Grand Theft Auto IV PS 3 Trophies this Monday

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You’ve probably already heard the news: this coming Monday, October 27th, there will be an update made available on the PlayStation Network to unlock the entire Trophy system for Grand Theft Auto IV on PLAYSTATION 3.

Rockstar Games asked that I share a bit more info with you.

Make sure to download and install the update before playing in order to start attaining Trophies. There will be 51 total trophies, broken down by four different levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum – all contributing to your overall experience level on your PlayStation Network profile.

Among the 51 trophies to be released Monday, look for:

One Man Army

One Man Army – only those that are wily enough to survive a 6-star wanted level for a full 5 minutes will be rewarded with this one.

Dare Devil

Dare Devil – an award for those who find and execute all of the Unique Stunt Jumps throughout Liberty City.

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction – an Achievement for those who can pull off blowing up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds or less.

Liberty City Minute

Liberty City Minute – for those that have completed the game story in less than 30 hours. As the Social Club’s Story Club leaderboard can attest, this is not an easy feat.

Look for detailed information on all 51 trophies to be revealed at this Monday when the PLAYSTATION Network update goes live.

See you back on the streets of Liberty City this Monday!

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  • awesome news

  • Please add custom in-game music! GTA4 needs this patch.
    Awesome, cant wait to collect all the Trophies.

    Thank you.

  • Kick ass, too bad it’s on a Monday though! If it were today I could get a lot of those done this weekend. Now I’ve got the R2 beta this weekend, then LBP next week! :D Lots to do on my PS3, and a great reason to re-do GTA IV’s storyline differently, with [name] surviving this time!

  • Yay! Although, it sounds like I gotta start the whole game over again, lol.

    It’s cool though, just wish that exclusive 360 DLC wasn’t exclusive… we want more GTA4, too! I paid $60 just as the 360 owners did…

  • I know this is a longshot but… retroactive?

  • Are these Trophies retroactive or do I have to start the game over?

  • Thats good to know, wasn’t sure when these would come out.

  • Yea, ingame soundtrack + our DLC would be great too.

  • Thanks for the update Jeff!

    Do you know if we will have to delete our saved game files and create a new profile, in order to get the trophies?

  • Are some to the trophies retroactive or will we have a regain everything?

  • The trophies are not retroactive. Let me find my source again….

  • Has Rockstar mentioned whether this patch will also fix any of the long-standing bugs? For instance, the “game start” countdown in multiplayer often stops at 1 and the game never begins. Also my headset stops working after an hour! My friends have all been having that same issue since FW 2.40.

  • No word on retro, but it seems that it would be an easier fit than for some other games, because GTA has always done a good job of keeping track of unique stats in the player profile. Might just be a lateral move. It also sounds like (from the examples) that the trophies might be situational, not mission-based, so no matter where you are in the game,you can rack up a 6-star or set off a chain reaction. And as far as the Wrecks-Box’s lauded DLC….um….haven’t heard too much about it…. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  • seems that if the Social Club site can link with your PSN ID then the trophies should be able to unlock the same way off those stats. At least i’m hoping.


    There we go… NOT retroactive. Sorry PSBlog, hope I didn’t break any rules by posting a link.

    At any rate, I stopped at about 35 percent through, this is the reason I needed to start playing again! Fallout…LittleBigPlanet…Resistance 2.. Haven’t played Bioshock yet either, oh man! I’m gonna have to quit my job to stay caught up!

  • Cool stuff. Maybe this will make up for the lack of things to do. Also if you talk to Rockstar tell them the GTA IV soundtrack sucks on my behalf. I keep hoping for a custom soundtrack option.

  • Im gonna be cursed.. but this is some nice incentive to finish GTA IV once and for all.
    So this monday i will erase my current advance and i will start again.
    I have to admit that im impressed by Rockstar
    i tought that they wouldnt add trophy support
    Good job guys.

  • This is great news. Thanks

  • Great stuff. We just need Custom Music just like the 360 Version.

  • it’s about time fellas…
    freaking love this title

    any news on any patch or GTA 5? worth the try :-)

  • Great news… I guess it’s time to dust off my copy and actually finish the game.

