Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Update Available Now! And Includes NEW CARS!!

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Hello Blog Readers and GT Fans! I enthusiastically return to the blog with very good news. Hitting on our promise to continue to evolve the GT series, a new update for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is NOW available. This update adds three new vehicles to the game’s line-up, plus a number of gameplay and performance enhancements we think you’ll be excited about. Here we go…

New Vehicles
All three vehicles and manufacturers have special ties to Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital. They will be added to their respective Dealership areas in GT5 Prologue.

GT by Citreon – The “GT by Citroen” concept car is the result of a groundbreaking collaboration between French automaker Citroen and Polyphony Digital. The formal debut of the vehicle took place yesterday at the Paris Motor Show, coinciding with the release of today’s update to the game. A video of the “GT by Citroen” can be viewed in HD within Gran Turismo TV.

Check out the screenshots below and for photos, follow this link.

GT by Citroen '08_002

The two other new cars are the Ferrari California and the Lotus Evora. They are a lot of fun to drive. For a look at these sexy vehicles, check out the images below.

California '08_006Evora(2009)_001

The GT by Citroen is available for 1 Million credits; the Ferrari California will go for 300,000 credits the Lotus Evora for 100,000. Piece of cake, right?!?

GamePlay Enhancements
We’ve also added some great new gameplay enhancements to continue to improve the racing experience in GT5 Prologue. This includes changes to the penalty system; specifically, during Time Trial events, speed penalties have been removed, and instead incurring such a penalty now invalidates the lap time for that particular lap. Race events are also being updated, with tweaked difficulty levels and increased earnings for winning a top spot. Additionally, improved responsiveness when using the wireless controller, and improved sound volume balance for sound effects and music for a better racing experience. Drift Trial races have also been changed to feature a rolling start.

Disclaimer Note Here: Rankings, arcade time trial times, drift trial records, as well as vehicle-specific quick tune settings and custom key layouts will all be reset with the new update. Replay data created before the second update will no longer be viewable after this update. To confirm the version you have before updating the game, check the in-game manual.

That’s it for now, folks. I’ll see you on the track….

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2 Author Replies

  • this is great when will the final game release and has damage been implimented??

  • Well GT5 ever have trophies?

  • sweet downloadin it now

    that stupid time penalty was gettin annoying

    but hey its gran turismo not need for speed

  • I just want GT5…please?

  • any chance of the dodge challenger appearing ?

    the old and new models perhaps

  • its soooo hard for me to hold back but I know that when you guys release the full GT5 the wait will be well worth it! those cars truly come to life in this game.


  • Just waiting for the update with car damage.. until then I will not play this game again. Anyway is it’s downloaded so you will not loose money with me; but glad you keep updating us.

  • Trophies, YouTube upload support, remote play support please.

    By the way where is Gran Turismo for the PSP! Where is it? Where? Tell me please! I beg you, Kaz!

  • The citroen GT looks amazing

  • I really need vertical split screen 2 players mode. It’s terrible to play against friends with 2 logitech wheels in horizontal split screen.
    Please, make this update as soon as possible!!

    Thank you

  • I was wondering when this would hit!

  • too little too late, already traded, Ill check in next year when its ready.

  • Just when I was thinking that I haven’t been playing this one in a while…lol..

    Well…time to go back…after all I just finished Wipeout HD amd still waitint for the patch on that game for online play…

    I love Lotus cars, plus the other 2 ones are looking pretty good lol.

    Glad I have the psn version of the game…just select the game and I’m right there…

  • Very cool and very unexpected.


  • That’s awesome news! I actually stopped playing GT5 Prologue. Now I’ll get back into it. Whatever happened to the damage system that was promised?
    When are going to see GT5 Prologue Trophies?
    Can we expect to see a In-game photo feature in GT5?
    Youtube upload feature?

    With a major overhaul GT5 Prologue will be back on top of my list again.

    Off the subject:
    I just updated my 60GB HD to a 320GB HD. The process was a success except for one thing. I did a back-up and restore procedure and now my Trophies aren’t showing up in my Trophy folder. The good news is that my Trophies are showing when I do a comparison to friends on my friend list. I put in a lot of work on those Trophies.
    Please help!!!

  • Those pictures look dope!!

    I might get the game just cause it looks soo nice.

  • OUCH at the stat resets….

    But o well…sacrifices for progress…
    Nice update…

    Hope the car damage is coming :P

  • @ GhostM…

    I’ve had the same thing happen to me..
    To get your trophies to show again..simply start the games that you had the trophies in and it will reappear in your trophy collection.

  • Im sorry but no freind invites is a real shame and tha main reason this collects virutal dust on my machine. Is there any news on whether a feature like this would ever be included?


