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The last time I posted it was regarding our special E3 section on the PlayStation Store. This time around I wanted to tell you about a new offering that you’ll see tomorrow. In addition to all the free themes you’ve already been getting and will continue to get on the PlayStation Store now, you’ll have the option to upgrade and purchase premium themes to customize the look of your PS3’s XMB.

We have linked up with a few partners, Smobile & Disruptive Media Publishers, to distribute premium themes from PlayStation Network. They have content offerings that range in type from NCAA College licenses to beauties on the beach to original cartoons and anime. These themes were created specifically for the PS3 and have special backgrounds, XMB icons and, in some cases, sounds. Here is a sample of some of the new Themes:

screen004 UNC-2

We have created a new “Premium Themes” section under Themes & Wallpapers for you to easily access this content. Also, for each theme, there is preview option that allows you to view images of the theme prior to making your decision.

We plan to offer approximately 6-10 new “Premium Themes” a month. So be sure to check back often to browse the newest in premium theme content.


Have a good rest of the week and keep a look out for the new offering dropping tomorrow!

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  • Oh wow, that’s great news. Is that only for North America or is it coming to japan and europe too?

  • Is it free??

    • Premium theme content will be available for purchase. Prices range from $0.99 – $1.99. We will continue to offer free themes along with the premium content.

  • Will there be a charge for these (Premium sorta implies you pay for it)? That’s always something I’ve liked about the PSN themes: they’re free. I doubt I’d personally care enough about themes to actually pay for them, especially with all the great free themes that we already have available, both official and fan made.

  • Looks ok
    might get it

  • Pretty cool … keep the PSN rockin’!

  • No thanks

  • Is there any advantage to the premium vs the free? I mean do they have animated backgrounds or are the sounds HD quality. I mean what incentive do I have to pay for a theme that I could potentially make myself for free?

  • And how much they’ll cost? Not that i’m thinking of buying them, but a low price might be helpful.

  • Once purchased, is it possible to store these themes on an external USB drive when not being used?

    I’m becoming more and more reluctant to purchase DLC simply because of lack of room on my 60GB PS3 unit. I realize I can upgrade the HDD, and that is something I’ll do eventually, but in the interim, it would be helpful if more content that we purchased could be temporarily stored on an external flash drive or USB HDD. When I get betas, I find I have to delete almost all of the games I have purchased and I know I only have 5 times that I can re-download them. Qore in particular tends to be a heavy download and is retained until the dl offering becomes valid, but this is often months and months later.

    Honestly… more content is going to have to be locally stored if you want us to continue purchasing. I have the money to spend on DLC, just no room. You need to fix the DRM issues to allow storage on an external device without opening yourselves to piracy.

    • Will be unable to move it to external memory device. However, you\’ll always be able to access it through your Download List. So it\’s not going anywhere.

  • U¬¬ I am sure taht my PS3 don´t like those themes

  • Thanks Sony for allowing us to create our own Themes, giving us free themes, and now allowing us to purchase premium themes. How can anyone argue with this?

  • You do some of you not actually read the blog post before typing your comments…its so annoying.

    YES…it is a premium service that you have to pay for; and if the content interests me I will be happy to do so.


  • How much?

  • Ummm…. No.

  • As long as they’re reasonably priced, I’m game.

    One thing I’ve noticed about free and fan-made themes is that a lot of them don’t seem as if they’re made for functionality.

    For example, many themes have extremely busy backgrounds, which prevent you from seeing icons and icon text clearly. Others have bright colored backgrounds with white icon text, again making it hard to see said text.

    Since I don’t have the time to create my own themes, I’m willing to pay a reasonable fee for something that will bring quality and functionality.

  • Free of course

  • Could you tell us a bit about the people behind the creation of the new premium themes?

  • I pass. this was actually what I like about the ps3. Only things that deserved to be paid for are charged. Themes and background pictures should be free. I hope you get more support from the other users but count me out.

  • Free Themes are what makes PS3 great… I seriously hope if these cost, their cost is pitifully low. The only way I’ll purchase one of these is as an impulse buy while grabbing something else… so these can become the Snickers of the PSN.

