Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Cometh!

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It’s a great time to be a Street Fighter! It’s with great pleasure that I announce that HD Remix will arrive on the PlayStation Network real soon! Now you have the chance to debate which legs are more appealing, the turkey leg you’re about to have or the ones on Chun-Li.


Here are the details:
Release date: November 25, 2008 (I know, finally, right?)
Price: You’ve heard it here first! Only $14.99!
Trophies: Not at launch
Online Play: Of course
Graphics: 1080p baby
Gameplay: Two types – Original and Rebalanced

Here are some videos that will get you hyped for the game and will make you say, “Put him in a body bag!”

But wait, there’s more! Exclusive to the PlayStation Network, fans will have the opportunity to download the Street Fighter Underground Remix Soundtrack for free! I was able to get a few of my favorite hip hop artists to create original songs inspired by the series. Here’s the line up: Redman, Hieroglyphics, DJ Qbert, DJ Toure, Zion I, Mistah F.A.B. and Oh No.

SFHD Music

Oh yeah, we also have a “little” Street Fighter surprise coming later this holiday season. Let the speculation begin. Talk to you next week!


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  • Trophies: Not at launch

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

  • I’ll take a plate of Chun-Li with a side order of Cammy please :D Can’t wait! Up for a match when this drops John? You’re already on my list.

  • Just like Bionic Commando. No trophies, and most likely none for a few months.

    Anyways, i like how Capcom is prepping major new releases of their games with old retro classics.

    Any plans for Resident Evil 2? You know, to prep for RE5 :D.

    I know you can’t say much, but a simple eye wink will be satisfying.

  • all I need now is a Ryu avatar on the PSN!

    glad to see this coming on tuesday.

    Probably the background on the Capcom store will change to a street fighter theme right?

  • Oh well no trophies, this is still a fighter that I want.

  • Not a fan of street fighter, but good news for the fans.
    Im really dissapointed that Sony isnt making Trophies mandatory at launch

  • Where is my Monster Hunter? Any news on it John?

  • @ John Diamonon

    I am all over that sound track. With Redman, Hieroglyphics, DJ Qbert, DJ Toure, Zion I, Mistah F.A.B. and Oh No I think you got me more excited for the sound track than the game.

    I will still be getting both. :)

  • So if it says Trophies: Not at launch , it means that trophies are comming.
    Good news , and im gonna get this sweet game, im craving for some Ken right now :p

  • Will there ever be a bionic commando trophy update to go along with this game? I stopped playing Bionic since i knew I’d have to replay it all over again when or if a patch ever comes out. Its been months. Is it really that hard to import trophies to a game?

    • I think it\’s a problem with resources right now. The team is in full force working on the next gen title. When I have more info, I\’ll share it with you.

  • Looking forward to this game to be released. Trophies?..oh well not a big deal. Strider remake please and thank you.

  • why does it have to come out next week? can’t you do it with todays update?

  • Thank you Capcom, loving the free soundtracks. I’ll be sure and download this Tuesday! Keep showing us PS fans love.

  • thank you John :)

  • I can’t believe the amount of people complaining about no trophies already. Don’t listen to them John D. This game is as good as bought at $15 for classic Street Fighter action. Day one.

  • OH MAH GODDDDDDDDD! I feel like a preteen at a Jonas Brothers concert! Can’t wait!, thanks Capcom!


  • wow, cant wait!

  • I will definitely be purchasing this on Tuesday. Will there be in-game music?

  • Sounds like a fun game and it is in 1080p. Nice combination.

  • would be nice If you create a music section on the Capcom Store and release some soundtracks in there (like you do on itunes)

  • Trophies: Not at launch

    Capcom, please. We know they are not coming. So stop it.

  • I can’t wait for this game, the graphics are lush and the gameplay is legendary.

    Trophies “not at launch” -does this mean they are definitely coming?

  • Pleas don’t hate me, but this game is too little too late, I’d rather wait for SF IV a couple of months, good luck with the game thoug…

  • The pricing is just about right, sold! Capcom is on a roll with these PSN titles. Keep it up.

  • This is fantastical! Two quick questions for you: (1) Is there an option to play with the old school 1993 graphics? and (2) Any chance a legitimate arcade stick will be released for the PS3 similar to ones released on older systems?