  • How about releasing the full game…


    it frooze EVERY TIME i tried to register to the PSB,, its a 40gig Ps3

  • my Ps3 keeps freezing on the Internet.

  • Can you please add the feature where you can create a friends only game? This should’ve been in the game since day one. Even Burnout Paradise have this feature. I’d like to create a session with just a few of my buddies on my friends list.
    Is that much to ask? That’s one of the main reason I stopped playing GT5 Prologue.
    Wipeout HD also have the same problem.

  • Don’t be deceived by those screenshots… Just as all the other official GT5P images / trailers have been, these have been drenched in at least 4 or 8 x Anti-Aliasing. Running the game in real life on a 1080P screen looks nowhere near that smooth… :(

    …Don’t get me wrong, I love my PS3, but if the PS3 is the superior console, why does PGR4 (as well as many other games) have far better AA?

  • That’s great – while that Citroen looks nothing short of breathtaking, in case you haven’t noticed dear Mr. Imasaki, the other update-related news are all offering trophies and new tracks.

    Now can we get damage and more realistic physics like Ferrari Challenge – it’s funny: it says the real driving simulator but it is far from being one – anyone who has played and ISS-developed racing game knows that – take a hint also from System 3 – they actually LISTEN to their customers – they released 3 patches in a very short time for their Ferrari Challenge game although the game had very realistic physics to begin with, plus a trophy patch.

    And during this time u added 3 cars? Great! and don’t even pretend anymore to get my attention by adjusting the penalty system, because I was very excited about a similar comment made with the release of the previous update but then I saw the ghost car of the fastest time for the high speed ring and guess what: the guy used the walls to cut his time short. Shame on you for even considering your game to be a sim. At least burnout paradise and need for speed accept that they are just arcade games – it’s time you do too.

  • to number 25 npro303 – don’t blame the ps3 for that – just look at wipeout hd especially the last track sol 2 in the middle of bombs, rockets and mines being launched – all that smoke all that lighting and shading – the greatest graphics on a console ever – period.

    It’s always the developer.

    The same happened with the gamecube – everyone thought that the console was weak and it wasn’t the developers’ fault for bad graphics until Rare put every developer to shame with Starfox Adventures and so did Capcom with RE4.

  • to CarSetupMaster…

    Ok you’ve got a point, BUT if this were a multiplatform or ported PC game I wouldn’t have expected much… However this is an exclusive PS3 title, and as such I expected Polyphony to take full advantage of the PS3’s processing power…


  • Yes, but where are the trophies?!?!

  • Wow, cool, this was one of the first games i dl’d when i got my PS3 oh so long ago..

    and now an update…must mean they are getting “geared up” for the next game..



  • It’s also disingenuous for Polyphony to pass of screenshots and 60FPS trailers as “actual gameplay” when they were obviously NOT produced by a typical PS3…

  • Thanks.

    But still no way to play online with my PSN friends without meeting them in the same room by sheer luck?

    Sort it out please.

  • Very cool. Can’t believe i’ve been ignoring this title for so long. Definitely going to jump back into it either today or tomorrow.

  • Greetings, Taku. I gave Kyle Shubel a letter at PAX that I wanted him to give to you but I’m not sure if he ever did, so here are the contents of said letter…

    First, a little bit about myself. I’ve loved the Gran Turismo franchise since the first game hit store shelves. I actually purchased it (and GT2) without having owned an original Playstation–I loved both games but I couldn’t afford the system at the time. I then purchased a PS2 just for GT3 and it was the only game I owned for the first year. In early 2005 I was able to track down a copy of Gran Turismo 4: Toyota Prius Edition on eBay, and later that spring I bought the full version of GT4. I then camped out for 37 hours for a PS3 on launch day and I downloaded the GT5 Prologue demo from the Japanese PSN store last October. So as you can tell, I’m a diehard fan of the GT series.

    But I unfortunately have a major problem with GT4, GTHD, and GT5 Prologue. As you’re surely aware, the third-person chase camera in those games was radically different from the one that was used in the first three games. Sadly, this change has frustrated a lot of people. The old camera from GT1-GT3 used to let the car rotate quite a bit before it would start moving laterally, but the camera used in the most recent games is rigidly fixed to the vehicle, which greatly exaggerates its motion. I personally think this change has completely ruined the third-person perspective because it makes the car almost impossible to catch if a slide starts to occur (and they do frequently occur).

