MotorStorm Monday: Pacific Rift Online Play Basics

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So MotorStorm Pacific Rift has been out for a week now, and you’ve driven the AI into submission around the testing tracks of the island, and your kid sister kicks your @$$ in split screen. So what next. Well how about a bit of online play? There’s a few different ways of experiencing Pacific Rift online, here’s the low down and some tips –

    We wanted to ensure that players could find another game quickly, but also that once they got into a game they didn’t have to rely on the host to get the race started. There are two options when matchmaking: Ranked or Casual. Ranked pitches you against players of a similar skill level whilst Casual will put you up against anyone and everyone. Matchmaking will, quite simply, group players together who are looking for a game, pick a Ticket for them (a race setup) and get them into a race as quickly as possible. And don’t worry, if you don’t like the Ticket that is randomly chosen for you – it’s possible to veto it (if you get a majority vote).

    If you can’t find a matchmaking game (Ranked or Casual) when you search the reason simply is that no-one else is currently searching for another ranked game. The system relies upon there being other people looking to play, so as the servers get busier it’ll get easier to find games, so don’t be disheartened if you can’t find a game first time around, the more people looking for games, the more games there will be.

    On top of the matchmaking it is still also possible to create a game of your own and let others join (privacy is optional). This session will stay up as long as there is a single person present and you can configure the race at any time in the lobby to create your own experience. Custom games do not contribute towards your ranking, but they still track your statistics.

    Competitive play is important online, as the best races are most often the closest. So by implementing a ranking system which grades players based upon how many players they have beat and been beaten by, it allows us in conjunction with the matchmaking to gather players of the same or similar ranking together to provide the fairest and most exciting possible racing experience. There is also a Ranked leaderboard which lists every player, showing who really is the best MotorStorm player in the world.

    Playing online is always more fun with friends, and we wanted to make it as easy as possible to do so. We’ve done this through Groups; these are quite simply a way of keeping friends together. They are initiated by sending a friend an invite; when they accept they become part of your Group, and wherever you go they then go with you, until they decide to leave (or if you choose to kick them from your group). Groups can be up 12 players, but when playing Ranked it is only possible with groups of 4 or less (to avoid cheating).

    On top of these 3 major improvements, we also made online play global, so that wherever you are in the world you can play against anyone else who happens to be online. There is now the ability to check and compare other player’s statistics, side by side, and not just online statistics, either: this includes all the offline ones, too. We’ve improved the voice chat – not just in terms of general quality, but also the number of players that can talk simultaneously: in the lobby up to 8 players can talk at once, and during an event it’s 4 – that’s twice as many as in the original MotorStorm!

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  • MotorStorm is absolutely amazing!!! I’m loving the split-screen and single player modes. I will take it online once I’ve finished the single player. Great job Evolution!!!!!!

  • I’m afraid to play online because I’m so terrible at offline. Got to improve before I can try going online.

  • Sweet stuff. Looks great!

    Can’t get enough of racing.


  • I am absolutely LOVING this game. If any of you are hesitant to pick it up because it’s sandwiched between R2 and LBP, Don’t It’s every bit as good as those games.

  • @ the people who owns the game.

    This game really looks that good like some screenshots or like the demo?

    Off topic… good job Sony to own the whole Sony bmg now called Sony Music Entertainment. Now bring music videos to the ps3, no excuse now because the BMG part lol.

  • I’m not usually a fan of racing games, but after playing the demo I may have to get this ;)

  • awesome game like post 1 stated ill go online once ive beaten campaign i never go online unless i beat the story/campaign mode

  • @5 cmargary

    The retail version is far better than the demo.

  • You stated that voice chat is improved when actually it is not. When you say something the mic doesn’t pick up your voice quick enough, there is a delay and half off what you say does not get transmitted. You usually end up almost having to yell to get it to work properly. I am using the official PS3 headset and have also tried turning up my transmission volume to max with no difference noticed so it has to be the game.

    Are you guys aware of this and are you working on a fix?

  • Nigel, I am so glad that I bought Motorstorm Pacific Rift here in the U.S., and that it plays so much better from the Qore demo. I haven’t had a chance to play online yet since I want to master and complete the offline game first before getting my butt handed to me online. Will the online matchmaking allow me to play with other Motorstorm Pacific Rift players around the world or by our own region?

