THE EYE OF JUDGMENT RETURNS!- An Insider’s Look at SET 3 (part PART 2)

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Hey everyone, Jason ‘USMCOgre’ Greeson from FPQA back to give you EOJ fans another Set 3 sneak peek. Set 3 is almost here and with it comes 100 new cards and tons of new strategies waiting to be discovered. Here’s a heads up on some of the new cards and how they interact with the cards you’ve already been playing with. More Set 3 info to come next week when Set 3 launches on PSN!

216 EN EOJ3_Dummy 221 EN EOJ3_Dummy

Bringing the Heat
The Fire element has been known to be pretty straight forward with physical attacks, and deck 3 brings some new and useful cards to help assist that on top of a couple of new and very useful abilities.

216_Flame Lizard Barracks
Flame Lizard Barracks (card #216)
Flame Lizard Barracks completely changes strategy as it has the unique ability to let any allied creature move to any empty field, facing any direction instead of using an attack option. Just think of the possibilities. Does your opponent have a card attacking one of yours? Move it next turn to get it out of harms way! A very useful card for any deck.

221_Torrid Nightmare

Torrid Nightmare (card #221)
Like a lot of Church of Parmus cards, Torrid Nightmare has some brutal effects on the opposition. With Torrid Nightmare on the board, each time an allied Church of Parmus creature is destroyed, all other allied creatures gain 1 HP. That alone would make this card a must have for any Church of Parmus deck, but it gets even better. Torrid Nightmare attacks all enemies that are the same race as the target, and if the attack doesn’t kill a target, it loses half of it’s HP. Nightmare seems like a fitting card name to me.

235 EN EOJ3_Dummy Missionary Ship

Wet n’ Wild
Water creatures are always crafty and slippery, and the new Water creatures in Set 3 are no exception.


Siam’s Sentinel (card #235)
Siam’s Sentinel lives up to it’s name and then some. Not only does it’s attack hit both fields in front of it, all allied creatures facing the same way as Siam’s Sentinel gain perfect dodge while Siam’s Sentinel is on a non-Biolith field.. Now that would be a welcome addition to any deck.

239_Missionary Ship

Missionary Ship (card #239)
The Missionary Ship is one of the most complex and therefore one of the most interesting creatures to appear in Eye of Judgment. It has a laundry list of abilities that when coupled with other cards abilities create fantastic results. First on the list is any time an allied creature is adjacent to the Missionary Ship, the affiliation of all non-Biolith creatures in your library, hand, and on the board change to Church of Parmus. Now couple that with a Torrid Nightmare (card #221) or a Parmetic Vengeress (card #255) and you’ll have some real firepower at your disposal.

Now for the new to Set 3 Interrupt ability. When an enemy creature uses an attack action when Missionary Ship is on a non-Biolith field, you can choose to discard 2 creature cards from your hand to cancel the action! Oh, and your opponent loses the mana the just tried to spend on attacking you.

And yes, there is one more feature to this creature that needs to be revealed. Each time you summon a creature to a non-fire field, you can choose a non-Ultra Rare creature from the library with the same affiliation as the summoned creature, reveal it to the eye, add it to your hand, then shuffle your library.

245 EN EOJ3_Dummy 257 EN EOJ3_Dummy

Getting down and dirty
Earth creatures have been known to cause headaches by flipping fields, and in Set 3 there’s some new tricks that are going to raise some eyebrows for being borderline filthy!


Stone Wing Veteran (card #245)
Have you ever had an opponent on a strict mana budget use cubics to get those high cost cards out? Well the Stone Wing Veteran will make them pay big time. If your opponent sacrifices a creature to summon another, you gain mana equal to the number of open fields. So if the other player starts off the game with a cubic, pull out a Stone Wing Veteran and dare them to sacrifice it!

