The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Cindy “Abigale” Bowens

This week in the SOCOM community, the big news was the latest patch! On Tuesday, Seth Luisi announced that Patch 1.20 was in production and would be launched as soon as possible. Later that day, he was able to announce that it would be available for download the following day (Wednesday) and he released the details of what this patch would address.


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • New Killzone 2 Single Player Trailer – The brand-new Killzone 2 Single Player trailer is out, and we’ve got streaming and HD downloadable versions available for your viewing pleasure.

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  • Awesome week. lbp, gta iv, & bf TROHPIES… iT’S ALL GOOD!
    I am still thinking about getting a PSP, but I want a black one. The post was confusing. Will there be a PSP sold alone for 169.99 $?? Jeff can you please clarify?

  • Hey Jeff, I dont know if you could take a look into this for me and fellow PS3 fans, but it looks like some of us are having problems with the PS3 Official Headset. Once the headset it registered when talking into the headset on the XMB Accessory Menu its picking up our voices as low. When turing up the sound input to 5 it doesnt effect the headset in anyway. This causing a problem for most of us in MotorStorm: PR where we have to basicly yell into the headset for the game to recognize we are speaking, and also in the Endwar Demo.

    Here is a link too the forums with other people experiencing the same problem (

    If you could Jeff just reply, so I know you heard our problem and you will look into it for the community.


    btw, keep up the good PlayStation coverage I love it!


  • Sony, there is a MAJOR issue with firmware 2.50. Since i updated it, my controllers lose connection. In other words, say i’m playing uncharted, my controllers suddenly get disconected from my PS3. And they don’t get reconnected unless i reset the PS3. Even plugging the controllers via usb cable does not work.

    i have come across numerous people who have had this problem, mainly on the official playstation europe forums. Here is a video from youtube showing exactly the problem we are all having (we all have the 60GB launch model):

    So what’s wrong? What have you done to us? Why don’t you even admit you screwed us over? What are you waiting to fix it? it’s been over 2 weeks since 2.50 has been released.

  • Thanks for all the links and all the info

  • Jeff, Great week for the PS3. I’m suffering from game overload. LBP, Fallout 3, SOCOM, & R2 next week. Sweet.

    Question for you? The PS3 plays AAC files fine, but it does not read the tag info. Most people’s AAC files are from ripped CD’s using iTunes. Is there a way you guys can fix this. Or a way to convert the id tags on my iTunes AAC files so the PS3 can read them. A lot of my friends have the same problem. Thanks.

  • Just wondering how well the SOCOM patch worked for everybody. I’ve been holding off on buying until everythings fixed. Please comment if you own the game. Thanks!

  • Things that should be in the next ps3 system update:
    -video playlists
    -more avatars
    -custom avatars
    -rewards for getting trophies and leveling up

  • I’m going back to monsters guys! thank you sooo much for the patch I LOVE it.


  • PLEASE allow media servers and the web browser to be accessed during games. I cannot stress enough how much this needs to be done.

  • The MOST IMPORTANT things to do for the next FW update:

    1:cross/in game invites/chat
    2:stablize in game xmb further
    3:better home interigation
    4:trophy rewards/better interface

  • Great week in gaming this was!

    Just because of LittleBIGPlanet! :P

  • Hey Jeff Thanks for the recap! can you tell us is QORE episode 6 being released this thursday? and if so will we get a preview on tuesday Thanks!

  • Can we see some week one little Big Planet Sales numbers please oh and i bet week two will be even better cause of it have already officially launched since some people couldnteven get it this week i got mine last saturday though :)

  • I still don’t like how the videos auto-pause, and i still don’t like how the battery meter comes up over the time when i want to see the time. I have to wait for the battery meter to go away to see the time? Thats stupid.

  • give us the option to turn off the clock aswel please.

  • Can’t wait for Tuesday!(Valkyria Chronicles)

    Also, any word on games like Fat Princess and the new Team Ico project?

    And will old games like MGS4 and Heavenly Sword get trophy patches?

  • I know this is offtopic, but..
    Can you make a system update to add passwords to the users? My cousin keeps getting on my user.. :/

  • Thanks Jeff.

    Just keeps getting better.

  • The stupid battery meter still overlaps the clock in the top-right in 1080i (which, before anyone says it, is a REAL HDTV mode and a much higher resolution than 720p).

  • SOCOM 1.20 didn’t do much, it fixed the scopes but it’s still laggy, stutters a lot, I still can’t easily join a game with a friend or join a game they are in, and many other features still missing. Sony get on their asses to fix this broken freakin game.

    On the plus side I played LittleBigPlanet with my gf today for a bit and it was a lot of fun

  • I didn’t know professor playstation was a phillies fan

  • ugh….i hate the recaps, they remind me that the weekend is coming to an end..

  • booo we want home or in game chat

  • Premature sackulation :P

  • That “Welcome Home” article from Kotaku is pretty sad- a lot of backhanded compliments and “eh” editorial comments.

    On a more relevant note: LittleBigPlanet rocks. :D Now if we could just get some lag-control it’d be perfect. (Well, I do have some notes in terms of the editing mode, but I don’t suppose there’s a lot that can be done about them now.)

    It is kind of a slap in the face that LBP2 is already in the works. Come release time (maybe a year or so away? ), I can’t help but think that LBP (1) will have a significant drop in attention, which kind of kills a game that is so community-oriented. Again, not much I can do about that, is there?

    Anyway, Resistance 2 is up next! :D I’m gonna bag me a 20-story chimera head as a trophy. :D

  • Why can’t I use the KILLZONE: Command Centre website with the PS3 browser? It is a PS3 exclusive yet the newly upgraded flash doesn’t work. So much for PS3 / games integration and compatibility with the PS3’s browser! Fix the browser SONY…no really…FIX IT!!!
    Also, when logging in to this blog, I must disable javascript? Or else the PS3 browser freezes…more compatibility issues.
    Please sort yourselves out SONY, this is pathetic!

  • not a bad week, cant’t wait to have my r2 collectors edition!

  • @24

    I am sure Mm know what they are doing with LBP2. Like community support for LBP1 players similar to Rock Band 1/2 cross compatibility…smart devs do not ditch previous customers like Mm…only people at another music game producing company *cough* activision *cough*

  • that sounded wrong..i mean smart devs like Mm do not ditch customers…

  • not bad BIG name titles were talked about..R2 and killzone… the only bad geting those server up for LBP and SOCOM some gamers were left in the cold…… ;-)

  • @5 Schwaa:

    SOCOM is still a glitchy, laggy, annoying nightmare. Don’t waste your money unless you’re a hardcore fan of the series and can force yourself to overlook the countless issues. As a member of the SONY community, I’m actually stunned that a product of this nature could have even been released.

    The headset is cool though.

  • sony plz give us a better U.I
    this themes with sound is silly..

  • @5 Schwaa:

    Stay far away from Socom. It looks like it’s going to take a long time to fix this game. This game should have been delayed. The headset that comes with Socom is nice. I didn’t buy Socom for the headset though. Slant Six turned a great game into garbage. Slant Six please stop making games let Zipper Interactive make Socom games.

  • Socom is absolutely dire.
    I can’t believe that was released as an end product.
    EVERY consumer should feel robbed if they purchased that particular game.

  • They should feel robbed (I certainly do). It’s a true embarrassment that Sony would allow a game like this to get released in the state it’s in.

  • shesh! i can’t for naruto ninja storm

  • next fw idea to be able to install your games to the ps3

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