NBA 09 The Inside: The Jukebox

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Hello again. It’s Steve Bolender, producer for NBA 09 The Inside for the PlayStation 3. Another great new feature we’ve added to NBA 09 The Inside is the Jukebox. What’s the Jukebox you ask? It’s a music player that allows you to assign songs you have on your PlayStation 3 for use in NBA 09 The Inside. Talk about cool! Now you can have your favorite tunes playing while cruising through the menus and during on-court action!

We have some outstanding tunes on the disk (I especially like ZAPP – More Bounce To The Ounce) but there are always personal favorites that get your b-ball blood pumping. Fortunately, the Jukebox is really easy to use. You’ll find there are three different song views. There is “NBA 09 Music” which displays all the songs that come on the disc, “My NBA Music” which displays all the songs you have on your PlayStation 3 and “My Playlists” which displays all of your playlists. Since they show up right inside the game, all you have to do is decide which setting to select.

You just highlight a song and then choose one of the four settings: Off, Menus, In Game or In Game & Menus. That’s it! You’re now ready to hit the court to your favorite tunes! The Jukebox supports both .MP3 and .WAV formatted audio files.

If you’d like to take NBA 09 The Inside for a test-drive go to the PSN store and download the free game demo. For more details, visit

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  • nice it’s good to see developers making headway with ingame music. about time more formats aside from mp3 were added.

  • Good stuff.

  • Huh, at first I thought this was kind of a bummer since it wasn’t run from the XMB,but after watching the video I have to admit that is kind of cool. Rather than running your own music over the games audio, it’s mixed in. Nice.

  • That was pretty cool.

    OK Sony why don’t I see LBP commercial on TV? I have been seeing a lot of NBA 09 commercials, and have yet to see a single LBP commercial. Promote the hell out of LBP and Resistance 2 because they will sell like hot cakes if they are promoted right.

  • It’s nice to see more title with in-game music of our choice.

    Thanks for the info

  • Like the options!


  • What does the NBA 09 team think of that weird DLC structure for NBA Live 09? $19.99 DNA download or something. Very confusing. I downloaded demos for both games, so I’ll check them out sometime this week.

    Props on being the only NBA game this year with trophies. I’m sure next year more will support, but the trophy *hoarders* should rocket up your sales. Good luck!

  • Stop putting out the same game every year and asking me to pay $60 for it.

  • Earth to SantanaClaus, its not the same game. Franchise, Jukebox, “The Life” and mini games are all new to the PS3.. Not to mention NBA 09 has shown the most improvement out of the three b-ball games. Admittedly it needed the most work, and it looks like Sony is taking a step in the right direction with the franchise.

  • This game is going to release in Europe?

  • Thanks for the post Steve.

  • Nice, I like custome in-game music. So far I’m liking the Trophy support and in-game music. Give me a few more reason why I should buy your NBA game instead of the 2 others.

    • No problem. How about \”The Life” mode? That alone should tip the scales in our favor. What about our Progression system? That is really fun when combined with Franchise. You can put yourself on a team and go for Rookie Of The Year while you are fighting your way to be NBA Champions. We also have some cool Mini Games that are seriously fun. How about 1080p and 60 frames per second? Smooth and detailed! That do the trick? :-)

  • Used to like NBA games back in the day..
    Lost interest…These new features and additions do appeal though..

    Ummm… Is PSP 3000 still on track for October 14th? (Canada also?)

  • @4the hater i have seen LBP commercial but it was made by Gamestop.

    NBA 09 demo look the best out of 2K 09 & Live09. Steve will there be classic teams to play with in NBA 09. yall should think about adding the WNBA in to NBA 10.

    • Thank you indeed for the kind words! We are not supporting any classic teams this year, but it is something we are certainly interested in and are considering for future releases. Adding the WNBA is another interesting idea.

  • Finally , developers here our pleas , good work Ea, unfortunately for you , I’m gonna be owning suckas on 2k, believe that.

  • @BigOLBallz this isn’t EA

  • Thanks for the info Mr.Bolender.

    I liked the idea since it will be like MLB 08: The Show.

  • How about instead of focusing on all these little extra features you focus on whats wrong with the game, meaning the actual game play. It’s a shame that nba 09 has so many great features but their all ruined by the lackluster game play. Every year I think maybe they’ll get it right this year but they just add new stuff to hide it. So for the time being nba2k remains the basketball king.

  • you all do realize that this isn’t EA sports NBA LIVE game right? This is SCEA’s NBA 09 The Inside game.

  • This is a really awesome features. All sports games should have it.

  • @ 21 offdah3z

    Thanks dude. I’ve been saying this for a bit now. This a Sony game not AE.


    I’m looking for 7 Wipeout HD players who’s got all platinum ships. BLING BRIGADE “Bronze Trophy”. Now to figure out how to create a game with just 7 of us. Very few platinum ships out there.

    Wipeout HD
    BLING BRIGADE “Bronze Trophy”

  • Is this the only NBA game with Trophies this year?

  • I’m still getting 2k , because that’ll kill this too

  • Steve –
    Thanks for the update! I bought NBA 08 last year and enjoyed playing it on my PS3 in 1080i.
    Can I count on SCEA to provide regular roster updates this year? I am a Houston Rockets fan and to my knowledge Luis Scola was never added to the game for ’08.
    Also more interchange between the PSP and PS3 games would be nice.
    Keep up the good work!

    • We are going to post a roster update every Friday during the season this year. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Hey Ghostm. Here’s another reason to buy this game…How bout the fact that the develpoer actually answered your question.

    Good post. I’ll be buying this game. 1080p, weekly downloadable content, jukebox, trophies, The Life and Upside Progression. This game is gonna be sick.

  • Loved the demo. I thought 2k9 would be better but the demo for it was actually not as good as the life. Great work all around on this title, as it actually seems pretty deep.

