NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORMs PS3 Tomorrow!

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Hello PlayStation.Blog readers around the world! My name is Hiroshi Matsuyama from CyberConnect2, the developer of NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM.

Last time I spoke with you, I covered some of our basic game features. Today, as promised, I’d like to share some of our development secrets with you so that you can learn about how we made this incredible game.

We began work on the game in January 2006, while most of our company was still working on the .hack//G.U. series for PlayStation 2. We hand-picked a team of our 10 most obsessive developers which constantly grew in number as the project progressed. The team expanded from 10 to 20, 30 and eventually 65 people, which were all working on the game for the last 9 months of development. Our basic concept for the game was to eliminate the lines between traditional animation and video games. This is a pretty serious goal! We knew that to meet this goal, we would have to produce a game the likes of which nobody has ever seen.

cyberconnect 2

Fundamentally speaking, I think CyberConnect2 is good at action games. After gameplay, we pay a lot of attention to graphics. With Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, we knew we couldn’t just advance our graphics technology by just one step – we had to aim for two steps. Everyone here is a fan of every type of animation such as cel animation, cartoons, CG, and flash. Of course, the NARUTO TV series was our biggest influence for this project. I know a lot of fans feel that Japanese animation is unique because it has a special hand-drawn look to it. It’s hard to totally nail down exactly what it is, but we studied a ton of animation to make sure our game had these same qualities.

We also upgraded our development environment to take on this game. We started using LCD graphics tablets which allow us to use a stylus to create hand-drawn textures. We also installed round tables over the artists’ workstations to prevent light reflections from interfering with their work. This is an example of some of the steps we took to create CG graphics with a hand-drawn feel.

Our animation team regularly watched the NARUTO animated series while they worked to keep the same sort of tempo of movement and frame progression. As you can see, each animator has three monitors at their desk. The one on the left allows them to see the graphics as they will appear in the game, the one in the middle is the CG tool program, and the one on the right plays animation throughout the day as inspiration and reference material.


Of course, we have a lot of reference material beyond animation. We have almost 1,000 NARUTO comic books and NARUTO-related magazines and books in our office library.

We also have a huge DVD collection. The list of these little animation secrets go on and on, but the key one is that everyone working on the game loves NARUTO. I really believe this group loves NARUTO more than any other group in the world.

photo_04 photo_06

These are some of the elements that helped us create NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM. I think the game will really satisfy fans and also be accessible to people who may not know much about NARUTO.

Thank you all for this great opportunity to talk about the game. It comes out tomorrow – Tuesday, November 4th – so I really hope you all get a chance to check it out!

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  • Picking Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm LE with Resistance 2 tomorrow. Can’t Wait, Thanks CyberConnect2.

  • Yes! thank you

  • Ah, I would love to have that huge collection!

  • Looks gorgeous, but no online + no trophies = a bit TOO MUCH missing to pay full price , so it’s a no buy for me. But i’ll get it as soon as i hear online support is coming in a patch.

  • Thanks for the inside look into making this game

  • @sackboom

    what about earlier ps3 games they didn’t have online nor trophies

    like assassin creed
    heavenly sword
    Ratchet and Clank
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    uncharted drake’s fortune (when it was release)

    i think this is the perfect price for a ps3 game

  • 楽しみ!


  • WOW, this game looks phenomenal. Thank you, for the update and giving us a look into the process of making this game. Is there anyway for someone in the U.S.A to work for Cyberconnect2?

  • Pre-ordered mine many time ago, I hope the AA is just a little better in the final version than it was in the demo, the rest is just amazing!

    Good job!

    • Yes, there has been a lot of progress overall since we released the demo. Some of these improvements might not be immediately apparent, but I do feel the graphics are crisper in the final game.

  • This seems like it will be an amazing game!

    Is there a chance in the future we might see a patch for Trophies and/or Online play?

    • There seems to be a lot of discussion about trophies here, so I would like to let you know a little more about why the game does not support this feature. We had already finished building the core foundation of our game before we even learned about trophies. We could have still added them, but it would have caused our development schedule to slip and we weren\’t 100% certain we wouldn\’t encounter new bugs or issues after they were in the game. I personally feel that we made the right decision to get the game out to fans as soon as possible. I think you will see trophies becoming more and more prevalent in the future as developers can fit them into their development schedules from the start.

  • Wow what a perfect job, to have all that NARUTO content right in the same place that you work in.

    I am impressed with how the game is turning out and I cant wait to get it. It is perhaps because of these past two posts and even the demo that I ran out and preordered it quickly just this weekend. I am so excited.

  • how was the pre-order sales?
    hope its doing good.

  • Naruto is not my cup of tea but good job with this game, I’m sure many people will enjoy it.

  • @ tonykid

    i don’t care about trophies, but many do. all that matters to me is the online, as it keeps a game living for ever. the replay value is infinite. and most importantly, it is a fighting game, so it’s one of the main genre where online should be available.