  • Christmas! Im really sorry guys. With LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2, I just dont think i have the time (or money) to play/get all three. Ill be getting Resistance at midnight since i know it will kick [DELETED] like all insomniac games. and anybody who didnt think LittleBigPlanet would be as amazing as it is has a mental disability that they should get checked out. Motorstorm 2 however… I dont know. The first one got a little boring after a while without splitscreen. This one may be better though, we shall see at christmas. :D

    Great graphics. And im assuming the audio is uncompressed PCM like all PS3 exclusives so far – so Great job on the audio as well. I cant stand that Dolby Digital crap that the 360 uses. Props to you devs for not compressing the audio.

  • As Wolfe13 has stated Nigel, The Official PlayStation Headset is currently not working correctly with Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. When talking it doesnt seem to pick up what we are saying. The only way to chat is too yell. Here is a link to the official boards with other players with the same problem (

    I would like to know if there is a fix coming for this? any information will be appreicated.

  • I didnt mean to post 3 comments…

  • Seriously stop releasing so many games in Nov-Dec. I have a mortgage that I need to pay. Spread it out some!

  • I love me my MotorStorm….

  • Things to fix.
    -Mics online work great in the lobby but in-game you have to scream to get the mic to activate. A lot of people have this problem, I have it with the SONY bluetooth mic.
    -More game modes online
    -The ability to choose any vehicle and skin and not just your default one for online races.
    -Rear camera angle is hard to use when going downhill and could be adjusted or ad a right stick UP function to move the camera up.

    PS. A list of what each trophy unlocks(vehicles, drivers ect.) would be nice since the game has no strategy guide.

  • Please modify as #13 stated:
    -The ability to choose any vehicle and skin and not just your default one for online races.

    Each model in a category handles differenlty so naturally you may want to choose a different model depending on the track. Since you can’t, it makes racing more difficult.

    Also, can you please add the distant behind the car view? I see you have an ‘over the hood’ view and a ‘directly behind the car’ view but why was the third one left out of the game?

    Lastly, I received gold medals on all tracks but don’t have all vehicles unlocked. I received the ‘immortal’ trophy by playing online and unlocked a buggy. Are the remaining vehicles unlocked via trophies and online? What about the people who don’t have access to online play? Are they unable to unlock all the vehicle classes?

  • Those of you using mics, are you playing the online game with the in-game sound turned up. Remember that mics don’t have the ability to turn up or down several sounds like the human ear can. If you have in-game sound turned up and try speaking, the person on the other end will hear both at the same sound level. So either use head phones or turn your speakers down when playing online with a mic.

    The only thing I hated about the R2 beta were gamers ( and I am being polite here ) would have their mic on and the in game sound blaring out of their speakers. So when anyone in co-op needed assistance, no one on the team could hear it, all we could hear is that person’s in-game sound effects coming through with out own sound effects mixed tother. Very annoying, and easily fixed if people will just bother to think for a millisecond.

  • This game Rocks! I play this game more than any other game that I have right now. Iam the only person on my buddy list thats playing it though. :(
    By the way that demo wasnt the greatest, you should have picked a better level. Iam really suprized there isnt a way to customize my vehicle (paint job, decals). Everything else is perfect, Kudos and Thanks!!

  • hopeing to get it soon!!! looks fun espicially splitscreen

  • so how was the sells of the game?
    just want to wish good luck 2 Evolution studios

  • This game is awesome and so are the graphics! I just wish you could here the songs you are customizing when they are being customized. Will this ever be possible? I don’t know which songs I am removing or adding when looking at them.

  • Not fair Sony! Every game that is released for the ps3 is either not well reviewed or there’s not enough reviews from the industry community to go around, for example, R2 has a metacritic score of 90 based on less than 10 reviews and it releases exactly 3 days before Gears 2, yet that game has already accumalated almost 20 editorial reviews in like half the time for R2. Also, I don’t like how game editors are somehow counting out R2. It is easily deeper, more innovative, and larger than the competition Gears 2. How does that game score off the charts and R2 score in the lower 90’s. Right now R2 is border-line with an exact score of 90, and mind you it is based on only 8 editor reviews, which means that the score could sink even lower. I don’t know what kind of money M$ is paying people, but clearly they are trying to snuff out the significance and power of the PS3. Yeah, Gears 2 looks good, but its multiplayer can only handle 5 players on screen compared to R2’s amazing 60 player count. This is all rubbish, and BS! BTW…R2 kills off the Halo franchise!!!!


  • Ill Pick up this game as soon as i Can :d

  • its on my to do list. hahaha I really wanna play this and I hope my buddy gets it so i can try it out at his place.

    @ the6one – well said man, well said.


  • Haven’t gotten the game yet but will do so wed. along with R2. Can’t wait!

