PLAYSTATION Network Video Content Update

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Hi again! The weekend’s here – time for your weekly update of new movie & TV shows on the PLAYSTATION Network.

This week we’ve added new video content from the following television series:

  • Damages,Season 1
  • Suzuka, Season 1
  • The Closer, Season 4
  • The Venture Bros., Season 3

We’ve also added the following feature films:

  • 48 Hrs.
  • Abandon
  • American Beauty
  • An Everlasting Piece
  • Annapolis
  • Babel
  • Barbarella
  • Beavis and Butt-head Do America
  • Big Shots
  • Black Knight
  • Black Rain
  • Boomerang
  • Branded
  • Cabaret
  • Changing Lanes
  • Chinatown
  • Clear and Present Danger
  • Clockstoppers
  • Constantine
  • Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
  • D.A.R.Y.L.
  • Doctor Dolittle 3
  • Dogville
  • Don’t Say A Word
  • Evita
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Fido
  • Freddy Got Fingered
  • Galaxy Quest
  • Get Rich or Die Tryin’
  • Ghost and The Darkness
  • Grandma’s Boy (Unrated)
  • Heartbreak Ridge
  • Hey Arnold! The Movie
  • Hot Rod
  • House On Haunted Hill
  • I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
  • In Her Shoes
  • Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  • Joe Somebody
  • Kinky Boots
  • Lean On Me
  • Life Or Something Like It
  • Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat
  • Meet Bill
  • Miami Rhapsody
  • Nothing to Lose
  • Operation Condor
  • Playing God
  • Pootie Tang
  • Prom Night (Unrated)
  • Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion
  • Roving Mars [IMAX]
  • Scary Movie 3
  • Searching for Bobby Fischer
  • Selena
  • Shine a Light
  • Simply Irresistible
  • Son of Rambow
  • Space Jam
  • Stick It
  • Stop-Loss
  • Summer Rental
  • The Apple Dumpling Gang
  • The Core
  • The Education of Little Tree
  • The Girl Next Door
  • The Girl Next Door (Unrated)
  • The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
  • The Omega Man
  • The Orphanage
  • Tombstone
  • Venom
  • We’re No Angels
  • What Women Want
  • Witness
  • World Trade Center
  • X-Men: The Last Stand

And, here are our top 20 movie and top 20 TV downloads for the week:

top movie downloads 10/3

top tv downloads 10/3

Finally, we’ve also got a featurette from THE HAPPENING which will be a new release available for download on PlayStation Network starting 10/7. The video is titled ‘Natural Fear: Inside M. Night Shyamalan’s THE HAPPENING’ . Check it out!

Have a great weekend!

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  • W00t! Barbarella on my PS3 :-)

  • i might get iron man tonight. thanks for update

  • lots of movies!!! Keep it up!!!

  • WOW!

    If the PSN store didn’t have such crappy DRM I would’ve Bought like 5 of those movies :O

  • @4

    Blame movie studios…

  • @5…I don’t mind the DRM…I just want a way to redownload to the same PSN id on the same machine and a way to change the license to a new machine if I’ve sent one in for service.

  • DRM is definitely an issue guys, but it’s not just PSN, XBL and itunes DRM also suck a lot of ass, anyways this is a good update and it seems like Paramount is on full force after slacking for awhile, Disney fell behind, but hopefully they’ll start adding their movies soon. 2 things though:

    1)New season of VERY, VERY popular TV Shows that are already available in the store have started (Family Guy, American Dad and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), itunes and XBL already got new seasons, PSN should hopefully get on the ball soon.

    2)I like browsing movies and TV Shows by Movie Studios/Network, as of now the following movie studios do not have an icon to browse and their movies are not listed under its parent companies:
    -New Line
    -Hollywood Pictures
    -Dimension Films
    -Allied Films

    Some of them have more than 5 movies, I feel they should be listed with their own icons for easier browsing, but if that’s not feasible at least list their movies under the parent company, i.e. New Line under WB or Miramax under Disney.

  • DRM=FTL.

  • Excellent job on the movie store so far, the lineup is very impressive. Just give us a way to get them back if we buy one and then lose it!

  • Eek! Another good anime put up on PSN

  • Good stuff!


  • that is a butt load of movies that you guys just added there! I’d buy some but I’m bound to upgrade my HD any day now.

    On a side note, the Happening was an alright movie. great story just bad acting.


  • nice update

  • nice one guys. these movies r just filling up my 40gb hdd.

  • Very nice indeed

  • GRANDMA’S BOY LOL that movie rocks!

  • Hi Grace, I was just wondering will The Happening be available for purchase in HD? Great update, thanks.

