PlayStation.Blog Halloween Costume Contest – You Choose!

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Hey PS Blog Community –

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Halloween costume contest. By and large, the majority of you opted to dress up as SackBoys. We loved looking at all of the photos and it was tough to narrow it down, but Jeff did his best to select the top five submissions based on originality and likeness of character. Look over your voting ballot below (along with Jeff’s comments), before casting your all important vote. We’re now counting on you, the readers, to select the top three participants who will go on to receive fabulous prizes and praise. Make your selection below by this Friday, 5:00 PM PST. One vote per person (trust us, we know). Good luck to the finalists!

Entry #1 – SackCouple (Ricardo G.)

Ricardo G

Jeff says: Our first entry received set the tone – lots of SackBoys! The female one is sporting a very “Ms. Pac-Man” vibe, with the askew bow. Adorable.

Entry #2 – Team WipEout (Jessica D.)

Jessica D

Jeff says: This entry gets my vote as most creative. These two posed as WipEout drivers, sporting their team affiliations. I’d have declared them instant winners if they went with my fave, Team Goteki – so they’re still going to need votes to win.

Entry #3 – Hawaiian Sackboy (Daniel W.)

Daniel W

Jeff says: I think this is the most well-constructed SackBoy – just look at that zipper! Not sure about that shirt though, I’d search the levels for some outfit bubbles you may have missed …

Entry #4 – Helghast (ding dong)

ding dong

Jeff says: This entry succeeds in being even more creepy than Killzone 2’s Helghast troops. I won’t sleep well tonight.

Entry #5 – SackBoat (Ross A.)


Jeff says: This SackBoy clearly pressed up on the D-pad repeatedly – that tongue is wagging. Bonus points for risking the costume to jump into a boat, for completely unclear reasons.

Vote now, America (and anywhere else you may be reading this from)!

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Now these two won’t count, as they didn’t represent SCE characters, but I wanted to honor them anyway:

Special Mention – Best Weapon (Josh H)

Josh H

Jeff says: Biohazard KeyBlade (he called it Emerald Weapon). That’s awesome.

Special Mention – Scariest Costume (FritoZ)


Jeff says: Even I wouldn’t dress as me. Seriously, I’ve already changed my locks.

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