MotorStorm Pacific Rift: Lunatics Unite!

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Its launch day for MotorStorm Pacific Rift in North America tomorrow (w00t)!

It means you all can enjoy MotorStorm Pacific Rift and we can all go on holiday. Except by this point, the UK is accelerating into winter in typical rainy, cold fashion. So it’s the Southern Hemisphere for the sun worshippers amongst the team, and a catching-up on a big pile of games in a darkened room for us redheads that find the sun overrated.

Once were all rested its back to the development bunker to finish off the DLC we have lined up for you guys in the coming months. We’ve got a pile of stuff waiting in the wings, and, you’ll be glad to know, a lot of it is free. We’re going to try and give you something new to play with every week, and we’ve also got some major packs in development that should be on the store after Christmas.

In the meantime, get those Time Trial lap times up on the leaderboards (you’re lucky as I’ve put a moratorium on our QA guys posting up there for two weeks, to let you guys get good at it), have a laugh with split screen, and enjoy this next bout of brutal off-road racing.


Number of pizzas consumed during development: 1,454
Number of Chinese takeaways consumed during development: 4,231
Number of curries consumed during development: 678
Miles of toilet roll used during development: 37

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  • Dude, toilet rolls used? TMI! :)

  • “Except by this point, the UK is accelerating into winter in typical rainy, cold fashion”

    I wish In was in the UK. It’ll be 90 degrees on Halloween in socal :p

  • I can’t wait to see and try it. Another game to play,

  • Yet another awesome PS3 exclusive that will be getting much screen time this week!! Good job to all you guys over at Evolution Studios! Keep that DLC coming!

  • lolll you guys prefer chineese food, thats a lot of toilet rolls lol
    Anyway im getting Motorstorm wednesday when store get them

  • You made one sweet game. On my Buy Next list.

  • Sweet! Will be grabbing this next week, hopefully.

  • Congrats on getting the game out the door! I’m super excited to play. Love that you guys are working on DLC. Burnout set a new standard and Motorstorm has the potential to eclipse it.

  • I’ll be picking my copy up as soon as GameStop has it!

  • awsome1 its the last Motorstorm monday thouhg =,( im so exited omfg!

  • Why does a game made in the UK come out first in America? :s

  • I love the first motorstorm. Seems like with all that time they could have improved a lot, but no improvements at all besides multiplayer and splitscreen. The game plays less than spectacular. It’s just we were expecting it to blow us away with this one considering how well the first one went, but not impressed. Vehicle floats like a balloon, boost is practically gone…can’t tell the difference when boosting.

  • Cool, Motorstorm Pacific Rift looks amazing, too bad il be busy wit little big planet though. I wish i could get this game =(

  • 37 miles of toilet rolls? You probably could have donated those toilet rolls to less fotunate countries!

  • Game’s out tomorrow and already DLC is coming. Yay, we love buying a $60 and then spending $20+ more on DLC for it. As long as there’s buyers that don’t know any better, there’s us non buyers that get screwed.

    /sarcasm off

  • That’s alot of Pollution Trophies ya got there…

  • “a lot of it is free” AWESOME. Thanks in advance.

    Are those numbers for the whole team or for you only? :P

  • 37 miles – awesome! :D

  • picking up mine tomorrow…going to trade in the original towards it…time to retire my first PS3 game for my newest.

  • Now see Nigel…had I been in charge there…it would be White Castle my fellow employees and I would be consuming as we slave away working on our game ;D

  • haha @ last bit of post.

    What games will the developers be playing in those darkened rooms?

    I am very impressed and excited for the weekly DLC.. esp. the free part. Times are tough and this is a great way to support the Lunatics.. muchos gracias!!

  • I just hope you guys do a good job in advertising the game,,,i still haven’t seen a single ad for this game here in Canada(unlike the first motorstorm) .

    you(evolution studio or Sony) should do some advertising for your game in Canada on comedy network Canada,G4tech TV Canada,much music/much more music,MTV Canada.

    anyway I ll be getting the game first day and good luck with your next game

  • Haha nice factoids, did you guys really keep track of those consumables? Anyway, I’m a bit strapped for cash so if I cannot buy this game someone else definitely will for me as it’d then be on my Christmas list! :D

  • Want This GAME!!!!

  • so whats in stored for motorstorm 3 i have an idea take it to the snow top mountains and include avalanches

  • Thanks Nigel.