    I’m guessing you communicate with Mr. Yamauchi on a regular basis and I was hoping you could ask him to please put a setting in the options menu to “loosely” or “rigidly” affix the chase cam to the car. I know I’m not alone in my contempt for the recent camera change so you’d potentially be making millions of fans happy if you could convince the guys at Polyphony Digital to go back to their roots. I’ve thought about starting an online petition but I’d rather not have to go that far.

    I hope I’m not asking too much, though if you’d like to talk about this further, my contact information is below. As someone who finished the first three Gran Turismo games to 100% completion, I was incredibly disappointed to find that my preferred camera perspective was changed in GT4. To this day I still haven’t finished it (I stopped around 35%) because I find the new perspective almost unplayable. I also haven’t purchased GT5 Prologue for the same reason and I fear I won’t be able to purchase the final version of Gran Turismo 5 if this “problem” isn’t fixed. I’m sure Kazunori-san has his reasons for changing it, but I really can’t think it would be too hard to add a “loose” or “rigid” option like I mentioned above. Polyphony Digital has always been good to their fans so hopefully something can be done before Gran Turismo 5 hits store shelves.

    Thanks for reading this,
    Luke Longnecker
    PSN: mclaren777

    • Luke, I did receive your letter, and your requests are being heard. Big thanks to being a loyal fan for so long!

  • thank you for update!!!

  • Thanks guys but it would be nice if we could get the full game already…

  • @ 34 mclaren777

    True I also feel the same, thats why I only use the internal cam now…

    The first time I tried to use the external cam on GT5P it just felt incredibly awkward, and to this day I’m unable to play with that camera.

    I like to play with external camera in almost everygame (I love internal cam on GT5P, but it is the only game that got it right), but I really cant play WipEout HD with the external cam…it doesn’t feel right….

    Anyway, hope they at least fix the cam, even if they don’t update anything else anymore.

  • I was wondering if you guys were ever going to do something with this game besides that pay per view BS. I guess this means no damage huh? ;-]

    But cool update anyways, always good to have some new cars.

  • Thanks for the update! Nice to there’s still time for improvement, while working on GT5 at the same time.

    However, I can’t understand why one of the top games on the PlayStation3 isn’t up to date with Trophy support. Especially considering the campaign mode is a step-by-step process, where it would be a piece of cake to unlock a trophy.

    Additional trophies could be added when (perhaps secret) lap times are beaten in (perhaps secret) events. This could also be implemented in online racing, where other trophies could be added, like “Strike — Winning three races in a row”, “Determined — Winning by overtaking on the final lap” or “ 500m”, and perhaps even “Revenge — Winning over someone you previously lost to today”.

    I mean, the possibilities are endless — please say that you’re planning to implement Trophies!

  • Cool. Great cars. Now for the Trophys and damage system!!

    *put GT5 in the Ps3*

  • i give all the cars up to have lobby,s so you can race with friends thats all I want!! New cars are good so thanks for that

  • Race with friends is top priority for me too.

  • WOW. This new concept car from Citreon is beautiful. The best looking vehicle in the game, before this, was the Audi, classic image for GT5p, but this new car is just amazing, really really slick and classy. A mix between elegance and the speedy/sports look.

    Thanks for the update, I just can’t imagine what GT has in store for it in the future.

  • hi there guys, I’m a big GT fan since I played the first GT, and I really love this Prologue, but I’m having a hard time with this game, I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I can’t download any Update since the one before this one, every time I try to DL an update it gives me the same error, can’t even play online since I don’t have the latest version, please somebody help me…

    Greetings fron Costa Rica!

  • This may seem like a dumb question, but is there going to be some sort of add-on for people who buy Prologue to upgrade to GT5 instead of having to buy the game twice when that product (eventually) comes out?

    I don’t intend for that to sound critical, but time’s are tough out here! :-S

    PS – Any idea on when GT5 will be out? I’m chomping at the bit here.

  • Whenever GT5 comes out, please let us have the option of downloading it like GT5P. Starting games from the XMB is truely next-gen gaming.

  • Has the online been fixed on this yet? The online was absolutely appalling with cars glitching and jumping all over the place. Made me stop playing the game. Not to mention no friend invites. For a flagship Playstation title it is a joke.

    Next time I hope the update is less superficial, new tracks and crash damage thanks.

    PS: it might pay for Sony staff to be a bit more active replying to questions on the blog. The more communication there is the better customers feel about supporting the product, if you get my drift.

  • Nice update thanks ;)
    I would like to see in GT5 Weather effects? Like rain etc

    +Maybe a 4 player split-screen off-line mode?

    +In-game music


    +Car damage(It’s time to do it)

    Keep up the good work guys ;)

  • @47: I’d hardly call adding cars a superficial update. A lot of work goes into those, you know.

  • Wait, that in-game? I just had an eyegamsim

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