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EOJ Fans – As you may have discovered already, the wait is finally over. Set 3 is slated for an October 16th release on PSN giving players not just 100 new cards, but more gameplay options and features that will change the way EOJ is played.

To introduce the new features that Set 3 will include we thought it would be more interesting for someone from our FPQA (First Party Quality Assurance) team to give you a sneak peek!

As you may or may not know, our testers get the sweet job of playing our games way before they release getting the inside scoop. So without further adieu, it’s my pleasure to introduce- Jason Greeson:

Hey everyone, my name is Jason ‘USMCOgre’ Greeson and I’m going to give you all an inside look at The Eye of Judgment: Set 3. I’ve been lucky enough to work on EOJ for a while now and have been playing Set 3 for the past few months. I’ve seen EOJ come along and progress into what it is today.


The first thing that’s really going to stick out to you veteran EOJ players is the new Bonus Features in the main menu which not only includes some great artwork, but incredibly in-depth storylines for all the elements and all the decks. If you ever wondered what the Eye of Judgment world was like, you’re about to get your answer.


Didi, one of the testers’ favorite cards, has one of the coolest stories of any game character I’ve ever seen. All of the Set 1 heroes have great in depth stories.


And the story behind Scion? You have to read it all to believe it.

Now let’s talk about what really brings everyone here: the new cards and gameplay features. In general, the evolution of the cards as far as abilities from Set 2 to Set 3 is huge. There are so many new creature combinations and spell cards that Set 3 is going to add a ton of new strategy to a game that was never short on strategy to begin with. To give you a taste, here is one of my favorite new Biolith cards.

279 Toxic Intruder_Dummy

This chainsaw wielding machine is just downright mean. If your opponent has any cards out with a large amount of HP, they won’t have it out for long if you have a Toxic Intruder ready in your hand. His attack does 2 damage, but here’s the best part: the creature you attack loses half, yes HALF of their HP if they survive the initial attack, even if the initial attack is dodged! This card will get the full attention of any opponent after you use it to take a Fist of Juno from 9 HP to 4 in one quick attack.

279_Toxic Intruder

There is over 10 new abilities that are going to change the way the game is played. Some of the new abilities allow you to change a cards affiliation. Another makes it so your opponent cannot sacrifice a creature (sorry cubic!). Another even lets you see the opponent’s hand! That’s only 3 of the new abilities. There’s a bunch more and I know you want details on everything, but then what would you look forward to?

But don’t worry, more to come next week when I post more about my favorite Set 3 cards

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  • Jason, if you ever need some to pwn most opponents look seph1r0th00 up for that too.

    He beats me in about 9 turns usually.

  • @Chuck and Jason, hey guys, did you miss my question?

    I put “QUESTION” in big type at the head of the post..oh well maybe you missed it-

    SO DO WE STILL HAVE TO PAY $14.99 to just activate the cards, the same cards we still have to pay for?

    please, let us know!

    It’s important!

    Sales of Booster Packs>sales of superfluous “activations”

  • @ Jason:

    I’ll have to agree with an earlier post about your pricing strategy, it socks so much!!! Man I bought a booster box when the game was released and was 1324% ready to buy a second box when the first expansion was released, BUT you had to screw it up and CHARGE (!!) $15 for the “rights” to use the expansion cards online, at that moment, at that very moment my interest in this game was obliterated, it’s soooo lame, how can you charge us to play the cards we already bought from you?

    I dunno if you are related by some way to the marketting dept, but anyways please let them know of their horrible strategy

  • Any word on better distribution of the cards ? Still can’t get them anywhere here. I have to drive anywhere between 3.5-5 hours to find cards… which they may not even have. I swear to God that I’m not embellishing on that fact… 5 HOURS ! I live on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the closest EBGames to where I live is about 3.5 hours away. It’s not even on the island. P.E.I. has an EBGames and it’s waaaaaaay smaller than we are. I know it’s not your (Sony) fault for EBGames’ stupidity, I’m just using it to illustrate how difficult it is to obtain the cards.

    I’m at my wits end. It’s not like we don’t have stores… we have a Future Shop (owned by Best Buy), we have a Walmart, we have a Blockbuster… what more can you ask for ? So we don’t have an EBGames, so what ? One store… the entire game is riding on one store ? (in Canada)

    I still find it unbelievable that the Eye of Judgment is still being sold as a bundle in stores that don’t offer the cards. I really can’t get my head around the fact that the game is available for purchase, but the very thing someone needs to actually play the game are unavailable. People are left to fend for themselves.

