Folding@home Honored for Good Design

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When many of you are done playing games or watching videos for the night, you chose to give back by launching Stanford University’s Folding@home application on your PLAYSTATION 3. Whether you do it to benefit society, or just because the visualizations look cool, over a million of you have found the experience to be rewarding. Now it’s Folding@home’s turn to be recognized.

Earlier today, the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization awarded Sony Computer Entertainment the “Good Design Gold Award 2008” for our support of the Folding@home project on PS3.

Folding@home is a distributed computing project which aims to understand protein folding and misfolding, and how they are related to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and many forms of cancer.

We take special pride in the words said by the judges of the event, which gave the Gold award to only 15 projects out of over 3,000 nominees. In their words:

“Analysis of proteins for the purpose of shedding light on diseases is just one example of solution design for social issues, a stance that indicates the direction that design should take in the future. Motivating the people who will be involved in these studies will be the key to success, but the program functions well as an idea for making participation in this project visible on a global scale.”

Many people have worked to get this application working, both in Sony Computer Entertainment and in Stanford University, but all of this would not be doable without the participation and the donation given by you- the active community. So allow me to extend my thanks and hope to see you all continue to contribute to this important project.

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  • Congratulations!

    I use folding@home as a “sleep mode” while I’m away. While downloading content I just leave my PS3 on, the controller turns off by itself and the system launches into folding@home automatically. When I come back all of my content is finished downloading. Pretty sweet.

  • congrats.

    when did the idea of folding@home arise?

    is the PS3 the only system capable of that kind of project?

    how hard was it to get a project like that onto a gaming console?

    are there more updates being worked on in the future to help grow folding@home (ie the news channel)?

    keep up the good work:)

    • Folding@home began on October 2000 and ran on PCs since then it been ported to several platforms, including the PS3.
      We were lucky and the PS3 Cell processor was a great match for the folding algorithm to run on.
      We are continuing to work on folding@home and Life with PlayStation but I cannot reveal more details at this point…

  • Thats great. I fold on my desktop PC and my PS3, it’s great to help out a good cause (while being lazy).

  • I leave my PS3 folding and in remote play anytime I leave the house. Makes connecting with my PSP much quicker and folds while I’m away.

  • Awesome!!
    All I can say is it deserve to be honored.
    The way it looks and more than that the way it helps. :)

  • I’m glad to see this getting recognized. I bought my PS3 (60gb) last June and it has only been turned off during severe thunderstorms and when I was out of town for an extended period.

    I am currently in second place on the GTPlanet Folding@Home team. It has to be the best non-gaming function of the PS3. Not that music, videos, and pictures aren’t cool, but they aren’t helping disease research.

    Now, if I could find a way to record it as a charitable donation on my taxes….
    Maybe you all can get with Stanford and the IRS to figure out a way to give us a tax receipts based on our points. That would encourage even more usage.

  • Congrats on Sony and Stanford on the award and congrats also to everyone who folds. I’m just about to hit 2000 folds. :-o

  • I’ve been a proud user of F@H since I got my PS3. I love the feature, its incorporation in LWP, and how cool it looks.

    Thanks for offering us the option to run it on the PS3.

  • Way to go Sony! Keep it up! :)

  • congrats sony and stanford for receiving the award.

  • I don’t know if it was just a co-inky dink but I BRICKED my launch PS3 a day after first running F@H. I congradulate Sony & Stanford on this collabo however I’m just too chicken poo to try again.

  • Thanks Noam.

    Been using Folding@Home since January 2008 and will continue doing so.

    I think it’s a great concept and if I can help in any way to conquer these diseases, I’m all for it.

    I never turn off my machine. If it’s not used to play games, Internet radio, view Bluray movies, etc…it’s on and Folding@Home.

    I know many people state I’m wasting energy, but I do conserve in many other ways.
    As well, I think that if this even helps to cure or find a solution to just one disease, it’s all worth my while.

    You guys need a special thanks as well in my opinion for bringing such a great service to the PS3.

  • I have been folding since the day I hooked up my PS3 about a year and a half ago. I used to be in Nursing and I feel that this is a way I can continue helping people in need.

    I fold every night when recharging my controller or reading the news on Life With Playstation. It is an honor being a small part of this project.

    Congradulations to Sony Computer Entertainment for the recognition of your part in the Fold@home project!

  • Congrats to Sony, Stanford and all of us that run the folding@home program! :)

    How about you give back to us by allowing us to earn some trophies for folding? That would also get more people on board. Just a thought!

  • nrimon replied on November 7, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    “We are continuing to work on folding@home and Life with PlayStation but I cannot reveal more details at this point…”

    I am intrigued. I hope we get localized news and images based on zip codes. Also, live webcam images for every city featured. Some current images show daylight pictures when it is really night there.

    More cities!

    And again, congradulations on the recognition of your Folding@home participation!


  • @13 GGCAN
    Like now lol dude you’ve been Folding since forever every time I sign on PSN.

    It’s great that Stanford, Sony, and folders are being recognized for helping out for a great cause.

    I’ve only folded about 50 hours until I noticed my fans on my 80GB MGS PS3 speeding up after a while. Will this cause any harm to the PS3? I’ve asked this on a few boards but all i’ve gotten was mixed answers.

