The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

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  • Thanks for the recap :)

  • Always good to see the list in case i missed something

  • looking forward to the new “PSBlog Experience” on Monday!

    will it have in-blog xmb?

    i kid, i kid.


  • Hahaha in-blog xmb……hmm i wonder…..

  • killzone baby! now that’s what its all about.


  • [DELETED] ya^^^^ that games gunna be intense. does anybody know if their gunna put any of the older online maps from the first Killzone like the “Beach” or the “Slums” that would be sweeeeeet!!!!

  • Thanx for the recap as sometimes I miss some of these things.

  • Kind of a slow week for news. But I guess since all the big games out are already out its no surprise.

  • Another great week of blogging, even for the lack of incredible information to share.

  • Yet again no News about “Savage Moon”…

    beside some regular “Disc titels” my most Wanted…

    Still scheduled for November? i hope so.

  • We need an update on the Playstation HOME invite issues. We need some type of confirmation, if the any emails were sent to QORE subscribers and clarify if the email is the same as the THEME download. Many people are arguing that it is the same email but we need some type of confirmation. Thanks.

  • How about working with CapCom to get a PSP version of their new store front up as well please? Also more PSP game demos, and for the love of god get more DLC for PSP games up there! WipEout Pulse fans in the US have been waiting for a year now on the WipEout Pulse DLC that European users have been able to buy and download for a long time! Get with it Sony!

    Also please work with capcom to get their Monster Hunter DLC on the PSP store for the US/EU/JP stores, and last but not least Get Gurrila Studios to pout up their Killzone: Liberation download content, and patches! This would help the PSP big time!

  • Go Phillies! 2008 World Champs!

  • Not a bad week, i agree in general the PSP needs more content.

  • Socom is great, looking forward to the 1.30 patch.

    All of the Killzone videos that have hit the web this week have been mind blowing. Only three and a half more months. :)

    Also if SCEA needs any more QA testers let me know. I live by Dallas, TX and just ran into a bunch of free time. Lay offs suck.

  • Still no word from Sony about a fix for error 80022D11 trophy sync error that many people are affected by. It’s making some trophy enabled games unplayable. Can’t sync trophies to server.

    This needs to be fixed A.S.A.P Sony, more and more people are getting this error everyday!

  • socom is a total bust
    i love part 1 ,2 ,3
    this slowed down boring version of socom
    just made me hang up my socom boots

  • always nice to have a site to check updates

  • new Killzone 2 footage
    R2 in my PS3

    life is good

  • How come the Killzone image links to flikr?

  • Hey Jeff, do u know when the maintenance for the Information Bar will end? thanks, i also wonder what they’re adding..

  • I wish we could have some more info on home.

  • That Killzone 2 cover art is bank. :D
    (Or ‘tight’ or ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’ or whatever synonym you’d like to use.)

    Wish I could revel in the gaming madness that’s been going on of late, not to mention the making of X-mas lists full of games and whatnot, but the Real World has been hassling me- Matchbox 20 knows what I’m talking about. :P

    On a side-note, is there any chance Naughty Dog’s going to break their wall of silence any time soon? The (lack of) noise is giving me a splitting headache.

  • Thanks Jeff, really love the voice chat added to Hot shots golf.

  • Can we get an option to take screenshots of videos/blu-rays when watching them on our PS3s so we can save them as our wallpaper?

    Would be awesome if you guys can add that in a future update :D

  • liken this cover keep the good work up

  • Thats a great update for Socom

  • Nice week. Thanks for the recap.

  • Will the American Version of Killzone 2’s Box Art have Only On PlayStation?

  • Hey Jeff, how about a post explaining why MM and Sony are ruining LBP for many people with their over zealous moderation and borked level rankings? Way to p*** off talented creators and turn people off the game!


  • The PSN cards are already available in America and Japan but Europe is still waiting. That’s why the Dutch site decided to organize a petition. The only thing you have to do is put your PSN name in the read more link. It only takes a few seconds and every vote will help. So vote and spread the word for all the European gamers!


  • @30 (Kenshin001):

    That’s a GREAT question, and one that NEEDS to be addressed by Sony. It just seems that Sony is incapable of making intelligent decisions.

    They have a new franchise on the market with the potential to be a massive, long-term success. But instead of nurturing the aspects of the game that will make it successful, they destroy those aspects. Who wants to spend hours and hours building an awesome level only to have Sony delete it?

    At the very least, there should be some kind of Quarantine for unapproved levels. If you level isn’t “suitable”, then it gets quarantined…and you’re given a note explaining why the level isn’t suitable. Then you have a chance to fix the issue, and republish. Not just have your level deleted from existence.

  • @ 31 fondip

  • @33 BKZLint thank you for the comment but i live in the netherlands and i cant buy these cards beqease its only US compitable, i hope sony will be sell these cards in the dutch gamestore’s.

  • I really hope we see Trophy integration with the web soon.

  • does anyone know how 2 get into killzone2 beta?
    ive heard good things about it and people said its really amazing!

  • I hope Sony can get there act together in 2009.

  • @ feature – what does that even mean? were there not enough games for you this year mate???


  • @ touchyed – then don’t make anything questionable in LBP and you won’t have anything to worry about man. i know it can be hard but you gotta create something that is atleast a little original.


  • @lakaihigh
    It means I hope Sony can lower the price of their console by $100 to make themselves more competitive with their only competitor and not lose more market share, thereby giving fewer reasons for developers in Japan to go multiplatform. It means I hope Sony can redo their trc and make it mandatory that all ps3 and psn games released that year have trophies, in-game access to music, and in-game screenshots. It means I hope Sony can add features to the ps3 to make it as capable as the psp. It means I hope Sony can add system wide features that aren’t dependent upon developer implementation. It means I hope Sony can be realistic in their outlook of what behavior to expect from their customers when dealing with user generated content.

  • @lakalhigh
    It also means I hope Sony can make obvious and inexpensive changes to the ps3 skus such as selling the official bluetooth headset with the 80GB ps3 and dualshock 3 thereby showing they realize how important online is to western markets.

  • @ feature – oh. gotcha. that right there is a lot of demands! but I’m sure if they can get half of that down there shouldn’t be a problem. i believe it all comes down to marketing and word of mouth. guess we’ll see.


  • @featurepreacher I think Sony answered part of your demands with Quote “WE HAVE A BUSINESS TO RUN”. Its know way you will be getting a PS Bluetooth with a PS3 Bluetooth’s not cheap to make and give away like the headsets are that come with the 360. stop being cheap go out and buy one and stop trying to get something free

  • I wish that sony would add more shows like dirty jobs & man vs wild to the video store.Also,I wish that sony would allow us to Down Load games that we’ve already played from our hard drives,would that not be cool.

  • okay every time i try to play socom it tells me i need to download a patch so i go to download it and as soon as the update manager stuff comes up it signs me out….ive tried this a billion times and it does it every time and its really making me mad so if someone could hit me back with an answer that would be great

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