Callous Gaiakhan

Callous Gaiakhan (card #257)
Callous Gaiakhan is the hard hitter of the Set 3 Earth creatures. With an attack of 5 plus the total mana of both players, Callous Gaiakhan makes short work of nearly any creature. But on top of it’s amazing attack power, it also gives all adjacent allies +2 protection. Callous Gaiakhan also has a unique ability to 1 magic damage to all adjacent enemies when either player gains mana outside of the mana charge phase while Callous Gaiakhan is on a non-Biolith field.

Moggy Howdah Slumbertrap

Going green (and mean!)
The Wood creatures are coming out of the forest to reek havoc on everything in their way by downright causing frustration for opposing players. Whether its looking at the other player’s hand, destroying their mana, or turning your creatures invisible, the Set 3 Wood creatures are ready to go.


Slumbertrap (card #260)
If you’ve ever wanted to know what was in your opponents’ hand so you could plan your strategy accordingly, Slumbertrap was made for you. When you summon a Slumbertrap, your opponent must show you their current hand. That by itself is incredibly useful, but Slumbertrap has another trick up its leaves. If there’s an allied Sleeptrap (card #58 from Set 1) on the board, all allied Plant creatures add 1 to their attack in your resolution phase, making the Slumbertrap a must have for any Plant based deck.

270_Moggy Howdah

Moggy Howdah (card #270)
Moggy Howdah has one of the most useful abilities in the entire Eye of Judgment world. When you place Moggy Howdah on a non-Biolith field, all allied creatures facing the same direction as Moggy Howdah gain invisibility. Here’s a great tip going with the theme of Set 3 working with Set 1 and 2. If you have an Edin the Persecuted (card # 68) on a Wood Field and Moggy Howdah on a wood field both facing the same direction, they both become invisible as well as any other allied creatures facing the same way.

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11 Author Replies

  • I think I just might get this game
    Is there a copy available without the camera? I already have it.

  • I’ve never heard of this but it looks interesting. Maybe I’ll check it out.

  • Awesome post and truly shows how EoJ has been evolving since its release. I might have to get some games in this weekend..

    • I\’ve worked on the last 2 EoJ versions and researched the first version to compare before working on set.2, and the game has really evolved a lot as far as strategy and card abilities is concerned.

      Both times when I began working on EoJ, I had testers working for me that had never really played a card game. They were sceptical, much like I was the first time I was introduced to EoJ.

      But once everyone had a little time with it they realized how deep of a game it is and how fun of a game it is. It\’s one of those kind of unique genres that average gamers don\’t think about much, but if they gave it a try, they wouldn\’t be disappointed.

  • Can’t wait to get my hand on some set 3 cards!!!!

    Any word on whether or not EoJ cards will be available at major retailers?

    • The set.1 and set.2 cards along with the set.3 cards have really added a ton of strategy and depth to the game. There\’s a counter to every strategy and a counter to that counter strategy.

  • I need to check EOJ out one day.

    Oh and @ #5 why would you discrace a beautiful face like the one in your avatar?

  • will it cost to download set 3? like set 2?

    • That stuff is decided by people way above me in the food chain, but I\’m assuming it\’s going to be comparable in price.

  • Make an expansion bundle and you got a new customer.

    • That\’s a good idea. That\’s what Warhawk did and it worked out great for them. I\’m not aware of any plans at this moment to do that for EoJ, but I think it\’d be a worthwhile possibility to explore.

  • I’m glad to see another developer keeping a game updated with new content.

  • @Jason Greeson

    when the Trophies SUPPORT will be available for this game?

  • @ USMCOgre

    I heard that playing extended sets of EoJ and use of the EyeToy can cause severe lack of memory muscle when performing backdash cancels and snakedash mixups… What’s your opinion on this?

    See you at MV whenever ‘it’ is there…

    EVERYONE! Go buy Eye of Judgment’s new set when its out!



    Buy Street Fighter IV!

  • I dont have enough money to keep up with all the new cards. I still dont have a full SET 1. Also, can you fix the blue cards not registering under incandescent light?

  • Awesome new cars…..can’t wait to pick them up first day…..

