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Greetings EOJ Fans!


Today is a big day as Set 3 finally releases on the PlayStation Store and just like Set 2, Set 3 will be priced at $14.99. We’re also happy to announce a new EOJ Set 2 and 3 Bundle that will release today as well. The EOJ Set 2 and 3 Bundle will include both download packs at $19.99 which is a great value for 2 Expansion Packs.


So if there are EOJ players who haven’t expanded their decks, this gives them a great chance to catch up with the rest of the players out there.


As you probably heard already, we have partnered with Upper Deck who will be distributing Set 3 cards! You can order your cards Upper Deck Online store beginning today. Set 1 and 2 cards are still available at retail outlets and online. (Remember all Sets are distinguished with it’s own color- Set 1 (BLACK), Set 2 (Red), and now Set 3 (BLUE)).

Be sure to look out for more EOJ updates and promotions right here or on your favorite Official EOJ Community sites including-

Till then, check our last installment of the Set 3 Sneak Peek from our own Jason Greeson from FPQA!


Heavy Metal Monsters
Finally let’s show off a few of the new Biolith cards. They’re known for being the most destructive cards of all the elements, and the new Set 3 Biolith cards live up to that reputation.

283 EN EOJ3_Dummy

283_Scion's Peace

Scion’s Peace (card #283)
Oh the irony of this cards name! When on a Biolith field, this satellite gets perfect dodge which by itself is great, by it doesn’t stop there. Every resolution phase Scion’s Peace gets stronger by 1 attack! Yea, it loses 1 hp every phase until you get down to 1, but when you have perfect dodge it can still be tough to take him out. Now if you really want to pour it on, bring out Scion’s Peace with Scion himself on the board. With this combination of deck 1 and deck 3 cards, Scion’s Peace can be activated for 0 cost! You’ll see a theme here that the combination of deck 3 cards with deck 1 and 2 cards can really make some powerful decks.

311 EN EOJ3 Promo_dummy

If there ever was a single creature that could change a game in an instant, it’s Dioskuri. This creation is unique in Eye of Judgment in that you must combine 2 cards to summon him. When you combine a Kastor (card #285) and Pollux (card #286), just the summon animation alone is cool enough to want to make this happen, but that’s just the start. If you are able to score the very rare Dioskuri promo card, you can use it on top of either Kastor or Pollux to get him out even easier, so there’s multiple ways to summon him. Dioskuri’s magic attack attacks all enemy creatures for 2 plus both player’s combined mana. Now that is just brutal, but that’s not all! Depending on if you put Pollux on top of Kastor or Kastor on top of Pollux, Dioskuri will do different things. If you put Kastor on top of Pollux to create Dioskuri, the creature steals exit mana from enemies on Biolith fields. If you put Pollux on top of Kastor, all allied creatures on Biolith fields gain 1 HP in each resolution phase!

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  • The suckyness of this game offends me. Please delay it Sony!

  • I can’t believe you delayed a certain game because a few people found something offensive. Know what I find offensive? Turning on millions of fans and showing no responsibility or care for the well being of their products.

    It’s like you want the game to fail.

  • Oooooo Card battling! Does anyone actually play this game? They had this game bundled with the PS Eye on clearance at Target for $39 bucks.

  • Awesome game, but I hate the fact that Dioskuri is a promo… Well, you can send me one, and I’ll forgive you!

    Tonight is trophy night. Let’s rake them.

  • Guys,
    Hold off on the LBP hate for a while. Eye of Judgment guys have nothing to do with this.

    Thanks for the post. I don’t have the game but love to see the continued support.

  • hey it’s an ok game

  • Ooops, thank you also for stuffing a few more URs per boxes than previous sets. Should be better on our wallets since the next few months will be costly. So many great games coming out! Hope you can fix LBP with only a patch. (Will you consider re-opening beta if there’s a long delay??)

    Thanks for the great work and the 1:48 odds!

  • @5
    I find your post offensive, please recall it even though doing so would upset many people and be a terrible business decision.

  • The link to the Upper Deck Store doesn’t seem to be working. It says “No items were found.”

  • Never mind posting this garbage Sony. What is happening with Little Big Planet ???

  • I think there’s the need right now of a topic about the LBP situation.

    I REALLY don’t understand what Sony is doing. :/
    We have been waiting for months for LBP…
    And because of 2 lines of a song there’ll be a delay !!
    A song that EVERYONE CAN BUY at iTunes if he wants to? And nobody never complained till now about it !?

    That’s ridiculous ! I’m going nuts right now… This is insane. There’s no better way of raising anger among PS3 fans. :/

  • I hate this game, not because the game is bad but because of these crappy patches that you gotta pay 15$ for and is USELESS unless you buy the booster packs.

    It’s the worst “DLC” ever. Paying to “unlock” the ability to play with new cards. Way to rip people off. Almost as bad as the Namco stuff or the Horse armor (Oblivion).

  • I think people are talking about Little Big Planet here because Sony US haven’t actually announced the delay yet or any details for those of us who already have it. Will those of us with it get patched, do we have to return it etc. Quite a mess.

  • Stay on topic people!

