PlayStation Pros Give MotorStorm A Go (You Can Win Their Hat)

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MotorStorm Pacific Rift crashes into stores today, and if you early adopters think you’re going to be cleaning up online – be warned: the athletes on the Dew Action Sports Tour have been practicing. The Dew Tour recently wrapped up with the PlayStation Pro – the final event of the year for this traveling BMX, FMX, and skate road show.

As the name implies, PlayStation had a big presence; some of the athletes met up at the PlayStation Experience Truck for some Play with the Pros action in MotorStorm – take a look:

For more pics and details of what went down at the PlayStation Pro, click over to this coverage from the Orlando Sentinel’s gaming blog (thanks to Matt for the above photo as well).

If you noticed the T-shirts or the kid with the MotorStorm Pacific Rift hat in the video – these numbers were pretty hot commodities at the event… so we saved some for you readers. The first 15 people to send a request to will score themselves a MotorStorm Pacific Rift shirt *and* hat, free of charge.

Now for the obligatory legal disclaimer: To enter, we must receive your email no later then October 28th, 2008 at 11:59 PM (PST). Limit one entry per person and valid e-mail address for the duration of the promotion. Contest is only open to U.S. residents ages 13 or older who meet the terms set forth. The senders of the first fifteen qualifying applications that we receive will win (1) t-shirt and (1) hat each (approximate value is $19.99). Prize fulfillment is at Sponsor’s discretion and based on availability.

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  • Oct. 27th? Isn’t this a little bit late?

  • Do we have to give our adress?

  • I should get one for catching your typo. :P

  • oh sry i sent an email but im living in canada… damn

  • Oh, wow
    Got here just in time I think, I reloaded and this wasn’t here before. Hope I won!(If you notice a double email, just avoid the duplicate-stupid internet problems for a second there) :D

  • “Contest is only open to U.S. residents”

    I know this is the US blog but no love for Europe? :(

    MotorStorm’s developed in the UK and we get sod all :(

  • You HAD the 27th up there. Now you are just being mean. :P

  • fingers crossed…. LOVE swag

  • Sent it in fast. I hope I made it!


  • Sent the email. Hope I win.

    Will you announce the winners on the blog or will you send back emails to us?

    • The winners will be notified tomorrow. Then they can gloat all they want in the comments.

      In an on-topic fashion, of course.

  • Hey Jeff
    Is that a R2 t shirt? and where can I get one!

  • E-mail sent.

    A bit off topic but is there a way I could get the RSS for the PSBlog on my PSP???

  • Doubt I got it, but I sent it anyways. =D

  • jeff were those real PS3 controllers they look bigger and better to play with.

    • Yeah, they just have this clear plastic thing around them that secures the wire so they don\’t go disappearing.

  • This is awesome. SONY has so many iconic games.

  • Is there any way I can get emailed updates on events in my area?

  • [DELETED], stupid U.S no cares about the Cand im Canadaian =,( they get every thing down there.

  • Hey, while we’re on the quick subtopic of RSS feeds, any idea if there would be support for text RSS in the future?

  • oh oh i emailed….can i have a lbo beta code?! oh wait, thats not what this is for? oh. i was having flashbacks. sorry. I still emailed and im in the US. w00t!

  • Squevie- LBP is out by the way. Go pick the game up, it is amazing.

  • @17 want to trade governments, health care or education systems?

  • I am playing it right now….. (it was a joke)

  • Can’t wait to dive in myself

  • First 15? Howabout the first 50?

  • Here we go again with the 1st few people crap again. Can I say LBP keys all over? 15 people out of a few thousand readers? How fair!

  • damn i hope i was one of the lucky 15, i almost never get stuff from sony anymore, and im in the GAP. i used to get demo disks for psp and other stuff,

    now, idk what happened, but dont get as much mailings. I still get paper mail from playstation every once in a while :)

  • Oh, Jeff, Are there different sizes of hats/shirts? or is it one size for everyone, because if I happen to be one of the luckies, I would like a shirt/hat that fits and I can wear.

