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Did you have a good time during Halloween? Did you dress up as a recognizable PlayStation videogame character? Did you take a picture? Then send it in to participate in our costume contest. And, lest you think you can just troll Google Docs – we’ll need you to be holding a PS3 controller or a PSP in the shot. And yes, I can tell a Photoshop fake pretty darn well. Click here for more details – you could win some good stuff.

If you’d like to share a link, please do so in the comments below – but be aware, it may take a little while for the comment to appear.

And wooooo Phillies!!!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 10/27)

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  • You guys have any more PSN games coming this year?

  • A lot of good stuff!

  • Nice to see games with trophies coming out and patches for games already released.


  • hey Jeff – when is that dress up contest over? is it the 3rd?


  • Great week, next one will be even better (Resistance 2)


  • Hey Jeff thanks alot for this post very informative!,can you tell us is QORE episode 6 being released on thursday? and if so will we get a preview on tuesday? thanks alot!

  • Also, any word on games like Fat Princess and the new Team Ico project?

    And will old games like MGS4 and Heavenly Sword get trophy patches?

  • like the new avatar jeff

  • Why can’t you at least give a shout out to the thread of the week on the official Playstation forums?

    Why must you shun the boards every week?

  • In Soviet Russia, the week recaps you! ;)

    By the way, will we ever seen any new PS3 Greatest Hits?

    • I was looking for the Simpsons clip when they go to Branson, MO.

      Yakov Smirnoff: \”In Soviet Union, revue watches you!\”

      Nice work, my friend.

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    yo Jeff i was Wondering is there any new improvements for the PS BLOG.

    because you now what aim beginning to feel that the PS BLOG is i Little old.

    i think its time for the PS BLOG to dres in i new dres and bring i host of new improvements for the PS BLOG.

    please Jeff respond

  • SOCOM Confrontation (At least one reviewer waited for the patch to smooth out online play)

    Valkiria Chronicles Review – 1up

    Hope the hyper-links work. if not, they are below again.

  • I’m not sure who’s covering it, but you seriously need to call attention to the fact that PJ Monsters has been updated! I know there was a warning post awhile back, but bringing it up certainly couldn’t hurt. With the casual setting, I’m actually able to stand single-player.

    Thanks for another great week. Over the next month or so it’s going to be hailing great games! :D

    • Yup, we gave the warning last week, and it\’s been covered in places like PS3 Fanboy.

      And failing all else – you just did.

  • Booooo Phillies!!!

    =P Jeff you need to send me a friend request so I can beat that Phillies avatar off of yah in some Resistance 2 ;D oh and smack that avatar off of yah in LBP! lol

  • Hey Jeff,
    Hope you had a good halloween. I just wanted to know if you couls find out from the marketing department when they will start advertising LBP heavily on TV. I know you’ve said you’ve seen some ads, but not anywhere enough compared to Motorstorm and R2 ads. I’d really like to know if/when SCEA plan on pushing LBP through TV ads or if they’re not as interested in pushing the game cause it has too much casual appeal compared to R2.

  • This Been an Awesome Week!

    But obama and Palin Kinda Funny!

  • hey Jeff is MM still working on a online patch thats the only thing hurting LBP.

  • I wonder what the article Mm Plays Sony was about, I need an account! And I don’t want another one to worry about. Good week, thanks God that DLC is late so I can get LBP without worries.

  • You know what I read about? A break apart motion controller patent for the PS3! Care to comment?

  • hey Jeff is MM still working on a online patch thats the only thing hurting LBP.

    oh and Jeff when is Flower making an appearance i wanna see what the hype is behind it

  • hey Jeff, I listen the latest episode of PS Nation podcast and I must say, I have a feeling that you are about to become a downlodable caracter in PAIN…. ^^

    Mr. Professor PlayStation….


  • You failed to mention that IGN finally got around to reviewing SOCOM: Confrontation.

    Head over to IGN to have a read.

    Best summed up as: buyer beware.

  • Sorry Jeff but i wanted Tampa Bay to win, although Toronto Blue Jays would be nice too.

  • WOW the fall is packed with a ton of AWESOME GAMES wouldn’t you say Jeff?

    Unfortunately, I’m a little broke due to all these games I’m buying =P

  • @ 9
    It looks the same to me :/

    @ Jeff on reply
    Thanks :)

  • BOO philles!
    Go rays!
    Even though they lost..

  • @23

    Ugh…it’s you again…

  • hey jeff when are you coming to houston???

  • Hey, can we post images on the blog


  • Awwww… :(

    btw, “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”?


  • @32 mendezgato
    The HipHopGamer is really nice, he even made Ted Price of Insomniac Games to wear a WWE Champion belt , it was like super awesome :D

  • @ fersis. i know plus the guy knows a lot abut the industry, some times he contradicts him self but don’t we all, ps add me up psn mendezgato

  • It been an awesome weekend for me, got the home beta a few days ago and have been busy making alot of friends. You people are going to be in for a real treat when it finally releases. That is something that should really get the coverage it deserves. How about putting up a screenshot from home every friday so that people can see its progression. I’ve met people who’ve had it since the start and others whom just got it this past week. Now I’m not going to give anything away but try to beat my score in the Helicopter game there, Jeff. I played it for 6 consecutive hours without dieing. If you can beat that score I’ll be amazed. I absolutely love it. I just wish more of my friends were in home to hang out with. Still it is going to blow you all way. It is FANTASTICLO!!!

  • hey…question…if we got LBP last week do we still get the “here week 1” t shirt since it was delayed? i preordered but wasn’t able to pick it up until wednesday of last week. just want to make sure i get my shirt for my sackboy. lol.


  • Hey Jeff? Based on your end comment, I was just wondering if you were a fellow refugee from the City of Brotherly Love. Or do you just have a masochistic streak when it comes to baseball teams? :)

  • Sorry to bother you here, Jeff. But can you consider a post from the Buzz! Quiz TV team (any kind of update would be nice)?

    Also, a heads up that the LittleBigWorkshop site is now live!

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