  • World Trade Center was a REALLY good movie.
    Great job on adding the movies! Im starting to love my PSN store even more!

  • Real nice update, also I have a question.

    What ever happen to “Ice Road Truckers”, I saw on an update posted over a month ago saying that you put season 1 on the store, and till this day, I have yet to see it. An update on that would be appreciated, I really want to start buying them.

  • wow, nice update !

    There are still a few things that remain lacking and i hope that Sony will fix this soon:

    1) Ratings
    The ability for people who have watched the movie to rate a movie (out of 5?)

    2) Popularity
    The ability to filter “within” genre for the popularity (i.e. the number of downloads of movies)

    3) Previews of movies before downloading
    At the moment only very few previews exist for the rather small library of movies posted on PSN

    4) Freestuff
    A section for free movie downloads (small indy or short films) as this would entice people to use the store

    5) 3rd party rating/info Database
    Integration with a movie review site (like to immediately see if a movie got good reviews before i download (could be in the movie details/info section)

    6) Movie metadata info
    “Every” film should have info/details about the movie (genre,year,actor,synopsis).

  • Nice to see “Meet the Spartans” is off the list ;)

  • So I had bought like three movies. All the Metalocalypse episodes you had up, some of Chuck, and a few Universe ones too. Then my PS3 broke. Sent it in to get fixed, had to re-format my harddrive, no problem. But wait, I can’t re-download the shows that I bought? Well, I’ll never buy another thing from the PSN. Sorry.

  • dragonball z or gundam wing just a suggestion…

  • oh yeah and predator

  • Wat about some more MARTIN seasons and the jamie fox show!!

  • to MeanMRMustard, or watever,

    U gotta call them so they will let you redownload 4 movies

  • Why only the USA Store gets the movies ? why can’t we buy it also .? this is unfair ..

  • You forgot to add Fight Club to the list of movies you added for the week.

  • You went wild this time! Awesome update….now if you’ll start selling hdd’s at Game Stop so we can upgrade our systems without any hassle.

  • Too bad I just bought Tombstone on DVD……I couldn’t wait for bluray

  • @23 MeanMrMustard

    That sucks, I feel sorry for you, yeah the DRM for the movies is ridiculous, for the games is a little more fair.

  • @23….. OUCH!

    I would rather purchase these movies on DVD…. as for downloading and storing them on HDD which I don’t like, especially with DRM.

    I haven’t purchased any blu-ray titles yet. DVDs are good and cheap ;)

  • Awesome update guys. I hate downloading movies and watching them, and I’d much rather just buy it, but after seeing some of theese awesome movies, and with the PSN cards out, I might just get a few :)

  • The collection is all over the place and I’m loving it. Just keep hopin for newer Studios and Networks to pop up. But I like where it’s going.

  • Great update!!! Keep it coming

    Also, please allow ALL movies & TV shows to be rented.

  • @ 6 i think
    there is a way to get your own psn on other ps3

  • Is there any progress being made bringing the movie store to Canada?

  • so now when we buy we finally get to keep what ever we buy from the video store?

  • I Think you should put in Pink Floyd The Wall Movie

  • the only reason I never buy PSN movies, is for the fact that they dont even have subtitles. Its late 2008 and digital downloads still dont have subtitles.

  • we need this in Canada….

    any plans?

  • Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford please

  • well, even though i’m still hating on the DRM issues and prices, i gotta say the content is coming along nicely..hopefully SOMEONE will realize they could be making waaaay more money if they just acknowledged the current pricing/rental policy is flawed..


    PS Little Big Planet Beta Members!
    check out “Midnight in the Gnome Garden” by FritoZ!


  • The only way I could ever do this is if I canceled netflix. If you could offer 19.99 3 movies @ a time that would get me.
    If you follow that plan you can make proven money, and without the shipping you could clean-up. PSN should compete with gamefly also.


  • they should bring this to canada

  • @ 32 & 33: Thanks for the sympathy, too bad Sony doesn’t feel so bad about me losing $40.00 worth of videos because I can’t re-download them. Thanks Sony.

  • great update. if possible add preview option to all movies and tv shows

  • When will we people from UAE be able to download movies from PlayStation Store? :-(

  • @27…

    Let me see it IN WRITING that 4 re-downloads of Purchased Movies are part of your purchase agreement…it ISN’T.

    SONY’s EULA on the MOVIES specifies ONE download ever and only. IF they do authorize a second download of the bought movie they are under no OBLIGATION to do so.

    Until they put it into writing that I can move my licence easily and in perpertuity I can not fathom ANYONE buying content.

    Someone earlier brought up iTunes…iTunes allows you to archive to disc.

    Someone broght up Xbox…I bought PS because I want and expect MORE than the Xbox experience.

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