    So you say order them online. Well, aside from the fact that I made a conscience decision NOT to ever have a credit card, ever again, online shopping can be tricky, but I digress. EBGames does not have online shopping in Canada which leaves me to shop on the US store. Shipping from EBGames is 14.99 US base cost. So if I order 1 pack of cards, it’s going to be 14.99 plus the cost of the cards. Almost 20 bucks for one pack of cards…please ! :/

    So eBay is the answer. Well, it might be shocking, but I can’t chuck 150+ dollars for a box willy nilly… I’d like to be able to buy a few packs at a time here and there. Is that too much to ask ? Isn’t that the point of collecting cards ? Well, it was when I was a kid.

    Go to Hasboro you say. Tried that. It seems that they won’t ship outside of the US… that’s nice.

    So Eye of Judgment peeps… any word ? Or is what you see what you get… don’t get my hopes up kinda stuff ? Anyone ? Throw me a frickin’ bone people. :P

    Note to readers : I’d appreciate if you want to tell me to shut up, or to stop whining, then please don’t even bother… I’m tired of that crap and I only want to be able to walk into my local stores and buy some of the cards. I don’t want to have to make a road trip for EOJ cards…. I’m a geek…not sure if I’m that bad yet.


    Word on the street is Nidi has a deathfist… Can you confirm?

  • Sweet delayed post made me post twice!

    See what I great job I’m doing at replying? You might get 2 per post if you’re lucky like Markman!

  • It’s not luck. Jason Greeson likes me.

  • yeah, and comments that help you get more satisfied customer like mine and TristanMike ever gets a reply of “got it” maybe? Answer = no

  • @51 MeltTech,

    I’ve assembled a few different decks now. Maybe we should have a go at it again soon :)

  • @Jason:

    Allright then, just wanted to make sure we’ve been heard.

    Read ya around

  • if a Yugioh game was made like EoJ i would get down. but i’m not saying EoJ is not a great game any way keep up the gud work

  • i like the game but they don’t sell the cards in my country, the only boosters i got were a gift from a friend who went to the US…

  • Great news.

    I did it twice so you don’t feel left out.

  • @Jason-

    thanks for your response, i also wish to thank you for assuring us our concerns are being heard-

    like i said i really enjoy this and every PSEye game (i have em all-really looking forward to minority report xmb)

    BTW- i’m not a cheap a$$- i just defended other add-ons and stuff like the excellent PJEden soundtrack, and like i said i have 2 shoe boxes full of series one cards..

    i guess it’s just the principal of the thing..

    Like Tiger Woods 2009 just came out last month,a nd already a $7.49 single course add-on..


    BUT! I know you guys are making these new characters and scenarios and trophies update after the fact, and that is real work designing, programming, marketing, managing etc. etc.

    but man the booster cards get EXPENSIVE quickly too! And people like me just have to collect em all, so not getting series 2 was hard for me…

    having to pay just to pay’s wrong on principle alone..

    thanks again for responding, man

    sorry i was so harsh, i just REALLY would like to play a single player game..


  • Hey Chuck, Hey Mark,

    MoreBloodWine here… awesome news about set 3, when I first heard about it through the press release I immediately posted it on my site! I’m the creator and sole owner of EoJ Market Place. I started EoJ Market Place just over two months ago after certain events transpired on the PSU EoJ forums where a ton of posts were either being locked or removed without a single word as to why from the mods / admins. My goal is for EoJ Market Place to be a site where all players can go to enjoy and discuss all things EoJ or not without the fear of having posts removed if they didn’t conform to site rules as the mods interpreted them. The core of long-term players from the PSU forums have already moved to EoJ Market Place and those that haven’t are steadily finding there way here along with a lot of the new player base. We are literally THE site for the now existing EoJ guilds! What I would like is for EoJ Market Place to become an official EoJ site since a lot of the official sites that exist now are either not in use any more or have given up all together on the upkeep of the site, as for me and my site we plan to stay as long as the game exists. When you guys have the time I’d like you to check us out and maybe even sign up at which point I can put you guys in a VIP group… grant it no special powers come into play but you do get a nifty VIP status badge (insert badge here) ;-)

    If you would like to get in touch with me about making my site official or anything else you can contact me through my site or you can email me at the following address, , Thanks for your time and effort into making the game what is today and what it will become.


  • Oh my god you are back

    hi chuk long time ago with no news from you.

    Mark its i a caribean island at holydays?? hahaha

    Hi Jason from Spain, i hope read you more times, we have seen about 20 cards at spanish and they are really cool, i hope the set 3 not be the last.

    Ainur Melkor

    Admin of Los Hijos de Scion

  • Hey Jason…Thanks for being one of the few people who actually post and then replies.

    Any chance of getting EOJ Database? A little game called Metal Gear Solid 4 released a Database. Heck I would be willing to pay for an EOJ Database!

    Still Dreaming of an EOJ In Space…Drool, Drool. Holy Cow an EOJ Set in the Tolkien Universe or Wizard of Oz( Todd McFarlane style), or even set in Mythology, how about EOJ: Return of Cthulhu. Ok time to stop dreaming…LOL

  • is there any trophies for this game?