    I’m pretty sure this question applies to all entrants. :)

  • I’d love to be able to buy a Motorstorm t-shirt or cap myself, personally.

  • @12…Google Reader for RSS works great on the PSP by the way.

  • @30

    Yep…I think they should have a schwag shop as part of the PSN store…all the developers could sell ton’s of cr@p on there…

  • Late, but hopeful, might as well try.

  • @22

    you guys should do like the 137th to 152nd responders or something random like that…. Still, free swag is always cool, even I didn;t get it this time. (still got my PSblog anniversary shirt though… B-) )

  • E-mail sent, though I doubt it was in time :(

    By the way, is there any way to get an R2 shirt still?

  • men i think i emailed it on time

  • I will be picking up my pre-ordered and fully paid for copy of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift @ GameStop tomorrow!

  • “if you early adopters think you’re going to be cleaning up online – be warned” our severs are not going to work for weeks.(fixed)

  • Thanks Jeff.

    I’m in Canada so guess I can’t send in my email…’another one bites the dust’.

    But I’ve got Motorstorm 2 on my pre-order list.

  • Maybe once in awhile these contests could include Canadians since the US site is the official one for them.

  • Have the winners been notified yet? =D

  • Dang, no love for canadians again…

    Let me see…
    Motorstorm is only coming out Tomorrow in Canada, but it’s available today in the U.S.
    My set 3 Eye of Judgment cards will NEVER be available in Canada, and I have to order them from the U.S. (They came out already in other countries!)
    Just got my LBP pre-order yesterday, but many U.S. gamers got theirs way before (and with my luck,the server is down since yesterday)
    And now, as a canadian, I’m not allowed to get into this awesome draw. (Wow! The cap is awesome)

    Just look up on a map guys… The huge country north of the U.S. is Canada. It’s a good chunk of North America too.

    (Sorry, had to let go some steam, not my style normally)

  • I want one of those hats and shirts so bad.
    guys send me some swag, I’ll wear it all on stage at my next big show and post the pictures here, !!!

  • @ Jeff

    “So if I have 15 of something (like in this case), I should just keep it for myself? That’s more fair?”

    No. But make it to where people who have jobs and a life and who don’t sit and read the blog all day, have a chance. That would be fair. Some people don’t have jobs and are always the 1st posters. That’s not fair to the ones who have responsibilities.

    Sorry to seem like a complainer, but be fair.

  • Hey, I was wondering if they was ever going to start selling licend Playstion shirts? It’s been a long time since I have seen any for sale.. they use to sell them on this web site but no more…. I have been wanting a Playstion shirt for about 2 years now.. Just with PS logo….

  • i checked my email to see if i got an email from sony and nothing, i think that jeff has it in for me, he never awnser to my questions, or anything alse, if you don’t like me let me know so i don’t try any more

  • Thanks for the Hat and Shirt Jeff!

  • Thanks for the new threads Jeff. Looking forward to them.

  • **Gloating in an on-topic fashion, gloating in an on-topic fashion, gloating in an on-topic fashion…** Just kidding :P, but I did indeed win!
    :D Thanks Jeff!

  • Another thing Sony, don’t sweat sales/non-profits of the PS3. Here’s what happening…no one knew what u guys would bring to the table of next-gen. The reason Y everyone jumped to 360 was b/c expectations were high and that time (PS3 lauch) you weren’t able to deliver as well as the developers. This is where M$ was smart. They were the first to market next-gen hardware and get info to the consumer on HD gaming. This is where PS3 was left in the dust, however, u guys do now understand what next-gen is about as well as the DVs. Now, u can prove why u guys said next-gen started when u said so, it was just said prematurely, that’s all. Now its time to show the Competition and consumer alike what next-gen SONY Computer Entertainment is about!!!


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