USA Today Has the Last of the LittleBigPlanet Beta Keys!

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Those of you who missed out on a chance to snatch a beta key from us last week, this one’s for you! If you’re still itching to get into the awesomely fun LittleBigPlanet beta, head over to USA Today Online, which is offering up the last of the available beta keys (15,000 to be exact – sounds like how many e-mails we got last time!). Just click the purple button that reads, “Do you want to test drive the game?”

While you’re there, check out the great LittleBigPlanet story that ran in yesterday’s newspaper. Lots of good info and interesting quotes from the good folks at Media Molecule. Good luck, and see you – and your creations – online!

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  • already emailed them a hour or so ago. hopefully i finally get in. this was a good hype builder for the game.

  • Well I hope I’m not to late for this(the USA Today keys that is)because I’m really curious about LBP. I admit this kind of promotion for games is something I could get used to really quick.

  • Scott Red Sox SUCK!!!



  • Out of curiosity, why were no keys give to GAP, Playstation’s own “Gamer Advisory Panel” for distribution??
    According to the GAP site literature we’re supposed to be “first in line for betas”, yet recently it seems that GAP has been entirely forgotten and even forsaken by Playstation.

    It would have been nice if even a few hundred of those beta keys were given away within GAP…

  • isn’t the beta over like in 3 days?

  • @#2

    I think we passed that phase on this blog a while ago? Not to mention your not First…

    The beta is fun stuff, a shame my levels stink though :D. Thanls for the code!

  • I hope I get in even though the beta is almost over….

  • the beta is over in like 2 days…i wonder if the rumor about LBP demo on the playstation store is true…

  • I hope they release a demo.I’m still skeptical about buying it.

  • gonna try get key for my friend, want to try creating stuff with 2+ ppl at same time to see how that goes.

  • Oh… and on another note, I hope they do release a PSN demo of this game. This game really didn’t initially appeal to me because I’m more of a “shooter gal” rather than a fan of platforming games, but I managed to get a beta/demo copy and this game is now on my “buy” list!
    … it really is an incredible game – I’m not a girly girl and have a low tolerance for “cute”… but there is just something about this game that seems to raise my “adorably cute” resistance level and I find that I can’t help but smile or laugh out loud while playing this game. :)

  • Please i need a beta key! if any1 has a extra my psn is chad770

  • On topic – hopefully, as a return favor for all the traffic, USA today will put something about the game in their PRINT MEDIA edition. It would reach a larger audience. Thanks and I’m home from work early specifically to play LBP Beta!

  • Isn’t the beta almost over?

    Thanks for the heads up though

  • Does anyone have any idea when they will send out the codes?


  • I am quite shocked that 15,000 beta keys qualifies as “the last” of the keys.

    I’ll gladly wait for the final version. Hopefully by then I’ll have a third controller. :D


    Why is GAP not being included? Because GAP members SHOULDN’T be treated special. The members are all picked randomly, some of whom don’t even contribute to the community of (I know three or four, not that they’re bad people by any means.) GAP is a joke, and a bad one at that. Be glad that you get special treatment at all.

  • I don’t even bother anymore trying to get into betas for 2 years I have signed up for all the betas and have only gotten into 1 that i had to purchase Qore for to get. this send email,signuo list is a bunch of b.s I have spent thousands of hours online on psn playing warhawk and other games and still don’t get picked. so why even bother. not to mention the hundreds of dollars spent on psn for DLC and arcade games. Good luck to those that try, why they decided to let these 15000 out so late into the beta is beyond me. would it even be worth it before its over. why should anyone create anythiong that wont be avlb. at launch?

  • i have the UK beta, LBP is more than you could ever imagine.

    taking a day off work when the full version this hits the shops

  • Oh, and I just realized something I suppose I should have realized earlier- if you sign up for the Beta through USA Today, whether you get the Beta or not, you’ll probably be getting USA Today junk mail. The Beta will only last a little longer- that junk mail will last a year or more. Something to consider…

  • Thanks Scott.

    Got my beta last week and I must say I was impressed.

    LBP actually surpassed all my expectations.

    I think LBP is going to be a big hit.

  • Arg! Fingers crossed!


  • Just to say tha this is a great game!!!
    Metal Gear Solid 4 and Little Big Planet are the 2 greatest Games of The Decade!!!

  • PSN:wizardpsx

  • @7 GAP members get no love

  • I e-mailed them about an hour ago, so I hope I got in.

  • Once again Sony, you take a hand full of beta codes and just throw them in the air. You fail are honoring your loyal customers. I’ve done everything I can to try and get a beta code. Not to mention the long lines I stood in the try and buy a PS3 in the first place, less than a month after it was released. Everywhere we turn we get asked to post, comment, email, to try and get a beta code. If you meet all the requirements it’s still up to luck if you get one.

    What you need to do is honor your GAP community. If it was not for a fellow GAP member I still would be without this beta. The game rocks but when you have a ‘contest’ for beta codes and the requirements say, “…if you’ve entered a contest, signed up for LBP news emails, and post before we reach 1000, and you’ll receive a beta.” And someone does all of those and you still throw beta codes in the air, then you don’t want your loyal fans to try the game before it releases. Do you just assume that someone goes through all this trouble to play a game and think to yourselves, if they want to play it this bad, they’ll buy it anyways, you are wrong.

  • Already sent an email and got my code… pretty sweet.

  • Thanks for the article. Hopefully I get a code. My girl and I have been wanting to play for a while.

  • Can I use my E-mail at work? working hard right now. Don’t have access to my home E-mail from here… or PSN for that matter….. we will wait and see!!!!

  • Well I was late for the last beta key give away. And possibly too late for this one. (darn alarm). But here is hoping :)

  • 15,000 keys? Are u serious?….

    I’m not one who usually complains but u should have just released a demo for everyone to partake in all Little Big Planets goodness.

  • I better get in this time. The last free give away I got screwed. Looks like I found this give away a bit late :(

  • Anyone heard back yet?

  • I hope I got one!

  • @21 artson1966

    Where you get that message it wont be stored after beta is over? You’re wrong….

    trying to find the official post that said it was going to be stored for people to be able to play at launch…

  • Do you have to sign up to USA today and become a member to get it?

  • @Comatoes:

    About how long did it take for you?

  • I can’t get it to work. Could someone give me the email address?

  • Woot! I really hope I make it this time! Anyone know how long ago this was posted on USA Today? I wanna know what kind of a chance I have at making it.

    @42: The email address is:

  • I think the e-mail you send must have “LittleBigPlanet Beta” (without the quotes) as the subject.

  • I dont get it I just click send?? I dont put my email or anything?

  • @ 43 & 44

    Thanks guys. I appreciate it. :)

  • @47: Send an e-mail to with LittleBigPlanet Beta as the subject and you’re all set.

  • Let’s see if we can crash USA Today’s website like so many other LBP beta giveaways did! lol

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