INFINITI G37 Wins the GRAN Prize

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Gran Turismo had a big presence in Las Vegas last week at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show for the sixth annual Gran Turismo Awards. The Gran Turismo Awards gives exhibitors the chance to have their car immortalized in a future installment of Gran Turismo as a drivable vehicle, with Gran Turismo creator and series producer Kazunori Yamauchi judging five finalists to select the “Best of Show” winner.

Best Of Show and Best Japanese Import

Prior to the SEMA show, all exhibitors are invited to submit their car for consideration by a select panel of distinguished judges, who pick the top car in each of five different categories, including “Best Domestic,” “Best European Import,” “Best Hot Rod,” “Best Japanese Import” and “Best Truck/SUV.” Judges consist of various respected automotive journalists, and judging for each category is based on the judges’ choice for cars that exhibit a strong balance of performance and style. After the five category winners are chosen, Yamauchi selects his favorite to receive the coveted “Best in Show” prize. This year, the winner of the “Best Japanese Import” went to JR Rocha with his custom 2007 Infiniti G37. The “Best Truck/SUV” honor was presented to John Wargo for his 1938 Chevy. The “Best European Import” award was given to Robert Gal this year for his Volkswagon Concept car. The “Best Domestic,” award was given to James Shipka for his 1967 Chevrolet Camero Rally Sport “Big Red.” The final category, “Best Hot Rod,” was awarded to Jason Lavigne for the Factory Five Racing 1933 Hot Rod.

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GT Awards 2008 053

To celebrate the best of the SEMA exhibitors, PlayStation hosted an awards ceremony last Thursday night at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. With drift and rally superstar Tanner Foust emceeing the ceremony, Yamauchi presented the Best in Show award to JR Rocha for his Infiniti G37. Yamauchi selected JR Rocha’s car for this prestigious honor because of the passion and dedication that went into making it. JR, and every other Gran Turismo fan, will be able to drive a virtual recreation of his G37 in a future installment of Gran Turismo. Following the ceremony, party guests were treated to a special live performance by hip hop superstar Ludacris, with rock legends Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro helping bring the set to an exciting close. Post-performance music was played by DJ Z-Trip. It was quite a show!!

003 Ludacris at SEMA

That’s it for now. We’re already looking forward to discovering next year’s hottest car at SEMA 2009!

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  • Nice cars!

  • Makes me wish I had my 64 Catalina there….

  • That’s a sweet Z. I can’t wait to get this into the game.

  • Any word when GT5 is coming out?

  • off topic-now that the second aniversary of the ps3 is almost upon sony planning to do something for the occassion?

  • I was there, car looks sick in person. the event was cool, loud and fun, the only downside was DJ-TZip, he needs to go back to DJ school. he killed my night.
    I don’t know how guys who can’t play get such a great gig.
    Next time call me up Sony.
    I’ll show you how it’s done.

  • @ #3 – RandomEarthling
    “That’s a sweet Z. ”

    That’s not a Z. It’s a G37. It’s actually better than a Z300.

  • “Future Gran Turismo installment…”

    Does this mean GT5:Prologue or GT5, or something even further away? I know it takes about 6 months work of 1 FTE to model a car, but I hope we can see it sooner rather than later!

  • All this GT stuff is great, but what I really want to see is how GT5 is coming along…..

  • I was very disapointed wen GT:Pro was released an found out you couldnt invite yr friends for a little 1on 1. If im to buy GT5 this had better be added, its alot more fun wen you can hav your friends in the mix aswell instead of total strangers who you cant even talk to no less

  • I was just looking at the 2009 G37 at the Texas State Fair auto show last month. Very, very nice ride.

  • “INFINITI”, no Y :)

  • That car is F’NG sick…

  • Ludacris?


    Bluberry Yum Yum…mmmmmmmmm


    sounds like a great time, but everything in vegas is a great time!

  • Ludacris? He played at my school last month (CSUN).

  • Awesome looking!


  • Damn, that G37 is hot!!! Super sweet ride. I’d prefer it without all the promo stickers.

    1. Will GT5 Prologue ever get patched with vehicle damage?

    2. Can we expect a better lobby system (Private friends list games)?

    3. When can we expect Custom in-game music?

    4. Any chance GT5 Prologue being patched with Trophy support?

    These are the four reasons why I don’t put this game in my PS3 anymore. Until then, I’ll keep on playing Burnout Paradise and Motorstorm: PR.

    Thank you!

  • I love the GT awards, hopefully they will have something up on GT TV later this week.

  • @ 7 twooh

    That’s not necessarily true. I have a 350Z and a friend of mine have a G35. They are pretty similar rides to a certain point. The 350Z has a more rougher ride. Like a pure racer. But the G35 is smoother with a slight lower pick up. But it’s definitely a smoother ride. Like a BMW’s raw racing roughness compare to a Mercedes luxurious smoothness.

    That’s a comparison for 350Z and G35. Not sure about a G37 though. When I drive one I’ll let you know.

  • INFINITI not infinitY.

  • I would like to drive that 37 in person but i think the closet I’ll ever come to racing one will be in a future Gran Turismo game. Thanks for the tease though, i guess.


  • @ ghostm – lucky bastard! but i think you shoulda held out for the 370Z. its gonna be amAzing.


  • when can we get that car on gt5 that is very sweet

  • Love the pics.


  • Very good, i love the G37 picture.

    Thanks for the info.

  • @ 23 lakaihigh

    I’m gonna trade my current one in for the new one. Mine is in superb condition with low millage. Cant wait!

  • I am also agreeing with folks that GT5 needs to have a much improved online gameplay system from GT5P to be considered useful, fun and up to date with the other online games that are out now and next year. I’m specifically referring to the need for a party system, abilities to invite friends from your friends list to play, ability to add players from online races to be on your friend’s list. I think these would go a long way to making the online gameplay component of GT5 successful when it is released.

  • ya thats what im sayen^^^^^ come on this is next gen an pritty much the fifth GT they should know wut their fans would want to do by now i mean how the @%$¿ are you gunna release a game with no in game chat?? this is PS3, not PS2, this is 2008, not 1998 get with the program.

  • Doesn’t surprise me that a Japanese car was chosen as a winner and a future car for GT5…

    Cool stuff though.

  • WOW, super nice ride wish i had one :(

  • that seemed to be a really kool event… nice whip!

  • Playstation fails… JR’s ride is a 2008 Infiniti G37. There is no such thing as a 2007 G37 because the G37 was released in 2008. I know this because I have one.

  • @30 gadbury: whys it not surprise you? its not like the only cars KY picks are japanese. look at last years winner the art morrison C1 Corvette. KY just picks what he thinks is the best.

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