    • 1) Playing the old character graphics is an option. The backgrounds stay the same.

      2) We are making an arcade stick with MadCatz using real sanwa parts.

  • Oh wow, about time.

  • Wow! A free soundtrack! That’s freaking great. Will it contain both the new songs and in-game music, or just the new songs, by the way?

  • If I buy it will you kick my ass online? :) Who’s your fav fighter John…I’m a Ryu guy myself.
    Looking forward to its release!

  • Is this a Worldwide release next wee John or is it just North America only (C’mon dont leave the UK out ;))

  • “Oh yeah, we also have a “little” Street Fighter surprise”

    Street Fighter costumes for LittleBigPlanet!?

  • I love SF2! Unfortunately, I still have all my old SF games. So …

    No Trophies = No Purchase for me!

  • This is a day one purchase for me. Thanks John for giving us a lot of content for the PSN. Now I wait for Street Fighter to come, so I can beat my buddies as the best Street Fighter player against them. lol

  • *chuckles* Must’ve seen me coming, because you KNEW what I was going to bring up.

    When that trophy patch hits, you can have my $15. Until then, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be able to do it.

    Music by Redman and Zion I? I’m on it!

  • @31 oooh didn’t think about LBP costumes from the hint that was dropped… I was thinking more along the lines of some PSP SF love, but you’re probably right.

  • And speaking of PSN..I would love to see Sony getting more aggressive about getting PSN software reviewed by the gaming press. There are some great titles that are just floating in limbo without as much notice as they should be getting. I think if people who follow gaming but haven’t joined the PSN family (what ARE you waiting for, honestly?) saw some of the amazing content out there, they’d get off the fence. Enjoy those two cents. :-)

  • @31

    dont jump to conclusions too fast or you could get some PAIN …


  • Damn my dude.. $15 beans!!! Thats kinda steep IMO, with no trophies, no remote play.. Honestly all these classic games should be able to run on my PSP without Remote play IMO.. You know like the PS3/PSP PS1 classic.. Im mean other than the prettier graphic’s what the difference of me just buy SF Alpha 2 for $6.. Again Im not hating, that just how I feel now, in the crucial financial time.. lol.. BTW in the 1st vid you got you’re ass kicked.. I suggest either we do some editing or change the avatar.. Love the Karate Kid music though.. Classic ;)

  • As excited as I am to hear both a release date and price, I’m a lil disappointed to hear “Trophies: not at launch,” but its clearly understandable. My comment isn’t rooted in the lack of initial trophy support (i play games whether or not its supported), but more of the fact that it leaves Capcom’s delayed trophy support open-ended. I just wish that if/when that time comes, it won’t come too late. SF will always have replay value so i’m not too concerned, but for other games such as BC:R, I think late trophy implementation is just what it is: too late.

    Thanks though, John and Capcom, for finally releasing this game. I’ve been an avid supporter for as long as I can remember (I would run to my nearby 7-11 back in my elementary school days to play this game) and will continue to do so. ^_^


  • what about online tournaments??

  • @21 John

    glad to see is already in the works

  • Any word on a working RE1: Director’s Cut appearing on PSN this week?

    I purchased it last week from the Capcom store and not only is it PSP only, but it doesn’t even boot!

  • @42: Now THAT would be a buy.

  • Finally! Congrats Capcom, you get my first PSN purchase!

  • Trophies: not at launch

    I don’t have an issue with that is all.. but are they actually going to be added.

    Are they going to be added to any of the PSN games. Besides BC:R which is supposed to be added when the 3D game comes out.

    Resident Evil – Directors Cut… I want it.. Don’t even have to be in English..

    Thanks John man..

  • So is there gonna be in game music?

  • Hi John, long time we dont see each other in PSN.

    Nice price, I have another questions: 1-how much space in disk required, any idea?
    2- Where´s my Bionic Commando trophies?
    3- Wheres´s my PS3 Dead Rising for download in PS Store for 29.99 bucks ?

    Thanks and I as always, SF2HD is a must buy for me.

  • Tuesday? Nice! I hope you’re serious, I would love to see the “we only get new stuff on Thursdays” mold of stupidity broken…


  • That soundtrack lineup sounds serious.

  • Awesome so any confirmation on voice chat for PS3 and how it works?

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