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EOJ Fans – As you may have discovered already, the wait is finally over. Set 3 is slated for an October 16th release on PSN giving players not just 100 new cards, but more gameplay options and features that will change the way EOJ is played.

To introduce the new features that Set 3 will include we thought it would be more interesting for someone from our FPQA (First Party Quality Assurance) team to give you a sneak peek!

As you may or may not know, our testers get the sweet job of playing our games way before they release getting the inside scoop. So without further adieu, it’s my pleasure to introduce- Jason Greeson:

Hey everyone, my name is Jason ‘USMCOgre’ Greeson and I’m going to give you all an inside look at The Eye of Judgment: Set 3. I’ve been lucky enough to work on EOJ for a while now and have been playing Set 3 for the past few months. I’ve seen EOJ come along and progress into what it is today.


The first thing that’s really going to stick out to you veteran EOJ players is the new Bonus Features in the main menu which not only includes some great artwork, but incredibly in-depth storylines for all the elements and all the decks. If you ever wondered what the Eye of Judgment world was like, you’re about to get your answer.


Didi, one of the testers’ favorite cards, has one of the coolest stories of any game character I’ve ever seen. All of the Set 1 heroes have great in depth stories.


And the story behind Scion? You have to read it all to believe it.

Now let’s talk about what really brings everyone here: the new cards and gameplay features. In general, the evolution of the cards as far as abilities from Set 2 to Set 3 is huge. There are so many new creature combinations and spell cards that Set 3 is going to add a ton of new strategy to a game that was never short on strategy to begin with. To give you a taste, here is one of my favorite new Biolith cards.

279 Toxic Intruder_Dummy

This chainsaw wielding machine is just downright mean. If your opponent has any cards out with a large amount of HP, they won’t have it out for long if you have a Toxic Intruder ready in your hand. His attack does 2 damage, but here’s the best part: the creature you attack loses half, yes HALF of their HP if they survive the initial attack, even if the initial attack is dodged! This card will get the full attention of any opponent after you use it to take a Fist of Juno from 9 HP to 4 in one quick attack.

279_Toxic Intruder

There is over 10 new abilities that are going to change the way the game is played. Some of the new abilities allow you to change a cards affiliation. Another makes it so your opponent cannot sacrifice a creature (sorry cubic!). Another even lets you see the opponent’s hand! That’s only 3 of the new abilities. There’s a bunch more and I know you want details on everything, but then what would you look forward to?

But don’t worry, more to come next week when I post more about my favorite Set 3 cards

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  • Looks cool, I think I might rebuy EoJ, I sold it after getting frustrated because it always asked to re align card all the time, even when it was perfectly there.

  • Would have loved to get into this game (Was a Magic & YuGiOh fan back in the middleschool/highschool days haha) but then I remembered how much money they took out of me XD

    Glad to see you guys still supporting this game though, just out of curiosity, how many players on average are playing this game online still?

  • I dont know, I never really thought EoJ was that good. It actually sounds pretty cool now that I think of it. Should I get it? Is it really fun and worth it?

  • Maybe you didn’t have proper lighting? I’m heavy into Magic the Gathering, is this game similar in any way? or completely different?

  • wow set 3 is coming out?! i haven’t even finished set 2 yet! i gotta catch up!!!

  • i thought you guys had abandoned this game? its good see that you are still pumping out booster packs for it. good for all those who got it. i for one haven’t picked it up yet because i want to see how it plays.


  • The game is awesome but it does get expensive. Will the expansion pack be $14.99 like set 2?

    Hopefully the cards will be easier to find also, that was one of the issues I have with the game. I could never find them anywhere. Even Amazon was out for a while.

    Anyways, I am looking forward to the new set.

  • I’m still intrigued by this game. I wonder if a price cut is in the future since I need a PSEye anyways.

  • i haven’t played in a while. and i bought the last update.

    the problem i’m having is that my water cards are not being recognized. its not just one or two cards either. its pretty much the majority of my water cards.

    everything else reads fine when i lay the cards down. i’ve taken a lint free cloth and cleaned the hell out of my playstation eye. i’ve also checked all my cards for scuffs, smudges and bends they are all in great condition. i’ve even went through few lightbulbs trying to change the lighting in my room.

    anyone else experience this or have a suggestion? i’m a little bummed that i havent been able to play due to this.

    especially after this blog post.

