Firmware 5.0 Demo: PlayStation Store on PSP

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Hi everyone, as Eric mentioned in his post yesterday, we wanted to give you a live demo of the PSP’s direct access to PlayStation Store, which will be coming with the 5.00 firmware update. Now whenever your PSP is connected to the Internet over WiFi, you’ll be able to download and enjoy the latest games, demos and trailers on the go without needing to sync up to your PS3 or PC. Here’s a brief walk-through of what you’ll experience.

On a related note, the PS3 firmware update (2.50) will add Flash Player 9 support to the PS3 Web browser, so you’ll be able to actually watch this video (and all of our blog videos) on your PS3 once the firmware goes live!

In addition, I want to point out that the PlayStation Network is scheduled to be unavailable in North America today from 11AM to 4PM PST due to essential maintenance work.

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  • That is great news!

  • Great news, continue with the fantastic updates.

  • The best addition of 2008. Thank you very much!

    But will this be available to all 3 models of the PSP, or only the PSP-2000 and PSP-3000?

  • Quick question regarding PS3 update, have you fixed the overlapping controller battery status and clock icon on the XMB. Trivial to tweak, but hugely annoying, and it looks very unprofessional…

  • “On a related note, the PS3 firmware update (2.50) will add Flash Player 9 support to the PS3 Web browser, so you’ll be able to actually watch this video (and all of our blog videos) on your PS3 once the firmware goes live!”

    Good info to post ++++

  • Will psp fw 5.0 offer PSN messages? It looked like a create new message icon was on the screen. :P

  • This is really great, way to add the flash for everyone in the 2.50 thanks for taking all our suggestions!!!!!

  • One thing the Playstation Store needs, is screen captures of the game (as is done in the Japanese store)

  • Flash 9 support, thank you very much. Anything that helps improve the PS3 browser in good in my books. :)

  • This looks great! I’m looking forward to it!

  • PSN friends list and messaging on PSP please!

    It’s the only feature I really want from the PSP now.

    Also, very nice job with the store(but where is the sweet sounds from the PS3 store?) and flash player 9.

    Keep it up!

  • @10 on top of that it would be great if you can zoom up the pictures… the JP store one has pics but it’s small… some games, you wouldn’t know by just looking at the small image.

  • Too damn sweet!

  • wait…. did that just say? no.. i must be dreaming…. OUCH, dang it man… i mean. FLASH PLAYER 9! WOOT!! its about friggin’ time, yo.

  • please stop leaving out the loyal phat psp owners especially those who bought it the first day. where is our usb/vga cable to play the psp in a bigger screen? skype?

  • Wow, the PS Store for the PSP looks great. Can’t wait to use it. :D

  • The flash update is something I’ve been waiting for many months, thanks a lot :) I really appreciate it.

  • FLASH 9!!!

    And amazing psp update…

    GREAT JOB Sony :)

  • is home in the 2.50 update? probably not.

  • Hi. Just wondering when the ps3 patch was going to be released?

  • What I cant understand about sony is the untapped potential, and im NOT talking about the cell processor! Sony is not just playstation and t.v’s. Its also sony music and movies. Sony BMG music is home to smaller labels such as arista, jive, columbia, epic, rca, etc. There is a diverse group of artist’s under sony including: Alicia keys, AC/DC, Usher, britney spears, leona lewis, jordin sparks, dido, etc. I could literally go on forever!
    SO WHY?!!?:
    Why is there not any exclusive content concerning all this different talent? Why is sony not helping themselves out? Its easy, just have exclusive new Alicia keys (or any other artist under sony) music on the ps3 for download before radio, mtv, etc. Exclusive new videos! This is great promotion for not only the ps3, but the artist’s on that label. Throw a ps3 controller in the hand of the artists in there music video’s (if it makes sense for the video of course). Thats not hard. It shouldnt cost sony anything!
    SO WHY?!!?:
    Why is there not any exclusive content for movies if anything. Sony has a huge catalouge. From spiderman to pineapple express to james bond. So many that im not even gonna attempt to name anymore. How hard would it be for the psn to get these movies even before released on blu-ray, etc.