  • this game is one of the million reasons why it rocks to own a ps3!

  • I am looking forward to this, set 2 disappointed overall. I hope to see new and ingenious combos between set 1, 2, and 3 cards.

    time to heat up the pipe…EOJ crack is back

    • I can\’t get into specifics with you as we\’ll be releasing info steadily over time, but having played set.3 more than anyone on earth and set.2 more than anyone on earth, set.3 mixes in very well with set 1 and 2 for some pretty mean combos. It makes the overall game much deeper now.

  • will the online mode improved that we can use the cards we want and not the ones the game is telling us to use?

  • will the online mode improved that we can use the cards we want and not the ones the game is telling us to use?

  • Hey Jason, Since you sem to be the activer one here can you please make sure that Mark and or Chuck gets my message above please… Thx ;-)

  • Let make this game work, Sony! Set 2 was a dampener…make it happen this time!!!


  • Jason..HUGE PROBLEM!!

    There are no more EOJ Kits(Camera and Game and Mat Pad) to be had anywhere I live, with in about 100 mile radius. All the local stores put them on clearance and got rid of them.

    I know the camera is available at Gamestop and EBGames, but the game is no longer even available online there. My Local stores all tell me, no more.

    I love the fact that you support core EOJ gamers, but for noobs, they simply can not get the game. Camera yes, a used copy of the EOJ game, maybe, the mat, forget about it. Why was the decision made to stop production of the EOJ Pack that included everything?

  • Hey guys

    great to have some official news again. been waiting for this since set 2 correction patch was out.

    have you heard/read about the most recent EoJ related site?

    I’d like to have some opinions on it. maybe some help getting info like many of the other sites have? just since they get mails with priveleged information.

    I have been running a lot to get different info different from other websites and been able to do a decent job

    I invite you to check it out, at least.


  • @ Jason

    Do you check out any of the Sony Official sites for what other players are thinking?


  • **Points up as he asks Jason to please look at the other comments that asked for his attention as he notes the one post by eojcollectors that did get a reply below everyone elses.**

    • I brought it up. I have no idea if anything will happen, but your post has been seen. Also realize, I just work at FPQA. The only shots I call are at the bar on the weekends.

  • @jason

    may i also ask if mine has also been noted?

    thanks again

  • @Jason, no worries man I just thought it was kinda weird that you appeared to have skipped over the posts that were more or less directed at you. I suppose though all one can ask is that it gets brought up to the people who can make such decisions regarding sites etc. I suspect in such a case though thats up to Mark and Chuck. Either way Ty for “passing” my message along about trying to make my site official, it would be a great deal to me and I suspect some of my users to get it done ;-)

  • Oh ya, and LOL and the shots at the bar on weekends comment. I gotta good chuckle outa that.

  • Argh!
    I’m still several weeks away from getting my PS3… it burns. I don’t suppose anyone could tell me – if I purchase and download the Set.2 and Set.3 expansion packs on someone else’s PS3 under my account, will I then still be able to download them once I get my own PS3? Or do I just have to sit on the sidelines for the first several weeks while everybody refines their new decks and then come in and get whooped up on?

  • Apparently there’s word that at least the US release date has slipped to 10 November (if not the UK too – but it’s still currently 24 Oct at time of writing).

    Email from US supplier is as follows:

    I just found out there is a delay at Upper Deck in regards to the EOJ Set 3 release. I called to get a concrete date and unfortunately was informed that Upper Deck has pushed the release date to November 10th. This is directly from Upper Deck and I didn’t hear it anywhere else, so you can take it as directly from the source. I hate factory delays as much you do and wanted to notify you about the change in status. We will get these out in the mail as soon as we get our hands on the product. I will also notify you of any other changes or updates in regards to the EOJ Set 3 release.

  • Just had this reply from 13th Floor, one of the UK’s best online sites for EOJ supply:

    [i]Hmm….we’re not aware of any delay at the moment. We did hear some rumours about potential availability issues for the US so that might explain the news below.

    We’re sticking with the 24th but until we hear our suppliers say they’ve shipped it on the 22nd we can’t be 100% certain… However, if we hear anything before then I’ll certainly pass it on.

    All the best.[/i]

  • I would like to stress the negative publicity charging $15 for an update that (apart from providing the trophies) just enable us to use the cards that we anyway spend hundreds of dollars to buy would give.

    I have a question too:
    The EoJ AI is, from an experienced player perspective, quite lousy, at least so far. Has Sony made any improvements there? Or is it just minor tuning and implementation of the capabilities provided by the new cards? The PS3 should provide enough processing power to be able to have a really good AI, but it is, at its best level, not a challenge.

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