  • Thanks.

    Any news on trophies for Eye of Judgment?

  • Would Set 2 possibly be getting a price cut from $14.99 when Set 3 comes out?

  • @Chuck Lacson

    when the trophies patch will be available for


    2-Will THIS GAME HAVE SOME support FOR Home service?

  • Thanks for the info and the continued support.

  • It would be nice if it had Home integration in the future. It may be easier to find people to play online with.

  • Liking EOJ, but the cost is a barrier to enjoying it more. Now that the Set 3 software is coming out, will there be a price break on Set 2 software for those who haven’t purchased it yet. Sort of the same way old Warhawk map packs get a price cut when the new pack comes out. $5.99 or 7.99 vs 14.99 might make a big difference.



    I never got on the series 2 bandwagon because you charges us so much just to buy the “rights” to use the new cards…

    AND I LOVED THIS GAME!!!!!Such neat new technology…too bad! My girlfriend and i had a ball playing when it first came out with series one…

    worst pricing strategy ever,next to EA Sports of course..


    please, guys, make this game more accesible! NO NEW PLAYER would wanna spen the $$$ for the game and the eye, and then have to turn around and pay $30 MORE for the expansion “rights”..

    just think of all those booster packs i haven’t bought…heck i spent over $120 on series one cards..just shows ya the fault in your marketing..

    thanks for listening..i really do think this game is great!

  • It would be nice also if they made a single player mode that used the story line they are making for the new cards. Use the world map and have it like Puzzle Quest where you do different missions and have a story. EOJ is really fun but only when you are playing with another person.

    The online could be laid out differently also, I wish I could see how many people are playing rather just seeing if a room is available. If I could see that there is 9 rooms that are full then I know to wait for one to open up. I usually just try online and see no one, t could be that they are playing but i cant see them.

  • Uh oh. There go my next few paychecks :p

    Are you guys going to make a greater effort of making booster packs available through major retailerw (best buy, target, walmart etc.)?

    I love EoJ and have all set 1 cards and I’m only missing 1 from set 2, but I hate buying all my boosters off of eBay. Please make them more accessible.

  • I still have a really hard time finding the cards in stores, are there any planes to up the number of distributers? Because of the inability to get these cards, I had to stop playing this great game :(

  • That is SUPER LAME that you have to pay for the update, even though you have to pay for the new card sets anyway.
    I’m giving this article a rating of 1 for your greed.

  • I like the game myself as I purchased it day one.
    I think you guys should add some new locations and actual card boards.

    Is it possible we can get a deck based upon Sony franchise chracters and their worlds?

  • Thanks Chuck.

    I think I will look into this game further.

    Appreciate the post.

  • Am I a bad man for just getting this game for the eyetoy? The game is still in shrink

  • Add Kratos as a character card.

    I love Eye of Judgment. Fantastic game.

    Good job guys!

  • Will we be able to obtain trophies w/out buying the high priced set 2 and set 3 packs?

    Also, I’m having trouble finding cards now. I put the game to the side for awhile and recently picked it back up again. Now I have not seen ANY set 2 packs. Are set 3 packs going to be unobtainable too?

  • I haven’t played it in a while since I was disappointed we have to pay more money to use the new cards.

    The art work is amazing, and I’d gladly buy the cards if not for fees to update a game I already bought.

    I hope you expand beyond EOJ into other card games too, maybe even something we’d never expect like the new Oz card game by Orion’s bell (like that would happen)

    I’m really glad to see you are expanding and still supporting this game.

  • Cool I’m glad to see this game is still supported. I haven’t played in a long time, but once upon a time I bring out my cards and play a few matches either by myself or with my brothers.
    It would be cool if they release some cards with other famous videogame characters like Solid Snake, and Lara Croft or Jack & Daxter!

  • This game is awesome! To be honest though, I’m tired of buying updates and booster packs. Plus these cards are extremely rare at game stores. As the months went by, the game became more of a drag. Think about it. You buy the $15 update and then, you’ll have to go out on a street hunt for these rarely seen cards. The only place that I know that carries them for sure, is Toys R Us. Unfortunately they are extremely over priced at nearly $6.00 a booster pack.

