Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars: Available Today on PSN!

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I’m pleased to announce that Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars will be available today on the PLAYSTATION Network! I can say with some certainty that we are the first Unreal Engine 3 powered physics-based vehicle arena sports game available for PSN and we also might just have set the record for longest game title ever! Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars lets you pick from seven cars and drops you into a high-flying, lightning-fast game of vehicle-based soccer. It also features Trophy support, custom music tracks, and YouTube support for uploading match replays.

We’re really excited about getting online and playing you guys. One thing you might not have read much about is our extensive online feature set. If you’re the competitive type, we have a full-fledged ranking and stats tracking system with scoreboards, and our matching system intelligently groups up players of similar skill to give you the best online experience possible. As your skill improves you can climb up the rankings and compete for the top spots on the scoreboards and maybe even win some prizes – we’ve got some great ideas for tournaments, but more on that in the weeks to come.

If you’re more of a group player, we also have party system in which you can register a team with a unique name and then invite your PSN buddies to join it. You can then play together in ranked team matches and compete for the top spots on the Team scoreboards. We support four player split-screen both locally and online, so if you and three of your buddies want to take on the world with your own team, you can do that too!


We know how much you guys want more Trophies, so we made sure to include some good ones for you. They’re split between single-player and online and I’ll talk about just a few and how they fit into the game.

Champion – Beat the Tournament Mode
You can acquire this trophy by completing the tournament mode, a single player challenge that pits you against harder and harder groups of bots in Battleball matches. Sometimes you play alone, sometimes you have bots on your side, and sometimes you even have to start the match down a few points!

Hot Shot – Achieve the Most Valuable Player Award in an online ranked match.
After each match, we give out awards based on how each player did. The Most Valuable Player generally does a little bit of everything – scores goals, blocks shots, assists other players’ shots, and maybe even demolishes a few of the opposing team in the process!

Showoff – Score a goal while reversing in an online ranked match
To win this trophy, you’re going to have to learn how to shoot backwards! This can be a real challenge, especially in the competitive online environment, but it’s a lot of fun to try and you can even save your replay and upload it to YouTube!

All Star – Earn All the Stars in Single-Player Mode
This trophy is your reward for completing all of our single-player challenges. Whether it’s playing a game with a cardboard box instead of a ball, soaring high through the air to collect floating canisters, or scoring as many goals as possible in a short time, we’ve created a lot of fun challenges that will hone your skills for online ranked play.

Striker – Score 500 Goals in Online Ranked Matches
All I can say is this: anyone with this trophy is a Battle-Cars master.

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The last thing I’ll talk about is our replay system. Countless times in development we’d play a match and have something spectacular happen and wish we had an easy way to view it again and share it with friends. This inspired us to create a really powerful replay recording tool that you can use in-game to view, edit, and upload replays to share with other players.

Here’s how it works: After each match you’re given the option to save a replay of the entire game. From our replay manager you can view a list of your saved replays at any time. When you select one, you can choose to simply view it again, export it to YouTube, or export it to the XMB. When viewing or exporting, we give you full control of camera with the ability to focus on the ball or specific players, change angles, or go into slow-motion – just about anything you can think of, you can do it. On top of that, when you’re exporting, we let you record clips however you want so you can do your editing right in-game! Of course, if you prefer, you can just export the whole thing to the XMB and edit it yourself with video editing software.

We also have a forum where you can watch for news on organized tournaments, ask us questions, post links to replays you’ve uploaded, or look for teammates. We’d love for you to check it out if you’re interested.

The game is available today on the PLAYSTATION Network Store for $14.99 and we’re making a demo available today as well, so please give it a try and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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  • Is there going to be a demo for this game?

  • @2

    There will be a demo with both offline & online play I think.

  • Hey guys!

    Two things:
    There is a demo today with online and offline play.

    Also, our forums are here:

  • Too bad my hard drive is corrupt or i’d download this today :(

  • This game looks pretty fun. How come I’ve never heard of this until today?

  • Nice feature set with this game, and it looks fun.

  • I’ll definitely try it out since there is a demo! :D Graphics look quite nice.

  • Why?!? Why didn’t this come to the european playstation store today? We europeans cannot purchase anything from the US store…where are the damn PSN cards? It’s getting pathetic really….the PS3 is now 2 years and still no PSN cards..although PSN cards must have been there DAY ONE

    • We are working with Sony Europe and the European ratings boards as fast as possible to get this out for you – very sorry for the delay! We\’ll get a date announced as soon as we know but for now it\’s \”ASAP\”.

  • Strange..looks like soccer but with cars. But will check out the demo.

  • This looks pretty sick. I like the in-game music and single player options. I’ll be checking out the demo. The music was pretty nice too, anyone know what it was?

  • Great. Will be waiting for the Euro release (guess I’ll be playing the demo for now).

  • youtube support good to see some developers using it

  • how much will it cost???


