What’s next for Burnout Paradise?

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Phew! Another big week, here at Criterion Games, but it’s great to be back on the blog! Today, we made the first of a series of announcements calling out our 2009 Burnout Paradise content.

So first up, we’re talking about the in-game browser for the PLAYSTATION 3. We always like to embrace the great hardware innovations for PlayStation. We’re using the browser to bring you closer to your friends and also to get you the latest news on what we’re working on – it’s like having criteriongames.com inside the game.

We’ll bring you all the latest on this PlayStation-exclusive feature over the coming weeks, but for now all you need to know is it’s called Burnout Paradise Network and it’ll be ready in Feb ’09.

Next up let’s talk Burnout Paradise Party Pack.

Burnout’s an awesome social game, but the action’s all online. With Party, we wanted to create something for when all the players are in one place – gathered around a single screen.
Fans of the classic Crash Mode from Burnout 2: Point of Impact will know that this is not the first time we’ve done something like this. And we hope the response to Party is as warm as it was for Crash mode.

So, if you like to get together and play games, it’s time to break out the drinks, party hats and balloons!

Top menu-000
Now you can enjoy Burnout Paradise in a completely new way.

1. Get together with up to 7 friends and gather round your PLAYSTATION 3. Here you can see some of the Burnout team lining up for a little Halloween-themed fun. You can see the full session in our latest Crash TV video podcast – it’s The Halloween Special!

Halloween Party 9
2. Start Burnout Paradise and get the Party Pack update from the Store

3. Pause to admire the excellent new Party Edition visuals and atmosphere! We’ve overhauled not just the presentation screens but also the in-game visuals, which are now brighter and more colourful in recognition of Burnout’s new party theme.

4. Select 8-player party and get ready for the action. If you’ve got the PlayStation Eye add your picture now.

8 players-000
5. It’s pass-the-pad, so you’ll only need one controller to play, no matter how many players are involved!

Halloween Party 7
6. The game selects a player at random and drops them into Paradise with a simple, fun challenge to complete.

Land a barrel roll!

Survive racing oncoming traffic!

oncoming good-000 oncoming best-000

Race a circuit of the dirt track in the best possible time!

Dirt Track checkpoint-000
There are 3 types of challenge to take on – Stunt, Speed and Skill. Stunt involves jumps and tricks. Speed features quick time trials and timed challenges. Skill includes racing through oncoming traffic and drifting your car.

7. Pick up the winner and run around cheering / commiserate the loser

8. Give it another go! Don’t forget, there are extra trophies and achievements available within this pack, as well as a stack of other enhancements.

Trophy support-000
You’ll be able to purchase this awesome premium Burnout Paradise content from February 2009, but if you haven’t got Burnout Paradise already, there’s never been a better time to buy.

We announced today that we’re bringing all the 2008 innovations as well as Party to something we’re calling Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box. It’s a new packaged game that’ll be available in Feb 2009!

Look out for more soon – either here on the awesome PlayStation Blog, back home on the Criterion Games Web site and in our video podcast – Crash TV.

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  • Great. I want to take the chance to thank you guys for your hard work & for supporting this game like nobody did. You are my favorite developers so far.

  • Sweet!
    You delivered on the Trophies, and Im now playing Paradise a lot. Can’t wait to see what innovations you bring to the PS3 next.


    • We\’re just at the start of a series of announcements for 2009 Burnout Paradise content. Keep checking back to the blog and our site for more.

  • Ok seriously I have to get this game….probably should have since the price went down this time it’s definite

  • You guys are awesome!

    I LOVE this game!

  • Sweet! Looks like I’ll be playing this game long after I’ve beaten all the other games! Except maybe LBP :P You guys are awesome!

  • That’s nice…….but hows the island going.

    • It\’s going to be very special indeed. A whole new location around the same size as Downtown Paradise but with a very different feel. Go anywhere. Catch massive air. You\’ll love it.

  • Very nice update! What i like is Criterion Games should add the screen shot capturing feature for Burnout that Sony has added for the PS3. That would be great stuff.

  • You’ve got to be kidding… MORE?!

    I think you guys have just set a record for the most DLC for a single title and the most game changing updates!

    Now, where did I put that number to Guinness…

  • Unbelievable. I bought the game when it came out, and it;s just kept on delivering great new content and at no additional cost, you are truly the template by which all over devs should follow.

    I’ve recommended the game to everyone I know, and it’s pretty much the only game that I bought in 2007 that I can honestly say I’m still playing from time to time.

