TGS 08: Kotani-san Answers Your Patapon 2 Questions

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Last week, we gave you the chance to ask Patapon 2 game designer Hiroyuki Kotani your questions about the follow up to this year’s unique PSP hit. A few days ago in SCEI’s Tokyo offices, I passed those questions on to Kotani-san (through an interpreter). He was happy to answer your questions on camera:

The next day, he introduced Patapon 2 Don Chaka (Japanese title) to the media at Tokyo Game Show. I transcribed the event, which should answer even more questions you may have about the game.

Kotani: We received a lot of requests after the first one, which shaped Patapon 2

• More customization
• Want to create original Patapons
• Want to play Patapon Longer
• Want to enjoy Patapon with friends.

The game takes place on an unknown island after the first game. There, the Patapon are blocked by the Karmen, a mysterious masked clan, blocking the Patapon’s path to the true Earthend. That’s where you come in.

Early on, you’ll encounter a lost Patapon, who is the Hero Patapon. The Hero Patapon features in both single player campaign and multiplayer.

In ad-hoc MP, the missions involve Magical Eggs

Kotani-san brings 3 players up to help, including Andrew Yoon of PS3 Fanboy and Dale North of Destructoid. One controls the new wizard class of Patapon (Mahopon), another takes control of the bird rider (Toripon), another new Patapon class.

The goal of the mission played is to carry an egg to the goal, where the egg can hatch and reveal a mask, which can then be used in the single player campaign. The 4 players cooperatively battle a giant bird boss equipped with a lethal, um, gas attack. When they get into Fever mode, meteors rain from the sky in attack.

Once the players get into the rhythm, they are able to take down the avian monster using Attack, Withdraw, and March commands. The players are then launched a rhythm game (similar to the “make it rain” miracle in the original Patapon), only longer and more complex. At the end, the egg hatches, and they receive a mask, which is equippable in the single player mode.

Kotani-san runs through some comparisons with the original game (basically, significantly more levels, items, Rarepon varieties, classes, and more in the sequel). He also reveals a Game Sharing mode, where 4 players can play missions with a single Patapon 2 UMD.

All of the new features were added due to player feedback, and Patapon 2 is more accessible than the original. He finishes up by saying that he designed Patapon 2 with “the idea of players smiling in enjoyment” as they play.

We’ll continue to bring you Patapon 2 news as we get closer to release, which will be 2009 in North America.

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