See the Official PlayStation Bluetooth Headset

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Hey PlayStation fans! Thanks for your enthusiastic response on our first blog post on the advanced features of the official Bluetooth Headset for the PS3. We have put together a feature video for the Headset and wanted to post it here so that you can see it firsthand.

As you may already know, this headset will be available with the SOCOM: Confrontation bundle ($59.99 MSRP) on Oct 14th and as a stand-alone peripheral ($49.99 MSRP) shortly thereafter.

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  • Looks pretty cool. May have to pick it up.

  • third!

  • “this headset will be available … on Oct 14th and as a stand-alone peripheral ($49.99 MSRP) shortly thereafter” shows the standalone in stock now for $39.96:

  • when is it hitting europe??????????????

  • Nice Bluetooth will GET!!!

  • I hope that firmware that ads the mic features also ads the ability to charge the mic/controllers threw USB when the PS3 is turned off. Turning on the PS3 just to charge something isn’t very next gen and should of been a feature since the launch 2 years ago. The other console does this why not sony’s?

  • No usb while off is part of the reason the ps3 has the lowest power consumption while sleeping. (Less than the wii and 360) It would be nice as an option for those that want it. (I just charge my stuff of my computer since that is on so much anyway)

  • would be a nice option to have to turn on/off on the power off/sleep mode USB charging.

    For me like #7 I charge mine on my PC since its on most of the time.

  • nice headset, ’bout time Sony, too bad its not lower in price. btw, I use a powered USB hub to charge everything, works great, less clutter around the PS3, etc.

  • The prices would seem to indicate that Socom: Confrontation is $10.. .any chance in heck that those of us with a Bluetooth headset already can download it off the PSN for that price? I don’t think so, right?

  • it looks great

  • Wasn’t this video posted before?

    If not then I guess I saw it somewhere else..

  • Will be picking it up!
    Speaking of firmware, what i’d like to see is quite simple. I’d like to see the eject button work while in standby. Sometimes you wanna take a disc out without booting the entire system.

  • good show

  • R2 + LBP + BlueTooth == A Happy Fersis

  • So if the bundle is $59.99 but the stand alone product is $49.99 does that mean Socom will only cost $10.00 via psn?

  • well i definitely want the headset…$50 bucks solo or i can get SOCOM for an extra $10 bucks?

    man…even if you weren’t thinking about checking out SOCOM (which you should cause the beta has been a lot of fun) you might as well since it’s almost like getting the game for $10 bucks. or the best gaming headset for free.

  • @ 14 6one

    i hope the ps4 won’t have a blu-ray player, cuz one ps3 dying every 9 months due to the inability to suddenly read discs isn’t really cool…

  • oups i meant @ 12 6one not @ 14

  • wait where is the6one’s post O_O ??!?!?

  • i think some people complain about stuff a little to much.
    but the bluetooth mic looks good i’m buying the socom bundle

  • Can’t wait. Be nice to have a headset that actually works. :)

  • I never played SOCOM series but for $10 bucks more… definitely getting this… bundle…

    Only problem for me… I already pre-ordered LBP coming out 10/21 and this 10/14… Wifes going to kill me… LOL

  • @the6one

    must be a box fan boy..

    we dont need to think to far ahead.. we need to work what we have.. GO BACK TO CLASS!

    Back on track… I belive this headset will make our chatting functionality much better over all… Hope everyone gets one.. that way I dont have to complain about somones [DELETED] headset..

    Sorry USB headset users your headsets pick up way to much background noise.. I DONT WANT TO HEAR SOMETHING THATS NOT PART OF THE GAME..

    And 2 Turn down your TV.. I dont want to hear something that I already heard 5 seconds ago.

    Cant wait for my headset :D

  • Can’t wait for this

  • @23 If you like tactical FPS shooters then you’ll love Socom. I’ve been playing the beta and while it has it’s share of glitches, which they’ve patches a lot of, it is by far one of the more satisfying games I’ve played. When you rely on teamwork and help the team you get a great sense of accomplishment.

  • Ahm, how old is this video? I really thought that he was going to be showing something new. I’m excited for this headset, but at the same time skeptical.

  • Any idea if the firmware update for this headset will fix the mic-dropping issues in Warhawk and GTA4 that have been around since 2.40?

  • I hope this is better than the one that came with Warhawk…is it me or is there way to many games coming out this month? Looks like it will be rice, ramon and beans this month, lol.

  • why would i know pay 10 bucks more + tax and get a game…

  • Socom is a joke (I got screwed out of beta) and I contacted costumer service about problem and there a joke to. Not only did they make my problem worse they NEVER helped me or even tryed…. Just keep geting reply after reply back F that… Tell me NO I’m not able to recive beta and not drag it on for 4 e-mails. F Socom never owned one and never will…. I get headset by selling off my PS2 stuff on Ebay ….. Thanks for your time. Have a nice DAY!!!!!!!

  • Question? Anand Agarwal:

    Will we ever see the Bluetooth Keypad for the PlayStation 3 Controller packaged in with any games? or The PlayStation 3 System?


    One thing that would be nice is to see the Bluetooth Headset or a USB mic pack in with the Console so more people would have mics.

    • Hey DLB, we don\’t have any plans at this point for bundling these peripherals with the PS3 system, but it\’s an interesting idea.

  • not* in previous comment. iPhone correction LOL

  • Interesting, but I already have a fine pair of Plantronics BT headphones/mic. Will the PS3 have that indicator that was shown in the top-right corner of the screen for third-party BT headsets, or is that exclusive to the PS3 headset?

  • Actually they should make a keypad and headset bundle. I think 49.99 stand alone is over priced though for the headset. It’s not like ill be using this for my phone. I have like three now.

  • Hope they make a bundle with this headset and the upcoming keyboard for online ps2 and ps3 needs!!

  • Headset looks really cool, but I already have a bt headset, and I’m not interested in buying SOCOM. (the beta turned me off)

    I certianly won’t be paying $50 for the headset alone, either…

  • I cant wait!!!!!!!! im sooooo exited

  • I use a plantronics headset (and have since Dec of 06) but it’s nice to see Sony standing behind one now.

  • that video made me sprinkle in my pants just a bit

  • lol i saw this video a long time ago around when you first introduced the headset.

  • I will be picking me one up here in a few weeks!

  • cool cant wait

  • Thanks Anand.

    I played Socom Beta and there are a few issues, but I’m getting the game and headset when it becomes available.

    I read that another Firmware update has to be done before this headset works properly….is that still true or what 2.50 may be ?

  • @4

    That is why they said MSRP.

    I’m picking up the Game and Headset for $44 CDN on preorder…yay SOCOM.

  • well i hope they can fix the bluetooth headset problems already present in the the PS3 in time for this new set to launch…

  • lol…
    its unceptable!
    headset must be in the ps3 package! now we have to buy it?

  • Hopefully this headset will come bundled with all Playstations 3’s soon.

  • I wasn’t really interested in SOCOM — frankly, I don’t think it looks very good at all — but for $10 extra, I don’t see why I wouldn’t get it.

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