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Greetings EOJ Fans!


Today is a big day as Set 3 finally releases on the PlayStation Store and just like Set 2, Set 3 will be priced at $14.99. We’re also happy to announce a new EOJ Set 2 and 3 Bundle that will release today as well. The EOJ Set 2 and 3 Bundle will include both download packs at $19.99 which is a great value for 2 Expansion Packs.


So if there are EOJ players who haven’t expanded their decks, this gives them a great chance to catch up with the rest of the players out there.


As you probably heard already, we have partnered with Upper Deck who will be distributing Set 3 cards! You can order your cards Upper Deck Online store beginning today. Set 1 and 2 cards are still available at retail outlets and online. (Remember all Sets are distinguished with it’s own color- Set 1 (BLACK), Set 2 (Red), and now Set 3 (BLUE)).

Be sure to look out for more EOJ updates and promotions right here or on your favorite Official EOJ Community sites including-

Till then, check our last installment of the Set 3 Sneak Peek from our own Jason Greeson from FPQA!


Heavy Metal Monsters
Finally let’s show off a few of the new Biolith cards. They’re known for being the most destructive cards of all the elements, and the new Set 3 Biolith cards live up to that reputation.

283 EN EOJ3_Dummy

283_Scion's Peace

Scion’s Peace (card #283)
Oh the irony of this cards name! When on a Biolith field, this satellite gets perfect dodge which by itself is great, by it doesn’t stop there. Every resolution phase Scion’s Peace gets stronger by 1 attack! Yea, it loses 1 hp every phase until you get down to 1, but when you have perfect dodge it can still be tough to take him out. Now if you really want to pour it on, bring out Scion’s Peace with Scion himself on the board. With this combination of deck 1 and deck 3 cards, Scion’s Peace can be activated for 0 cost! You’ll see a theme here that the combination of deck 3 cards with deck 1 and 2 cards can really make some powerful decks.

311 EN EOJ3 Promo_dummy

If there ever was a single creature that could change a game in an instant, it’s Dioskuri. This creation is unique in Eye of Judgment in that you must combine 2 cards to summon him. When you combine a Kastor (card #285) and Pollux (card #286), just the summon animation alone is cool enough to want to make this happen, but that’s just the start. If you are able to score the very rare Dioskuri promo card, you can use it on top of either Kastor or Pollux to get him out even easier, so there’s multiple ways to summon him. Dioskuri’s magic attack attacks all enemy creatures for 2 plus both player’s combined mana. Now that is just brutal, but that’s not all! Depending on if you put Pollux on top of Kastor or Kastor on top of Pollux, Dioskuri will do different things. If you put Kastor on top of Pollux to create Dioskuri, the creature steals exit mana from enemies on Biolith fields. If you put Pollux on top of Kastor, all allied creatures on Biolith fields gain 1 HP in each resolution phase!

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