PLAYSTATION Network Video Content Update

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Hi again! The weekend’s here – time for your weekly update of new movie & TV shows on the PLAYSTATION Network.

This week we’ve added new video content from the following television series:

  • American Chopper, Season 4
  • American Dad, Season 3
  • Astro Boy, Season 2
  • Bones, Season 4
  • Family Guy, Season 7
  • Fat Guy Stuck in the Internet, Season 1
  • Friends, Season 4
  • Fringe, Season 1
  • Gossip Girl, Season 2
  • The Thin White Line
  • Family Guy, Season 3
  • Fringe, Season 1
  • Privileged, Season 1
  • Robot Chicken, Season 3
  • Rules of Engagement, Season 1

We’ve also added the following feature films:

  • August
  • Bless the Child
  • City of Men
  • Deterrence
  • Dragonslayer
  • Flashback
  • Ghost
  • Heaven Can Wait
  • Almost Heroes
  • American Ninja
  • Auquamarine
  • Be Kind Rewind
  • Demolition Man
  • Mission: Impossible II
  • Pet Sematary
  • Sex & The City
  • The Dead pool
  • The Hills Have Eyes
  • Two Weeks Notice
  • You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

And, here are our top 20 movie and top 20 TV downloads for the week:

Top movie downloads 10 15 08

Top movie TV 10 15 08

Have a great weekend!

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  • Thanks Grace.

  • any word on Canada?

  • Since the newest firmware went up, some content from the PS Store has disappeared. My DL list showed 171 items when the new firmware went up. Yesterday I checked again and my content was up to 175. I didn’t download anything new at all.

    However, despite this increase, Mortal Kombat II is still missing from the PlayStation Store. Not only that, it is missing from my Download List allowing me to redownload it.

  • Thank you Grace for the update. It’s always appreciated

  • @ #3 boo! every friday i have to hear some1 from canada moan on here about the lack of a video store. just be patient and don’t flood this post with your nonsense. thank you!

    Always a great video update guys. keep em’ coming!


  • Haha within the first five comments someone once again asks about Canada.

    I myself am from Canada and to all my Canadian friends out there I don’t think Grace will ever answer your question. Not until the stupid Canadian Laws approve the Video Store and give us a half **** one without TV shows etc.

  • Hello Sony,

    Why haven’t you mentioned the addition of that ‘RECOVERY MENU’ in the FW 2.50 update log? Why did you keep it as a ‘HIDDEN FEATURE’ , although that tool is absolutely necessary. Please properly introduce it, do a walkthrough, tell us everything about it because it might keep people from sending their PS3 system to repair. Doing the repair at home, if that really is what the tool does, is a great option.

    So once again, please reveal it properly AS SOON AS POSSIBLE,

    Thank you very much.

  • What’s going with Xam’d you took down Ep. 13 it was up for a little bit but now it’s gone only Ep. 12 is up. We should already have Ep. 14. Are you waiting for Japan to catch up to the U.S. in the series?

  • You forgot to add the top ridiculous bowing to a fanatical religious group of the week Sony!

  • More cartoons from Cartoon Network!

  • I just downloaded the first episode of “gunslinger girl” recently and I like it. Does anyone know if that show is still on the air or has the series been finished?

  • Oh and a word of warning everybody, runfatboy run and the happening aren’t very good movies. A good one to see is vantage point though.

  • Meh, nothing great.


  • Yeh, pass the word along..pausing the videos when we bring up the xmb is last gen type stuff..there was nothing cooler than having clockwork orange playing in the background while popping the smooth xmb up and sending my buddies a message about what type of ultraviolence we could get into in a match of GTA! Bring it back Sony! Thanks, oh and great video update, you guys never fail me!

  • Right, right?

  • Update the Game store like you do the Video store M-F not just thursday.

  • Hey Grace thanks for the update
    by any chance do you know when the video store is coming to CANADA and PSN cards?

  • @17

    havent checked store recently…but they use to update vid store 3x a week…tuesday, thursday, and friday

  • forgot to ask…when will xam’d be back?