    You know in the next update you should have Youtube support so matches and be saved then directly sent there. Also so more minigames like Judgment would be nice

  • @10

    I think in the previous post they mentioned the trophy patch would arrive with set 3. So I think you can expect it Thursday.

  • Jason Greeson can you please tell me why we have to pay for an expensive DLC update and buy more cards? A few of us use to really like this game until you guys release the set 2 update. 3 of my friends and I and my brother spend a little over $300 finding the set 1 cards. Then we found out we had to pay $15 for the DLC and buy more cards. That’s when we all retired that game and decided to use the camera for Burnout Paradise.

    • I wish I had an answer for you, but I just work on the games. Pricing and the like are things I have no control over. I do know that $15 may seen like a lot, but the work that went into set.3 and set.2 was just as much if not more than the entire set.1.

      As much as I wish they were, games aren\’t free to make. There\’s as much content in the set.3 upgrade as there was in the whole first game, so think of it getting a whole games worth of stuff for $15.

  • great more crack to fuel my collecting addiction…darn you EOJ and your magnificent game/cards/credit ruining abilities

  • 1. How will the Trophies work?

    2. Would they be based on online matches since there’s no campaign mode?

    3. Would you need Set 2-3 for some of the Trophies?

  • wow, an extra 100 cards… shesh, i need to start my collection again, and the funny thing is that, i thought i had all the cards already… oh well bad the drawing well thanks for the update.. and i can’t wait to try to get all these trophy’s as well… thanks for the hard work

  • @ 10 Jason Greeson

    So without buying Set 3 we cant get the EoJ Trophy patch? If that’s the case, then I’ll have to pass. It doesn’t seem fair. Shouldn’t there a patch just for the Trophies?

  • @ 15 Jason Greeson

    I understand your point that games aren’t made without money. Its really tough to buy an update for $15.00 then a ton of $6.00 booster packs to find the very same cards over and over again. I wish I could show you how many cards I have. Over six boxes, and that’s not including my friend’s and brother’s sets. I think we both have some good points. Any clever solutions?

    • If I did have a clever solution I\’m not in a position to do much. I just work on the games lol.

      And about the tropies, most of the trophies have to do with set.3 exclusive things, so theres no way to just have a trophy patch without the set.3 upgrade.

  • @20 Ghostm

    I too have purchased a ton of EoJ cards (about $700 dollars worth*). I think that $15 is a deal considering the amount of work that goes into creating the artwork and other assets that go into every single card. I’d pay $20 if they charged it.

    * I have bought 3 set 1 boxes + theme decks and 3 set 2 boxes + theme decks.

  • I’ve always wanted to check this game out ever since i saw the first trailers for it but have always been skeptical. Mean it looks AWESOME but card games get expensive when you start buying more and more packs of cards. And i don’t think i’ve really ever been good at deck building which is a fundamental part of card games, cause starter decks only go so far when trying to win.

    I was never big on playing card games but simply enjoyed collecting all the cards in the games which like i said can get expensive trying to find every card in a series and all. So as much as i’d like to get this game i know i’d start getting crazy again into buying all the packs trying to get all the cards. But maybe if the first one came down to $30 i might would consider it cause i kind of want a camera as well for Little Big Planet.

  • Jason Greeson, are you as pissed as everyone else there was no Team ICO annnouncement at TGS?


  • @22 XSE_Greystone

    You can occasionally find the camera+EoJ bundle on sale at and at Target stores. Just look around you don’t have to pay full price. Also there are people who sell the game and camera on eBay with some cards for cheap.

  • i can see yugioh games in the future… sucks i dont like these type of games =/

  • A lot of people like me are pinning a lot of our hopes on set 3. Thank you for this info and may it lead to a more balanced strategy. Set 2 needed a bit more testing when it was released and I hope that set 3 is airtight.


  • Thanks Jason.

    I have the PS3 Eye already and have been thinking about getting Eye of Judgement.

    Now with this addition, I am pretty sure I’ll grab the game.

