Need A Laugh? BUZZ! Quiz TV Comedy Pack Releases Today

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BUZZ! Quiz TV already provides comic relief (especially when throwing a pie at one of your nemeses), but we’re stepping it up a notch today with the release of the Comedy Quiz Pack featuring over 500 comedy movie trivia questions. With questions on actors such as Will Ferrell, Andy Kaufman, and John Belushi, and movies such as “Zoolander”, “Clerks”, and “The Big Lebowski”; the BUZZ! Quiz TV Comedy quiz pack definitely brings the funny. Test your comedic prowess:




BuzzQuizTV AddOn Comedy

The Comedy pack release is the fifth quiz pack add-on since the launch of BUZZ! Quiz TV and follows Sci-Fi, National Geographic: Safari, Videogames and the recently-released Horror pack. We’re continuing to offer more content – and you gamers are as well. Since the game’s launch, over 9,000 quizzes have been created by the North American MyBUZZ community – that’s over 200 quizzes uploaded to each day!

You can check the news page from the BUZZ! Quiz TV in-game lobby to view additional gamer metrics, top author, “what’s new”, and more. And we’ll be sure to keep you posted on what’s to come for BUZZ! Quiz TV here on the PlayStation.Blog.

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  • sick, looks like a good pack, makes me wish i had buzz quiz tv

  • Love this game…thanx for the DLC!

  • I love these packs thank you!!!!! I wish there was more different games though. And more characters. Mabe a character creator, that would be really cool and you can save them so play with later.

  • Sold on the DLC but I also agree with #5, we need more game modes and/or a way to switch up the order of the game modes. Also releasing an additional pack of buzzers is needed, I am not going to pay another $60 to rebuy the game to get more buzzers, release a $30 or $40 pack of 4 additional buzzers and I’m sold.

  • I love this quiz back. :D I really enjoyed the video game one, and look forward to more.

    I wish Buzz would have a patch where we could vary the multi-player games a little (like play all fastest to answer the question right). Otherwise, I absolutely love the game.

  • I absolutely love Buzz!! These DLC packs are great. Thanks for the continuing support!

  • @#7: agreed, why need a way to change the game up so its not so repetitive..

  • I really want to get BUZZ! for the PS3 but man, I don’t have the funds at the moment to do so… rest assured, I will, at some point, get it.

    Thanks for the continued DLC! Makes that impending purchase even sweeter :)

  • I’m starting think I should get Buzz! Quiz Tv. Looks like loads of fun for the family.

    PS: Step up the advertising for Resistance 2. Show more game-play, show the people what R2 is all about!

  • oh yeah, i almost forgot-


    Did anyone dress up as “buzz” for the halloween costume contest? i didn’t see any of the “buzz” costumes…maybe everyone was focused on making Sackboys/girls?

    i think it would be great if you could show all the entries that didn’t make it after the contest is done, it would be neat to see all the blog posters costumes!


  • Some more great add-ons for another fun title.

  • Nice!!! It’s great to see continued support for Buzz!

  • Oh crap, there goes another $6. GH:WT DLC and the video game pack were already on my list, now I’ve got another one.

  • and I forgot about the LBP DLC. Oi, it’s a good thing I’ve got overtime this week.

  • Funny, I have a Classic Rock Buzz pack…

  • This is one of my favorite games of all time. Is there any chance you guys could add more characters/avatars to play with? Better yet, can we just use our PS Home characters?

    I’m also looking for a partner to do the 50 sofa vs sofa games for the Gold Trophy! =)

    I don’t really buy the add-ons because I think they are a bit expensive.

  • Thanks Jenny.

    Got the other packs for Buzz and will be adding this one as well.

    Great game.

  • Yes! Thanks for the update on Buzz! I will be buying this tonight.

  • I’m picking this up. Thanks for the continued support! Hope you guys keep it up.

  • i appreciate u guys at sony filling us in with the add- ons and the updates..but SERIOUSLY wheres all the news about HOME!!! i need more info about it PLEASE. but again THANKS for all the rest of the info u guys hit us up with mucho appreciated!..:p

  • Love the game! Thanks for the new packs!

    But I have two requests! Is this something you guys are looking at adding in a patch??

