THE EYE OF JUDGMENT RETURNS!- An Insider’s Look at SET 3 (part PART 2)

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Hey everyone, Jason ‘USMCOgre’ Greeson from FPQA back to give you EOJ fans another Set 3 sneak peek. Set 3 is almost here and with it comes 100 new cards and tons of new strategies waiting to be discovered. Here’s a heads up on some of the new cards and how they interact with the cards you’ve already been playing with. More Set 3 info to come next week when Set 3 launches on PSN!

216 EN EOJ3_Dummy 221 EN EOJ3_Dummy

Bringing the Heat
The Fire element has been known to be pretty straight forward with physical attacks, and deck 3 brings some new and useful cards to help assist that on top of a couple of new and very useful abilities.

216_Flame Lizard Barracks
Flame Lizard Barracks (card #216)
Flame Lizard Barracks completely changes strategy as it has the unique ability to let any allied creature move to any empty field, facing any direction instead of using an attack option. Just think of the possibilities. Does your opponent have a card attacking one of yours? Move it next turn to get it out of harms way! A very useful card for any deck.

221_Torrid Nightmare

Torrid Nightmare (card #221)
Like a lot of Church of Parmus cards, Torrid Nightmare has some brutal effects on the opposition. With Torrid Nightmare on the board, each time an allied Church of Parmus creature is destroyed, all other allied creatures gain 1 HP. That alone would make this card a must have for any Church of Parmus deck, but it gets even better. Torrid Nightmare attacks all enemies that are the same race as the target, and if the attack doesn’t kill a target, it loses half of it’s HP. Nightmare seems like a fitting card name to me.

235 EN EOJ3_Dummy Missionary Ship

Wet n’ Wild
Water creatures are always crafty and slippery, and the new Water creatures in Set 3 are no exception.


Siam’s Sentinel (card #235)
Siam’s Sentinel lives up to it’s name and then some. Not only does it’s attack hit both fields in front of it, all allied creatures facing the same way as Siam’s Sentinel gain perfect dodge while Siam’s Sentinel is on a non-Biolith field.. Now that would be a welcome addition to any deck.

239_Missionary Ship

Missionary Ship (card #239)
The Missionary Ship is one of the most complex and therefore one of the most interesting creatures to appear in Eye of Judgment. It has a laundry list of abilities that when coupled with other cards abilities create fantastic results. First on the list is any time an allied creature is adjacent to the Missionary Ship, the affiliation of all non-Biolith creatures in your library, hand, and on the board change to Church of Parmus. Now couple that with a Torrid Nightmare (card #221) or a Parmetic Vengeress (card #255) and you’ll have some real firepower at your disposal.

Now for the new to Set 3 Interrupt ability. When an enemy creature uses an attack action when Missionary Ship is on a non-Biolith field, you can choose to discard 2 creature cards from your hand to cancel the action! Oh, and your opponent loses the mana the just tried to spend on attacking you.

And yes, there is one more feature to this creature that needs to be revealed. Each time you summon a creature to a non-fire field, you can choose a non-Ultra Rare creature from the library with the same affiliation as the summoned creature, reveal it to the eye, add it to your hand, then shuffle your library.

245 EN EOJ3_Dummy 257 EN EOJ3_Dummy

Getting down and dirty
Earth creatures have been known to cause headaches by flipping fields, and in Set 3 there’s some new tricks that are going to raise some eyebrows for being borderline filthy!


Stone Wing Veteran (card #245)
Have you ever had an opponent on a strict mana budget use cubics to get those high cost cards out? Well the Stone Wing Veteran will make them pay big time. If your opponent sacrifices a creature to summon another, you gain mana equal to the number of open fields. So if the other player starts off the game with a cubic, pull out a Stone Wing Veteran and dare them to sacrifice it!

Callous Gaiakhan

Callous Gaiakhan (card #257)
Callous Gaiakhan is the hard hitter of the Set 3 Earth creatures. With an attack of 5 plus the total mana of both players, Callous Gaiakhan makes short work of nearly any creature. But on top of it’s amazing attack power, it also gives all adjacent allies +2 protection. Callous Gaiakhan also has a unique ability to 1 magic damage to all adjacent enemies when either player gains mana outside of the mana charge phase while Callous Gaiakhan is on a non-Biolith field.

Moggy Howdah Slumbertrap

Going green (and mean!)
The Wood creatures are coming out of the forest to reek havoc on everything in their way by downright causing frustration for opposing players. Whether its looking at the other player’s hand, destroying their mana, or turning your creatures invisible, the Set 3 Wood creatures are ready to go.


Slumbertrap (card #260)
If you’ve ever wanted to know what was in your opponents’ hand so you could plan your strategy accordingly, Slumbertrap was made for you. When you summon a Slumbertrap, your opponent must show you their current hand. That by itself is incredibly useful, but Slumbertrap has another trick up its leaves. If there’s an allied Sleeptrap (card #58 from Set 1) on the board, all allied Plant creatures add 1 to their attack in your resolution phase, making the Slumbertrap a must have for any Plant based deck.

270_Moggy Howdah

Moggy Howdah (card #270)
Moggy Howdah has one of the most useful abilities in the entire Eye of Judgment world. When you place Moggy Howdah on a non-Biolith field, all allied creatures facing the same direction as Moggy Howdah gain invisibility. Here’s a great tip going with the theme of Set 3 working with Set 1 and 2. If you have an Edin the Persecuted (card # 68) on a Wood Field and Moggy Howdah on a wood field both facing the same direction, they both become invisible as well as any other allied creatures facing the same way.

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