  • The (early) demo really was phenomenal. I don’t know anything about the NARUTO series, but the art style really was amazing.

  • Will be getting this tomorrow! Really wish this had online play though, that’s my biggest gripe :(

  • Finally the day is near. Been my most anticipated release for a while. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great job on the game there folks, I’m sure it’ll be a huge success for you. question: will there be any type of Home Integration? Besides the launch into game thingy. Thanks and I look forward to buying this game. The demo was alot of fun.

    Anyone who rates less than 5, never gave it a chance and don’t understand just how great it is. 5 blocks from me. Also if you don’t like it, don’t rate it. It’s called being biased.

  • Although online play and trophies would be nice, the game is just too damned fun to pass up. I’ll be picking up my copy tomorrow

  • I’ll have to pass as though I find Japanese culture fascinating, I despise their style of animation. Just my personal taste though. The game does, admittedly, look AMAZING. I’m sure it will please anyone who plays it. I know I played the demo and was impressed by the visuals. :D

  • What you’ve done with this game is impressive to say the least. At times I can’t believe what I’m seeing is a game. Real-world level graphics may be aways off, but I think you’ve successfully captured the cartoon/anime-level graphics perfectly. May you have a successful release. :D



    thanks for the post! it was great to see you using that sweet Wacom tablet! (mine is over ten years old but i still use it all the time)

    All i can say is this game LOOKS GREAT!!!

    I remember first hearing the “other gaming system” got an exclusive Naruto game where you can run around in the city like with sandbox style play, i was pretty jealous for all PS3 fans, but THIS VERSION LOOKS EVEN BETTER!

    I reallly enjoy these cell shaded games, it really is like we are playing the cartoons!

    (the first game with cell shading that really captured my imagination was dragon quest 7 )

    thanks again for the post!


  • Thanks for the info

  • Looks gorgeous, but no online + no trophies = a bit TOO MUCH missing to pay full price , so it’s a no buy for me. But i’ll get it as soon as i hear online support is coming in a patch.

    You know on PS2 there were no trophies nor online and yet it is one of the best selling console AND has hundreds of games.

  • Also when is this game coming out in the U.K?

  • Why is there a 3.5GB install on this game. These 3+ installs are getting annoying. I have the space (250GB+) on my ps3, but for the people that have to delete their game date just to play this game is mess up. Why can’t you guys be more like Uncharted with zero load time, zero install, and the best graphic on the ps3 right now.

  • i love this game when i played the demo i was very impress unlike the other naruto game i played this weekend.will this be the last of Naruto games on the ps3 or will you guys go into the Naruto: Shippūden series?

  • again with the “comment awaiting moderation”?

    was that really over 1000 characters?

    actually i just counted it, it was like 550 characters??

    Sorry to have to ask this here, but why the sudden censorship? I thought you guys wanted our feedback..that was the whole point of the blog?

    now we can’t type too much? you just want us to say short simple stuff like “sweet, this game ftw” or “no trophies = no buy”

    or actual feedback? some forums WILL ban you if you leave simple posts…is it preferred here? less to read through?

    anyway, still love the blog, but it feels like every time i post it gets moderated anymore..

  • Words cannot describe how pumped I am for this game. In a world of shooters I welcome some good action and fighting!

  • Looks gorgeous, but no online + no trophies = a bit TOO MUCH missing to pay full price , so it’s a no buy for me. But i’ll get it as soon as i hear online support is coming in a patch.

    You know Uncharted has no Online and trophies didn’t get added until just a few months ago. That didn’t stop me from playing buying and enjoying it.

  • Looks gorgeous, but no online + no trophies = a bit TOO MUCH missing to pay full price , so it’s a no buy for me. But i’ll get it as soon as i hear online support is coming in a patch.

    You know on PS2 there were no trophies nor online and yet it is one of the best selling console AND has hundreds of games.


    Why bringing up the past? Don;t look back, never. I am not talking about videogames only, but everything in life. All games today should have trophy and online support. Hell, even FOLKLORE has online!

  • I’m keeping my word and getting it tomorrow.

    I think you guys did a fantastic job on the demo. And if the finished product is better, than it’s def worth it now.

    Can you give us any hints as to what the “Free” DLC will be? New areas to battle, bosses, costumes? Please! :P

    Thanks again.

    • The downloadable content will be composed of new support characters and single player missions. The first set of downloadable content will be available in North America this Thursday, with additional content coming periodically for several months.

  • Don’t care what anyone thinks.
    This is a 9. Limited Ed. must buy,
    good job CC2. It’s good to know your
    team was passionate about the work
    on the game. I can’t say the same for
    most com.

    Online would have been sweet with trophies.
    If your team has the time more love
    to you. Is there custom soundtrack?

    You cats kill, CC2 FTMFW!!!!!!!

  • (part one of a two part comment.)

    I am looking foreword to Naruto ultimate ninja storm, I have read all the manga and watched about every episode(except the fillers)and am in the shippuden so needless to say I am a big fan. BUT there is somethings that bother me about this game. First is that it is only a two player game. I liked the naruto on gamecube because it had four players and I could be on a team with my friend(s).