    Easily the best value of any game I’ve bought this gen. And the fact that the online integration has worked from day one and is still the best example of how online should be done, even after all this time… blows my mind.

    Bravo Criterion, you’ve earned every ounce of my respect.

    • And if your friends are still playing in Feb, you\’ll find some really cool ways to get together and stay in touch online.

  • This game is so much fun. Thanks for supporting it!


    I got the game now(DL from the PS STORE) and I’m loving it! The online experience is crazy awesome! Thank you for implementing everything from trophies and xmb music!

    One question… Can we expect to see something like 2 player offline mode? PLEASE!!!

    I’ll most likely be picking up the new party mode too!

    Once again thank you guys/gals for your hard work! I am a loyal fan of criterion!

  • I’ve got a question, when you don’t buy this pack will your trophy collection remain 100% or will this pack have a separate trophy list, not connected to the main game?

    Won’t be buying this pack namely despite it sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Great news. How much is it?

  • What this means, is we’ll now be able to view which billboards and signs we haven’t yet found, via the browser in the game, correct?

    That will be very handy for those who haven’t found everything yet.

  • Do the people at Criterion sleep?


  • I love that you guys are doing this! Thankyou SO MUCH! Definitely going back to Paradise now! Great job on the 20K+ downloads of Burnout Paradise off the PS Network!

  • This is great news! You guys and gals over at Criterion have gone above and beyond what other developers do post-release. Every piece of DLC has been amazing. Good work folks. Keep it coming.

  • Thanks Jeremy.

    This is a great game and I love all the support you devs are providing to us to keep the game interesting.

    Keep up the great work !

  • Holy crap. This game will never die.

    Burnout Paradise: The Ps2 of video games.

  • Love all the updates and constant support for Burnout Paradise.


    I want to be able race with friends that come over. Party mode isn’t enough.

  • Sounds great. Thanks for the info.

  • I’ve never been into the racing games, but I played the demo back in January and enjoyed it. Never got around to buying it just because of my dislike of racing games, but with the addition of trophies and all of this other extra content it is evident that even after 10 months these guys are still updating the game. Not many games lately have this much follow thru, and makes me think that I should buy this game because these developers clearly do care about this game.

    • We come across this very often. Burnout looks like a racing game, sounds like a racing and feels like a racing game. It\’s even got some awesome racing in it, but it really isn\’t a racing game! We like to think of it as fun with your friends in cars, and the races are just a small part of that.

  • @15 : Do the people at Insomniac Games ever sleep??!! Oh hold on….

  • Props to Criterion for taking the time to update your already robust game. I wish EA would show this kind of dedication to more of their titles. Skate was screaming for an update since launch day, and we never saw a single one. Looks like many of the issues will be addressed with Skate 2, but it would have been nice to see some of the bugs fixed after they were encountered, rather than making sure they’re fixed next time around…

  • gr8 update looking forward to feb!! btw any word on a burnout home space it would really rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Question for Jeremy Chubb:

    With the ingame browser can you change Crash TV to stream directly on PC/PS3….I REALLY hate having to use iTunes and SONY hasn’t implemented RSS Video Feeds for PS3 (yet?)… if you are going to integrate the PS3 browser with your game I think I should be able to watch Crash TV from within the game.

    Many thanks.

  • This is an amazing update. My only complaint about BP was that it was difficult to play when I had people over who weren’t accustomed to the game. It was too unstructured for people to just jump in and take turns. This will be a day-1 purchase for sure. Keep up the great work!!

  • And any chance we will ever see Youtube support?

  • All looks good and i plan on buying any packs you put out to thank you for all the free DLC you’ve provided thus far. However what happened to the free island pack coming? Is that still coming this year? Wasnt the island pack supposed to be next in line? I know this is the pack most people are waiting for. Just havent heard anything on it for a long while and now were already looking well into 09.

  • well i kinda like the idea of this , but what happens if all your freinds are not in the same state or country for that matter or will it be all local for the party content… most of my friends are in japan and UK, i barely have any friends from america. so how will one player get all this fun out of it with just one person… i mean your not giving me much detail’s.. i respect your hard work, and your trying to give us more for our bucks… but a bit more detail then this would be great…

  • Thanks once again for the great support. You guys are an example all developers should follow. Thank you for always keeping your game alive, and making the experience even greater every time.

    oh and lmao at the spooky images ^.^

  • More questions:

    Will Party! support multiple login IDs to allow for trophy collecting individually?

    What is the Burnout Store referenced in picture number one? Strictly for new purchasable DLC in the future or schwag or what?