    When can we expect to see the Trophy patch?
    Another major feature this game is missing, is Custom in-game music. I’m so tired of listening to the same guitar rift all the time. So I stopped playing so I don’t have to hear it.

  • Still hoping to get an answer regarding my card recognition issue.

    on a side note. i suggest including rare cards inside game cases. it would promote sales of games as well as giving some costumers a reason to buy new over used games.

  • Have the game and three or so packs, but I don’t really play it that often. I really think it was a mistake not including a story mode or at least something in the way of incentive to continue playing. I realize games are ideally supposed to be played for the pure joy of playing them, but I don’t really feel any drive or pull or any other synonym for ‘incentive.’ What Magic the Gathering did with the game Shandalar was great, and when I originally heard about this game I was hoping it was something like that. Random, unconnected card matches just really don’t provide any of the structure that I feel would have been greatly beneficial to the game.

    That’s just how I view it. I can honestly say that I’m glad I got the game, though, since it came with the PS3ye which opened up several other options.

    Thanks for the update.

  • To everyone asking about trophies, yes, there are a good amount of trophies to be had!

  • This game was awesome but the booster packs are very hard to come by. And it seems like nobody is playing this anymore :(. Not sure if I want to spend more than I already have.

  • ok EoJ is a WEIRD game to me..yes theres strategy and yeah theres graphic..but theres no RUSH..i still have it cuz i want to try to get into it but it gets so boring..and all your skills depends on the CARDS u have..that suxs..but hey..its just sure imma get ALOT of hate responses but wateva..i have the freedom of SPEACH..;p

  • So there are new “gameplay” options?

    Like, a single player mode?? I’m not seeing much info up there… it’s all so vague!

    So cards have stories… can we play those stories, or just read them, or..?

  • I can’t get this game to work. Eye does’t see cards.


  • looks good, considering giving it a try

  • Thanks for the comment Jason. We, or I, have seen the trophy list. Will this be in a new update to coincide with set 3 release? Or will this be a different DLC all together? If so how much will it cost?

    Also, will you need to buy the DLC to get the trophy patch?

  • @36 Scodo_Thope

    Make sure you have plenty of light in the room. Also go to settings and try different light settings. My old apartment I had a fluorescent bulb in a corner lamp and had to set the light effect to blue.

  • One more thing. This game needs a story mode badly.

  • I want an option for “Play each creature’s animation once” Or “Animate only on summon”. I have some cards I have never seen animated because when you turn animation on for the whole game it takes fscking forever. If you want me to spend anymore money on this game add that feature.

  • this game looks cool

    does anybody remember what that role playing game was they showed a couple monthes back? it was the one that used cartoon animation or some cool artistic effect like that. I cant remember the name but it was awesome! lol this game reminds me of it somehow.

    man I want to remember the name of that game!

  • There’s going to be some more updates in the coming weeks. I can’t give away too much, but there’s a lot more new things that will be revealed guys.

    Just read the comment on the Didi card and the Scion card for a hint!


    • Like I said, I can\’t give away too much. Just keep an eye out here on the blog for the upcoming updates my man.

  • I’m wondering if you guys will use the EOJ system for other style of card games in the future?

  • Wow and I just read your post saying its going to have trophies…like icing on the cake!

  • Jason,

    You are awesome! Thanks for the update and the responses to some comments. If you ever need a game tester, look me up ^^

    • No problem. I\’m doing my best to work and reply on here at the same time lol. I\’m interested in writing a blog talking about QA (testing) in general. We\’ll see if that works out, eh?

  • Is this update free? I never bought set 2 cards cause you had to buy set 2 which made no sense to me (I have to pay to use cards I’m buying?)

  • Great news… here goes another grand to cards.. it’s killing me but i love the game….maybe you guys can come out with a PSP version wher you save the cards to your duo chip and it plays a little like “yugio duel of roses” plus you can play other players with the PSP. now that would sell like crazy… just think portable EOJ that you can take with and play anyone at anytime w/o carring a thousand cards around…hmmmmmm can i get paid you that idea? lol

  • PSP it’s like cheese you can listen to outside xD I don’t know why but kdarkone just reminded me of that

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