  • Are there going to be any monster cards that return to your hand from the graveyard at the end of your or your opponent’s turn? That would be an awesome combo w/ the missionary ship.

  • @ 21 seph1r0th00

    Dude that’s fine you’d pay $20 for it. I’m not sure what’s your situation but I have bills to pay. I don’t only play games you know. Car, house, school loans, living expenses etc…

  • I tried EoJ for the first time last night and thought it was pretty darn fun. Of course, I’m playing with my little n00b 38-card deck, but I still had a good time.

    I’m getting more and more intrigued by Set 2 and Set 3 all the time.

  • @29 Ghostm

    I understand about bills, as I am a working student. But the amount of money that goes into making these updates is probably pretty significant when you think about the artists, programmers, testers etc., they need to get paid too. So charging $15 isn’t so bad. I’m not saying it’s great, who wouldn’t want a free update.

  • this game has always seemed really interesting to me. is it something that can be picked up now by someone and not feel they are so behind that they will never catch up?

  • Thanks, now i can print it

  • Set 3 is looking good, can’t wait for it. How is card number 311,Dioskuri, gonna be distributed in the EU (or US for that matter)?

  • @32

    Ideally, this game will allow you to use a variety of strategies that you make up yourself and still be pretty successful if you have any sense of strategy. Set 2 kind of made the game steep in terms of learning for the new people, but from what I see in set 3, new people will have an easier time jumping in and having fun.


  • thanks you i might buy this game i just might

  • @ 23 lb003g0676

    TGS seemed pretty flat this year. I haven’t read about anything shocking/special. The only shocking thing to me was Tekken 6 being on 360. To be honest I wasn’t shocked, since that’s how things goes now.

  • Thanks, I just love the Friday reminders. I had a bad week and just need to relax with the wife tonight.

  • I have a complete set 1 and quite a few set 2 cards.
    My major problem with Set 2 was that the game itself does quite frankly a bad job of explaining the new gameplay mechanics without you buying one of the new set’s starter decks and the included manual.
    You should really consider making the new rules available with a tutorial or something.

    Or maybe release an updated “rule book” on PSN (for free) so that people don’t get confused if they just buy a few boosters of new sets.

  • Thanks Jason for all your information, can’t wait to buy some booster boxes when they are available.

  • @Jason

    Thank you for all this valuable information. finally we are seeing the game developers closer to the community.

    that’s important.

    i am sorry for bringing this again, but can you or someone from eoj team go and check my new blog?

    I’d like to become official or have any kind of help like the oficcial fan sites do.


    BTW, can you give a hint on how diskouri will be distributed?

    • I\’m the wrong person to bring this up to.

      And I\’m not sure how Dioskuri is going to be distributed. I imagine it would be part of a Biolith pack?

  • Just doing a friendly re-post, but this new blog post of you guys is definately makin me more interested than ever in this game ;-)


    Hey Chuck, Hey Mark,

    MoreBloodWine here… awesome news about set 3, when I first heard about it through the press release I immediately posted it on my site! I’m the creator and sole owner of EoJ Market Place. I started EoJ Market Place just over two months ago after certain events transpired on the PSU EoJ forums where a ton of posts were either being locked or removed without a single word as to why from the mods / admins. My goal is for EoJ Market Place to be a site where all players can go to enjoy and discuss all things EoJ or not without the fear of having posts removed if they didn’t conform to site rules as the mods interpreted them. The core of long-term players from the PSU forums have already moved to EoJ Market Place and those that haven’t are steadily finding there way here along with a lot of the new player base. We are literally THE site for the now existing EoJ guilds! What I would like is for EoJ Market Place to become an official EoJ site since a lot of the official sites that exist now are either not in use any more or have given up all together on the upkeep of the site, as for me and my site we plan to stay as long as the game exists. When you guys have the time I’d like you to check us out and maybe even sign up at which point I can put you guys in a VIP group… grant it no special powers come into play but you do get a nifty VIP status badge ;-)

    If you would like to get in touch with me about making my site official or anything else you can contact me through my site or you can email me at the following address, , Thanks for your time and effort into making the game what is today and what it will become.


