The PSB, & Insomniac Recap

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Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

Insomniac - FullMoonShow

Courtesy of Bryan Intihar – Community Manager, Insomniac Games

  • FULL MOON SHOW, EPISODE 34 IS LIVE: The community crew hops back into the recording studio with several members of Insomniac’s audio team for the “I Want Your Job!” segment. Interested in finding out what kind of improvements went into Resistance 2’s music and sound effects? Then you can’t miss this podcast, which also features a mystery guest who was heavily involved in creating this game’s epic tunes. Download it here.
  • INSOMNIAC INVADES 1UP FM: If you haven’t heard enough of me and James, then listen to the latest episode of 1UP FM. We join the cast to discuss Resistance 2, mascot wars, and more!
  • RESISTANCE 2 PUBLIC BETA: Remember—before Resistance 2 invades retail outlets in November, we’ve got the public beta starting this month (exact dates will be announced shortly). The beta gives participants a sneak peek at our competitive multiplayer and online co-op modes. Premiere access will be granted to Qore annual subscribers and those who pre-order Resistance 2 at GameStop, while people who purchase Episode 3 of Qore can participate during the open access period. You can also roll the dice and apply to be part of the beta at

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  • I hope that i get into Resistance 2 beta!

  • @skynidas

    I hope i get into Home Beta.

  • @ #1 and 2

    I hope I get into both betas :).

    Might of missed this one, the beta was expanded. Glad I get extra days to get some headshots before I pick up the game :).

  • @skynidas and TRIX_BOL

    i hope i get into any beta… :p. Can’t wait for GTA 4 Trophies and Resistance beta, any news on home release Jeff?

    By the way! is there anyway to delete trophies, i downloaded super stardust HD demo so trophies appeared, i’m not going to buy it but it keeps showing in trophies at 0%, kinda lame, i erased all my superstardust files and its still there. Anyway to delete those trophies without affecting my other ones?

  • @4 I think you would have to do a system restore to get rid of the super stardust. The bad thing is it will release any other trophy lists you might have up. It wont release the trophies in your profile though.

  • shadow of the little big colossus was the highlight of the week for me! can’t get much more excited for this game. see you all in WipEout


  • I got LBP beta its so much funn

  • Thanks for the post Jeff.

    Sure hope you’re enjoying the Tokyo Game Show (you mentioned ont the LBP post you were boarding a plance to go).

    The last few months have been great for the PS3 and us gamers.

  • typo…

    plance = plane.

  • When is this open access period for R2 Beta?

  • Jeff…
    Do we need to buy QORE Annual Subscription in order to get Home Beta?

  • GTA4 is getting trophies!! Its MGS4’s and GT5P’s turn!

  • Thanks for the post Jeff

  • Resistance Beta soon!!

    Lost in the Shadows – can’t wait!

    PJ eden soundtrack is great,, if only Jonathan Mak would release the Everyday Shooter soundtrack..

    Little Big Planet beta rocks!

    speaking of-Little Big Planet Beta Members!
    check out “Midnight in the Gnome Garden” by FritoZ!

    have a great weekend everyone-


  • I’ve played a bunch of the SOCOM beta and I got an email yesterday with an LBP beta code! :)

    Then on monday I get to start my R2 beta :) :) :)

  • Sony please somehow get the devs to put trophies into mgs4. It’s the biggest PS3 exclusive and it doesn’t even have trophies. I know it’s up to the devs, but they seem to have all this time and effort to put into map packs we have to pay for, I think they can add trophies. =/

  • Where do you guys see GTA4 trophies?

  • OMG! I just checked my email, and I got a Home Beta key! this is incredible, first Little Big Planet, and now this. This is the best weekend ever! Quote from the email.

    “Thank you for downloading the PLAYSTATION®Home Theme! You have been selected to help beta test the next phase of PlayStation®Home’s evolution.”


  • @17 ParadoxSeven

    congrats! be sure to tell us what’s it like!

    the lbp beta is great, but today it seems the new beta codes you guys gave out have overloaded the servers, as i can’t connect to any game or anything (connection error 403)

    It’s just LBP though, as all other games are fine and i can still get to the psn store..



  • i cant keep up many beta so many game so little time ..

  • So if i have ep.3 of qore (not subscription) i can still get in? Buts it only for the open acess correct? How long will that one be?

  • @17

    shhhh….it’s suppose to be confidential, see you in home beta

  • congrats to you too Money1!

    Home this fall AND new xbox experience..good time to be a gamer..

    *crosses fingers for Home beta*

  • good week!

    home this fall you say? holy crap littlebigplanet and home in the same season is a bit too much…I think ill survive though…lol

  • How can I get the invite to Home? I downloaded the theme the day it was posted on the PSN.

  • @FritoZ

    lol yea thanx man, when I saw that email I jumped frm where i was sittin n ran to ps3, i almost dropped my laptop lol.


    it depends on your activity on the network, how often your online, how much you spend in ps store, etc.