    The characters are getting boring as well as the point in the story you are using. I mean how many times do I have to buy a game I have played before until I get a NEW game? This is basically Naruto ultimate ninja 3 just with FEWER characters and better graphics. Am I right? I want shippuden character downloads or a shippuden game.

  • (part two out of a two part comment)

    Also about the online play, Come on you guys. You and I both know this should have online play. I can only play the story mode so long before it bores me and becomes to easy. I want to fight an opponent I have not met before. That would bring a challenge that the game alone could not as every match would be different. What would be super bad ass is if my friend and I on the SAME playstation (or at least an online friend and I) could fight on a team versus two other people on a team. Three on three online would be even better. Then it would give me the experience of being in a team as my teammates would have thoughts of there own and would not be controlled by me in a kill or be killed ninja world.

    Those are just some of the things that are on my mind. I do not want to pay $60 just to get bored with it in a month or so. I will most likely still buy it and when it and pray a patch comes out sooner or later.

    Thank you for reading.

    <3 Kit-chan

    (Sorry for the long comment.)

  • Is it safe to assume the game is 720p-only like its demo? Like most Namco-Bandai games, no 1080i support puts this firmly on my “no buy” list. Are you aware that owners of 1080i TVs that don’t support 720p are forced to play your games in 480p?

    Also, please tell Namco Bandai to bring Katamari Damacy back home where it belongs…

  • the demo was fanastical! you guys did a great job with this one. I’m gonna have to hold out on this one though because i have to buy Resistance 2 LE tomorrow. but rest assured when I have the money its going towards this one.


  • I’m definitely looking forward to picking this up. I really liked the other Ultimate Ninja games and LOVED the demo to UNS on PS3. :D

    That is very interesting to see how you created the game. Also, LOVE the Naruto collection in the pictures. :D

    I look forward to more CyberConnect2 games on PS3. :)

  • I do want to say a few things.

    1. Trophies are extremely important. If nothing else they tell the world that we haven’t finished or gotten very far into a game. It’s much more embarassing to have 10 games that are at 3 percent trophies than 40 games that you never touched that no one knows about. Plus it’s much more of an accomplishment to have 5 platinum trophies rather than 20 games you’ve fully beaten that no one will ever know about.

    2. Any chance of you guys making games from the following titles? Please answer this one if you can. The other 2 aren’t questions.

    Soul Eater
    One Piece
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan
    Hunter X Hutner (I beg of you please!!!)
    Record of Lodoss War
    Astro Boy

    any new .Hack Games. A .hack MMO would be especially nice since we never got Fragment.

    If none of these are possible projects upcoming then what will you guys be working on.

    I do want to buy Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm but I have so many other games to get further on and purchase/rent/trophy whore i just don’t have the time OR money right now.

    P.S. Please dont’ make a Shippuden game… That series blows.

  • I sincerely hope this game sells well and CC2 is allowed to do another for the PS3 and hopefully it will have online + Trophies and more importantly Shippuden

  • I’m getting this for sure, but when I don’t know. It all depends on the availability of this and Valkyria Chronicles when I go to pick up R2 tomorrow :)

  • @ Sackboom
    wow you really are going to miss out on a great game. People now a days really are stuck on that no trophies and online. I guess you’ve never played any of the other Naruto games. Online doesn’t make a great fighter. Look at the 360 Naruto game that had online and its still not that great of a game. Its was alright for what it was but the combat can’t compare to Ultimate Ninja. I’m buying it tomorrow. This is the Naruto game of all Naruto games.

  • @Sackboom

    Haven’t you heard of, “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

    Have you ever had a history class. Looking to the past is not evil. It is different to “live” in the past though.

  • thanks a lot for making this game. keep up the good work. I will be getting this game. matta ne

  • awesome cant wait im heading toward my local gamestop right after school ………mmhh and by any chance you think i could get to manga books of you -_-…… no seriously

  • also the DVD collection would e nice too

  • great game i cant wait till tomorrow it seems like its taking 4ever…the second i saw this game i knew it was going to be great and Hiroshi Matsuyama u havent let me down yet with any of your past naruto games although this game is great i would have loved to see online but i understand why you couldnt include it…

    but maybe you will consider an online patch or atleast include online in Storm 2

    THANK YOU Hiroshi Matsuyama for the GREAT GAME!!!!

  • thank you! thank you! thank you!

    I refused to buy “some other” titles last week that I reeeaallyy want JUST to buy my copy of Naruto for the PS3

    I’m sure you guys worked hard in this game, I promised to take full advantage of that when enjoying my self through all your hard work hehehe

    no disrespect of course.

  • This game has some of the best animation I’ve seen. Can’t wait to play the full version.

  • Why isn’t Butterfly Chouji in? It was a very important part in the Anime. And is there any chance Online play will be dlc like with Tekken:DR?

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