LittleBigPlanet: We’re Up, Online and Official!

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UPDATE: Pre-order codes are now activated and are able to be redeemed now!

Great news! Media Molecule has unveiled that the LittleBigPlanet servers are up and running and ready for the world to start posting new creations and levels. Click over to to see the original post.

In addition to this big news – due to popular demand, all the Online Beta levels will be transferred over to the network for everyone to enjoy.


Finally, to those who’ve pre-ordered LBP in North America and are waiting to download Nariko or Kratos & company, this should all be ready by later tonight these are ready now! Click over to our LittleBigPlanet News Site for more updates when it goes live…

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  • Woot! Game of the Year….great job MM!


  • This is great news but what exactly is going to happen with the ‘First Week’ stuff (shirt and astronaut suit)? Is today the official first day?

  • This is kind of dumb lol, I have the game and happy that the server is on but the actual game not supposed to be out till tomorrow, so you guys are just letting everyone else get pissed off LOL. Meh either way its still good news for me :)

  • Sooo any truth to the rumors that your making a sequel already? lol

  • I’ve been all over the single player mode this weekend.

    Can’t wait to co-op with friends!

    See you out there…

  • When will be seeing online co-op map create?

    Can’t wait

  • I put the game, get the patch (I own a early copy) and now my other pad (a generic one) don’t work anymore, but I have no problem , and the pad work as fine as my sixasis before the patch.

  • Make sure to check out my beta level: SuperUltraHappyFunPlace!

    It’s a challenging set of rooms designed to provoke your mind and has a time challenge to prove the toughest of competitors! Enjoy!

  • Are the Week One bonuses going to be extended at all? I pre-ordered on Amazon (Canada), but since the release date delay, they are now estimating delivery on Nov 12 or 13. I hope it’s just a mistake, but…

  • Yay so happy. I’m gonna go pick up my preorder copy. Hope to see some of you online.

  • Great. Now if the game would only come to Indiana.

  • Mark: Where is the “exclusive to first week purchasers” Astronaut costume?


    My advice-

    Save early– Save often when creating!

    also – careful not to attach too many connecting things to the bottom of any level and then try to build on top of it..

    after too many items are connected, a limit is reached, and then the game starts to delete the FIRST stuff you placed that was connected so you can add more..

    be careful so that your creation doesn’t just fall over!

    also- don’t put too many stickers on things all round the world, it drives up your bar on the left to “hot” very quickly,

    i suggest making your levels and then applying stickers..


    don’t forget to “copy” your creations to your portfolio- you can them use them over and over again!!!


    don’t forget that by pressing < ithink< right one and right two trigger buttons to increase or decrease the thickness of your really helps once you realize3 that!

    whew! i played the BETA nonstop until they deleted my level.. so i remember it like yesterday!



  • Sweet- I might have to leave work early to play? Umm, boss, i’m sick now – can i go home pls? ;-)

  • How do we get the “there for launch” space suit and the week #1 t-shirt?

  • WTH????

    why is every message i type “awaiting moderation”????

    there are no links…

    am i being watched?

    last post i made that was deleted was actually a response to a question form Jeff-

    he said- “what type of problems are you experiencing with firmware 2.5”

    so i made a list from problems people were having with at the forums, and then posted em, and that got deleted..

    and now every message is awaiting moderation??!?

    what’s next, tapping my phones?


    it’s official, Jeff is stalking me..

  • Great, now I can only hope my local GameCrazy got their copies in today, and that I can buy a copy even though I didn’t pre-order…

  • Little Big Planet is such an awesome game. Can’t wait for the DLable characters.

  • geez i wish my level “midnight in the gnome garden” was saved from the Beta version to the retail…i wish you could all play it!

    fighting….impulse…to…play…LBP..again…MUST…WAIT…FOR…FALLOUT 3!!!!


  • Great! I just finished the single player game last night. Can’t wait to play on some user-created levels.

  • Awesome! I’m just waiting on some birthday money in the mail to pick up LBP.
    2 Questions though:
    1. If you share codes, do you have to log in as the other person like sharing everything else? Or can you just give them the code to use on their own profile after you have already used it?