  • :D yeah, i’ve had it downloaded and SET as my theme from Day One, I don’t know if that matters, but i figured i wasn’t going to take any chances. Also been spending alot of time playing bionic commando rearmed challenges. I believe I have every demo to come out, put in a 250gig drive in my PS3 :) I love demos. Question, anybody play basketball games, and if so, which one to get this year? nba 09, nba 2k9, live 09? Hard choice with this many choices of the exact same content, but then again I rather have this many choices then stuck with no choice at all.

  • I went to go reserve LBP at GameStop and they gave me two beta codes, one for socom and the other for resistance 2. They did this because they had no more codes for the LBP Kratos character.

  • i missed the beta

  • hey jeff, you goin to TGS?

  • I have a question! regarding the LBP beta i got.

    Okay, so i was playing it 2 days ago when i got it, and i was logged out when i came back from a hockey game (left LBP running) so i just logged back in.

    after i exited the game, i went to one of my other accounts (my clan account for COD4) to play GT5:P because i had enough credits there to buy the new car that came with the update(2 million credit one) and it wouldn’t let me start it (says i wasn’t the right user, which i understood, because i downloaded it on HorizonShadow) so i thought it was the new update, so i went to Horizon and tried to start it and got the “a error occurred during the start operation (8002159) (i don’t know the number)

    so later, when i tried LBP, it had the same error, and so did the Socom beta. the Home beta didn’t however.

    i know the error is when you need to be signed into the PSN to play, but i AM signed in, and it isn’t working.

    Is this a glitch in Sony’s security thing so people don’t share the LBP beta? i heard you could get suspended if you did(or banned) so i thought logging into my other account registered as that account downloading the beta…

    any help would be great. thanks!

  • Looks like GamePro backed their way out of holding the R2 beta code contest they so prominently advertising on and in their August issue.

    It’s a good thing I also pre-ordered the game.

  • I really love LBP I do have one problem with the beta, online gaming with others sucks. I don’t mean playing with them, because that’s a blast, but the lag and freezing up the entire game if not PS3 system is annoying. I hope we won’t get that problem with the final version.

  • WipEout HD is IGN Game of the Month!

  • @32: You do, of course, realize that’s the exact purpose of a beta, right?

    Anyway, I’m loving the LBP beta! I’m not going to create a level yet becasue I need more items and whatnot and I simply don’t have the time given the beta ends on the 11th.

    Hey Jeff! My birthday is on the 9th, and you know what would make an awesome present? A Home beta key! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  • Im crossing my fingers and hoping for a late beta key..i wont hold my breath though.

    Wipeout HD is awesome, and its definetly worth $20. Trophies are as hard as nails though, I only have 6 of them so far.

    Life with playstation, home, littlebigplanet, trophies, ingame xmb, ingame music, awesome playstation store with loads of new content every week, mgs 4, warhawk, pain, stardust HD, Wipeout, pixeljunk games, video store and rentals…..gosh I love my ps3

  • I’m in GAP, have a launch PS3, signed up for the LBP email updates, entered a challenge on LBP news site, and emailed everyone that said we’re giving out beta keys right now. This includes the PS Blog, Gamespot, G4TV, LBP news site, etc… 1 week later and 8 or 9 entries later, and have not even an email saying sorry, you’re not a big enough fanboy. Or sorry, all the guys with beta keys already beat you to yet another beta key. Look at all the posts on the LBP forum and I have 2 extra keys, free keys, etc… If Sony learns one thing about this it should be how NOT to honor our loyal customers.

    Oh, I guess I did get the SOCOM beta, thanks. I played it 5mins. I’ve never been a fan of SOCOM. And the Motorstorm2 demo. This is all that $24.99 QORE subscription has gotten me. No HOME beta at all, and I ALREADY paid for Calling All Cars. So thanks for pretty nothing so far Sony.


  • I’m looking forward to the Resistance 2 beta, but I wish the blog and Sony people would refrain from calling the various PS3 betas “public”.
    These are still closed betas, requiring invites or limited amounts of codes.
    An actual public beta is open to all comers.

    Is someone confusing them because these closed betas allow members of the public?

  • Insomniac news is always good news for me.

  • R2 Beta, can’t wait. so thats going out as emails right, i won’t have to redownload qore 3 again will i? considering socom hanged at the last minute, maybe you’d think possibly the same

  • to all of you hoping for Home Beta, it’s not all that great, you’ll play it for 2 days, 4 max… then you’ll pop on now and then….

  • I am really sorry to tell this but,

    please dont care about socom beta extend,
    the patch 1.5 doesnt work an nobody can play the game last patch ruins the game.
    see it on


  • When is the new socom update coming out?
    i have been waiting for so long…
    i heard somewhere that it was supposed to be out on the 20th, but everytime i check it isn’t there.
    plz bring the update out soon

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