The PSB & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • Early Helghan Era unlocked – After agreeing to leave Vekta for Helghan, the Helghast arrive on a barren, inhospitable planet, where they must make terrible sacrifices to survive.

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  • sweet

  • For those not in the HOME beta:

    It’s more than I expected it to be. Not much to do right now but you can tell the potential is staggering.

    Plus, it’s fun just hanging out and talking to people.

    Overall, it’s gonna be sweet when it (finally) gets rolling. Cheers!

  • Ah Poo- I guess no HOME for me..

    have fun everyone that got in, and be sure to report in and tell us how it is!

    Can you skateboard around town in HOME? or just walk…can you run, too?

    just wondering..

    have a great weekend everyone!


  • i hope Sony give Killzone 2 the correct ad it needs to sale. like a 2 minute Superbowl commercial will get the world wanting to play that game.

  • Thanks for the recap as always :)

  • Home is amazing!

  • Home is great but it needs content and events. Wish I had it during E3.

  • Thanks for the recap. I hope I can get into the Home beta soon.

  • Thanks for the post Jeff.

    I’m pretty sure Home is going to be available before year end for everyone…so don’t get too upset if you’re still not in.
    Yes, it’s nice for the people that are in, but remember,,,we’re all testing and trying to get it set for everyone to enjoy.

    It will be here shortly and isn’t it much better to let everyone else test it, get the lagging and problems before you get on anyways…that way you will experience it with no problems at all, or minimal problems.

  • Jeff: Will any sample code or widgets be made available again to the WordPress community? I love the twitter feed at the top of the site along with the “Featured Post” feature.


  • REALLY looking forward to the new! :D

    I really don’t care about the Home Beta- just tell me when I can get in for sure (the final release). Apparently no one has any idea; estimates range from December to Spring ’09.

    I’m not sure if I’m going to enter the LittleBigChallenge, but I’ve been thinking about it and some things I could do… Due date is December 9, right? I’ve had stricter due dates (a LOT more if you count the ones where I waited until an hour or two before it was due :P ).

  • Also, great news about the mandatory trophies past January 1. I think it woud be fair to consider that issue wiped away.

    White Knight Chronicles is looking pretty good too, though not as good as the very first video we saw of it (which I could swear wasn’t CG). :| At least the combat portion anyway- the overall graphics are looking great if somewhat reminiscent of Final Fantasy XI at times.

  • The Helghast are coming! :D

  • Killzone 2 will finally reveal who the true fanboys are in the media….

  • What a great week and amazing updates! Keep them coming Sony!

  • Hey Jeff. I downloaded the Playstation Home Theme when it came out and I did not get an invitation. I am a huge Playstation fan and Home would be much appreciated. My Email is

  • Me too… I did not get home, and i have been part of the Playstation Underground… LOL! and I downloaded the theme, so that shows that it isn’t automatically for people who were in either… Chance would be my guess, but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the games you registered and how recently you registered to get picked.

  • Please Deliver us Playstation Underground users who always are active and use the playstation network with Home Really soon It will be much appreciated.

  • Hey Jeff. I downloaded the Playstation Home Theme when it came out and I did not get an invitation. I am a huge Playstation fan and Home would be much appreciated. My Email is pls.. send me the invitation…

  • Still waiting for my promised qore home beta code. Kinda starting to P@#* me off a little bit. My friend got a beta code so I will check it out at his house tomorrow. The thing that gets me is that he doesn’t even own a qore subscription at all. What kind of [DELETED] is that? I guess they are till giving out the theme downloads. Waiting is weak, but it feels good to vent.

    PSN: HerbertFortoon

  • good to hear that throphies are gonna be mandatory after january. i’m also glad for the beta testers that got in home, i hope you guys are having alots of fun.anyways,i’m a sad panda now that my router gave up the ghost after just a couple of months of working :(

    i feel weird beign able to turn on my ps3 and not beign able to log in the psn…darn linksys!

    can anybody recommend me a reliable router on this blog. this will be so much apreciated thanks

    ps: this is my second linksys rounter that craps out :(

  • Wonder what could be happening on DECEMBER 4….is it something real big?

  • I am sad there’s not going to be anymore emails from PSU, or anything PSU related. I hope the new PlaySttaion will be worth losing something i’ve grown acustom to over the years.

  • @2
    I’m guessing you weren’t in the beta before 1.00 cause theirs a ton to do compared to previous versions of the beta although they did remove the gamespaces for some reason

  • The archives page is better than the home page. I’m going to that direct from now on.

  • Wow, I certainly hope Home will be out by the end of this year. I recall a few confident promises made. The fact that it is even being mentioned by Sony reps is a good sign of things to come “around the corner”. If it is not during the month of December, it will be another huge disappointment.

    Oh, and I agree on the Killzone 2 superbowl placement.

  • ok we want to know whan ps3 home is going to be out and we need more games to i wanted the ps3 home code can u send me one plz sony and i love R2 good game

  • Thanks for the links.

    When will we hear more about Home?

  • Where’s my HOME invite?! :(

  • @ fritoz – sadly you cannot skate around in home. would be sweet though!

    there are sooo many people in home now guys. thanks for giving me a place to meet some peeps who share a common interest… games!


  • hey jeff,
    if there are any spare home beta keys please send it to
    i am so excited to try home out.

    thanks in advance

  • Thanx for the update. Man I can not wait until Killzone 2. I am hoping to get into the beta soon so I can try it out and give the developers my advice.

  • Ii deserve a beta key because i haven’t been invited into any beta yet…….if you decide 2 pick me heres my emal

  • no home jaff can u send me an inv plz this oldricks thanks send it at

  • I still have no Qore Subscriber beta key, but I did play a little on a friends PS3. Not bad I guess, though you won’t ever catch me dancing in the goofy little dance spot.

    Also, I hope that the theatre will eventually play actual movies(it would also be nice to have a television in my (virtual)apartment so that me and friends around the world could watch each others videos(full screen of course) from the others apartment.

    I know it won’t happen, but I can dream can’t I?

    PSN: HerbertFortoon

  • What’s up with the official PlayStation Site?

  • Nevermind. PSU is officially dead, and the site has been redesigned. You now log into the site via your PSN Callsign, as promised.

  • Hey jeff send me a code plz at i dont have one :( plz i want to play home

  • i have home from my japannese account, i think japan give more promotions than us, and that suxs really.

  • i hope i get the home beta. all my friends that got it said it was sweet.

    does anyone also know when the open beta comes out for home?

  • “does anyone also know when the open beta comes out for home?”

    In about about a month or so.

  • is killzone 2 multiplayer controls as good as cod4’s?

  • ” Chrono Trigger | November 24th, 2008 at 9:20 am

    i have home from my japannese account, i think japan give more promotions than us, and that suxs really.”

    Wow, Japan > US > Europe = Europe totally sucks! :-D

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