    2. Does the Nariko download only come with her skin? I know the Kratos one comes with other things.

    Can’t wait to play! :D

  • Awesome! And just in time as I got a 100% and ACE on every level just an hour or so ago!

  • I want Kratos, but I live in Mexico :(

  • i’m wondering why my LBP coupon code doesn’t work to get my Kratos costume? it tells me to go to

    but that page doesn’t exist.

    anyone know how to redeem my code?

  • Nooooo!! My beta level is up but it won’t load or copy or do anything!!!!

  • I messed up my Kratos costume pre-order card from ebGames and now I am unable to get my code. Is there anyway I can get another one or am I out of luck?

  • BUG?

    For some reason after patching Winches no longer make any sounds. What’s the deal?

  • My copy should ship today from Amazon.

  • @Jeff- ah i see-

    so no more diatribes, huh?

    i guess it’s a new “anti-rant” feature?

    so is that comment i made never going to see the light of day?

    I tried to put in some good tips for LBP players..

    anyway, thanks for letting me know you aren’t tracking my every move..i was going to have to slip on my Octo-Camo…


  • Yes!!!! finally i can play online. Great job guys, even though the release was very hectic!!!

  • Mark, will the astronaut “launch” Sackboy and Media Molecue t-shirted Sackboys be free to download from the PS Store this Thursday?

  • I picked up my LBP preorder today and my EB Games didn’t get any codes for Kratos… What is up with that? Will there be anyway for me to get Kratos any other way? Was looking forward to it…

  • yes great question. ditto @30 question.

  • WOOT!!! great news… im already playing it online and found my levels from the beta!

    thanks a bunch guys
    cant wait to have my kratos gear

    awesome game 10 out of 10

    cant wait to put my ideas ingame “like i always wanted to do”

    one more thing i heard some time ago that we wont be able to create levels with people online… but they said they will have that in a patch once launched… did that patch do that or was that just for the song?

    thanks again

  • Aaaaaand… Any updates on when the UK and the rest of Europe will be getting their pre-orders?

    (Or we get our own version of the PS blog so we can stop getting annoyed about Sony always giving everything to America first?)

    I’m really excited about this game – I have been since I saw the 2007 E3 video – so I can’t wait to get it in my machine!

  • Sweet! I’ve still got some story levels to do, but I’ll be online anyway. :)

  • I have a question for you guys. I pre-ordered LBP at Best Buy. So I have the code for Nariko, but I would really like to have Kratos as well.

    Are you guys planning on releasing these characters as DLC on the Playstation Store? I wouldn’t mind paying a buck or so for some of my favorite characters.

  • Exciting! I published my level right before I went to class. Though I think I may have to retweak my old beta levels, they were kinda embarassing.

  • I want to go home sick so I can play.

  • finshing up dead space on the last level will wait till kratos bonus is up to get back on LBP!

  • @JEFF-

    so if we comment over 1000 characters, it is blocked and can’t be unblocked?

    even if the post has nothing offensive in it?

    it’s just gone?

    can’t you just allow it to be seen with you amazing Mod powers?

    seems kinda limiting, i mean, as long as it is on topic and constructive, what’s wrong with that?

  • Great news!!

    PSN: yungder

  • HEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Can,t wait to get home from work now. Great job guys.

  • NOW the fun begins!

    And it is officially time to get sick and go home to play!

    No doubt: LBP FTW GOY!!


  • What about the codes for the costumes? can we redeem them now?

  • HAs anyone gotten their Amazon pre-orders in yet?

  • I ordered mine through today… so I should be getting mine on Thursday, Oct. 30. I’m keeping my fingers crossed… *sigh*

    The nearest Game Stop for me is almost 50 miles away, and with gas as it is, driving nearly 100-miles round-trip for the game is a no-go… so I’m just going to have UPS bring it to me.

    Gotta wait.. *sniffs sadly*

    When you guys get the game, do a search for “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Temple of Timpuura.” That’s the level that I made in the Beta test. =) Enjoy it! Also, you can look for a video of me playing through it by doing a YouTube search of the same terms. It’s pretty great. =)

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