    PS – What about custom / MORE profile pictures? The lack of profile pictures is really disappointing, I’d love to be able to use custom images (even if friends only can see them)

  • no creo que a muchos les guste la idea de comprar themes existiendo tantos gratis en internet y muy buenos

  • Wow it seems like people is not liking this post: 2.19/5

  • This has me worried about the possibility of PSN going to a fee for everything situation.

  • We have free times, custom themes and now premium themes. Plenty of options for all kinds of users and wallets

  • AWESOME!!:):)

  • Im assuming they’ll be like $0.99 or something. I could be wrong. Anything more than that would be absurd.

  • I hope they are not too much…if they are I’ll pass them like I pass an Xbox 360 everytime I see it in a store.

  • PSN is looking more and more as Live… in the bad aspects too, in this case.

  • Uh? Terrible idea. At least make them free for users above a given Level.

  • If it’s well priced then it will be a great option.

    I also find most of these free themes are horrible because when the wallpaper is too busy you can’t make out your xmb items.

  • I’m with CTG and Thwip. If the price is reasonable and the Theme is to my liking, I’m game.

  • Playstation themes = free.
    Competition’s themes = not free.

    Why in the world are you moving in this direction Sony? This is a step backwards, not forwards. This will only encourage developers to create “premium” themes. Why give away something for free when you can charge for it?

  • What exactly is the pricing range for ‘Premium Themes’?

  • What a sad day in PSN history.

    I’d just laugh myself silly at such a stupid idea if it wasn’t for the fact that consumers have actually gotten this stupid. Even with our economy down the tubes, I’m sure fanboys will scrounge up a few dollars to happily burn on worthless junk.

  • I understand that creating themes takes time and in the case for developers money, so I support this just as long as you keep the theme creator free and available to the public.

    As an aside, if you want people to purchase themes you should give them an incentive to do so such as having the backgrounds animate on these purchasable themes. MS’s themes will do this and you got keep up with the Joneses after all.

  • I also have to say PASS on paid-for theme content. There are already many websites that offer user-created premium-quality theme content on nearly every subject you can imagine. In addition, users such as m0dus regularly create theme content that is beyond amazing — m0dus releases easily surpass anything released thus far through the PSN network.

    For interested parties, I heartily recommend checking out the Official PS3 Custom Theme Thread at:


  • the incentive to download and buy these is going to be that more than likely the free themes will become less and few until they are rarely put out so people will buy them.

  • Buy a theme no thanks I can make my own for free and we all know you can’t beat free.. Ask PSN….

  • Seems like a pretty ridiculous idea…I don’t think it’ll work extraordinarily well.

    Some people will buy it though, and considering the amount of time and effort it takes to make a theme, profit! I’m not in the market though…

  • I think it would be less of a problem If buying with international credit card was something other than impossible. Same thing with the psn cards. They are more valuable in latin america yet they are nowhere to be found.

  • A saying comes to mind after reading this post….

    Don’t buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

    This is nice and all but what a waste of money it would be when there so many sites offering the same quality of themes for free.

  • Thats a weird ”add”. Anyway if one interest me, ill buy it but im not looking forward to it lol

    Will we be able to change our name on PSN in a near future?

  • I’ll stick to the free ones.

  • Oh and for the people saying it wont work, it has alreay been implemented in other region(s). They test the waters to see if people bite… come on now.

  • It sounds like a good idea but im not going to pay for a theme when i can get one for free off some website.

  • Purchase…………themes?


    You have got to be kidding me. Pay for themes? With so many on PSN for free and the dozens of websites handing them out for free, why the hell would I PAY FOR A THEME?

    Thanks for the chuckles.

  • @10.. You can reDownload purchased content as many time as you want.. Its that you can only do that on 5 different systems..

    From a business stand point I can see why Sony’s doing this.. They’re still going to provide free ones.. But most likely these Premium ones are (and by the examples) look waaaaaaay better than any I’ve seen before..

    What I want to know is HOW MUCH??? It all depends on what kind of theme it is.. Does it have sound? Does it switch wallpapers?? Things like that? is what people look for.. Well I do..

  • This is a Horrible idea, we loved that they were free. Now that is gone. Time to make my own.

  • @47, i’m pretty sure it’s just five times no matter what. Can someone please confirm?

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