    By comparision, if microsoft had these same guns at there disposal they would have already been unleashed, and knowing there reputation for talking **bleep**, it would have been thrown in the face of sony and nintendo. I personally dont care about there business decisions because i dont have stock invested in them. But just sitting back thinking about things that are missing from the service that i enjoy, these things didnt make sense. I can understand securing other companies works could be a challenge, but they have so much of there own they barely need anyone else.

    Do you agree??
    P.s. this is not me bashing the ps3, but giving sony new ideas to keep the product growing.

  • Will there be background downloading for the PSP?

  • How is downloads handled?

    Will I have to start over the whole download if I’m interrupted/disconnected?

    Otherwise, looks great.


    You sly bastard. lol. Keep up the good work.

  • yea i like you guys /gales sliped in the best part of the PS3 firmware update in the last sentance flash player 9 AWESOME

  • Also, what about the video store?

  • and i agree with post 23

  • Hey, could you please demo the 2.50 firmware for PS3?

    I would love to see how the screen capture feature works!

  • Thanks Grace, v2.50 Firmware is going to ROCK, and your cute :-P

  • flash Player 9 !! Yes!, Yes! Yes !
    Thanks a lot!!

  • demo the PS3 firmware =D

  • Great update! Looking forward to getting Flash Player 9 working on the PS3 browser!

  • Thanks Sony

  • Nice Update, will there by flash player 9 support for the PSP as well??
    For the next updates it would be nice to have the following:

    for the PS3:
    .- posibility to connect more than 1 psp via remote play.
    .- DIVX subtitle support
    .- Posibility to copy video directly from your ps3 to your psp. I download many videos and movies and it would be nice to watch them on the go if i have no wifi conection.

    for the PSP:
    .- DIVX suppor would be great although i doubt it.

  • Keep up the great work guys!

  • WooHoo Flash 9! Thanks Grace!

  • new flash player yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8)

  • FLASH 9 !?!?!?!


    This is great news! My list of Firmware Updates enhancements got 2 items shorter with this v2.5!!

    All we need are just a few more things, like Cross game invites, of course, and making playlists streamed from computers usable for in-game soundtracks!

    Hopefully more Music Visualizations will be added soon, too!

    Bring back Backwards Compatibility and i’ll be a happy camper!


  • Bravo for this pair of updates. It was an incredibly nice surprise in a number of ways.

    By the way, any plans to expand even further by adding the friends list at some point later on? (Not that this addition was ‘chopped liver’ so to speak.)

    Thank you very much! :D


  • thanks for the video!

    one question: can we use the same funds as we do on the ps3?

    eg. can i log in with the same card and have the same funds as i do on ps3 store?

    thanks again

  • this is great!!!…finally a flash player update is now on the way …

  • Since the PSP is getting a store, will it also have that ‘5 downloads limit’ rule, like on PS3?

  • Great! Thanks Grace. Now where’s Eric? Is this a ladies first thing or are you going to let Grace upstage you? :)

    On another note, adding a private voice chat feature(regardless of if you’re playing a game or on the XMB) is a much needed. It’s nice having a video chat feature but you can’t do anything else wile engaged in one. Let’s use up those cores for multi-tasking shall we?

    Keep up the good work.

  • yeah
    it’s a great update.

    but it would be great for the next firmware for psp, if the psp gets a new flash-version too !!! i want to see clips on youtube, …. but it doesn’t work.

    the new flash for ps3 is great but now the same for psp please and a divx code please

  • I love firmware updates.

    Aside from what I have already mentioned, I would love to see a way to better “GROUP” my stuff… we need more flexability I think. I need a way to create subfolders to stash all my Qore episodes/Demos/and Games, in order to organize it better… that list of 35 items under my games menu is getting too looooong…

  • how bout when? jesus sony.

  • how bout you fix the clock, battery meter for the controllers on the xmb. pathetic.

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