Weekend Plans? Join PlayStation on the Pavement or in the Air

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So… what are you doing this weekend? You can find PlayStation on both coasts over the next few days for some summer and (early) winter extreme sports events, along with a healthy dose of hands-on time with our upcoming releases.


Tomorrow, it will snow in San Francisco. With a high in the 70s. That’s right, 72 and snow (there’s an LA Story joke in there somewhere).

Icer Air is one of the more interesting, and entertaining, sporting exhibitions you’ll ever see: they set up a giant, snow-covered ski jump in the middle of the city – and jump off of it. With no time constraints, the goal is to perform the sickest tricks before skidding to a stop… with the Bay Bridge in the background.

PlayStation at Icer Air This Weekend

We’ll be out there as well, offering gamers hands-on time with SingStar, Guitar Hero World Tour, Motorstorm Pacific Rift and more. After the boarders are all jumped out (and the snow starts to melt), The Cool Kids will perform.

PlayStation will also host 3 main contests through out the event: One contest involves Guitar Hero World Tour and the other two contests are on SingStar. The lucky winners will then become the “opening act” for 1 of the 3 bands that play on the event’s main concert stage, with each winner opening for a different band.

For more info on Icer Air, please click here.

As much fun as I had at last year’s Icer Air (Mos Def and Twalib Kwali performed), I won’t be attending this year. That’s because I’m on my way to Orlando for the PlayStation Pro – and I want you to join me there… More on that in a bit.

The PS Pro is the culmination of the Dew Action Sports Tour, the biggest skate and BMX event of the season. It’s a perfect fit for Motorstorm Pacific Rift, which will be playable at the PlayStation Experience truck (heck, our name is on the event!). Not only that, many of the athletes will put down their boards and pick up a DualShock controller for a charity bout of Pacific Rift.

PlayStation Pro passes

About my earlier invitation: since I’m going to be in Orlando (again!), I managed to score ten (10) all-access passes to the PlayStation Pro for you loyal (and local) blog readers. That’s them, above. Tomorrow at about noon, I’ll be outside the gates to hand them out, first-come, first-served. Limit 2 per party, please.

Stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed (what, you’re not following on your mobile?) for exact time and location of where I’ll be.

If you hit up Icer Air, let us know how it was. If you’re heading to the PlayStation Pro… see you there!

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  • Sounds cool.

  • interesting… well my weekend was gonna be prepping for LBP… oh well…

  • I have work at 4 in the am to 1! when does this start??? i wanna go, lemme know.

  • sweet, looks like fun… to bad I live in washington

  • I’m a PS pro. Those guys are PS f*&$@ts.

  • Wish I could go, looks like fun. Thanks for the Canada event last week, this should quiet down the US residents who were jealous of us for once.

  • Sounds cool..wish I could go, but when will you guys show some love to us up North? (NY,NJ) I’d love to make an appearance to at least one of thesw events!

  • i think i heard about this in the news today at school when the my teacher was turning off the tv we where watching a video but i think the reporter said something about Xgames

    PSN: chang128

  • Dallas, TX folks!


  • To bad I have to miss out. Life calls ><.

  • That reminds me, I’m making a fake brochure for California in my graphic design class. Next time I’m working on it I’ll put “PlayStation events go here” under San Francisco ;)

    (And alcatraz) :P

  • Wait, so whats going on in the east coast ? I wish something would happen near cleveland, ohio. I really want to test out some of the new games coming out and meet some of you guys :) Nothing is ever close enough.

  • what i’m going to be doing this weekend? hmm let me see i’m gonna stay at home playing disgaea 3 :P and watching college and profesional football…i’m a big fan of the miami canes and dolphins and also i am a fan of the miami heat…to bad that all those teams suck this year! :(

  • Jeff is traveling around the world aren’t you??

  • Wish I could go jsut for the PlayStation truck, last time it was in town I missed it :(

  • jeff u have a kick ass job. can i have a job there too??

  • wish i could be there!

    that picture is insane, if someone goes like 10 feet to the right they’d land in the crowd!

  • Well, like most I was going to spend my weekend with LBP… not so much anymore.

  • @27 wow, just because it got pushed back for one week?