  • are any of the trophies going to be retroactive

  • Finally, GTAIV has come back to my system!!! I’m all over this update Trophies I’m still playing the missions in the game. Awesome Update

  • Don’t care about GTA but, it is great that so many games are patched to include trophies. Let’s hope for MGS4.

  • Thank You for Lissening to the Gamers.. We Need this..


    I like to know also if there is any Trophies that are Retroactive too!

    I agree Lets Hope they Include Custom in-game MUSIC…. I was it XMB custom music.. but we all cant get what we want right :(

    Trophys are freaking awsome tho… lets hope they get it right!

  • It should be very easy for some of the trophies to be retroactive.

    Like for example the first one “Off the Boat” where all you had to do was finish the first mission. It should be easy to find out if the most recent mission the save file has is after the very first mission of the game.

    Come on guys, please throw us a bone here.

  • Nice!! it’s about time we get an update for this game. Is there any word on HOME support? I know they were talking abuot “Heavy Integration” with home in a PSM a few months back.

  • it’s about time. GTA for Hope!

  • well at least its finally here. but it will be a long time till i revisit gtaIV. too many other games im playing or havent played yet. fallout is going to take forever probably as it is. but i will revisit one day like all the other gta games.

    custom tracks is a must for games such as these.

  • Thanks for the info

  • Great news!
    Now it’s MGS4’s turn to bring us a trophy patch.

  • Read the clever wording!

    Make sure to download and install the update before playing in order to start attaining Trophies.


    Does this update come with a time machine too?

    Not retroactive so I have to get 100% all over again!

    That’s what I get for being a trophy whore.
    So I guess this means I have to wait to buy games that don’t come with trophy support.

  • What about Cheats?
    Infinite health cheat, and use that for 5 min? I mean does that cancel the trophie? i think it should

  • Can wait to play GTA4 again!

  • There’s been so much speculation, thanks for finally clarifying Jeff.

  • Yeah,
    we definatly need In game music support, I think that going retro on the trophies would be a bad move. This will give you a rreason to play the game nore and get your $$ worth out of it.

  • I don’t really mind the Trophies not being retroactive. I’ve already completed the game 100%. Now I’ll just do it again but, slightly different. Shouldn’t take long since I know exactly what to do. I wish this patch was release today though. That way I could’ve finished the game again this weekend. The majority of my time is going to be spent on LBP and Motorstorm next week. =)

  • Trying to get us back playing GTA IV with trophies? lol try again.

  • looks like the comments are posting again..

    i don’t think i’ll have time for these trophies with all the good games coming soon..

    man i hope my PS3 gets back from repairs soon!

  • I was hoping that you would make it so i can sign out through remote play again.

    Before 2.50 I could do this by pressing triangle over my avatar, but since you moved it, I can’t sign out in remote play now because the account setting icon doesnt show up.

    Please fix???

  • as someone who doesn’t think in-game music is an important function, i have to say GTA IV is a definite exception. if there ever was a game that needed them, it is this. how they could have the game without a metal station, i have no idea, but i don’t think i’ve ever gotten tired of a game’s music this quickly before.

  • I give credit to rockstar for doing this.

  • I’d be excited for this, but GTAIV doesn’t work on my PS3. So no trophies for me. :(

  • FINALLY!!!

  • The only thing that is stopping me from getting the platinum is those damn pigeons.

  • Trophies are totally taking off now!!! Thank god. Here are a few more titles that needs to be patch with Trophy support.

    GT5 Prologue
    Unreal Tournament III
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    CallofDuty 4 (which will never happen)

  • I am guessing that using cheats will not affect you getting the trophies, there has been no word as to that acutally stopping you from collecting them.

    I know I finished GTA:IV twice to 100% and to do it all over again for trophies is nuts. But hey I will be using the cheat codes this time for sure damn it. I mean you can walk though story mode in ten hours easy. Its all the little things that tie you up too.

    But here is to all you out there willing to do it all over again. 51 more trophies for us to collect and add to the pile. So good luck to you all and collect like the wind too. Seen the superguides and locations for all the stuff is readily available now too.


  • Oh yeah, one more.

    HEAVENLY SWORD!!! One of my favorite games of all time.

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