    This is good stuff. I recently found some set 2 cards yesterday. Went ahead and got the bundle for set 3 and set 2. They did not have any set 3 at the GameStop, nor did they have a date of when. He also said, he didn’t see a sku in his system. When will the cards be available on the streat?

  • I haven’t even been able to find Set 2 cards at local stores, so announcing set 3 is less than exciting for me. :(

    I have a feeling I’m the only one who bought Set 1 cards at my local stores, and they haven’t ordered any more.

  • How are the Dioskuri cards going to be distributed? As a collector & player of the game I have all 3 sets now, but i’m missing this 1 card! And please don’t say do a crossword on EoJManager (not that I mind doing the crossword!), but that’s like saying win the lottery!

  • @10 Don’t insult this game, it has got nothing to do with this situation. Yeah, this is off topic but… yeah whatever.

    For those who do not know what happened;
    Someone found something that they found offensive in the lyrics of a certain BGM in LBP. Now, instead of patching the game, Sony decides to recall it and release a censored version weeks later.

    It is censorship and incompetence rolled into one. I feel bad for Media Molecule if this hurts sales, not for Sony however..

  • Chuck Lacson,

    Can we please get a patch for custom in-game music for Eye of Judgment? I’ve been asking and waiting for this feature since day one. I cant stress enough how I’m so tired of listening to the same song over and over again. Now more then ever, custom in-game music would really be worth it since the majority of players are going back to the game for Trophies.
    Please help your fans out.

  • Screw the topic

    MAKE THE LBP BLOG POST NOW. Or hey just have polluted blogs as we the people who are pissed about the delay continue to complain.

    your choice…

  • I’m a big fan of this blog site. However it is becoming increasing irritating how often Sony seem’s to ignore news that put’s Sony or anything Sony related in a negative light. Sony you owe it to your fans to speak out on the issue with LBP and let people know what’s really going on. There’s so much info going out that I don’t know what’s true and what isn’t. Is the delay only for Europe or is it worldwide.

    Why cost yourself all that money by pulling disks from retailers, only to have to supply them with new disks minus the contraversial music later. When you can simply release a patch that takes away the ability to even be able to listen to that song. Sony come on, let people know what’s really going on. You guy’s have to no that by sitting back and not talking about it your only hurting yourselves in the eyes of certain gamers, and to some extent the actually gaming media.

  • No one who has anything to do with LBP is going to read this post. Keep the posts EoJ related guys.

  • EOJ is a good game, but I like to know when LBP is out!!!!!

  • Thanks for the EOJ info. It’s always nice to see games being supported with DLC

  • @Jason

    I’m glad you addresses the pricing concerns by at least making se2 2 and 3 together $20, that puts the entire game at the normal game price of $60…

    but if any more series comes out, they will cost more too..

    and waht about people who already bought series 2 at $14.99? they kinda got screwed…

    BESIDES WE STILL HAVE TO BUY THE ACTUAL CARDS!!! yeesh, there are waaaay too many great games coming out for me to justify paying for “right” just to be able to buy more series 2 and 3 cards…

    I’m glad you guys keep supporting this game, i really loved playing series 1, i bought over $250 worth of cards to get them all..

    i just can’t see paying $14.99 so i can pay some more for cards…

    drop the $14.99 charge, and you’ll be surprised how much more you guys sell in booster packs…

    hope someone is listening and understands I’m not simply being cheap, the PS3 cost me $700, i’ve got 2 dual shock controllers, the Eye, PS2 memory card adapter, 14 games, and 7 PSn games.. but I’m just not made of money where i can PAY A CHARGE TO BE ABLE TO PAY MORE FOR THE CARDS!!!

    am i the only one who thinks that’s just nuts?

  • Any idea of this means that third-party suppliers of booster packs/boxes will be getting their shipments in very soon as well? Many of them had adjusted their availability to Nov. 10th, but now it would seem that they should be ready to go as well, right?

  • @25

    no your not!

    EoJ may be the two biggest rip-off for the PS3 to date.

  • Please… any more information about distribution of cards ? Where can I buy them in Canada ? There is no EBGames even remotely close to where I live so any other options ? Pretty please, with sugar on top ?

  • sorry, Jason, but it looks like the LBP fanatics are out in force. these are the same people who talk to themselves in an empty room and wonder why no one is listening…


  • Everyone needs to stop with the LBP talk. I’m upset about it too but don’t knock this game for it. EOJ is fun and innovative and if you saw it on clearance I suggest you go pick it up. I’d never played a card game in my life other than some go fish and I was more than impressed with it. So were my friends. Thanks for supporting your games way past their release!

  • PLease PLEASE don’t delay LBP….Patch it if you have to :( Sorry OT Chuck, but the situation is pretty severe.

  • @29

    So your insulting people now are you, that’s mature.

  • Thanks for the post Chuck.

    Too bad people go way off topic to vent other items they should be dealing directly with Sony by calling or emailing them.

  • wow guys dont be such asses, eye of judgment have nothing to do with LBP

    Personally i liked Eye of judgment a lot but it was hard to find cards here in canada so i lost interest. Maybe im gonna try the new expansion, dont know

  • I will buy the expansion when you give the option of quick or limited animations. (IE animation only for the first summon, not for every attack. Or fast animations. Just have the critters do the animation on the board without the zooming and fading of other characters etc.)