  • @14 Yeah, I understand that, I’ve used the feature already in the past, it works wonderfully.

    What I meant was now, instead of transferring the file to a USB stick, could you possibly just open the browser mid-game and have your map displayed showing what you were missing?

    I know it would require a little additional tweaking to get it to work that way, but hell, you guys seem intent on making this game damn near perfect, so I assume you’ve already thought about it. ;)

  • Hard to say if people will still be playing this in February with the release of LBP! But we’ll be sure to revisit the game when this pack comes out. Day-1 purchase for sure.

  • Oh and i almost forgot. My cousin wants to get burnout paradise, but he isn’t sure whether to get it from PSN or on blu-ray disc. I recommended him the blu-ray version because i also have ity, but he wants to know the differences before buying it.

    • The PSN game\’s identical to the disk. Same game. Same updates. I\’d go PSN, because it just seems so cool to be finally buying full games on The Store.

  • free or not?:p

  • This is what a real team of dev’s is supposed to be like. You guys rock. As soon as Sony made trophies available, you immediately provided us with them. I don’t own Burnout yet because my cousin is staying with me and owns a copy, but I will be buying the Party version, I promise!

    Also, I’m in the HOME closed Beta and was wondering if you guys had anything special planned for HOME when it’s released this year? Thanks again for all your dedication to the PS3, it really shows us you care for us :o) , unlike other dev’s who would rather not release trophie patches for their games :o/

  • @35 Criterion makes more money (I’m assuming) on the DL, so buy it that way if you can’t decide.

    Personally, I always like to have a physical case sitting on my shelf, but if that’s not an issue for you, absolutely, grab the download version and have fun. :)

  • @Jeremy RE: #28

    Hi Jeremy…I just visted your link and I still have to actually watch the vids through iTunes (yuck!). With PS3 supporting Flash 9 could you not put them up at vimeo or some such so that we can watch them on our PS3? Or…can you not have them hosted at the PSN Store?

    As for the Youtube support question…I was asking about video capture in game to youtube … like Pixel Junk just implemented.

    Cheers and thanks for responding to our questions.

  • Ahh…my bad…I see that ‘some’ of the videos are hosted on your site so far but not all…any word then on when all the content will be available direct?

  • Wow , it’s official — Burnout Paradise has the best developers EVER. I’d like to thank you guys for supporting and expanding an already amazing game. I’m looking forward to whatever else you guys can dream up in the future as well.

    Thanks !

  • This is definitely amazing. How more fun can Burnout Paradise get?

    I really have to admit that even though I was not excited about Burnout Paradise at the beginning, once I’ve seen all the cool content you put out for the game and the tremendous support, I bought it.

    And you even reply to most of the comments here. How nice of you!

    Kudos, congratulations and respect!

  • I love you people… No, really. I love you guys. HUGS?

  • Dude, that is such an excellent idea- the Party Mode. I also want to thank you guys for supporting this game. I didn’t buy the disc based game but once you guys made it a digital download with Bike pack.. it was a no brainer purchase, esp. since you guys have so many features that other games don’t have- trophies, Eye support, a great online community… and now all this! Excellent!

  • Wow, I gotta admit that after a month or so, i got tired of the old Burnouts… But you guys just keep on adding to this one! It’s nice to see features being added in almost 2 years after its release!

  • Correction to my prevoius comment: I thought it was almost 2 years old, for some reason i thought it rreleased in 2007, but it was 2008 actually*

  • ….excuse me while I overcome the shock of this news….

    You guys said 2008 was going to be the year you changed Burnout Paradise completly. Looks like the same can be said for 2009.

    With all the great FREE content you guys have provided, and will be providing, I will happily pay for this great Premium Party Pack! Burnout Paradise is one of only 2 PS3 games I have that my wife loves as well. The only downside has been the lack of local multiplayer. With this, well finally be able to compete with eachother.

    I sense some Burnout indused marraige counceling in our future. :)

  • Burnout…store? As in paid content store? No thanks.

    Ya know what, nevermind. You guys deserve the money for all the work you put into the game after launch and releasing the updates for FREE.

  • Well I picked this up from Amazon for 20 dollars last week and I love it, only real complaint is the use of the camera to get one of the trophies needed for platinum, I have no intention of getting one so i’m screwed out of the platinum :(.

    Can’t wait to try the party system out, A few of my friends have the game and it should be that much more enjoyable.

  • That’s it, I am buying this game!

    I did like the demo, but I never got around to buy it. But with this much free content, I am buying this game!
    You really deserve the money and a big warm thank you!

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