Burn Baby, Burn!

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It’s Friday, which can only mean we’re back on the blog with more news on Burnout Paradise content for 2009.

Today, we’re announcing the incredible new Carson Extreme Hotrod.


If you caught our recent announcements, you’ll know we’re bringing more content to Burnout Paradise through 2009. We’ve talked Party, Ultimate, Legendary Cars and Toys in recent weeks. Now we’re mixing things up with a little boost-based gameplay innovation with the Extreme Hotrod.

We’ll be back in the New Year with all the details on this powerhouse racer, but for now we’re keeping it under wraps.

We could tell you that it’s the fastest car in Paradise City – a stripped down, ultra low, overpowered straight line monster.

We could talk about its roots in American Rat Rod culture and it’s wildly exaggerated Hot Rod features, based on a ‘20s Roadster.

We could explain that we’ve rewired Burnout’s vehicle dynamics system, so it handles more intuitively and drifts more realistically than any other car.

We could reveal that it’s the first of a pack of 2 cars designed to re-imagine Burnout Boost. Which explains the blue exhaust flames.

We could do all that, but we don’t want to give away too much. For now, all you really need to know is that this car will give you the ride of your life and in early 2009 you will NEED to own it.


The Carson Extreme Hotrod. Light the touch paper and hang on for dear life.

We’ll be back with movies, screens, more info and interviews with the creators on this and the “other” boost car that will be available to buy as part of our Burnout Paradise Boost Specials Pack in 2009.

Just check back here on the blog, www.criteriongames.com or Crash TV for all the latest.

Next week. Big Surf. See you then.

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3 Author Replies

  • I need to get this game already.


  • This must be the best game ever for DLC!!!

  • Thanks for keeping up the DLC for this game.

  • Way too sweet!!!

  • Looking good guys.

  • Nice car, i’ll be geting this game soon.

    • If you like this one, you\’ll love the \”other\” boost car. If you haven\’t already, check out our other posts on the 09 car content – there\’s something there for everyone.

  • Good stuff!

    I’ve had this game since launch. My lil’bro just got his PS3 so I’m thinking of passin’ off to him and gettin the dload of this. Are the graphics/sound/quality on par with the disc version?

  • Is there any possible way for you to allow us to skip the cut scene when we wreck in Burnout? I think it would make the game that much better.

  • AWESOME! I am buying every piece of DLC you guys are releasing for Burnout! The way you guys are supporting this game is AMAZING! Thank You Criterion Games!

  • so will all the dlc be release as a whole pack or do we have to buy it piece by piece.

    • You can buy piece by piece or make a saving on buying lots at once. There are all kinds of options. We\’ll detail it soon, but we\’re trying to make sure it\’s as flexible as possible.

  • I’m loving all this new content coming out in ’09. Burnout Paradise is by far the best racing game of ’08, better than GT5P and WipEout. Good job Criterion. Now stop teasing and release the content already! :)

  • I am going to buy this NOW! thanks

  • Good stuff, I love that you guys are still supporting your game instead of just rehashing a new one. I will gladly support your efforts with purchases, as the free content that has been put out has been outstanding and you are one of the few developers I believe deserves the respect and cash. Gracias, and keep up the good work, and if you can let me in on a secret, is there any more free stuff coming in 09 or is that well run dry?

  • You guys should get an award for best supported DLC content for a game ever.. Considering most of it has been free!!!

    Great work guys..

  • Seeing all the buyable DLC popping up lately, I wish more devs would follow your guys lead. Free DLC means I will ALWAYS be returning to this game.

  • Burnout is at the top of my list…will hopefully have the bread to pick it up next week…now one question…I LOVE the idea of getting it as DLC…has anyone had any issues or is the Blu-Ray the way to go?

  • Next week. Big Surf. See you then.

    What does this mean?

    Also, will you guys be doing anything cool for PlayStation Home? Such a great game must have some kind of integration with PlayStation Home, whether it be a Home Space or Home clothing – am I right?

  • Sweet stuff guys keep it up!!! :D

  • ARE U GUYS EXTENDING BIG SURF BEACH?! BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE CLASS! Big Surf Beach is like the funnest place in paradise when u got 8 people barrel rolling over each other…

  • Any new news on the “Toy Cars” ?

  • Now this car goes with my zz top tunes!!! Thanks for the great job!!! Just plain awesome!!! Keep up the great work.

  • Holy Crap!! That thing’s a beast. Thanks to Criterion for all of the support given to this game!!!!!


    I don’t mind paying DLC for Criterion, because for a year they gave us FREE updates and a whole new dynamic to the game, bikes, and the day/night changes..


    Support the game first, build the community by giving free updates and DLC, and THEN release DLC at reasonable prices..

    that’s how you build a loyal customer fanbase!

  • Thanks Jeremy…this is one of the better racing games out there and I love playing it.

  • I co-sign what (24) said. You guys make it, and I’ll buy it. Period point blank.

  • Never been a burn out fan..

  • Outside of the party pack, all you’ve shown off lately has been (admittedly awesome) new cars. I imagine modifying the city itself could break the games current balance? Still it would be cool if you could reskin a few things here and there to add holidays to Paradise and weather as well. Can we hope for some new bikes?

  • It looks freaking SICK!!! Thanks for the updated. Can’t wait to try it out when released


  • Keep the DLC coming!



  • You guys never stop amazing me!

    I have a question, is the PSN a better tool for releasing contant then say XBL?

  • Thanks for all the support, other game companies seem to forget everyone after a releases.

  • @27:

    Sucks for you. Burnout is awesome.

  • You couldn’t make the supercharger any bigger?

    COME ON!!!

  • very impressive guys! can’t get enough of this.


  • I would like to see new places in Paradise City, not new cars :( I already have my fav car and not goin to change it :P

  • GET SOME SLEEP CRITERION! :D Thanks guys this truly means a lot to your fan-base. I’m definitely buying your next Burnout Game. (IF THERE EVER WILL BE ONE!) :P

  • These cars should have their own challenges, just to spice things up a little more.

  • Why are you guys doing this? Seriously, it makes me feel bad getting all this free stuff for such an amazing game when that “Need for Speed” crap is dishing out 70 bucks worth of DLC before the game is even released.

    I know this sounds stupid, but PLEASE throw in some “payed” DLC every once in a while. :D I seriously just want to donate money to you.

    Here, take my wallet. Please…
    Of course, you’re too good of a company to do that. Fine, just keep making free stuff. ;)

  • thanks for the reply

  • Thank you, not only for your continued support, but for being one of the few companies to treat PS3 owners with respect. I’ve been skeptical, but the more and more I see, I’m going to pick this game up now. Once again, Thank you!

  • Thank you for supporting your game with so much content. You guys are awesome.

  • i am glad i purchased this game. usually after beating a game it gets tossed aside, but with this game and all the features that are being added, this game might be played until the next generation of systems come out.

  • How bout a new version of the F1 car? Its the Krieger something. THAT would be sweet

  • Sweet. Even more car packs? Count me in. I want the whole lot and I hope the pricing fits my wallet.

  • awesome as usual

  • I don’t say this often (or ever) to game developers, but….I love you guys. What else is there to say but fan-friggin-tastic, I can’t wait to buy all the 2009 DLC.

  • well good thing you didnt tell us all that stuff then

  • More free stuff please. Davis, Cagney, trophies; the free goods made my year.

  • Great! Saw a lil pic floating round bout a car that looks like the Delorean from Back to the future 0,o Well bring on the surprises XD

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