed?

  • OMG! It’s finally here! I’m ready to buy it! And guys, please don’t forget to consider releasing a trophy patch for this game :o(

  • FAIL.

    Crapcom, ruining classic franchises with gimped and watered down crossplatform garbage like DMC4. And shutting down one of the greatest game studios of all time in Clover.

    Go hock your junk to the Xbox crowd. You clowns aren’t getting a dime ever again from me.

    Sony doesn’t need you anymore. Over 20 first party dev studios putting out real next gen games for the PS3 and not gimped and downgraded to run on the 360 turds like your bean counters have decided is where your future lies.

  • Yup time to play!

  • @5

    Yes, YOU ARE FAIL! Your negative crap can’t spoil the fun for us INSANELY EXCITED STREET FIGHTER FANS!!!!!!!!

  • Need someone to share it! :)

  • Awesome news and I plan to buy this today. Can’t wait to see you in the rankings John. Hopefully I can top you. :p

    Anyway, I still can’t wait to hear that Capcom surprise one day (I could have sworn I heard about one coming).

  • sweet feels like an early christmas

  • wait, is this blog post saying the game is up on the store? cuz it ain’t!

    • It\’ll be there when the Store updates in a few hours. Imagine today is Thursday. We\’ll update the blog with the full PSN Store Update as per usual – just 2 days earlier.

  • Can’t wait! Once I get over the pain of being wallet-raped for $15, it’s non stop SF time!

  • @8

    You’re pathetic. Maybe you could start up a lemonaid stand to raise some $ so you can actually buy something yourself.

  • Is this on PSN, cause I can’t find it

  • @12

    It is unfortunate you are sad on this happy day. I forgive your foolishness and offer you a box of Kleenex with Capcom logos printed on them.

  • John Diamonon // Capcom???
    John Diamonon // Capcom
    John Diamonon // Capcom
    John Diamonon // Capcom
    John Diamonon // Capcom
    John Diamonon // Capcom
    John Diamonon // Capcom

    WHERE IS THE GAME?!?! We ALL WOULD LOVE TO BUY IT?!?! Why is this like, always the case with anything Sony Related?

    Big hooplah and post, and no game.


    Sweet christ, its simple to let us know. I mean if you go out of your way to post, why not make 1 call to see if its actually up on the store!

  • @13

    You think $15 for this game is rape?? I think it’s great!

  • @5

    ouch a bit hateful? Well how about this, you go start up your own franchise on whatever you like and show everyone all that you can do….oh wait, you dont know how to code games? then maybe you should just be happy with what gets released and if you dont like it keep it to your self. I am going to say that I will buy this as soon as it hits the PSN store cause i can remember all those years ago filling that damn machine with quaters just to play against other people, so when i heard about online play, damn i was sold!!!

    Thanks for bringing this game back Capcom!!!

  • This game will effectively make my family mad because it will be impossible to pull me away from it on Thanksgiving. I give thanks to everyone who made this a reality.

  • Not released in Canada?

  • Cool cool cool cool cool – beans beans.

  • Flock = UFOs + Sheep, yes?

  • This blog post is a terrible tease!!! DROP THE GAME!!!!!!!!!

  • like the others said, update the store so I can buy already lol

  • What is the good arcade stick for the PS3?

    • We\’ll have a MadCatz stick and 6 button pad coming soon. The MadCatz stick has real sanwa parts and the pad\’s design is based on the bad ass Saturn controller.

  • please tell me we can use the left analog stick for movement. that would be the best of both worlds. if not a patch that allows that would be greatly appreciated. d-pads just don’t do a good hadoken justice.

    other than that if i wasn’t at work i’d be hitting refresh at home to pick this up. right before the holidays. we’re having thanksgiving at my house so there will be a lot of @$$ whoopin and turkey eating going on this weekend.

  • Can someone please answer me, why isn’t this on psn???!!! I read this post and I jumped on my PS3 cause this is such a crazy impulse by (I have TO OWN IT) and I didn’t see it there, Alphas there but I want the super HD version!!,

    Was this only released on the US psn :( ???

  • @27

    I’m not seeing it on the US store..

  • its not on psn. yet, probably wont be till midnight or something.

    I mean I understand PSN is free and all, but id pay to at least get an update or some sort of customer support.

    Why are we BEGGING to buy something? sheesh.

