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EOJ Fans – As you may have discovered already, the wait is finally over. Set 3 is slated for an October 16th release on PSN giving players not just 100 new cards, but more gameplay options and features that will change the way EOJ is played.

To introduce the new features that Set 3 will include we thought it would be more interesting for someone from our FPQA (First Party Quality Assurance) team to give you a sneak peek!

As you may or may not know, our testers get the sweet job of playing our games way before they release getting the inside scoop. So without further adieu, it’s my pleasure to introduce- Jason Greeson:

Hey everyone, my name is Jason ‘USMCOgre’ Greeson and I’m going to give you all an inside look at The Eye of Judgment: Set 3. I’ve been lucky enough to work on EOJ for a while now and have been playing Set 3 for the past few months. I’ve seen EOJ come along and progress into what it is today.


The first thing that’s really going to stick out to you veteran EOJ players is the new Bonus Features in the main menu which not only includes some great artwork, but incredibly in-depth storylines for all the elements and all the decks. If you ever wondered what the Eye of Judgment world was like, you’re about to get your answer.


Didi, one of the testers’ favorite cards, has one of the coolest stories of any game character I’ve ever seen. All of the Set 1 heroes have great in depth stories.


And the story behind Scion? You have to read it all to believe it.

Now let’s talk about what really brings everyone here: the new cards and gameplay features. In general, the evolution of the cards as far as abilities from Set 2 to Set 3 is huge. There are so many new creature combinations and spell cards that Set 3 is going to add a ton of new strategy to a game that was never short on strategy to begin with. To give you a taste, here is one of my favorite new Biolith cards.

279 Toxic Intruder_Dummy

This chainsaw wielding machine is just downright mean. If your opponent has any cards out with a large amount of HP, they won’t have it out for long if you have a Toxic Intruder ready in your hand. His attack does 2 damage, but here’s the best part: the creature you attack loses half, yes HALF of their HP if they survive the initial attack, even if the initial attack is dodged! This card will get the full attention of any opponent after you use it to take a Fist of Juno from 9 HP to 4 in one quick attack.

279_Toxic Intruder

There is over 10 new abilities that are going to change the way the game is played. Some of the new abilities allow you to change a cards affiliation. Another makes it so your opponent cannot sacrifice a creature (sorry cubic!). Another even lets you see the opponent’s hand! That’s only 3 of the new abilities. There’s a bunch more and I know you want details on everything, but then what would you look forward to?

But don’t worry, more to come next week when I post more about my favorite Set 3 cards

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