  • Congrats on the award Sony

  • congratulations, folding@home is one of my PS3’s favorite pass times went i’m @ work or sleeping. if only everyone could earn money like that maybe the economy would suck so badly. Great concept, that actually works towards a greater good. I feel like a real superhero helping the world. Thank You.

  • wouldn’t suck… my bad.

  • Congratulations guys.

  • @17 – InfinitiProject

    This is what I read when I first started folding…it’s on the folding@home FAQ-PS3
    (website is

    Is it safe to run the PS3 24×7?

    Yes. We have several PS3’s running in our lab, running Folding@home 24/7 and have had good results so far. Sony developed the client to run on the PS3, and supports it completely.

  • I’m proud to say I’ve got 728 completed Work Units and counting.
    I will support F@H till the day I die.

  • Noam,

    Congrats on the much deserved work on F@H and LWP.

    “We are continuing to work on folding@home and Life with PlayStation but I cannot reveal more details at this point”

    It would be fantastic if LWP had a channel like the headlines one currently but for your friends list with each player’s latest trophies, purchases, or other online activity.

  • i think it’s great how alot of gaming sites and magazines have formed folding “clubs” that reinforce that idle time can be used in a constructive way-

    The cell processor has some amazing uses, even the government and tons of other organizations utilize it..

    I hope sometime there is an actual press release or blogpost containing some report of what exactly has been done so far with the collected data, it would be cool to see how we are helping!

    keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the thanks :)

  • Thank you for bringing this to the PS3!

  • Well, on behalf of the community: You’re welcome. :D

    Personally, I just enjoy listening to the music and maybe checking some headlines. I especially love the themes that play when Life is on at different times in the day. Dawn’s Theme is especially beautiful. Any chance we could get more of those?

    Anyway, if I’m not using my PS3, but it’s on, I don’t see why someone more deserving shouldn’t reap the benefits.

    PlayStation receives an award, we receive an award. We are PlayStation. :D

  • Congrats! Glad we could help a greater good.

  • keep up the good work team :-D

  • Seems Sony is getting recognition it absolutely deserves left and right lately. Me likes that.

  • I currently have 383 Work Units. It’s actually pretty fun trying to get to the top of my group’s list. But, that is secondary to the work we are all participating in. I hope more PS3 owners would join us in this endeavor.

  • Good job Sony!

    But you guys should keep adding to it. I love the music that came with F@H but wish you guys would add more songs like that to the program.

    Also if you could connect F@H and Home that would be nice.

  • Why dont you add trophys to folding@home it would mean alot more people like my self would just spend hours on folding@home. Like 1 hours gets you a bronze or such things like that.

  • Congrats you guys deserve the award for making an awesome product. The improvements are amazing and have add tremendous value to the system.
    Fold the Official Forums team # 55265

  • Congrats, Folding@home. I’ve been doing research on it and found it to be very useful for medical research. I used to work at NIH as a summer student and I use my PS3 and folding@home as a presentation for my summer project.

  • Congrats on the reward. Any news on when other music themes besides “recommended” will be available to select in LWP?

  • Congratulations.

    I’m not a huge contributor to this folding@home as I don’t like the idea of leaving a machine on 24/7 like several do. Its dangerous and eats too much power so my PS3 is basically on when I game or do other stuff but other then that it isn’t. Too bad the software can’t work while you’re gaming :-(

  • I do use it when I listen music from my PS3 :-)

  • I have been thinking of that alot when using the folding application there should be a feature where it can run in the back round while playing a game or watching a movie or something

  • That may lead to lag in your games as well as your movies.

  • I’m sure Sony could figure out a way around that if lagging was a problem

  • How would the software work while you’re gaming when hopefully the game’s using as much of the CPU as it can?

    Also, Stanford themselves use many PS3s running 24/7 — I hardly see it as dangerous.

    As for wasting electricity, look up what supercomputer time to do similar research would cost in watt-hours of electricity used and realize that that all research costs energy, in this case its at your house instead.

    And to the people who ask about the published research — take a look on Folding@Home’s website, they have publications as well as news right there.

  • Congratulations to the FAH-team! =) I’m one of those, who often fire up FAH when I’m not doing anything with the PS3, and I really like the application (though I liked it better before it was integrated or transformed into Life with PlayStation — the menus are confusing now). All in all, you guys have done a great job!

    A few thoughts:

    It would be nice, if FAH/LwP would allow to zoom in further, so even smaller towns could be seen lit up.

    It would also be nice if more towns were added to the news feeds.

    I was thinking about another view: The user could select some topics of interest, and then only those would be shown, and located on the globe based on which country the news relate to or originated from. I miss a way to see news I’m interested in.

    Finally, audio playback over UPnP/LDNA shares would be much appreciated.


  • please add more music to life with playstation i think its really good. i relax and listen to it all the time.
    also add more cities for news and weather.. or maybe let us choose the cities we want.

    i never used to fold at home but i do it now because i have folding at home running . it set to go for 2 units everytime my ps3 is idle… which is very much lol.

  • congrats, pleas add more music, and maybe a small game to the interface, would be nice to play breakout etc while folding.

  • ..oh, and please don’t add music. Preferably, please remove all music from the app. Music should be played from the HD.

  • I am sick of the freezing when switching from Life With Playstation to Folding@Home and my PS3 always restarts when exiting the application. So meh I don’t use it anymore… it’s a waste.

  • hi is it possible to put folding@home on the psp???

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