    Just waiting for my pre-order to be shipped this week.

  • I played the demo and it rocked!

  • I’m getting LBP tomorrow no doubt.. i really want to get this too

  • yeah, i’ll be getting this one tomorrow. maybe i’ll pass on fallout 3. nope, i’m not high at the moment/

  • awesome. definitely getting this one.

  • Reponse to 29: I dont want Fallout 3 at all, so im not high either!


    New Killzone 2 trailer at Looks freaking awesome!

  • I hate you…

    I hate you for making Motorstorm PR as fun as the first one.
    I hate you for listening to us and making split screen for us
    I hate you because this game is too good and I have to hit the store tomorrow morning to get it.

    But what the heck, free DLC? Ok you’re all forgiven.

    See ya all online guys, my license plate is Real Gambler, but you may need binoculars to see it from waaaaay behind.

  • Hey, I’m really looking forward to getting this game (eventually) But, thanks to a ton of games coming out before-hand, I can’t purchase Pacific Rift anytime soon… So, with that being said, I can’t wait to get my hands on Pacific Rift… but you know what would be nice, just for old time sake, you’ve added a patch for trophies in the original Motorstorm! That would help encourage me to re-sharpen my skills for Pacific Rift!

  • First came Burnout Paradise, then Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, after that we got Wipeout HD and now to cap off the year Motorstorm Pacific Rift. Each one of these games are completely different from the rest, however they all fall under the racing genre. Truly the PS3 has been the king of racing for 2008.

    Amazon hasn’t shipped my copy yet, but for $10 off (thanks PSU!) I can afford to wait an extra couple of days. Keep up the good work Nigel and hey… try sparing a couple of pizzas for the rest of us! :)

  • I have a feeling the toilet paper usage and the currie are directly related.

  • You guys need to overhaul your current marketing strategies to fit a broader demographic as opposed to just the tech-savvy. Make PS3 FUN!!!! and not grim or scary. Your current PS3 adds are atrocious at best, especially the way PLAYSTATION 3 appears at the end of your adds. This does not appeal to the general demographic. If you want to know what great adds are, look no further than the PS1 and PS2 adds. Snap out of it SONY. When will we be brought back to the glory days of playstation? Key word: Play. We need more appeal SONY, or else we’re done. U need to stop with these changes, and go back to what worked, i.e.-bring the color back into the playstation marketing emblem on the PS3 adds and on the boxes and everywhere. Be proud of playstation instead of trying to make it something that you feel fits company standards. People in general, right now, do not care about the PS3’s advance tech over our competitors, however, they do in fact care about the software and content of the system.

  • Excellent post Nigel! Motorstorm was my very first ps3 game and I still love it. I’m not buying this one right away (gotta save my money for lbp) but this trailer is exciting to watch. Nice use of that Justice remix by DFA79 (I think that’s it). Good music.

    And did I read that correctly? Some free DLC???

  • The demo was trash, so I’m expecting the game to be trash as well.

  • Man I want this game. But my wife just cut into my gaming budget. So, I just got Buzz! Socom, LBP, and will be getting Resistance 2, the problem I am having is get Motorstorm 2 now and wait on Mirrors Edge or get Mirrors Edge on the 11th and wait on Motorstorm 2???

    I have been thinking about it all day and can’t make up my mind. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the Mirrors Edge demo. It’s coming on Thursday, right?

  • can’t wait first motorstorm was great second one is even better .and when i first got my ps3 they were one of the only games that made it out when they said the other game companys kept delaying there games ty for that

  • Enjoy your rest, thanks guys!

  • getting it today for sure

  • Does anyone know if Eu and US versions can be played online with eachother?

  • haha nice post. i thought that said number of toilet paper rolls at first, which would just be gross. immodium ftw!

    but then i noticed it was miles. well done.

  • Nigel, do you guys gonna have some sort of downloadable pack of motorstorm in little big planet? i’d love to have monster trucks stickers in lbp , make it happen please

  • cant wait to get this game, if only i didnt have to drive an hour away to buy it. 8)

  • Free?? awesome, this game’s definitely on my list

  • I believe the miles of Toilet roll is directly correlated to the times you ordered out for Chinese food. ;)

    Nice stats!

  • I think lunatics will be offended by the use of the word “lunatic”.

    I demand Sony pull this game on behalf of lunatics everywhere.

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