  • Come over to Europe with one of these events :P I know you are with SCEA and not SCEE, but still I consider you Jeff, to be the most valuable source of PS3 information to me, since well SCEE is just not cutting it sadly.
    If you ever come to Europe drop me a line, we could have a soda or something.. :P

  • hey, when will you be doing some events in my home town?
    buffalo, ny is a great gaming town, many colleges and canada right across the way. you goto toronto, ontario, canada. why not swing trough this way. i’ll reat yo to the best dang slimer dogs on thi side o the country.

  • @6 and @8

    Please stop. Email your request to SONY (right hand side of this blog page) and be done with it.

  • i’ll treat you to the best dang slimer dogs on this side of the country. my keyboards batteries are dying :(

  • The thing that blows about living in a small town is that you miss out on events like this. The closest metropolitan area from where I live is 2 plus hours away.

  • I might have to check this out.

  • Sounds like fun…let’s hope nobody from the recent blog posts win these…I don’t think you’d want to be grilled to badly on what went down today. ;)

  • too bad we weren’t notified a week early, i could’ve gone had i planned…fyi im in tx

  • Thanks Jeff.

    This weekend in Toronto Canada, as you people at Sony posted earlier:

    “The best part is, for those of you who couldn’t attend the event and will be in Greater Toronto Area October 17-19, we will also have a big presence at Best Buy’s Gaming Invasion 08. Gamers will have the opportunity once again to get hands-on time with all of our holiday titles before they hit stores.”


  • I wanna see Icer Air…. that’s kinda a given, though.

  • if only… its my dream l

  • i’ll be there at 11:59am Jeff,..save me a pair..i know what u look like.

  • There is an error in the new EULA us.playstation.com/support/useragreements/15

    There’s no such thing as Oore

  • Oops, post was delayed.

  • Jeff, i was there at the entrance from 11:45am-12:30am..and to no avail, i couldn’t get one of these passes. Any way i can get one for tomorrow? BTW, the security guards wouldn’t let me come to the ps trailer to ask for you. They suck!

  • …I know my comment I left wasn’t about this topic but was an issue on the PS3 firmware 2.50 and it got deleted… WHY!?

  • No Love for NYC

  • “This weekend in Toronto Canada, as you people at Sony posted earlier:

    “The best part is, for those of you who couldn’t attend the event and will be in Greater Toronto Area October 17-19, we will also have a big presence at Best Buy’s Gaming Invasion 08. Gamers will have the opportunity once again to get hands-on time with all of our holiday titles before they hit stores.”

    Will Sony cancel the event if I’m offended by it being hosted by Best Buy?

  • This weekend I have my spent my time playing my brand new Xbox 360.

    Congratulations Sony, you have turned me, a hard-core Sony fan-boy, into a 360 due to your ridiculous actions of the past week.

  • How about you focus on getting out the beta keys for Resistance 2 (which still aren’t here) and quit delaying crap instead of focusing on STUPID SPORTING EVENTS!

  • @38, 39 and 40 Wuggyboobeaufuf, LeonBlade.

    Many people at the Toronto event hosted by Bestbuy would disagree with you Wuggy…I would say most were very happy with this event.

    As for the R2 beta codes Leon, I have several friends that have been playing this weekend and got their codes…did you apply through Sony via Qore, or did you try applying with another source ? (that may also be your answer, it may not have been Sony).

    And to both of you, many people have complained that Sony is not advertising their games and console enough….well these events are that type of advertising.

  • @41 GGCAN

    I have Qore… I’ll check right now.
    And I’m just saying that they need to focus on getting stuff in on time and less advertisements.

    We had a GREAT update 2.50, but we still need more fixes like the simple battery icon fix.

    I wish they would let me fix all this, I would do it for free!

  • @42…LeonBlade.

    Agree with more fixes needed, but you know, they’ve done a lot of fixes lately and a few that we still want, I’m sure will be fixed soon.

    We can’t expect everything tomorrow….I know where I work, many users feel like you…we want it and we want it now…but we are doing as much as we can with what staff we have and I’m sure Sony is in the same boat.

    I’m glad you have Qore and you may still not have the email, but I’ll bet it will soon be coming.

    I know for Socom, many of these problems also occurred, but later people got the beta.

    It was just release late last week and the Live R2 isn’t out for a bit, so I would give them a couple more days and then maybe call in and see what is going on if you still haven’t received it.

    All I’m really saying is that Sony has listened to us very much in the last couple of months. Much more than many other companies than I have dealt with in the past and for that I congratulate them.

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