  • I have to say that I’m liking the inside better than 2K and live, my only problem with the inside and I think is holding it from been a great game is the arcade style of play, I don’t know if I’m the only one who fells like this but I think it’ll be so much better if it was more simulation.

  • if this game has trophies i will think about getting it and plus i played the demo and it was pretty cool. plus if it is like MLB 08 the show then i have to get it because i loved the MLB game.

    • Yes, NBA 09 The Inside has a Trophy system. If you collect the Platinum Trophy, you will have played the game from every angle, that’s for sure!

  • Now I’m leaning towards NBA 09 The Inside and NBA 2K. I tried 2K last night and it kicks some major ass. Do you guys know if NBA 2K have Trophy support and in-game custom music? NBA Live 09 is totally out of the question for me.

    NBA 2K: 8.5

    NBA 09 The Inside: Unknown

  • Nice to see support for in-game xmb. Anyway can you give us a hint on what some of the trophies are?

    • Sure. Now that the game is on the shelf (go buy a copy, it’s fun!) I will relate the Quick Play Trophies:

      Quick Play – Defeat 5 NBA Teams – Hall of Fame difficulty setting, 5 min + qtrs – no spotting points

      Quick Play – Defeat 15 NBA Teams – Hall of Fame difficulty setting, 5 min + qtrs – no spotting points

      Quick Play – Defeat all 30 NBA Teams – Hall of Fame difficulty setting, 5 min + qtrs – no spotting points

      It can be done but you have to really bring it!

  • HOAH!! Very nice!! i thought i was going to get nba 2k9 but nba2k9 is so much like 2k8… sorry steve i was going to leave you guys ….BUT NOT ANYMORE!! Really great features,gameplay and graphics….. just a tip on future nba titles you make…. do u guys like the shot meter? because its kinda cool but it would be better if there was none becuase with out one makes it more relealistic.

    Thanks and i have lots of ideas that you guys can bring to the upcoming nba title that would make the game much fun to the fans… add me my email is and will give you lots of tips and advice i get from lots of fans and i myself!

    Thanks for your feedback!

    • Thank you for the kind words! On the Shot Meter comment – you can turn it off if you would rather play without it. Just go to Main Menu > Options > Settings > Audio / Video and turn the Shot Meter to Off.

    • Another thought – if you want to drop your game ideas on us, you can post them here. We are always listening to what folks want in our game. After all, we make it for you!

  • Oh and Steve. I think you should make Kobe Bryant 100 overall, because we all know he is the best nba basketball player in the world right?! RIGHT?!?! :P:P

  • Just wondering if we’re going to get a patch/update for the Thunder or if we’ll be stuck with the generic OKC team for a year?

  • IGN NBA game reviews

    NBA 2k: 8.5/10

    NBA Live 09: 6.5/10 “DO NOT BUY”

    NBA ’09 The Inside: Awaiting review

  • The Trophies for this game are not showing up in our profiles…When are you going to fix this?

    • Can you give me some more detail on this issue? Perhaps the following information will help clear things up.

      We have an internal trophy system that awards you bobble heads, player cards, game balls, trophies, records and medals and then there is the PlayStation Trophy system.

      These are two different systems.

      You need to go to main Menu > Progression Main > Awards to view the awarded trophies for our internal trophy system.

      You need to view the XMB (Cross Media Bar) to see the PlayStation Trophies.

  • Steve, thanks for answering the question about the Thunder. Great to hear that I’ll get to play as my new hometown team. I can expain the trophy issue. I’ve earned a couple in-game and they show up in my trophy collection on the XMB.

    However, when I sync the trophy collection, the NBA 09 trophies don’t show up in my online profile like the other trophies. I’ve seen this issue mentioned on several forums, so it seems to be pretty much universal.

  • Im talking about the XMB trophy system…the trophies pop on the right hand corner and I can see my own. The problem is when you try comparing the trophies with friends NBA does not show up or update on my Gamer Card….

  • Hey steve do you have psn? If so i would be great if i could add you.


    so heres the problem… when u synch your trophies to the xmb menu u can see them… now whenu go and compare to someone, it sychs but wont show up the NBA 09 Trophys or even the Avatar for NBA 09..its like it doesnt even read the trophies off the hdd. and also after u synch the NBA 09 trophies to the HDD, they dont show up on the PSN GAMER CARD either.

  • I’m having the same exact problem Det4life is having. They only pop up when you check them on your trophy list but you can’t compare them to other peoples and the tropies you earn won’t add on to your total trophies.

  • Ok please fix this problems, i bought this game specially for my trophy collection, and this is very aggravating that my trophies don’t show up on PSN card and also dosn’t get sync. This issue being going on for almost a week and nothing has been done about it. I think you guys should definetly take care of this situation ASAP. Please help us out on this, your true customers lol.

  • It seems as though only sony is doing the custom tracks, haven’t noticed any third parties yet.

  • I love the Demo… i ordered the game and waiting patiently ha but i had a question. i was wondering if your gonna have all the rookies because in the past you all didnt have most of them

  • Steve,

    This is the problem with the Trophies; they unlock and they do show in the XMB under Trophy Collection. The problem is when you click on Trophy Collection, it says syncing. Once it is complete, the Trophies should show in your PSN profile but they don’t. The game doesn’t even appear in the online profile so the Trophies aren’t getting synced to the server properly.

  • Yes please fix the trophy problem. I scared That all my work is going to be for not. If I have to beat 15 NBA teams on HOF again I’ll never buy another one of your games ever again!

  • It’s Fixed

  • Great game!!!
    I see how to swap jerseys earn through the tickets, but I cannot figure out how to swap the floors that can be earned. I got enough to buy one floor but don’t know how to put it down. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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