  • its not up yet, they have to update the store

  • oh and john…ignore NathanJ…he’s an idiot and we don’t know him. i don’t think he even owns a ps3. we try to keep him locked in the basement but he escapes from time to time.

    such is life. :lol:

  • cant wait to buy this…this may be a noob question but is there custom soundtracks for this? i would definitely like to listen to the remix soundtrack while playing

  • Been waiting on this game to come out for awhile, now it’s finally here :) Thank you Capcom!

  • Umm…..thank you but it has been delayed in europe, as usual -_-…

  • so when will this game be on the PSN??????????? i need this game

  • @32

    There are no custom soundtracks or in-game music from the xmb. I think its just the remixed music and im not sure if they included the original music from ssf2t.

    Cannot wait for this! the games not showing up on the store yet but im sure it will after 1 or 2 p.m. same thing happened when i was was waiting for megaman 9. THE WAIT IS KILLING ME! anyone wanna throw some hadoukens or shoryukens online? add me.

    PSN ID: bboynoe

  • Trophies? :D

  • Alright, dont take this the wrong way I love capcom, but im not too good at fighting this one I think im going to overlook unil trophies get patched. Secondly, I like how capcom is so supportive of psn with the exclusive stuff and the better looking BC:R and stuff, but how about next time exclsuive stuff that wont be illegally downloaded and torrented(im only being honest about the torrenting thing >.>)
    and uhh I’m not too sure who or how exactly to ask, but would it be possible to get a company to take the rights of old Sega Genesis titles and put them in the store? I’d love to see streets of rage 1-3 in the store, the other systems have 1 of those each. Its prolly a stupid question/comment bu I dont wanna hook up my genesis again and i’d love to play those games again, well worth like 5-10$ or whaever it’d be charged IMO..sorry for the huge comment =p

  • This is how we do, from 93 til infinity. Great song, great memories indeed.

    Hope it supports online, im out of work in a couple of hours an there are $16.00 left on my psn card. See ya.

  • Awesome, can’t wait to buy this as soon as I get off work. Hey John, since you guys are bringing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to PSN, can you guys at Capcom also bring another classic fighter to PSN named X-Men vs. Street Fighter, if so that will be great thanks!:)

  • @17. Yes, $15 for a downloadable game that’s just a remake is, in fact, wallet-rape. A year ago $15 for any PSN title would have been ridiculous, then Sony’s idol MS started releasing $15 games and idiot fanboys worldwide sat back and let inflation happen. That being said, in this case I’m swallowing my hatred for the companies inflating their prices and going to get this one anyway, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to sneer at them while I do it. Companies these days are trading customer loyalty for short term profit, and it won’t last forever (in other words: Capcom, you’re losing me fast). Maybe you love paying more, but not all of us do.

    • Wasn\’t there a game that was on the PSN for a much higher price with \”just\” a fresh coat of paint? This is so not just a remake. It\’s a new SF2 game with new gameplay.

  • baller! cannot wait to d/l this guys.


  • Let me guess. Trophies are “coming”.

  • When does the store update I have been checking the store periodically since like midnight I am so flippin excited thanks to capcom my thanksgiving is ruined this might be the greatest turkeyday ever

  • ahh the memories, Sunday is my Birthday…this will make a good present to myself.

  • I’ll have to make do with Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition for PS2 until this gets released in Europe.

    I’d get it for 360 but, let’s be serious here, the D-pad sucks.

  • I wish these PlayStation Store updates were in the morning. I know many people who are just waiting on the edge of their seats to buy this game and we can’t yet. If Sony insists on doing a PlayStation Store update only once a week, then please consider doing it in the morning instead of making everyone wait all day to spend their money. It’s better for both sides – we get the game earlier, and Sony gets their money faster. :)

  • Sent you a friend request on the PSN John :D

  • Jeff…so the ENTIRE STORE UPDATE is coming today? not just this? there’s more?

    man…i thank you all…but we both know we’ll have to deal with idiots asking for early updates for every holiday that falls on a thursday from now on right? :lol: just saying.

    any hint as to what else is going to be in today’s update?

    oh and when Qore subscribers will get our Home beta emails/codes.

  • Very glad to see this finally here today.

    I’ve made today into my own personal SF2 holiday XD

    SF2 Animated Movie, Alpha 3 MAX, and 3rd Strike will be played/watched, until Turbo HD Remix gets released.

    Ever since I pounded away at 7 years old with SNES SF2, been waiting for this day.

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