  • video store still growing every week…not bad…i’m almost tempted to try it out, but sometimes i have to stop watching the movie halfway through for wahtever reason, adn then i only have that one precious viewing window of once within 24 hours of initail’s just too restrictive!

    I say give us a week to watch em as many times as we want? what’s the harm in that?

    i couldn’t even access the store if i wanted to-

    I’m still waiting to update my PS3 until someone official addresses the issues arising from the update..

    the forums are full of reports of 60 gig launch units bricking…

    firmware v 2.4 bricked my baby right around Grand Theft Auto 4 time, so with all the great games coming out i’m hoping Sony will say if it’s ok to DL or if i should wait for firmware v2.51..

    thanks for the post

  • man i can’t spell tonight..sorry grammar hounds!


  • Gunslinger Girl is only a one season series.

  • Why didn’t i receive my beta invite as yet for resistance 2. I am a Qore annual subscriber.

  • will we ever get any free temporary movie rentals my friend has XBL and he gets free movie rentals for like a day or more im not sure

  • oh and good job sony on the 2.50 update everything is much easier to do and the account management is much easier

  • Grace can you please tell me why Mortal Kombat II was removed from both the US PSN store and my Download List? How am I supposed to recover it later? Sony should still allow people who purchased the game to download it later, if it is available in the store or not. I’d like a response with this situation please.

  • Wow, this coming a few days after that questionnaire post on the GAP…I see more Bones, American Dad, Family Guy, etc. Nice selection from the FOX network! :D Also liking the Robot Chicken addition.

  • I wish you would create a subscription model. I and many people hear have netflix, or blockbuster passes. I can’t justify both.

  • its Pet Cemetary not Pet Semetary

  • I will eat my dog if Grace ever bothers to answer ANY of our questions:

    So for recap:

    Canada…yes or no. If yes…pin it to a year.

    Only 1 DL of purchased video content…fixing this or not. If yes…when

    Bring back option to not pause video in xmb…possible or not.

    Disappearing store content…are you aware and are you fixing.

    As always (6 or 7 weeks running now) I am humbly awaiting your answers.

  • Grace anyword on HOME????

  • Homeeeeeeee

  • What’s in HD and what’s not and why the hell should I go and look. :(

  • lol, I was gonna make a comment on that LBP post, but it seems that the blog has locked it due to all the ant-religious hate and political-incorrectness going on. ha ha.

    On the topic, is the video store ever going to get more networks to sign on? There’s a ton of stuff from FOX, but just about nothing else. Come on guys, what about ABC and NBC?

    Side note: has anyone managed to get to work with the new flash 9 update? I got one episode of Heroes to work but then nothing worked after that.

  • Awesome update…but i have seen these videos on the store for some time now :)

  • Watchmen motion comic? Damn, I have to go check that out…

  • cmon make the psn video content come out for australia. i want family guy in HD =(

  • I would really like it if you guys talk with Warner Bros. to add Smallville to the PlayStation Store!

    I don’t mean older episodes. I mean the newer ones, for season 8. It would be great if you could sign some kind of a deal with the WB and release an episode every week as it airs.

  • More previews and faster downloads.

  • What’s going with new episodes of Xam’d? You took down Ep. 13 it was up for a little bit but now it’s gone. We only have up to 12. We should already have Ep. 14 by this point! What is going on? I need my Xam’d fix!!

  • thats what Im talking about Argnoth I agree with you we need an answer about the Xam’d Ep.’s

  • thanks for the list Grace.

    can we get some new PSN avatars! the current selection is small :(

  • oh yeah, I would like some comedy central shows in the video store too!

  • PS Video Store in Europe, please :(

  • Canada is still waiting…

  • Is the Playstation Store still down cause i’ve been trying to log in and it keeps giving me an error message and if it is how long will it be down.

  • Its very annoying to see a show called squidbillies up on psn and see that it has no actual episodes to purchase! way to tease us jeez!

    it is in very bad taste to have part 1 of a 2 part episode and not include the second part on psn…very annoying you guys left me hanging in the worst possible way. I am talking about its always sunny in philidelphia you have part of charlie and max dying but I cannot find part 2….very lame.

    please fix this!

  • how come a lot of the newer movies dont come out in HD.

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