  • Please patch Eye of Judgment with custom in-game music! I’ve had enough of that guitar rift @.@! The game only has 1 song…OMG it’s driving me crazy!!!

    Thank you.

  • I wont buy a booster unless you take down that pricing of 15 for set 2 and 3, its so lame you charge us for being able to play the cards we already bought from you!!!

  • Actually, you don’t *need* pay Sony to play the cards you already bought. In fact, since I have until now not owned a PS3, my friend and I have played Eye of Judgment sans PS3, both physically (with a makeshift arena and using dice to record HP and other stuff) and virtually (basically just a text-based version where we keep track of all the stats ourselves).
    Which was quite fun, don’t get me wrong. But with the complexities coming out in Set.3, I’m *more* than happy to pay a paltry $15 to let the PS3 handle all those rules.

  • can some1 at sony tell me what going on with lil big planet and if its delay in the usa?
    as far as eye of judgment will u guys do the free cards thing again that u guys did for set 2 as in making a limited edition card that are given out to the first 1 k people?

  • My poor EoJ…even a delay of a good game overshadows this one…

    Anyway, looking forward to when I can actually by these cards in the NA. Have fun Asians and Europeans…have fun.


  • Am I the only here that’s bothered, by this game having just one song?

    Guitar Rifts!!! @.@
    Guitar Rifts!!! @_@
    Guitar Rifts!!! @/@
    Guitar Rifts!!! @|@
    Guitar Rifts!!! =(
    Guitar Rifts!!! (Pull my hair out!!!)

    I’m going to need some earplugs if I want to get all the Trophies. I originally stopped playing because of the music and the pricey cards.

  • Btw, for those of you eager for LBP info – you won’t find it here, but if you check out any of the “usual” places you should find as much as is out there. Joystiq, for example:

  • OK, I was wondering if I could get an official comment on this. I saw that the expansion for set 3 was out….paid for it and downloaded it.

    Went to find the cards at by comic book store they said they have no idea when they will be out. Possibly Nov 10 she said.

    Called Upper Deck, the company making the cards. They said “Yes, we are making the cards, but we have not started yet. No release date it set.”

    Seriously….What is going on? Why has it been near impossible to get cards for this game? I am pretty lucky to live near a comic shop that is very heavy into the collectable card game scene, but even with that they have no idea when the cards will be there. And Upper deck is clueless too. Come on, throw us a bone here!


  • @41

    Yes, the music bothers me too. Just turn it down in the options menu. I did that day one.

    I’m disappointed we still only have eight deck slots.

  • Can we get some more Eye of Judgment Avatars for the Playstation Network? I would like to see companys supporting the Avatar system on the PSN!


  • What happened to PART 3 from An Insider’s Look?

  • I LOVED this game. My roomate and I literallly own every single card…from Set 1. And we didn’t buy singles either. Both of us bought that many EoJ boosters!

    We’ve since quit because we refuse to pay for these expansions. We play the game offine against each other with our Set 1 cards because it’s flat out wrong that people have to pay to be able to pay again for more of a game we’ve already paid for! I know it’s been mentioned before and that only strengthens the point. This game was one of the best games on PS3 until it was ruined by the expansions costing the players. This is pure arrogance on the part of whoever made this decision. It shows a blatant disregard for the users and I personally won’t put up wth it. All EoJ fans need to put their foot down and whoever made this decision needs to realize that they’re actually COSTING Sony money by charging for these expansions, not making it for them.

  • I wish someone would answer some of our questions from this post. I guess since this game is not a AAA title, it doesn’t matter much.

  • great game.. but seriously can you patch in-game music i been asking it since you updated your game long time ago to 2.01 thank you, is it really that hard.. and im sure other people have been asking for it.

  • stop complaining about LBP…

    if i find cards i might get the bundle cause i never bought set 2

  • For those who are upset at the current situation where you are charged money for the DLC along with the money you pay out for the booster sets, it’s really quite simple. The original set came with 100 cards if I’m not mistaken. That’s one hundred unique characters with unique animations per card set, right? So for each set, they(SOJ) are essentially creating a “sequel” to the game. Each new set has 100 unique cards, same as the one before, so $14.99 for a legitimate expansion to the game doesn’t seem like much to me.

    Now, the same group that creates these unique characters and animations that appear on screen are not the same people making the cards. The illustrations on these cards may be directly from artwork by the game developers, but Upper Deck and Wizards of the Coast are responsible for the creation and printing and distribution of the cards and they’re not going to do it for free. The cards are very high quality and naturally they’re going to go for a similar price to other high quality TCG cards. You have three businesses working together, creating tons of new content for a year old game, keeping it alive, but they can’t do it for free.

    Bottom line: It may be expensive but it’s not due to Sony being malicious or greedy, they’re just trying to run a business. Besides, if you don’t want to purchase new cards or DLC, then don’t. I imagine you can still concoct new strategies and be more creative with your deck builds from the first set.

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