  • BEST GAME EVER!!! Totally underrated! Best graphics and fun ever! Online is so great too! A must buy!!!!! :)

  • Please Nigel read this:
    Fix the “select”(button) exploit, it actually ruin the online game, like the boost exploit did at the beginning of motorstorm…

  • Like everyone else said, retail version is WAY BETTER than the Qore demo. Excellent work Evolution.

  • @24

    As someone once said of Sony and the way they are treated by the press –

    “Don’t try to understand it, just try to ignore it.” I agree with you all the way, though.

  • Wow, you DID manage to make Pacific Rift better than MS1… Thought you could not pull it off, but you did.

    Congrats for a great job and thank you for listening to us. Split screen is very nice, waaaaaay more awesome tracks (and long ones). Decent balance. And more junk to hit on the tracks.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • @Sw1tch

    I’m aggree with this online exploit i hope they fix it or would be ruin the game forever. The online is great don’t let be like that !

  • Question. Can you do splitscreen online? The game looks sweet, but I really only play when my friends are over. Can we play online or do we need to race against each other?

  • @h0tp00p

    Good question. Anybody know? That could make this game become “sold” on my part.
    Or, can you at least race against AI opponents?
    Thanks guys!

  • You can only race again the ai oppenents at this time, but I hope an update comes that allows you to do splitscreen online like on warhawk. ;)

  • I love this game. I picked up at the same time as LBP and I am having a hard time putting it down. It’s not that LBP is not as good, this is just very addictive. The one thing I would love to see change is the view when using a bike. It’s a bit difficult to s drive in first person view when you have the driver’s back taking up most of the view, you don’t have this issue with other vehicles. I’d [DELETED] about not being able to add your own tracks to the music, but the game is so smurfing good, I don’t even care.

  • you have driven the AI into submission?????? man its been the other way around since i’ve gotten to level 7 lol, its easier to win a ranked match than beating the AI in lvls 7 and 8 lol, the game its AMAZING
    thank you evolution studios


    I’m scared to get to LVL 7 and 8 lol…

    Im at level 4 right now, I love this game so much. I just wish that more friends that I have owned it, I have like no friends that have it.

    Anyways, I’m trying to convince my buddies to pick it up, it seriously is a LOT of fun.

  • I just got mine in the mail today pre-ordered.

    Can’t believe it’s been out a week already.

    I think I may give up on these pre-orders and just buy the games in the store…seems a much quicker process.

  • hey if you need friends to play online you can add me , psn id:remanutd5

  • Hmm, is there really no way to change the controls? I dont like using R2 for throttle… i much prefer x, and brake with triangle… I find it very strange to leave out this feature that was in the original motorstorm to begin with…

    • There are 3 available control schemes to select from. Layout 2 allows you to use the more traditional \’X\’ to accelerate.

  • Excellent job guys, picked this up on launch and haven’t stopped playing it since. I hope you guys add HOME support becuase I’m in the Beta and organizing matches isn’t too specified with many options.

  • The game is awesome .I love it,but i just have one request:

    Is there anyway that you could polish the Wildfire level more,,,this level has more jaggies compared to other tracks and it has some flat textures on lavas.

    One more addition would been cool as well:
    when the car gets in water it should become wet(more shiny)like in uncharted.In general the car’s surface texture can use a bit of shine.

    I ll appreciate it if you let your programmers know so we might get that in one of the updates(like burnout paradise and criterion games that improved some of the surface textures in one of their updates)

  • @36

    Yes I want to be able to play 2 player and online. If they don’t add this feature I simply won’t purchase Motorstorm because the demo was a slight disappointment too. 95% of my games lack multiplayer support which meant my birthday party sucked.

  • Well the game is good no matter with both up to 4 player offline and up to 12 player online. It’s just that you can’t do it together. lol, I think they will add this feature in due time. Hopefully. :p

  • Agreed with 43!

  • As soon as I get off my fat butt and get over to a brick and mortar, I’ll be enjoying this game immensely.

    I’d just get it off amazon like everything else, but I figure I might as well trade in the load of trash that is Infinite Undiscovery and let EBGames and Square Enix cover some of the bill for me.

  • @ 38 Stallone

    What’s your PSN ID dude? We can kick it into gear. I didn’t have MS1 since there was a lot of complaining about the game being incomplete but, MS2 was a day one purchase for me.

    I also have a $10 coupon from If anybody is interested let me know.

  • I’m just glad you guys got rid of the MOTION BLUR, that was a major factor for me liking disliking the game, now I like it a little bit more.

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