The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • The Exodus – Historical records from the Helghast 13th Scholastic Battalion reveal why the defeated Helghast colonists eventually left Vekta for Helghan.
  • Gotta Squash Them All – In his latest blog entry, Senior Programmer Frank Compagner describes the how and why of bugfixing during the development process.

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  • Qore Home delayed again? :)

  • Thanks for all the info.

  • If you look at the big picture, this has been a good week for PlayStation 3 owners. Thank you, SCE!

  • What is the diference between Socom Confrontation and Socom Confrontation Beta???

  • @ Conrad Max (3)

    Indeed, sometimes it’s hard to keep such perspective, but between Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet (technically released last week, but I’m still enjoying it :D ), Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, Valkyria Chronicles, and Tom Clancy’s Endwar this was a pretty big week. And there’s still plenty more to come before the year closes out.

  • looking forward to seeing who won the costume contest!

    if the winners don’t want the prizes, i would be happy to accept em for them! lol!

    it was just neat to see my picture make it to the honorable mention!

    have a great weekend PsBlog!

  • snaga81 | November 8th, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    “What is the diference between Socom Confrontation and Socom Confrontation Beta???”

    Beta means that the game is still being tested – looking for bugs and such to be fixwed before being released for sale.

  • Waiting on the Socom update.

  • Now we just need PS3 price drop to 300 and Home Public Beta Begins to pop up on here.

  • @1.MAKASU they never said that the HOME BETA will be included in this issue of Qore. Sony said Qore subscribers will be included in to Home. How could it been delayed when it didn’t have a date.

    Now i wanna know if Qore will get Killzone 2 Beta. i have HOME already i want K2 Beta

  • I could go for a ps3 price drop to so I can finally get my own. Oh and Home would be cool too.

  • Thanks Jeff; another good week.

  • sony please let us log into two seperate accounts at once on the PS3. would really like to play resistance 2 split screen and not have to start over every single time i play.

  • awesome week! plowed right through the single player campaign story and am now plucking through the 8 player co-op ones. See you all on the 60 player battle field.


  • Thanks for the recaps :)

  • All these updates are cool an all but were is the classics like the PS1 game “ONE” or “Mortal Kombat Trilogy” why is it taken so long for the old classics to come to the store

  • Great week, but what is the deal with the LBP “secret” week one t-shirt? I downloaded the pumpkin and spacesuit and I didn’t see the shirt.
    Who gets it?
    Am I missing something?

    Please help, thanks. :D

  • Thank you Professor Playstation!

  • This was my BEST :) PS3 week! :P
    Wednesday i got LBP :P
    Thursday i got MotorStorm 2 :P
    Friday i got into the ‘HOME’ beta :P
    Saturday i got a ‘Namco’ old-skool game pack download off the Japan PSN store(To do with HOME)
    Today i’m Knackered!!! :D

    Yep! ‘This Is Living’! :)

  • @ 19

    What about Tuesday? No Resistance 2? :(


  • @20 :)
    No it’s not out until the 28th of November in the U.K(that’s where i am) :)
    I got it on Pre-order tho :D

  • Wheres home? Although i do now think that unless homes replaces the xmb experience then its done for. We have been waiting to long….its gonna have bugs just stop trying to fix em and launch it you’ll get critisized no matter what.

    Also where is cross game chat? this is needed badly.


  • Testing.

  • i’m really think thats one of the gayest features to cry for(cross game chat). whats so important that you have to talk to your friend when yall both not playing the same game.

  • Sony you really shouldn’t even mention SOCOM on your Blog posts it’s making your whole company and system look bad. These idiots at Slant Six COMPLETELY ruined the franchise by releasing a buggy game with a LOT of missing features.

    And whats the latest? Now they are saying that being able to play with friends and clan mates was never promised and may never come!!! Either shut that company down or FORCE them to fix their broken game a ton of people paid for.

  • I wonder if anyone will notice.

  • On the back of the box of Socom Confrontation it says that there are trophies but there are none.

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