Progression Players for NBA 09 The Inside

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Hi again. It’s Steve Bolender, a producer for NBA 09 The Inside for the PlayStation 3. This year we have expanded the functionality of our Progression system. We are now supporting up to five Progression Players! A Progression Player is a created player that you make and grow simply by playing the game. In every mode of play you will earn Progression Credits that you can spend on buying Player Attributes, Gear, Fantasy Arenas, Retro Floors and Jerseys.

One of the coolest aspects of the Progression system is you don’t have to create a player to start banking Progression Credits. Just by playing the game you will be collecting Credits. Then should you decide to create a player after you have a nice amount of Credits, your Progression Player will start out strong and have a major impact for your team.

One of my favorite ways to use my Progression Players is to bring them onto a Franchise team. In order to get your Progression Players on your Franchise team you will have to make sure they are already created before you start your Franchise. In fact, building up your Progression Players before you initiate your Franchise will result in them becoming much stronger players while inside your Franchise.

If you’d like to take NBA 09 The Inside for a test-drive go to the PSN store and download the free game demo. Click here for more details.

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  • Sweet.

  • This is a Sony first party game, and the graphic don’t look much better than a PS2 game. I don’t understand how you guys can have so much detail in MLB The Show (Sports game of the year hands down), but yet don’t show the same love for the NBA. Also, the gameplay need A LOT of work. Everything about the gameplay fail. From Derek Fisher dunking on Keven Garnet, to the way the player move and shoot the ball. Focus less on the Life, and more on the Gameplay dammit

  • @ 2.

    looks like a ps2 game aye? well could it be that you are watching the video on a computer with a bad graphics card and that’s where you get your “ps2 game graphics.”

    some people

  • @3 Stormtrooper_16
    Let see, I played this game on my HD TV, and it was crap. And as for my computer, I have a Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphic card

  • in 1:04 you see a green X ???

    Fail ^^

  • Just played the demo. Really cool.

    Is there any info on whats new on the PSP system?

  • @2
    Like you ID says you’re just a hater,The game does not look like a ps2 game.

  • it looks kind of bad

  • i dont like basketball. only basketball game i ever liked was nba jam on downloadin the demo of this anyway to try it out. maybe ill actually like another basketball game.

  • Yesterday i played NBA 2k9 and definetly is THE basketball game of this season.

  • played the demo and i think this game is a lot of fun. arcadey, not too much realism but very enjoyable. i like the shot meter and the fact that jumpers do go in.

    nba 2k8/9 was/is broken; i can’t hit a jump shot, but treys sometimes go in. the main way to score is set up pick and roll then pass it to the big guy for a dunk. rinse. repeat.

  • I actually really like the demo for this game, as I prefer faster paced b-ball games. I prefered the 2k series but the demo for 09 felt bland and unfinished. Anyways, if I pick a bball game, it will be this one.

  • Hoop time!


  • I usually don’t do basketball games because they can never get the shots right, or the hands right. I don’t know if these are all cut scene replays, but this is starting to catch up and look like basketball. I’ll have to actually check out the demo then, but this is starting to interest me.

  • I’ll probably get this game on Tuesday! The new features look pretty cool.

    • That\’s the spirit, stewey! I am really happy about the new features we added this year. I think you\’ll have a lot of fun with NBA 09 The Inside.

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