  • thanks for the post!

    great game, groundbreaking tech, too! nothing else like it yet- next to Square Enix and their “mind controlled game”

    i really did love this game, and still enjoy playing good ol series one- but i’m not made of money, i have already bought $250 of series one cards, when i saw you guys wanted to charge just to be able to play the cards also have to pay for…well that’s just silly..

    “games aren’t free to make”

    that’s why the booster cards and decks cost money too! the way i see it, by offending customers with the superfluous charge, you guys have lost waaaay more by way of customers not the buying booster decks..

    so the original game is $40 without the eye, then $15 for series 2 then another $15 for series 3- that’s $70…not that much really, as much as a collector’s edition of most games if not less…but it pisses people off to have to pay for nothing! so they stop buying the booster sets and supporting the game..

    but! let’s change the equation-

    original game is $40 without the eye, plus $250 for cards set one, then another proposed $200 for free update series 2 and another $150 for free update series 3-

    that’s $640…people still love the game and support it, and still look forward to each new edition update..

    i hope someone reads this and understands i’m not trying to attack you guys, but help you-

    i am by no means skimping on my budget for videogames, but as an owner of all 3 next gen systems, the budget does wear thin, and we gamers have to make decisions..

    some people won’t buy Capcom games for the Monster Hunter snub, alot of PS fans are boycotting Square Enix since they shared FF, and most people hate EA for just about everything…

    so we gamers are a fickle lot, but you guys can actually change it by dropping the superfluous pricing!

    ’cause i still think this game is great!

    thanks for listening,


  • Set 3 looks amazing. Do you know if there getting rid of theme decks cuz i’ve heard rumors that they are. also will there be any promo give a ways like for set 2.

  • Now if I could just get the Eye to recognize anything resembling light of any kind. The finicky Eye makes this game unplayable for me. Got the bundle for 30 bucks at Target anyhow, sooo…

  • Yeah, how excited was I last week when I saw the EoJ w/ PS Eye in Walmart for $35.82? When I paid $69.99 for it the day it released?

    I got back into this game when Jason posted on set 3 (part 1). The more I think about it though. I’ll only buy the dlc if they bundle it, set 2 & set 3, for $19.99. No matter what, I still gotta find some cards somewhere.

    How do the combos work? Are they’re any combos available with just set 1?

  • @Jason: “And I’m not sure how Dioskuri is going to be distributed. I imagine it would be part of a Biolith pack?”

    We definitively do not get much information about EoJ. But so far, the word is: No theme pack for set 3. Since suppliers are not showing them either, it’s quite likely true, but you can probably ask the big guys and confirm this fact.

    From what we also heard through the grapevine, Dioskuri could be available only as a promo card. This is something most players would not like to see. It’s a card collecting game first, and for some people collecting all cards is a goal. We have seen strange way promos were distributed, including in pack of 50 on Ebay… I truly hope we will be able to find Dioskuri in the booster packs as well.

  • Hey Greeson,

    It’s Henry, formerly of NBA ’07: The Life.

    Last I heard, you were making some $40/hr at that corrections gig you wanted. Now, it looks like you’re back running the show at Sony.

    I know nothing about this game, but it’s good to hear that FPQA is in competent hands.

  • I might have to get back into eoj but I was very disappointed because I had no one to play with and no story mode when it actually has a story in the manual even one that lasts 2 hours would be could… but it is understandable since its a card game but think about this we already spent $80 on the game plus paying $6 for each booster pack why don’t they just give the update for free so that we can play set 3 cards if we ‘accidently’ purchased those because as soon as a new set comes out u can only buy cards from that set which makes u purchase the second set because u don’t want ur money to go to waste on the 2nd set cards u bought (well thats what happened to me) Also don’t they already make enough money from the people buying booster packs???

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