    1. In-game xmb music please?!?

    2. Online chat when playing please?!?

    Thanks guys/gals!

  • On the Relentless website, it is mentioned that a future patch will address some of the concerns mentioned in IGN’s review of the game. When are we expected to here some more detail about the upcoming patch for the game? Also, any timeframe on availability of independently packaged wireless Buzzers?

  • We need to be able to have a random game order or change the game modes. It gets too repetitive.

  • “In a fine piece of timing IGN US posted their review, giving us an 8.9 and an Editors’ Choice award. They particularly liked some of the features we’ve released in patches post-release. Who knows, perhaps some of the other things they’re wishing for might become available in future patches too…”

    Source: www[dot]relentless[dot]co[dot]uk/news/?id=51

  • I’m actually kinda glad you guys didn’t release this game with 1080i support, since I probably would have bought it and I’d be getting nailed left and right by extra money for DLC. Thanks for not supporting owners of 1080i TVs by making a 720p only game. :)

  • I knew all of those except the middle one! I’ve actually never seen This is Spinal Tap

  • Oh wow, thanks for sharing that StalkingSilence. I gotta read that IGN review again.

    I’m also looking to just buy wireless buzzers to get some 8 player action going.

  • Question to those that bought the Videogame quiz pack: Was it worth it? Are the questions any good?

    I bought the Sci-fi pack, and I love it. Firefly/Serenity questions!!

  • Please fix the online lobby. I hate having to start all over after each online game.


  • PLEASE release a patch to add more options to online play!!! The game is absolutely wonderful with just a couple of major shortcomings.

    The first thing that needs patching is the repetative online play. We need more variety than just the three same rounds EVERY time.

    The second thing that needs patching is the ability to play sofa vs. sofa with more than one player on the same PS3. Sure, we can “share” a character online… but we need the option for each person on the same console to be able to use their own character in online games.

    Thank you for the wonderful packs. Keep ’em coming & please look into the patching the above issues!

  • I really want to buy this game. Just so broke :(

  • Sweet! I like a good laugh (or over 500 good ones)!


  • still gotta get this game… but I’m currently tied up between R2 and LBP. This title is def on the horizon though.


  • One thing I wanted to mention, when you’re playing another person and it’s a multiple choice question, can an update be made so that your opponent doesn’t see your selections ?

    I find that many times if the other person doesn’t know the answer, they’ll copy matter if you are right or wrong…but I feel that my answers should only be seen by me until Buzz states what the correct ones are.

  • So, what’s the price on this bad boy?

  • So…. I guess we’re going to have to wait until 10PM EST again for the store update?

    You guys are too slow. Seriously :(

  • @37
    I think they’ve all been $5.99, but that’s just from memory.

  • updates the store aready

  • All of them have been that price except for the National Geographic pack.

  • 10PM? really? Wow..they used to get it done like by 7PM EST. Doenst surprise me though. So much for getting my LBP costumes today.

  • @42

    It wasn’t up until 10PM EST last week. Yeah I know before that they were usually up between 5-7PM.

    Would it really be that difficult to have a set time to update the store every week like the other two companies?

    Oh yeah, I just remembered it’s Sony. If they set a deadline they would massively fail every week anyway.

  • Well if you’re a Qore annual subscriber you can download the November episode right now from your download list…

    Still waiting for the other stuff though..

  • @42
    You must not have Live because it’s never updated exactly at the same time every week.You usually know the day(wed) when a title for XBLA will show up,but nothing else. Ever wonder why Kotaku only does PSN update posts?

    It’s because it has a regular schedule..

  • that’s funny could have swore Live updates every Wed at 2am Central. At least with live it’s always there when I check. This updating Thursday afternoons/nights is getting tired quick…

  • Store is updated now for me.. click in new releases and check …. east coast

  • Thanks Phoenix, just checked.

    Looks like another crappy update….

  • Crappy? LBP DLC as promised? MGS4 demo? plenty of DLC tracks, videos, etc… a new Qore for those who dig that sort of thing? B+ or better if you ask me…. oh right no one did. lol

  • well… the lbp dlc is good. but i’ve had mgs4 since day one so that demo does nothing for me. and im not into stuffing my ps3 full of rockband/guitar hero tunes.

    so this update is more like a C- for me

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