  • Looks good, can’t wait for it to come to Europe!

  • nevermind….i guess i didnt see the price of $14.99

  • Will it have voice chat? Not much use of forming a team with my mates if I can’t communicate with them.

  • looks cool but I don’t think i’ll have any time to play this to busy with LBP

  • Really looking forward to this. I hope it’s as fun as it looks.

  • Soccer game with car!? what kind of crazy idea is that. I assume you have some wicked people in the development team at psyonix, I like that !!

    And with all the features you added in the game, please complainers keep it quiet.

    I hope to see this game on the EU PSN, at a reasonable price

    Anyway, good luck Corey, I wish you all the success for you and your team

  • I like, I like. Keep’em coming.

    I would really like to talk to you guys about Qore, I think I have some great idea’s that would go well with the show.

    Email me:

  • so its soccer with a huge twist? I will try it today but for now i remain a little skeptical as I neither like soccer nor toy cars. but I do like how you’ve used the Unreal Engine for this title. It looks like it shines!


  • Damn you.. Damn damn damn you.

    I was saving the $20 on my PS account for LBP DLC, but now this & Linger in Shadows have come along.. I’m distraught O_O.

    Would you say it’s worth it xD?

  • Funny how you talked about the Unreal Engine, the game reminded me of Unreal from seeing the boost pads. The game looks like crazy fun, I’ll definitely purchase it.

  • Hmm… I don’t know I kind of skeptical about the price, and I read somewhere that this game only includes 4 maps…

    I definately check out the demo though, and if it wins me over I’ll pick it up.

  • Two things.

    One) The name it’s self is a handful I couldn’t say it 5 times fast.

    Two) Nice of you to include the most popular features we have been asking for ” It also features Trophy support, custom music tracks, and YouTube support for uploading match replays.”

    Although it has a lot to offer 14.99 is a bit much.

  • Then I’ll buy it ;)

    Any idea how long until the stores updated?

  • Looks pretty cool, I’ll check out the demo.

    I remember on Excitebike 64 there was a soccer mode, that was a blast.

  • The store always updates around 3 PM PT, 6 PM ET.

  • Also, we plan on having all or most of the development team online tonight once the store updates so any of you who pick this up early might run into us online!

  • Woo! Excellent looking game; I look forward to playing it up with some chums tonight. :)

  • Wow, that’s cool..

    I’m in the UK though xD?

    What time is 3PM PT in GMT xD?

  • Don’t forget that we interviewed Dave Hagewood from Psyonix on the PS Nation Podcast last week. He gave us a lot of great info on SARPBC as well.

  • I think that’s like, 10 PM or something.

  • Thanks man..

    Looks like it’s a late night for me haha.

  • sweet, what about fat princess? I’m really looking forward to this game and FP. Can’t wait for todays update!!!

  • Man, I want Fat Princess too O_O That game looks insane.

  • unfortunately i don’t have my ps3 right now…it’s been in for repairs cuz the laser won’t read any discs…i should have it back by monday but you all could imagine how edgy i am because i’ve gone like a month without warhawk and others! lol i’m looking forward to LBP and Home and MS:PR and Mirror’s Edge and such………………….

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    That’s cool guyz great job ill check out the demo but my question is how many maps (if you didn’t mention) and will you keep uploading new maps as time goes on for example like MGS4,Burnout on top of my head just a question but again looks great can’t wait and thanks for the demo sweeeettt!!!!!! :)

  • I didn’t think much of the game when I first heard of it but the more I see and hear about it the more I like it. I’m sold now. I’ll be playing this online tonight.

  • I’ve been excited for this since I first heard about it a week or so ago, thanks for the info & putting a demo out there.

    So how chuffed must you & your team be to have a $15 PSN title out there with some features that $60 retail games don’t even have! (i.e. full voice, party system, youtube) Wow!

  • Wow, what a full-featured PSN release! If the demo proves that the gameplay delivers, count me in for a purchase.

    Also, I have to note: the poster of the 1st comment is a dumba$$–he obviously didn’t bother to read the blog post. Idiot.

  • Im getting this one. What is the size for the demo and full game?

  • Very nice to hear about the demo.

    I have the trophy list on the Playstation network forum already.

  • $14.99 is a little steep no? Looks okay. I’ll keep on playing Wipeout HD.

    Off topic:
    Wipeout HD
    BlING BRIGADE Bronze Tophy.

    I’m looking for 7 other platinum ship owners to help with the Bling Brigade bronze Trophy.

  • Have any of you guys heard any major news from TGS by Sony?

  • @ Ghostm – I’ll help you out with that Bling trophy man. I’ve yet to see anyone online (besides myself) that has their ship in silver.

    what’s your PSN id?


  • What’s your PSN ID? Maybe I already have you on my list.

  • I’ll check out the demo. Sounds like you actually put effort into the online, which is definitely welcomed.

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